Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Making Space for Each Unique Unfoldment

If you have been rejected in a relationship that you know you have been loving and appropriate in, and you have been committed to your own growth and evolution, it is not you who has been rejected by the other, it is the new level of growth that would be required of them in order to continue the relationship. They are simply not ready. Let the connection go with as much love, grace, and understanding as possible, for many will surprise you with their growth and be ready to rejoin you further along their journey.

It is very common for people to join paths for a period of growth and experience, and then need to split apart in order to find their own strength, empowerment, or any other expansion that can only be done on their own. Once that is accomplished, often souls will come back together and pick up where they left off. Your unconditional love and inclusion leaves the door open if/when that growth occurs.

We urge you during these times of energetic intensity to avoid absolutes and allow the unfoldment. You will find many surprises along the way. Those you thought would be next to you through the whole journey may suddenly branch out on their own. Others who you may think would never be ready to level up may suddenly experience such a leap of growth they are right back on the path next to you.

And for others, staying separated might best serve the growth and evolution of both people involved. Saying ‘never again’ will close an energetic door and restrict future options, while saying ‘not right now’ will help you move into acceptance and keep you open to future reconnection if the time is right.

The fact that the darkness is being revealed shows it’s losing. And this is cause to celebrate, not to be in fear…Choose to experience ascension in the smoothest most blessed way, in divine perfection of dance with the universe and watch your reality shift.

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Archangelic Collective 11/28/2021

We are the Archangelic Collective. We are surrounding you in an orb of our light, of our love. We wish for you to be deeply aware of the cosmic upgrading that is taking place not only around our beloved Gaia but also with every one of your cells, and within this space quadrant as a whole. For all is being changed, all is being upgraded or downgraded, there is no middle line. Those who do not choose one path are choosing another.

We are the Archangelic Collective. A new cosmic grid has been placed around Gaia for further protection. Many of you are experiencing upgrades in your protection as your intensity of involvement on the spiritual planes deepens further. All of you reading are warriors. Some are warriors for the dark that may be reading, for they have another agenda. We send them light and we send them love and deep compassion from the heart of Creator. Regardless, security protocols are upgraded. You have all been assigned an archangel of your choosing on the inner planes. We hold the light, we hold the line. And we do not put up with any shenanigans of the dark. This one had a negative entity try to get into her home yesterday and it was easily thwarted, immediately her ship stopped the movement of entry and we wish for you to know that this is the case for any of you. You have us to call upon. You likely are an aspect of one of the many of us and you need not be afraid.

(They are showing me the starry night sky over Bethlehem. They are showing me the Christmas story.) The shepherds were afraid of what they could not understand. The Pleiadian ship in the sky that danced and lead, they could not understand it but they could feel it. They could feel the thrum of excitement, of an elevation of light quotient and vibration around them, creating a sacred space. We wish to have you understand, to feel that you are this same light that awakened the world through Yeshua 2000 years ago. You have this light quotient of Source within you. Your are like the Bethlehem ‘stars’ that are shining very, very brightly on Gaia at this time of what appears to be crushing darkness but that could not be further from the truth. The fact that the darkness is being revealed shows it’s losing. And this is cause to celebrate, not to be in fear.

We are the Archangelic Collective. We not only weave our presences throughout time and space but we shine through all of it. We are shining on you now. Feel our wings of light enfold you and know that you are divinely protected, shielded from the entities that wish to harm. All shall be returned to them 100 fold. As you are the lights in the darkness, know that the darkness sees it and is attracted to it, and know that you are lovingly and fiercely protected. Keep your vibration high to remain fully in this vibratory field of peace and protection. Fear drops vibration. You know this. You have nothing to fear. Choose to experience ascension in the smoothest most blessed way, in divine perfection of dance with the universe and watch your reality shift. It will not make the news go away, or shift the outer world but your outer world will shift regardless because your insight, your inner vision, your inner truths will have shifted, for you will have claimed yet a little bit more of your god self and become rooted deeply in the unshakableness of faith. Of faith that the light is within you and that is enough, for that is all there is. Do you see? (They are showing me a massive clock with golden and copper gears being swapped out for crystalline gears. I am seeing this is like a surgical procedure of sorts and all of these strong angelic warrior hands are assisting, swapping out the gears. I am seeing dark gears melt into mist as their vibration is too low to stay as the entire ‘clock’ of Gaia is being upgraded.)

We are the Archangelic Collective. The clock we were showing this one relates to your inner workings of your inner selves, as you accept more and more of the crystalline codes that are bombarding your planetary sphere, more and more of your inner gears, your understandings, your programs, your inner sight will be upgraded as well. Your entire world is becoming crystalline and those who are of another vibrationary index will not linger. Choose the ascension road that is the highest and best, the most perfect timeline for you to dance with these energies in bliss and union. (They are showing me people trying to dance but continuing to step on each others’ feet and it is more painful than fun. Then they are showing me Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing in old movies and it is effortless, beautiful.) Yes, feel the flowing of the dance. Allow the music of the higher melodies of ascension into your cells and dance through these times with the ease and grace of the masters that you are.

We are the Archangelic Collective. Peace beloved ones, you are well watched over.

~ galaxygirl

The Quantum Financial System, free energy, new internet and etc. have been already set up and ready to be used for months now. Just keep trusting and do your part sending Light and Love to each other to help speed up the process of moving to a New Earth.

Sanat Kumara via Erena Velazquez | November 30, 2021

Greetings Beloved Ones,

I am grateful to come today through Universal Channel. It has been awhile since my last message. I have been very busy in helping and assisting your planet with her dimensional transition to New Earth.

