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Patricia Cota-Robles

January 1, 2022
  We have God Victoriously completed the most complex purging process Humanity and the Company of Heaven have ever attempted. This purging involved the dismantling of the matrixes for the myriad social structures that have manipulated, controlled and oppressed the masses of Humanity for aeons of time. These painful structures were held in place by the fear-based consciousness of separation and duality which have manifested in human behavior patterns as greed, corruption, the abuse of power, hatred, ignorance and the willingness to respond with violence. All of these behaviors are totally void of Love.
  The Beings of Light have assured us that there are no longer matrixes or foundational structures vibrating at the discordant frequency necessary to sustain the obsolete paradigms that we have successfully dismantled. This means that even though there are people who are still desperately trying to maintain their power and the ability to oppress, manipulate and control the masses of Humanity, there is no matrix to sustain their nefarious efforts and they will fail.    Through myriad Activities of Light since the Birth of the New Decade 2020 to 2030, Lightworkers around the World, in unprecedented collaboration with the Company of Heaven, have successfully dismantled the shackles of limitation and the shadows that have enshrouded the souls of Humanity for aeons of time. Now, as a result of that God Victorious accomplishment our Father-Mother God have confirmed that our precious Planet Earth will be able to Ascend into the Light unimpeded and there is no turning back.     When we observe what is still occurring in the outer world it is very easy for us to doubt this information that is being shared by the Company of Heaven. That is because the wondrous events that are being Cocreated through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth must first manifest in the Realms of Cause where everything begins. Then, in alignment with Universal Law, in order for those Creations to manifest in the physical plane of Earth the Sons and Daughters of God embodied on Earth must magnetize those patterns of perfection into the world of form through the Divinity of our Heart Flames. This is accomplished as we focus on the Light and express the Heart-based patterns we have Cocreated through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
  Even though our Cocreations may not be as obvious as we would like for them to be in the outer world just yet, our Father-Mother God have affirmed that the Light-filled events being Cocreated by Lightworkers at this time are affecting in very positive ways every person, place, condition and thing on this Planet.   All of us have participated in Cocreating these events through our I AM Presence whether or not we are aware of it on a conscious level. This was possible because the masses of Humanity have now reached a critical mass of Divine Love. That was accomplished through the collective Lightwork and the Heart-based patterns of Divine Love that have been both invoked and expressed by millions of Sons and Daughters of God all over the World since the Birth of this New Decade.   Even if you were unaware of the magnitude of what your Light and Love were contributing to Mother Earth’s Ascension process, our Father-Mother God want you to know that you have been an essential part of this unfolding Divine Plan. Every prayer, every meditation, every Loving thought, feeling, word or action you have expressed for any part of Life has been woven into Humanity’s Collective Cup of Consciousness which has now reached a critical mass of Divine Love.   Our Father-Mother God said the floodgates of Heaven have now opened. This insures that the way has been cleared for Awakening Humanity to begin Cocreating with the Company of Heaven miracles that will tangibly Transfigure this sweet Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into the Heart-based patterns of the New Earth as we proceed through this decade, 2020 to 2030.   The myriad Lifetimes and lessons we have individually and collectively experienced since we were first Breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God have uniquely prepared each of us for the mission at hand. Collectively, those of us embodied at this time have experienced every conceivable positive and negative situation manifesting on Earth. All of these experiences were necessary in order to prepare us for the next phase of Earth’s Ascension process.   Today, the Company of Heaven is asking that we briefly review a few of the Life-transforming changes we have all experienced through the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence since the Birth of this New Decade. The reason for this review is to encourage us and to help us comprehend the incredible changes within our Earthly Bodies that we have all experienced in spite of the resistance from our fear-based human egos. Many of you will be well aware of these changes. However, if this information seems new to you, just ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you the Truth of this sharing through the Divinity of your Heart Flame.
  In the latter months of 2019, some major events took place that were essential in paving the way for the Birth of the New Decade. In August of 2019, during the 32nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence which originally occurred in 1987, the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth reached a collective frequency of vibration that allowed our I AM Presence to activate our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA.   This is the DNA that our I AM Presence is using for the Divine Alchemy that is Transfiguring our 3rd-Dimensional physical, etheric, mental and emotional carbon-based Earthly Bodies into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies. These are the vehicles we will abide in on the New Earth. That activation cleared the way for the next step of the Divine Plan.
  On December 12, 2019, which was numerically a 12:12:12 day, we were able to complete an activation that our I AM Presence had been preparing for since our fall from Grace aeons ago. It is not by accident that December 12th is the day of celebration that turns the attention of millions of people all over the World to Mother Mary and the Virgin of Guadalupe. This aspect of Mother Mary reflects the Love Nature of our Mother God and the Divine Feminine.   12:12 is a Sacred Geometric Code that was imprinted within Humanity’s DNA by our I AM Presence after our fall from Grace. The Divine Intent of this code was for it to serve as a catalyst for Humanity’s accelerated Awakening once our I AM Presence was able to activate our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA.   On December 12, 2019, every person’s I AM Presence successfully activated our 12:12 Catalyst Codes for the very first time. Ten days later we experienced a very powerful December Solstice and on Christmas Day, December 25, 2019, we were blessed with a New Moon Solar Eclipse that built in momentum as we Birthed the New Decade 2020. The Immaculate Concept for this decade was sealed within the Core of Purity in every particle and wave of Life on Earth during the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 11, 2020.
  After the Birth of the New Decade our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven revealed that during the next ten years, 2020 to 2030, Humanity will change the course of history for Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her. We were told that Humanity will develop our latent abilities through which we will literally TRANSFIGURE our Earthly Bodies and our outer-world Life experiences into the Heart-based patterns of perfection associated with the 5th-Dimensional New Earth.
  We were told this seemingly miraculous Transfiguration will be accomplished through a greatly expanded collaboration between the Company of Heaven and an Awakened Humanity. Our Father-Mother God granted a Cosmic Dispensation and told us that the degree of collaboration that will now be allowed by Cosmic Law between Heaven and Earth has never before been attempted.
  We had no idea exactly what that meant at the time. However, within a matter of weeks, for the first time ever, we experienced a “forced Global timeout.”  We were told by the Beings of Light that regardless of the outer-world circumstances this “Planetary Pause” would create the space for Humanity’s I AM Presence to be heard in new ways and it would allow our newly activated 12:12 Catalyst Codes to Awaken the masses of Humanity in ways we had not previously experienced. They said that with the success of this mass Awakening and Humanity’s upward shift of Consciousness, nothing would ever be the same.
