Quiet your mind and heart for a moment, and listen deep within. You will note a presence there, speaking to you and all humanity, that has not been present on the Earth for many thousands of years, and perhaps, never at the level at which it now reaches you.

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment with you today.

Today, our writer again has questions for Saint Germain, and so we share this now:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with me again today.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one!

How may we be of assistance to you and your fellow Light Bearers?

COR: I am feeling two things simultaneously, one more quite challenging and one inspiring.

For one, disaster scenarios that are coming to mind occasionally about what might happen to humanity while still under the current corrupt power structure.

That’s no doubt been triggered by the common human experience of carrying post-traumatic stress over many lifetimes.

The survival brain exerts scenes of one oppressive situation or another, as a reflex after all the rough news of the last few years.

Yet the other set of images obliterates those fears. It is enlightening, because its Joy is so palpable.

I am experiencing moments when I feel that the Light pouring onto the planet is sentient, and almost physical—I can feel and see it in the air.

This is not like other sparkling bits of sunlight we might see.

This seems to be a presence you can speak to and connect with in a visceral, almost physical way.

It almost feels solid. And in those lovely moments, I feel it reaching the whole of my spirit.

I feel it speaking to the physical cells—mine and all of humanity’s—seeking to lift us to the next level of our evolvement, and to encourage us.

As if to say, “None of what you fear is real.”

Then walking to the store today, as I took in this amazing Light, I heard the phrase “The Healing Times.”

I was hoping you could explain that, as I don’t feel I came up with it on my own!

I wasn’t thinking that that is the time we are in.

SAINT GERMAIN: And yet, it is so that this moment has arrived, and humanity shall experience such at increasingly levels now.

What you speak of are the parallel experiences of Light and dark, now traveling through Earth experience at a great rate.

And we say a great rate, because the acceleration and the magnification of the power of the Light will only continue.

The dark knows it is failing in its intent.

It has not included a plan for capitulating to the Light should it not win against the Lightstream, as ego and the false self have ever led the darkness, and ever shall, till it moves into higher resonance in this Universe.

And so the dark agenda plays on, as if its players were oblivious to the signs you have noted—signs that the New Earth is already here.

Signs that millions are being called to recall their soul power while in a human body, and to claim that which they were born in this era to claim, or re-claim.

This explains the great rush that those playing the role of low vibrational intent are making toward inserting A.I. into the human body.

And this is why the news media and their vibrational technology are transmitting vibrational distress signals, pitched exactly to alert and alarm those aspects of the human psyche that have been trained for millennia to respond with fear.

From that response, which obliterates clear thought, “the masses will do as they are told,” has been the reasoning of the dark realms, and the dark governmental structures—that which quietly controls the visible governments people see on a daily level.

Of course now, many are realizing how deep the shadows go, and that in those shadows dwell persons, energy forms, and intentions that have no interest in keeping anyone “safe.”

COR: So many are bowing to the old order now, out of the fear you are describing.

What hope is there, in that scenario where so many could lose their individual thought and sense of agency?

SAINT GERMAIN: There is great hope, dear one!

You are aware that many beautiful beings and energetic influences are at work now on the Earth’s surface, and in Inner Earth, that work toward the liberation of the race, and of the planet herself.

You cannot look at the dark aspect of the story and expect that it is equal in resonance and effect as the Light aspect, though we delineate such to make a point.

You are aware of the old parable of “The Blind Men and the Elephant”?

COR: Yes, of course.

So in noticing what feels to be increasing disaster—one kind for those who play along with the old power crowd, and another kind for those who don’t—I was feeling only the tail or the trunk of the elephant, when there’s a lot more at play here.

SAINT GERMAIN: And you are aware of such.

But again—”all the stops have been pulled out” as they say, to pitch humanity into such a fear-for-survival reaction, that your better, higher instincts have been shoved to the side many times over the last few years.

Yet you note what is happening, as the higher Light from your Sun flows in—its language, its tonal vibrations.

The Angelic legions’ tonal vibrations are also being sounded all around and through the planet now.

They call to all upon Lady Gaia, to remember their own higher aspect, and the resources therein.

Even the rocks, the soil, the mountains—even these ring at a higher level now, that which seems not to breathe, though it does.

COR: The mountains may be receiving some help, if there are dragons awakening within them!

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course, this is so!

Yet recall that the very cells of your body, and every drop of water, every molecule of air, all components of all created things, know and remember at a deep level their Creator’s voice.

That is what you are hearing now. That is the nearly solid presence you noted as you were walking outside today.