I am happy to see that more and more people are getting awake and starting to question their reality. The Dark Souls are trying to interfere with Ascension Process. The Divine Plan can’t be stopped. To get to this victorious moment, it took thousands of years.

For many of you, it feels like nothing is changing, the corrupted souls are still in charge and controlling the global events, because you don’t see everything, what is going on. Every day a new group of people stands up against the World Order that dictates, on how to live your lives.

The ones, who want to eliminate humanity, are running out of ideas, like bringing a new virus. Even the non-believers are getting tired of their dirty data not being based on any scientific evidence. They forgot that each of you carry the essence of God within you, and the spark of this essence is going to ignite the rest of population.

Humanity is tired and exhausted of the constant lies and scare tactics coming from the governments and Fake Media. People standing up and saying ’No More’’, ‘’We Want To Be Free’’ and etc. This planet is transforming very rapidly to 5D. The main players are leaving in a hurry, as they know that their time is up and nothing can save them. Only the minions are still trying to run the show, which is not working anymore. The plan was to kill 90% of population, and then create special work camps and keep the rest there.

Their agenda is failing, and the alliance continues to clean up and rescue women and children from being tortured and killed. The Quantum Financial System, free energy, new internet and etc. have been already set up and ready to be used for months now. Just keep trusting and do your part sending Light and Love to each other to help speed up the process of moving to a New Earth.

Some of the souls, who volunteered to help with the metamorphosis of Mother Earth, left their physical vessels due to being inflicted with different diseases. The rest of you have big responsibilities to assist through Ascension, by letting Love & Light spread and doing your daily meditations.

The Darkness fears Light, as it burns and causes them pain. Nothing stays on the way to transform this planet, you need let go of the past and low energies such as anger, anxiety, hate, distrust and etc. You need to finish and fulfill your duties here to create a Paradise. Thank you Universal Channel.

Sending my Support and Love
Your Destiny Is In Your Hands
Sanat Kumara

December: True transformation is upon us.

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Received through email, i invite you to take note of the dates and meditate with our global tribe in these specific times and of course every SUNday at 5/8/11 am PST or 3/6/9 pm Greece

Blessings Beloveds ~
Into the Divine passage we glow. This passage is transformational, and true transformation has its challenges.

The December – January Gateway is the strongest Sacred passage of the year. Eclipses initiate transformation, the 12-12 amplifies Divine Mother in the core of Gaia, Solstice brings Zero Point alignments, and cosmic activity blasts open the stargates within and without through the third week of January.

We can use these unique frequencies and Gate alignments to attune our process, make rapid shifts and reveal higher trajectories.

The veils are thinnest during this time; we may communicate with our higher levels clearly, directly, and receive wisdom for our path.

Consistent Crystalline plasma waves (quite psychedelic to witness), magnetic shifts, and new stargate flows support global transformation.

December Unified Events

Friday December 3: Solar Eclipse 11:33PM PST
A good moment to be outside and assist the new stargate openings. Open as a pure conduit. Focus on Freedom through the Heart Stargate. Place your hands on the ground, connect with Gaia, and say the word Freedom as you radiate LoveLight to all of Creation.

SUNday December 12: The 12.12 Gateway

The 12-12 Gateway is a powerful influx of Zero Point and Divine Mother frequencies. Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers, we are out on the land to RECEIVE these influxes on behalf of all. SUNday Meditations will be strong – try and synch with the 5AM, 8AM or 11AM PST sessions.

Tuesday December 21: Solstice at 7:58AM PST

Resurrection energies amplified. Death and rebirth in Zero Point. A profound reconnection with Source/Infinite Creator/Godhead will occur for many. Global meditations and ceremony focused on revelation, resurrection and heart opening. A Divine week for inner revelation to be physicalized, in order to affect global trajectories for 2022.

Zero Point Energies Shifting Realities

It’s a chaotic yet powerful acceleration. Remember this is what we are here for; to facilitate the New Earth transformation. Show the way of Divine Neutrality, Peace, and Unity Consciousness. To Love, not to judge. Applied Unity Consciousness: Everything we do personally, affects the whole.

These frequencies read our Divine DNA like a quantum archive. The Light KNOWS you, Gaia knows who you are and why you are here in this Now. Self-Realization of the Divine Self and Source is fully supported during this passage. Use the Light wisely, dear hearts.

With our Crystalline structures activated, we are able to receive more information and activation frequencies. Have you noticed how expansive and radiant the SUNday Unity Meditation fields are Now? This is a strong passage for Unity Consciousness, and all of the Heart-based gifts and skills it provides.

You might notice the push toward a new expression; Zero Point cuts through the illusion to reveal what our highest trajectory and choices are. Revelation of this higher path requires change during this passage; dismantling of the old can get intense. Have faith, stay centered, maintain balance while honoring the Divine shifts.

Eclipse-Solstice Webinar Replay

We had a powerful online event last weekend covering these new energies, transformation, resurrection, heart opening, and preparing for 2022.

I spoke about my own transformation and experiences, and the Masters had guidance on the dissociation sensations of this phase.

The Unity field is palpable, and our transformation is evident. The replay is available at

SUNday Unity Meditations

This is a profound moment for physicalizing higher choices, and unifying in peaceful meditation. Our quantum, telepathic connections are amplified with these waves of plasma.

It’s hard to describe the new frequencies distributed and amplified each week in these meditations. I dissolve into the beauty and intensity of Divine LoveLight flowing in our sessions.

Participate in the Global Unity Meditations to assist in co-creating the highest experience for all concerned. Blessed are the Peacemakers, dear hearts. All are needed in thought, feeling, word and action. Details at

Send Love and Crystalline Plasma to all of HUmanity as often as possible.

In Love, Light and Service,