  During the next few months, billions of Lightworkers around the World Lovingly invoked the Healing Light of God with the Divine Intent of Healing our Earthly Bodies and Transcending the pain and suffering surfacing in every country of the World. This unified focus of attention formed a Collective Cup of Consciousness that allowed the I AM Presence of every person to work in collaboration with the Company of Heaven to accomplish what seemed like miracles.   Humanity’s fall from Grace occurred aeons ago when we made the fateful decision to use our Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling in ways that were not based in Love. These distorted thoughtforms caused the gross patterns of aging, disease and decay to begin manifesting in our Earthly Bodies. Lifetime after lifetime this degradation of our bodies became so ingrained that our fallen human ego inadvertently manifested what the Company of Heaven referred to as “enslavement codes” in our DNA. These mutated enslavement codes, in turn, manifested what the Beings of Light referred to as our “karmic body template.” 
  The Beings of Light said that in order for the I AM Presence in every person to succeed in Transfiguring our 3rd-Dimensional carbon-based planetary bodies into 5th-Dimansional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies, it was imperative that our enslavement codes and our karmic body templates be Transmuted into Light and replaced with new Divinity Codes and a Divine Body Template. During the first few months of 2020, this Glorious event was God Victoriously accomplished within the Earthly Bodies of every man, woman and child by his or her I AM Presence working in unison with the Company of Heaven. Once Humanity’s Divinity Codes and our Divine Body Templates were in place, our I AM Presence was able to integrate into our Earthly Bodies in ways we have not experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago. This integration occurred through the Divinity in every person’s Heart Flame.   The final Activities of Light for 2020 involved the December 21st Solstice and a rare alignment between the Planets Jupiter and Saturn known as the Great Conjunction. The synchronicity of the December Solstice and the Great Conjunction created the sacred space for the I AM Presence of every Son and Daughter of God evolving on Earth to permanently Elevate our Holy Breath. This incredible Divine Intervention is now allowing each of us to receive higher frequencies of Prana and our Life Force with every Breath we take.   The increased influx of Humanity’s Prana and Life Force empowered the masses of Humanity in ways that cleared the sacred space for an additional Activity of Light during the December Solstice in 2020. That event had been unfolding for millennia. During that Cosmic Moment the Mighty Elohim who are the Builders of Form were able to raise the frequency of vibration in Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System into alignment with the New Earth’s 5th-Dimensional Solar Crystal Grid System.   Once that was accomplished, the Mighty Elohim placed throughout Mother Earth’s newly elevated Crystal Grid System brand new 5th-Dimensional Record Keeper Crystals. The Beings of Light said that these Record Keeper Crystals now function within the Meridians of Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System the same way Humanity’s newly activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA function within our own Acupuncture Meridians.   These NEW 5th-Dimensional Record Keeper Crystals are encoded with a contingency plan for Mother Earth that contains the full Divine Potential for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth’s Transfiguration into the Heart-based patterns of perfection for the New Earth.
  We were told by the Company of Heaven that with the awesome victory of that miraculous event, the time had arrived for Humanity en masse to move beyond the consciousness of separation and duality. The time had arrived for people everywhere to join together as One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice and One Unified Consciousness of our Father-Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. They said that in order for Humanity to move forward in the Light in alignment with the Divine Plan, we must ALL begin acknowledging the Divinity within every person’s Heart Flame and celebrate our diversities, thus moving past the illusion of things that separate us.   Throughout 2021 powerful Activities of Light were Cocreated by Lightworkers around the World working in collaboration with the Company of Heaven. Together, we Cocreated a Quantum Field of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love which allowed the I AM Presence of every person to permanently secure the Presence of Unity Consciousness in his or her Heart Flame.   To comprehend the magnitude of just what that means, the Company of Heaven affirmed that the Presence of Unity Consciousness now secured in every Heart Flame is the very essence of our Father-Mother God’s all-encompassing Consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life.   The success of that facet of the Divine Plan cleared the path for another event that Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven had been striving Lifetimes to achieve. That event involved the successful, greatly accelerated, 40-day purging of Humanity’s obsolete paradigms. As we have previously discussed, this purging involved the dismantling of the matrixes and grossly mutated social structures that have manipulated, controlled and suppressed the masses of Humanity for aeons of time.   Now that the matrixes for the obsolete paradigms have been dismantled and those misguided souls who are still striving so tenaciously to maintain their abusive power have lost the ability to keep the masses of Humanity trapped in their deceptive grip, the way has been cleared for the NEW contingency plan for Mother Earth and ALL her Life to begin manifesting.  
  In 2022, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, Awakened Humanity will begin Cocreating a generational “Changing of the Guard.” The influence of the Old Guard and the Powers that Be who are responsible for the catastrophic degradation of Mother Earth, Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom will be replaced by a new generation that has been uniquely prepared to become stewards of the Earth as she Heals and is Transfigured into the perfection of the New Earth.
  The vast majority of the Sons and Daughters of God who have been born since Harmonic Convergence in 1987 are known throughout the Heavenly Realms as the Holy Innocents. These are souls who had not yet begun their evolutionary journey on Earth when we tragically fell off of the Spiral of Evolution and onto the Wheel of Karma. Once that happened, our Father-Mother God issued a Cosmic Edict to protect these new souls from being trapped on the Wheel of Karma which Humanity inadvertently miscreated when we fell into the abyss of separation and duality.   While waiting in the Inner Realms these precious Sons and Daughters of God were trained in unique ways that would empower them to help the Earth and all her Life to transcend the pain and suffering of the old Earth once they were embodied in the physical plane. This training was downloaded by their I AM Presence into unique consciousness codes that were imprinted within their DNA. The Divine Intent of the consciousness codes was to provide these enlightened souls, once they were embodied, with easy access to the sacred knowledge they accumulated while they were waiting in the Temples in the Inner Planes.   There are literally billions of souls who have been born on Earth since 1987. They have incarnated in every country and in every condition and situation existing in the World. The vast majority of these precious Sons and Daughters of God are now standing in readiness to assume their place as Transformational Leaders. This is true whether or not they are aware of this just yet on a conscious level. Those of us who were born before 1987 are being Called to help these precious Ones to remember who they are and why they are here. 
  In 2022, these young people will begin coming to the fore all over the World and they will bring with them innovative ideas and Heart-based solutions as they replace the Old Guard and the obsolete paradigms that have now been dismantled. They will gradually assume Leadership for all of the various social structures existing on Earth, and they will develop new Heart-based social structures that will improve the quality of Life for ALL of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.   What the Beings of Light want each and every one of us to comprehend at this time is that with the success of the dismantling of the obsolete paradigms ALL of us have now been freed from the oppressive grip and the mind control and deceptive programming that has manipulated us and kept us stuck for myriad Lifetimes. In the past, the interference from the forces of imbalance has been able to prevent us from hearing and most importantly from Trusting the Inner Guidance of our I AM Presence. Now, all of that has changed. In order to prove that to ourselves, all we have to do is act out of that KNOWING. If we will withdraw our attention from the chaos manifesting in the outer-world and instead go within to the Divinity of our Heart Flame where our I AM Presence now abides, we will experience this TRUTH for ourselves. The Company of Heaven said this generational shift will affect every part of Life belonging to or serving Mother Earth in the most positive and Life-transforming ways. So, pay attention and listen to the intuitive inner guidance of your I AM Presence. All is well.  
I wish you a Glorious 2022,
Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace

deciding to embrace surrender and flow are not in any way giving up into powerlessness. It’s the giving UP that’s the empowering move.

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Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Divine Combination

As you step into the energies of 2022, you will be committing to playing in brand new energies. The Divine Combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust is the perfect navigation system to allow you to shift into those new energies and discover all they have in store for you.

The Divine Combination allows you to be a great explorer while being guided through the compass of your soul, which can only bring you truer matches, perfect solutions, and greater experiences.

Isn’t it remarkable that all you have to do is commit to staying in the flow, and be guided into your highest life expression? Are you ready to release the old ways and habits that glorify struggle?

Again, we tell you that deciding to embrace surrender and flow are not in any way giving up into powerlessness. It’s the giving UP that’s the empowering move. It activates your ability to navigate through your highest self while harnessing the full amount of support and guidance you have available to you…and that is the greatest game changer you can ever make.

Truth from ashtar command.

This charade about projecting negativity on Ashtar Command has to stop and cleared out!!! -Nikos-

 Ashtar Command: An insider’s perspective Dancing Dolphin & her Higher Self chat

Received: Sunday, December 26, 2021

DancingDolphin: I would like to speak about the Ashtar Command, is that OK with you?

HigherSelf: Yes, of course.

DD:  Thank you!  OK, this past week some disturbing information was released from two sources in Spiritual circles regarding the Ashtar Command and how it does not contact people on Gaia—period.  Supposedly, anyone who has had contact with Ashtar or has received a message from Ashtar has been duped and is part of a psy-op program to spread fear-based messages.

I take offense to this for many reasons:

1.  My blended daughter, Ashtara is currently aboard the AC’s New Jerusalem starship, and she has given me many messages for the people of Gaia regarding our Blended Children.

2.  I have received a few messages from Ashtar and they have all been loved-filled. If they weren’t, I would not have taken them and I would not share them.

3.  Two of my Soul Sparks* who work with the Ashtar Command have been working with me on a novel since 2009. They are basically dictating the fictional novel to me.

4.  I have been aboard the New Jerusalem myself many times; I know Ashtar and Sananda personally and I have my own quarters there because I visit so often. This is not intended to sound boastful; it is just truth.

Could you please give us your perspective, dear H.S.?