Now, you spoke of the phrase “The Healing Times,” and you are correct that your logical mind did not devise that.

It comes from your higher aspect, and the Angelic connections all higher selves enjoy.

You were inwardly tuning in to the vibration of renewal and awakening now spreading everywhere on the planet.

We invite all who are reading this to do more than simply take that in at a level of intellectual interest.

Quiet your mind and heart for a moment, and listen deep within.

You will note a presence there, speaking to you and all humanity, that has not been present on the Earth for many thousands of years, and perhaps, never at the level at which it now reaches you.

COR: And it can actually heal people, as well as our Earth?

SAINT GERMAIN: Most assuredly. It has been doing so for several years now.

Yet its intensity is increasing, because humanity has responded by asking for more assistance, more evolvement, more active remembering of Who you are, and why you are here now.

COR: As you speak, Lord Saint Germain, I am feeling that the whole of humanity is beginning to reclaim aspects of our being that have to do with our ability to receive clearly and directly from the higher realms, without a middleman.

These might be messages, tonal vibrations, visions. Or they might just be quiet energetic downloads that only make themselves known over time.

Yet I feel our spirits, our hearts are being lifted by this Light that is speaking to us, in a language we are beginning to remember.

And so that is not my imagination—?

SAINT GERMAIN: The imagination is only a portal into higher thought, once placed in a vibration of openness to such.

It is not a channel of wishful thinking or nonsensical thought, such as you have been taught on this Earth for far too long.

COR: It’s been used for much lower purposes than it was created for.

SAINT GERMAIN: Yet now it seeks to be used as a channel for your inspired, higher thought.

Which will not be imagination, in the lower sense.

It will be imaging, but it will not be “made up” as you have been trained to see it.

It will be a revelation of true self, of your Universe as it actually is.

COR: In the Healing Times, will we finally know who we are, and who our soul families are?

Will we have conscious memory of past lives, of our times on the ships in the etheric as we sleep at night, and our whole soul history?

SAINT GERMAIN: At a pace at which you are able to grow comfortably into these new abilities, which you already possess within your higher aspect.

Yes, that and far more awaits you.

Open the door, dear ones!

Know that the rays and flares of your Sun reach out to you for nothing less than the return of your fullest, most beautiful forms of Light consciousness.

All is not lost. The darkest of the night ever gives way to the dawn.

COR: Thank you, lord!

Your presence with us on this journey is invaluable to us all, as it was so long ago for the Founders in Philadelphia.

SAINT GERMAIN: Namaste, dear ones! We are honored to assist.

Be of good cheer. All is well, and shall be most well.

COR: Namaste!

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Unlike the past the present time is of a higher vibration, and responds more easily to your positive vibrations. By looking ahead and preparing yourself for a gradual upliftment in your vibrations, you will be assured of staying on your chosen path.

    19th November 2021. Mike Quinsey.

    The future is an open book and there are so many opportunities coming up to satisfy everyone so set yourself on a course that achieves your ambition. Good things are coming and waiting to be activated to open up a new vista that will give you a new perspective of life. So look on the bright side knowing that your future is assured that it will bring you much happiness. The dark Ones will have been left behind finding the higher vibrations beyond their reach. The turmoil that you are in at present will reach a point when all will settle down to give you the start of a peaceful period. So as you look into the future be positive and help the better be times an opportunity to manifest. Clearly there is much to sort out before things can settle down but it will come because it is your destiny.

    We say again that as you think so you are helping create your own future, so see it as peaceful as you can imagine. The negative influences are slowly losing their power and no longer control Man’s future. So shake off the negative energies and only think and act in a positive manner. You will find it rewarding and even exciting as you will see the bright future coming into view. Many who have already passed on will start coming back very soon and grow up with the new energies. They will have bodies that do not succumb to illness and stay healthy all of the time. Also as we told you recently, they will be born with all of the abilities and skills they had previously. You will now understand that the higher vibrations will lift you to a new level.

    Already you have noted that there is a more helpful approach where many are concerned, There is a more friendly approach to each other and help given where it is needed, and so it will continue and we look to those in power to organise it. You are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God and in essence capable of being loving and caring Beings. You are all One and colour and creed count for little in the higher dimensions. You name it and you have been it through your many, many lives as you have evolved.