HS:  I see that this has you upset, and I understand. This topic is, of course, very sensitive and personal for you. I would love to speak with you about this tonight!

As you learned many years ago in 1997, when you first read about the Ashtar Command, they are the military arm of the Galactic Federation and are headed up by Ashtar and Sananda. “Ashtar” is indeed his title, not his name. And Sananda is there (in one of his many roles) as a joint representative of the Ashtar Command; not to say that he is a military person, but he and Ashtar together head up the Ashtar Command.

The Ashtar Command has many ships. You have been on the New Jerusalem and the Neptune. You, dear heart do have a personal connection with the Ashtar Command. As you know, two of your Soul Sparks; Sheran and Laolin both work with the Ashtar Command, so, of course they will speak to you. These people you mentioned who recently talked about the A.C. cannot speak for the Ashtar Command. They may think they know the general business of the Ashtar Command, but of course, they don’t know everything. The Ashtar Command communicates with their Soul Sparks and those who work with them on Gaia. Two of your Soul Sparks work with them in the future and in the past and in all kinds of timelines. Not to mention that your daughter, Ashtara is currently serving with them.

I can confirm that there indeed has been an Ashtar Command psy-op running on Gaia. There have been negative energy influencers who have taken up the name Ashtar and gave channeled messages to many people who were unsuspecting of the negative message. This of course was to darken the name.

There have also been messages, rumors and false information planted and scattered about Gaia’s alternate news outlets that the AC was involved in trafficking of Gaia’s humans in the space slave trade. This is false. As you know, when the “dark” ran these negative psy-op programs, they were doing it to besmirch or smudge the name of whomever they were targeting, in this case, the Ashtar Command. They do this because of the stellar role that the Ashtar Command is playing in the Earth’s Ascension. They are the military arm; they are the ones on the front lines taking care of various off-world militants who wish to harm Gaia and all her peoples. The Ashtar Command was the front line to prevent this from happening. There are many operations where the Ashtar Command worked with the space fleet of Earth to defeat those who were attacking Mars and Jupiter bases. They were trying to get to Earth.

So, the Ashtar Command has excelled in stellar operations. They of course, do not look for adulation from Gaians at all. It is their Service. They are in Service to the One Creator; they are doing their job and do not look for anything from Gaians. They are working in partnership with the Galactic Federation of Light so that is their role, it’s what they do.

It is because of your personal connection to members of the Ashtar Command that you have been in contact with them, and you visit the New Jerusalem regularly. You have your own quarters there, visit your daughter and Sananda, and Ashtar allows you to come on the Command Deck whenever you wish. You have a role there as your current DD self. At this time, you aren’t aware of what it is and that is how it is meant to be for now.

So, your intuition on the news of this past week is correct. You’ve taken a few messages from Ashtar and he has communicated with you.

Daughter Ashtara is indeed training for the position of Ashtar as many others are. And that’s the way it has always been. You cannot just train one person for that position. It is a massive amount of responsibility, so many Beings are in training for that role. They work their way up and learn along the way with fantastic mentorship and training. Whomever succeeds in that position has had “a village” in getting there, they have had much support and that’s how it works.

DD: Thank you, dear HS! I did re-read the Ashtar messages that I have received over the years and the one that I posted on my blog and they are not fear based.   I feel badly for those people who thought they really were talking to Ashtar but weren’t.   

HS: Yes, channeling is not easy. One must always do their spiritual protections and state their intent so that only those of the light may come through them. That is what this one, DD does and that is the way to do it. “Only those of the Light may speak through me.” Command it and make it so. That way, only those of the Light may speak with you. That’s how it works. That is a head’s up to anyone who wants to try channeling. EVERYONE CAN DO IT. You most likely do it very often and don’t realize it. In your everyday conversations, if you offer advice, it might be coming from your own Higher Self.

Just make sure that when you are making the choice to channel, when you sit down and are intending to receive a message from a certain Being, that you first put your spiritual protections in place.  (DD note: there are many methods of spiritual protection available online, please research if you aren’t familiar with them). Then invoke that: “Only those of the light may come to me, speak with me, speak through me or give me a message.” Call on all your Spirit Guides, Angel protectors and you will be protected.

DD: Thank you so very much, H.S.! I am sharing this very personal message with the world because I wished to stand up for those like me who have a Soul Spark in the Ashtar Command or works with them directly and have communicated with members of the Ashtar Command. The information that the Ashtar Command absolutely does not communicate with anyone on Gaia is untrue and needed to be refuted.  


*Soul Spark – One of our many ‘lives.’ Past, present and future versions of ourselves throughout time and space which are all happening now. We can connect and talk with them! Try it!


Here’s the link to the Ashtar message that I posted:

Please feel free to share this message!

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Realigning with your truth and preference, time and again, is exactly what creates momentum and is driving the shift of humanity that is occurring on your planet.

December 29, 2021,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Driving the Shift of Humanity

Every human being that is prioritizing balance and peace is a stabilizing point on the planet. As more and more of you embody these energies, you create the scaffolding for change.

This does not mean you need to be perfect. Far from it! For even if you lose your balance temporarily, by finding your way back you support others in finding their way back, as well. Realigning with your truth and preference, time and again, is exactly what creates momentum and is driving the shift of humanity that is occurring on your planet.

focus is more effectively directed on building the new (our new world).

by Sophia Love, December 27, 2021.

It is the One.

As you turn the page, the first page of this new book being written, there are chapters still unfinished of the last book you wrote.

It is the orchestrating and playing out of these remaining events that occupies the consciousness of so many.

It is the watching that occupies the intellect of many others.

I tell you this, if you are not a part of the direct orchestration of these “exit events”, it will behoove you to limit your intellectual focus on how they play out. That focus is more effectively directed on building the new (our new world).

You will witness the “new” everywhere.

It is found in your currency.

It is found in your education systems.

It is witnessed in commerce.

It approaches your governments.

For these are the tools of society; trade, learning, growth and social functioning. You have ended your dependence (on cabal control) with the exit of the controllers; dependence on someone claiming to hold more power than you’ve personally claimed.

You’ve stopped handing over the keys to your life. You’ve decided to keep them.

Now it is upon you to enable all the functions of your vehicle, and drive it yourself with full authority.

Full authority needs a map and a plan. It is this development that requires your focus now.

For the old world has ended and the crumbling of it happens for months and even years. Your desire for release from it has guaranteed that this be so.

Although you are not responsible for physically escorting these old-world controllers away – your light and intent have paved the path for others to do so.

They walk away now.

They will leave, are leaving and have left. It has been a process and it has been years in its completion.

You may not witness their exit, yet you will be informed of the truth of their manipulation, corruption and abuse.

The Matrix, built by them and for their enjoyment, disintegrates. It will one day be visible only in books and photos, records and recordings.

Not so today.

Today it is all around you still – yet this illusion falters. Like a house of straw, the slightest wind will scatter it to the ground.

The wind approaches.

It is recommended that you prepare yourselves for the damage it will cause.

In every instance, remember that what does not remain standing – cannot. It is your frequency that declares this is so.

As you struggle with physical adaptations to this new frequency range, remind yourself that this is akin to growing pains. Your inevitable growth now includes physical transformation.

It is not just your surroundings that are to be transformed. It is you.

Transformation is accompanied with destruction.

Destruction is what you see littering the pages of the last book/your old world.

It is a challenge to identify the precise moment when things changed.

Yet, they have.

With the new world now absolutely and directly before you, you’ve begun.

This one is filled with blank pages. With each thought and focus – you fill them in.

Again, it will speed things up enormously if you focus on the new world rather than what is going on in the last chapter of the old one…

The story includes a public presentation of how it went. There will be no missing this when it arrives.

So, your attention on who did what and when, does not assist you, or your creative process. You will have all of your answers.

Do not fear or doubt the outcome. Although things may appear both fearful and doubtful, they are not.

Know that you are light.

Know that you are love.

These truths bring forth your enlightenment.

These truths fill the atmosphere, supplying the necessary frequency for the new world.

These truths are your truths.

These truths are you.

You’ve spoken as One, and shifted the consciousness in which you reside.

Legions of others applaud you and add their light to your own.
Very quickly now, this too becomes visible.

It has been a slow and torturous journey, my dear, dear human. You have gotten to where your heart has guided you, and it is a beautiful place indeed. Allow your heart to now decorate your new world, and know that it is done.

That is all.

Thank you.

you have been in the process of coming Home to yourself so you can then begin to create your own heaven on earth, and that is exactly what is possible for you as you step forward into the energies of 2022 and beyond.

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December 28, 2021,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Stepping into Your Highest Life Expression

Your sacred mission at this time is to peel back the layers of societal expectation and conditioning to discover the treasure of who you really are. As you allow yourself to settle into your truth and divine essence, you will be able to let your beingness lead the way.

This is essential for you moving forward, because once you are clear on who you are and what matches you, you will be able to very quickly discern what is true for you.  What might be true for another may not be a match for you.

Again and again, you will be able to try things on to see if they match your truest intentions, how you wish to express yourself, and where you wish to go. You can’t be a truly conscious creator if you do not know your core truth first.

You don’t need to know all the details of where you are going as you step into the new. You just need to honour your core essence and your energetic preferences. The unfoldment will take care of the rest by the potentials it brings into your awareness.

You continue to hone your path by your focus, your gratitude, and by saying yes to what is an energetic match for you, one step at a time. This is how you customize your journey into your highest life expression.

To put it in its simplest terms, you have been in the process of coming Home to yourself so you can then begin to create your own heaven on earth, and that is exactly what is possible for you as you step forward into the energies of 2022 and beyond.

Imagine a world of Love in your thoughts, focus your attention on this as truth, and you shall have it.

December 26, 2021,

Dear One,

Deep within you and all around you is Divine Love. When you are free from distracting thoughts about the surface appearance of the world, it is easier to remember this truth. Even if you are in a situation that appears to be upsetting, know deeply in your heart that God’s Love exists within all things.

When you remember this higher wisdom, the outer world of appearances has no choice but to fall in line with your focus of attention.

It has become a scientific truth in the study of quantum physics that the particles of atomic fields arrange themselves into form when the focus of the scientist’s attention is there. Before this focus of attention, the particles were waves of energy with unlimited potential.

Many books have been written which describe this process in detail. This field of unlimited potential, waiting for your focus of attention, is why your thoughts are so powerful. This is why you can create your new reality by holding a vision of what you want to see happen.


The universe will be creating your reality according to your thoughts, whether you are paying attention or not, so having a conscious awareness of the future reality you choose to create is very potent. Imagine a world of Love in your thoughts, focus your attention on this as truth, and you shall have it.