    Dear Ones can you not feel the Oneness of all life forms and accept that all life comes from the One Source you call God. You have periodically been called back to the Godhead only to be sent out aging to experience further, and so it continues in the great Solar Cycles. How crazy it must seem that Man fights with his brothers and sisters often to the extent of death. Man draws lines between others simply because they are outwardly different, not realising that in essence all souls are equal and the same. All playing a part in the great drama of Human life to the best of their ability to live as One. Well many souls have awoken to their true selves and go forward to the time of Ascension and find themselves as a Higher Being.

    It is very difficult to find adequate words that can describe the peace and beauty that you will finally experience, but your intuition will sense the changes that will take place. Heaven on Earth may spark your imagination but even so the sheer beauty of the higher levels has to be experienced to be believed. How can you describe colours outside of your spectrum, it is nigh impossible as it would the unending natural beauty of nature. You are used to plants dying off even after one summer but imagine those that never stop blooming. You haven’t really lived yet but through your experiences have learned to appreciate the experience that you have had.

    In actual fact over the course of your many lives you have acquired much through your experiences. Believe us it does take quite some time for a new soul to Earth to get used to living in such an environment. Imagine the contrast from living in virtually a totally different life because of the temperature changes. Then again there is the lifestyle from one continent to another, it can be quite challenging. However, you would never be put into a situation that was totally alien to you. Certainly the experiences you gain hold you in good stead for greater challenges as you progress to a point where you will have learned the lessons they have given you.

    You have a plethora of experience that helps you take on more challenging life plans and often to guide others along a path that helps them evolve. Holding out a helping hand is instinctive with humans who are basically very friendly towards their fellow travellers. After all you are on the same path and have the same goal in mind even if you do not realise it. Evolution is ongoing and accordingly your life path may change according to your needs. Choice does come into it and before you incarnate your needs are discussed so as to give you an experience that furthers your advancement.

    The time has come to reflect on what you want out of life because your actions will speak louder than words. You are projecting an energy that creates a path ahead of you and attracts what is needed for it to become your reality. It is being careful what you wish for as few realise the power of the spoken word. It does not take much to imagine what you are creating for yourself with negative thoughts. After all these also attract similar energies to you, so be careful as to how you express your thoughts.

    We have often pressed home the need to express yourself in a positive manner by using “I am” rather than “I wish”. You may for example say “I am happy” in which case you will attract more of it to yourself that is clearly desirable. Try to be positive about your needs, then allow the energy to respond in its own way. Unlike the past the present time is of a higher vibration, and responds more easily to your positive vibrations. By looking ahead and preparing yourself for a gradual upliftment in your vibrations, you will be assured of staying on your chosen path. Clearly each soul that is ready should create their path to Ascension, and take this wonderful opportunity to evolve beyond the lower vibrations, never again to have to face them. It is a state of mind and not nearly as hard to maintain as you mighty imagine. 

    I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

    In Love and Light.

    Mike Quinsey.

We are simply alchemizing your bodies into a more suitable indestructible higher dimensional form, into the body of a god. -MERLIN through galaxygirl-

Merlin 11/16/2021

Hello, students! My, what bright shiny faces, such eager listeners! I am your professor of magic and science, which is really all the same, but I digress. I am Merlin. And I have been asked to prepare a quick lesson today for you, by this one. Many of you are my pupils at night, or have been at least over the eons. We learn this and that in various lifetimes. In these realms you remember what your lave learned, which is most helpful indeed, is it not? Such a pity that one does not remember entirely in the realm of mist and shadows. But that is clearing up rapidly. And that is part of the game, of the experience, of the learning. For with every perspective, with every lifetime and surrounding experience, lessons can be learned in a different way. Is that not correct? For you would see the same lesson differently from the viewpoint of a king or a pauper, would you not? You would see humanity and the value of it differently depending on your viewpoint. You would feel love differently as a lover or one who was spurned by love. Ah, there I go again.

(Merlin sits down and starts to smoke his long twisted wizard’s pipe.) No, I like to refer to this as my teaching tool. (He begins to blow purple sparkly smoke. I love that. I am seeing twinkling stars, planets form, animal shapes birthing from the ground and running along smoky fields.) There was always a beginning, except how can there be a beginning in an infinite universe? That one has stumped me for many a millennia. (He is laughing, his eyes are wrinkled and twinkling). Well, galaxygirl you seem to have questions?

(Me: Oh Merlin, we are all trying so hard down here, and we are so tired. Can you talk about the physicality of our change from carbon to crystalline?)