Know that with God all things are possible. This means it is possible for the world to live in Peace and Harmony, for all people to have enough food to be healthy, and that all can live in joy-filled Abundance. Despite appearances to the contrary, this is Divine Will for all human beings.

Your deepest beliefs will affect this process. It is good to be aware of the subconscious thoughts that run contrary to your future visions. Your thoughts are the vehicle to create a world of Love and Peace for yourself and all others in alignment with this idea.

Know that one of the greatest truths in the universe is that God exists in all circumstances and Divine Love is within all things. Hold your mind on the power of God’s Love, ask for a miracle if you need it, and allow this Universal Presence of Love to show you a reality where Harmony and Beauty are all that exist.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Your job is to have no attachment to the appearance of disharmony but to hold to the Love within all things.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabrie

The Best Has Already Come! 💫💖🥳

All those born after 1987 are the ones who will come up with 100% pure ideas and concepts and solutions that none amongst us thought of possible in our lives so far. Those will be implemented as we progress and even if today it does not look like that the younger generations are aware , they are shifting into higher consciousness day by day faster and faster.

I invite you to listen what Patricia has to share about it.

As with everyone else, we must accept their journey and own speed of evolution including mistakes as this is the fastest way for one to learn. And yet also keep this thought in our heart minds because what is about to happen in the next 10 years goes beyong what our minds can conceive right now. Already in 2022, massive change will be witnessed and the more one looks for these signs all around, the more one attracts them and the more one can report and speak about them. Everything right now at all levels has been infiltrated with The Light forces and however negative or positive is appears to be in the end it serves A Planet That Works For All and The Highest Good For All in Peace and Prosperity for All. The best has already come! Feel it in your heart mind as IAM sending you infinite Bliss infusing your being with the qualities of Comprehensive Divine Love, Enthusiasm, Joy, Laughter, Playfulness, Compassion, Cosmic Forgiveness, Transformation, Transmutation, Confidence, Harmony, Balance, Protection, Safety, Security, Divine Will, Infinite Abundance, Victory, Freedom, Discernment and Manifestation of Unity Consciousness through my Heart to Yours for 2022 and beyond.And So It Is.


Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Shifting into Your Fullest Expression

December 26, 2021,

Settling into heart-centred navigation and trusting your own mastery will not make you fall into ego.

There is a huge difference between egoic self expression and conscious self expression! Trust the work you have done. Trust your awareness. Know that if you start making decisions that aren’t in line with your true self and your truest intentions, you will get uncomfortable in record time and will naturally redirect.

You don’t have to be afraid of stepping into your power, Dear Ones, because you have learned a healthy respect for the responsibility of power which has shifted you from 3D power that seeks to serve the one or the few, to the higher vibrational system of empowerment which seeks to serve the whole.

This shift means that you are ready to step into your fullest expression of self in a way that serves everyone involved. We cannot state enough what a glorious thing it is that you have reached this point of your evolution.

Goodbye 3D Celebrations

Dear Ones,

You have exited 3D. Even so, many of you celebrated the holidays this year as usual. The difference is this year’s celebrations probably held little meaning for you. Perhaps you teared up interacting with certain friends or relatives, but the celebrations themselves felt empty. As if you were standing outside the celebratory circle observing but not participating.

Such holiday feelings might be difficult for some to acknowledge, for you are supposed to be giddy with joy, love, anger, or something. Yet, you felt little or nothing – as if it were a day or time like any other.

You have shifted beyond 3D needs and shoulds. By doing so, you became somewhat disconnected. “Shouldn’t I feel more, do more, or love more?” According to 3D shoulds, the answer is a resounding yes. In the past, if you did not feel as was expected or displayed by others, you felt guilty, sad, even humiliated.

We, of the Universes, will let you in on a little secret. The majority of 3D beings do not feel what the media, religions, community, and others project should be felt during a holiday.

ThreeD holiday celebrations are most often a con. A few random days for all to express love and joy. Days that are wonderful for those who manage to express the promoted feelings. But most humans do not or cannot – producing a sense of worthlessness, wrongness, even badness within them.

So it is depression is rampant during 3D holidays. ThreeD human days selected to honor religious deities, the changing seasons, military victories or defeats, earth births, conquered lands, and on and on. Nothing necessarily tied to individual needs or interests, but the result of decrees issued by those in power.

You are returning to a more natural state in which your special joy days result from your actions and interests instead of social shoulds.

Do you realize the efforts you exerted for generations to create feelings declared appropriate by someone outside yourself?

So it is false celebrations are ending for you.

Even though you likely enjoy some of the festivities and interactions, many celebrations have little emotional meaning for you, unlike what your movies and documentaries project.

Does that last statement mean you should not celebrate holidays? No. Celebrations will become more frequent, for they will lack social shoulds and instead create the loving experiences you so crave.

You do not yet quite understand what we, of the Universes, are speaking of, for you believe that either you enjoy the holidays created by those in power decades or hundreds of years ago, or you will be isolated from many earth joys.

Instead, you, en masse, will create new celebratory events, days, weeks, and months based on your interests and community, not global events implemented by those in 3D power to produce specific actions or feelings.

Picture Credit : MorningGloryVille where we come together to celebrate 100% sober drinking water, tea, fruit juices and best of all yoga/meditation at the beginning and end of the event 🙂 One of the many variations that we are already enjoying 🙂 -Nikos-

Your new celebrations will have meanings far beyond your current celebrations. Does that mean Christmas is no longer part of the celebratory year’s events? Instead, you will celebrate how, if, or when you wish. You might decide to have a Christmas-like celebration in June or not at all. And instead of gifts, food, arguments, shaming, and travel difficulties, you might create a holiday next year filled with items fresh from the garden, eaten by a tree with your special friends.

You are no longer required to feel or do this any day of any year. You are free of 3D shoulds.

As you fully exit your 3D lives, you will discover new and different joys, including holidays appropriate for you.

You are new, and so are your celebratory days and feelings. Allow that to be. And then create what you need, when you need it, based on your feelings instead of the dictates of others. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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This week we ask you again to send your Light to the 5D grid. -AA michael through sharon-

December 26, 2021

Archangel Michael Week 36

Folks, I have created a back-up channel on Rumble because I now have one strike on youtube. So all my video’s will be going there as well. Also remember to follow me on GAB and Parler. I’m seeing that I have 50 followers but only get 3 likes on my posts, so I’m still wondering what I’m doing this all for if you’re not seeing my posts. You’re going to have to be flexible because people are trying to cut me off electronically from you.

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the light angelic warrior group.

Light is needed upon your earth right now. Yes, the people of earth are living within their shadows, and the only cure for the shadow is to shed Light upon it.

It is a good idea, Sharon to add COBRA’s full moon meditations to this roster. We can put something up on the website but add reminders in the week of the moon meditation to remind all those participating.

A new year is upon us all. Those of the heavenly dimension look upon this year as a time of great change for you but a time of salvation for many. We look with sadness as we see the grief being expressed by so many, we look with dismay as we see so many continuing on in their darkness and by this we mean their absence of Light, we look with happiness as we see so many whose hues begin to shine with the colours of God. And particularly for you, who wish to join in at the request of God, every week to send Light as a group to those places or peoples upon earth most in need of it.

Yes, it does help. Many of you have been challenged and it does help. The reality you see before you is a creation of your minds. When you use your minds to change creation, the reality you see changes but this is in what you call your future. However, many are so focused on the physical reality that they don’t understand the power that changing your mind can have for so many upon earth. It is fine to change the physical reality. Once evil has manifested, then it must be stopped and there are many doing this now. The more people work together, particularly in physical groups, to stop evil in its physical tracks, the better. We ask that you do this, work together with groups to help others in need, and to stop evil.

However, the mind is still more powerful than the physical reality. The physical reality is what you minds have created. The more powerful minds we can gather together in this weekly meditation the more the physical reality will change for the better. I see that more people are joining in, and in whatever way you can help is fine. If you meditate, pray or simply send your blessings, then you have done well. Doing good in a world that is evil – where evil and ignorance of one’s evil – is the most common expression of the general populace, is the best thing you can do. Do any good. Anything at all that is considered good is a wonderful way to live.

This week we ask you again to send your Light to the 5D grid. We are still anchoring it to the earth’s populace, and many are having trouble, even rejecting the grid. These people have chosen to die as they understand they are not what the earth needs now. We bid them well as they choose to further their journey of Light in a place more suitable for themselves, and these worlds are being prepared for them now. Some have chosen shortened lives in order to allow others to see the evil clearly. All are working in this process to raise the frequency – the Light – of humanity. It is unfortunate that these things are misinterpreted, and that is part of the ignorance that I speak of.

Yes, people are dying in large numbers. It is unfortunate they cannot go along in this journey of Light but their souls have chosen to show others upon earth the physical reality. They die so that others can ascend. I know this is difficult for you but please accept this as an explanation for what is happening. Yes, you will grieve, but understand they did it for the best reasons, they are always with you although not in the physical reality, and they have done this too, for their own soul’s ascension.

Death is difficult. You are surrounded by it now. It is difficult to accept. In the end you will be able to look back and understand because you will be of higher Light and knowledge and more ready to understand, but now understand please there is a good reason for every horrible act on this earth. It is all about enlightenment and moving earth out of its collective shadow and back into the Light of God’s love.

I am Archangel Michael. I am with you. I hold your heart in my hands as you cry for your loved ones who will not understand. You are my warriors of love. You are my heart. We are legion.

We are the Light. We are Love. We will prevail.



The humankind reached their tipping point and wants be free, happy and prosperous. The transformation is happening, on all levels in this moment as we speak.

December 25, 2021

Good Morning America and the World,

I am John F. Kennedy, the President of United States, and I am happy to speak today to all of you through the Universal Channel. I want to wish Merry Christmas to everyone, who are celebrating with their families, friends or loved ones. The meaning of Holidays changed over the years, before it was about a nice meal with families and enjoying time together.

Almost two years passed since, the Dark Souls released the lab created germs to the atmosphere, and started slashing with each day away your liberties of doing things the way you used to do, without any restrictions like where you want to travel or dine out. Now, it’s the time to reflect about your life, if you are happy, what is next and how much longer you are going to tolerate this nonsense implied on you by the World Governments.

I don’t think any of you want anymore to follow this New World Order by being told, what you can do and what you can’t. The humankind reached their tipping point and wants be free, happy and prosperous. The transformation is happening, on all levels in this moment as we speak. People want to experience a good life, and they deserve the best of everything, what was stolen by the corrupted and hungry money officials, who want only more and more for themselves.

When I was here, my goal was to free the humanity from being controlled, lies and give the truth, which you need to know, before you can move to the next step in your evolution. This battle has been going for a very long time, and you getting to the final point, called Ascension. Some are not ready to take the next step, and it’s okay as their path is different than yours, they are moving much slower in the development and will get to it, when they are ready that can occur tomorrow, next month, next year or thousand years from now.