Alchemy, my dear. Have you forgot your lessons already? That’s alright. We are simply alchemizing your bodies into a more suitable indestructible higher dimensional form, into the body of a god. Really that’s what is going on. Your cultures have called ‘gods’ extraterrestrials who likely had a higher dimensional form, as you will. Who likely had higher dimensional understandings of the mathematical and scientific formulations, of magnetic propulsion and endothermic converters and on and on – as you will. Because you will be able to hold to vibrate with – yes – the higher dimensional concepts. The Stone Age of Earth will be no longer. And so of course you are tired. Are you taking care of your physical vessel with love and tender care? Are you encoding your own universe of you and filling it with nutrient rich foods and energies? Are you alchemizing your food and water before you partake of their blessings? Simply put you are becoming crystalline but so is Gaia. That is the exciting part. You are rising in vibrational frequency with her, and all upon her. I like this question and answer session, galaxygirl. Good idea! Do you have another?

(Me: I would like to know about our twin flames, but I don’t know how to ask that, for I know it would be a different story for each of us.)

I know many of you have had deep pain and healing is needed with your other halves. Yes, it has been a painful realm. But pain brings growth and growth brings healing. This entire realm is being healed and so of course the twin flame relationships will be healed as well. You need not worry about this really, as all is in divine timing and all will work out. Your perception will be broadened, and so you will be more compassionate, more open, more whole. And when you are whole you are in vibrational alignment for your wholeness to meet you. But really there is nothing wrong with being delightfully content with where you are and who you are with. Never underestimate the power of the love of soul family. You have all been together likely for hundreds of lifetimes and your ties are deep. And so, students of the light, we are all aspects of Source, we are all an eye of the Seraphim in a way, having our own uniques perspective of life, of love, of truly living a grand adventure. Life is grand. It will be expanded upon your realm into magic and wonder again.

(Me: Merlin, can you teach us some magic?)

Students, the magic is not only within you, it is you. You are the magic. Your intention creates the ripples. Your intention, your action, your good faith, your high vibrational frequencies – that is the magic for that vibration pulls it towards you. Be at peace with this knowing. Practice the ancient arts. You are an ancient being. You likely already know them. Just remember.

(Merlin is blowing the purple smoke animals back into his pipe and the purple glittery smoke is sucked back in the pipe.) Remember, galaxygirl, this is purely a teaching aid. Ah, but I do love my pipe! I create the images I wish to see. Just like you create the images in your life that you need to see or learn from. Remember the smoke and mirrors are being removed. Your realm has been drenched in shadow. This is lifting. Clear breezes, beautiful skies, crystalline bodies. Now students, this is very important. Know that you can create the reality that you wish to see. Just as I do with my pipe. In my mind’s eye I have the image and I create the picture. Be specific about what you want, and feel that it is already yours and feel that gratitude. Gratitude is an enormous magnet. I am grateful for you. Now I’m having another class tonight. Be prompt.

(Me: Thank you for this question answer session, Merlin!)

Yes, yes, galaxygirl, always a pleasure. (He pats my head and departs.)

~ galaxygirl

The incoming codes are releasing “locks” on your creative and sexual energy and helping you to align with your true original template of free and flowing creativity…This is a time to just be and to take good care of yourself.

phases of the moon
Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

Celia Fenn: Lunar Eclipse


As we move into the early phases of the partial Lunar Eclipse, which culminates on the 19th, tomorrow Friday, the energies are sure intense!

These Lunar Codes in Taurus are hitting into the Body and the DNA. People are experiencing physical pain in the body and exhaustion.

This is because the Taurean Eclipse Moon Codes are activating in the Sacral Chakra area and the Throat Chakra area.

Many people are reporting joint pains and especially in the hips and lower back.

The incoming codes are releasing “locks” on your creative and sexual energy and helping you to align with your true original template of free and flowing creativity.

Over many thousands of years, humanity has experienced a state of enslavement to economic systems that has “locked down” the Sacral chakra and limited our creativity and our financial flows.

These incoming Codes are unlocking and opening the flow.

This creates the physical pain and old pathways are closed off and new pathways are opened.

The same is happening at the Throat Chakra level.

The capture of the creative energy meant that we were not able to express our Soul purpose as all our energy was given to “survival” in a false economy.

Now, as we reclaim our creative power and energy, we can stand in our Power and express who we are as Souls.

This powerful new flow can cause muscle pain and spasms in the shoulders, upper back and neck area.

This is a time to just be and to take good care of yourself.

It will pass by the week end and you will feel more relaxed and more balanced.

Meanwhile, stay calm and centered and rest as much as you can.

Breathe deeply, drink lots of water and connect with your Higher Guidance for information on what you personally need to transit this powerful Lunar Eclipse Portal

Love to everyone!