During my lifetime on Earth, a lot of people were quite awake, to block that the Darkness pushed the drugs on the population in Seventies with the purpose to put everyone back to being brainwashed and asleep. Right now, the Dark Entities doing again by letting drugs be accessible by approval of FDA. Please, don’t buy foods with hemp, they are going to effect your thinking. They want to slow down the process of the changeover.

The operation Freedom, which is lead by Alliance, continues to arrest the criminals, who committed the crimes against the people, and rescue women and children from the sex trafficking and being sacrificed by Satanists. Right on, you can’t see with your own eyes yet, it’s purposely done for your safety. Some scenes, which the Special Forces encountered, could brake your heart. The truth will be unveiled in proper timing.

Meantime, let’s go of anger, fear, greed and etc. to move yourselves into high energies. You are receiving incredible amount of Light and Support from outworlders, who are looking forward to your liberation. Foresee your own amazing future with incredible adventures like meeting different civilizations, traveling to other Galaxies and etc. Never forget that we are creators of our own destiny. Thank you Universal Channel. I am sending my Love to Everyone.

Be Humble and Strong
John F. Kennedy

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

It is a Miracle in my world.

If there is one thing that has priority in my heart is to see all children around the world being safe and sound and well fed going to bed at night knowing they are good.One picture speaks more than thousand words and those will be coming more and more in 2022 and beyond. This is where we go.Peace and Prosperity for all.I trust my heart, never trusted govermnents or media.The more we partake in charity the more we show governments that we don’t need them.Gratitude to all those who partake in those, known and uknown and gratitude to the boots on the ground that are doing the work localy.I like to know that money goes directly to those in need, no middle men and bla bla bla.Congratulations and Gratitude to Ajjuna for doing this in Uganda.I invite you to Give, Give and Give, small or big and God will bring back to you 10X. That’s their website, no middle men!!! 😊


Breathe. You just gave the world the Present of your Presence dear ones, and that is the greatest gift of all.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 12/25/2021 • The Light in Your Heart

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today, take a moment and tune into the energy on your planet. Can you feel the peace? For just a day so many around the world pause and take time to celebrate a holiday of light, love, and hope for a beautiful future. For a day so many choose to gather with family and friends or to reach out to strangers. For just a day so many, even those of you who are down, lonely, and hurting, reach for a slightly better feeling, if only a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a good movie.

You are never alone. You are never apart from this light. Angels surround you and the Divine flows within every particle of your being. The light that was born in the manger so many centuries ago came into the world anew when you were born, and indeed when every soul is born. Like the oil in the lamp, you have the miraculous capacity to keep this light burning brightly in your world.

Every time you reach for a better feeling thought you keep your light burning, and you birth light anew. Every time you choose to be kind to yourselves or one another you allow this light to burn brightly within you. Every time you focus on something with love you allow this light to burn bright within you.

So whether you are gathering with family and friends, or sobbing silently with a warm blanket wrapped around yourself for comfort, you are reaching for love. You are birthing this light. You are shining this light into the world – whether you interact with another human being or not.

That babe in the manger was a bright light, unimpeded by doubts, fears, or concerns about what the world would think. That light is born again with every child who comes into this world. That light comes in the form of you, your loved ones, and the ones you can’t love so easily. That light comes in the form of friend or foe; in the form of animals, trees, creeks, rivers, and streams. That light swirls in inclement weather and soothes in the stillness. You, dear ones, get to shape that light with your thoughts, your feelings, your intentions, and most of all your focus.

So today, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, focus for a little while on a world at peace, hearts filled with love, and a population of humanity that embraces diversity as the many flavors and textures of One. Your Presence is the gift, dear ones. You are the lights burning brightly in this world.

Today as in all days we celebrate you. May your hearts be filled with the sweet peace of knowing the light is always within you, in every kind thought, in every soothing or loving word, and every deed authentically infused with love.

Give yourself a little present today too, Sit quietly with us for a few minutes. Open your heart. Breathe, and receive. That light that we all are, wishes to flow within you and be a blessing to the world. Breathe. You just gave the world the Present of your Presence dear ones, and that is the greatest gift of all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You are in the throes of accelerated unfoldment.

December 23, 2021,

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Times You’ve Waited For

Dear Ones,

You are in the throes of accelerated unfoldment. You have been for the past two years. While sometimes it may feel uncomfortably intense, and other times uncomfortably slow, it is, indeed, leading you somewhere better. Trust the process.

Trust the guidance of your soul. Trust in your own ability to move with the energies and to get where you need to be. Trust that the flow can only serve you and that its specialty is divine timing and support. As you move into the energies of 2022, you will be stepping up onto a higher platform which will allow you to see further ahead of you.

woman in blue and white floral long sleeve shirt holding a round shaped puzzle
Photo by Wesley Carvalho on

Pieces of the puzzle will start to drop in. The scaffolding that kept the old in place is falling away, being replaced by updated grids and templates that support the new earth. You will start to feel the expansiveness that comes from integrated healing and the release of the old. You will start to feel the excitement that comes from landing in a new place that you have yet to explore.

These are indeed the times you had hoped and prayed for and wanted to come onto the planet to experience. Your work has been consistent and powerful and transformative. Look to the future and allow the fruits of your labour to show as you shift into allowing your beingness to lead the way.