We want you to remember how powerful you are and to feel that power moving through you, because that is one of the best experiences that you have lined up for yourselves there on planet Earth.

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What if the World Were to Completely Change? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are continuously inviting all of you to join us in a higher frequency, because we know that is ultimately what you want, even if you think you want something else. You think you want things to change there on Earth, and what if they did? What if everything changed, but no one that was in a human body was willing to change themselves? You would have the same problems eventually. That is why changing you at your very core is the only way to change the outer reality and to make those changes long lasting and to have them be the changes you actually want as a soul.

An ego doesn’t like challenges, because an ego just wants to know that everything will be okay, that it will be safe, comfortable, taken care of, and so on. But a soul craves those challenges, because a soul knows that its journey is to grow and evolve, to expand and become more of Source Energy on an experiential level. You can know that you are a Source Energy Being, but to experience that knowing through something that you do, or think, or say, or even better feel, is an entirely different experience.

When you help someone else because you recognize that they are you, that is a Source Energy experience. When you love someone else, in spite of the fact that they have done nothing to deserve that love, that is a Source Energy experience. When you listen to someone, even though you know that they are complaining and perpetuating the same reality, and then you say something kind to them, something supportive, that is a Source Energy experience. When you feel oneness with all, when you are in that state of unity consciousness, that is a Source Energy experience. And when everything and everyone outside of you is suddenly different because someone or some group swooped in and made all the changes for you, then you don’t get to have the experiences we have just outlined, and many, many more.

You want those experiences; you came for those experiences. You came for the movement, and it’s not movement from point A to point B that you came for. It is the movement of your soul from one level of consciousness to another, from operating more as an ego to operating as a higher self. That’s what you wanted, and that’s what you will get. That’s what you are getting, and you will continue to get. And if you knew how good you would feel if you had the experience of what we are talking about in your body right now, then you wouldn’t want all the changes outside of you to happen first. Because while those changes would set your mind at ease temporarily, again, you would just create new challenges, new problems, new obstacles.

So bless your world as it is today; give thanks for every experience you get to have, because they are all giving you opportunities to feel something you have never felt before. You don’t have to be grateful because God likes a grateful subject. God is not a king, and you are not the peasants. You are co-creating all of this with Source, and Source is growing along with you and because of you, and is grateful for you and your willingness to go out there at the edge of creation.

And we want you to know that you can also receive help. You can ask for help, you can receive help, and you are receiving help. And in the asking, you are actually creating what you are asking for, so it is all good. We want you to remember how powerful you are and to feel that power moving through you, because that is one of the best experiences that you have lined up for yourselves there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 11/13/2021 • Feeling the Love

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine for a moment that you are outside, wrapped in a warm blanket on a cool night, looking at the vast expanse of twinkling stars overhead. Feel the smallness of your physical form, the relative smallness of your planet when compared to the immense reaches of space and the countless galaxies that revolve within it.

Imagine that this very moment the light reaching you from those stars was shined from them thousands of years, sometimes tens of thousands of years in your past! Imagine that the light shining from your sun will reach these stars in thousands to tens of thousands of years. Your universe is that magnificent! It is diverse beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations. There are planets, unlike anything you can imagine. There are species and life forms that defy description in your current languages. There are galaxies of life that exist as well within each tiny cell of your body.

We are working here, with your energy, to give you a sense of the magnitude of creation. Can you imagine the love, the mind, the intelligence that has imagined all this into being? Can you imagine the ultimate sculptor, the artist whose vision never ends, the engineer whose ability to orchestrate details from the interaction of galaxies to the tiniest reactions in your own mitochondria? Can you fathom the love that wanted YOU to exist within these glorious worlds, living within these glorious worlds, created in a body that contains these glorious worlds?

The same Source that dreamed the infinite galaxies into being, dear ones, imagined you. The same Presence that imagined the most beautiful scene you have ever seen in nature, imagined you. The Infinite love and wisdom that coordinates entire universes wants to help coordinate your lives and assist you in achieving your dreams. Can you imagine?

You matter this much. You are loved this much. You are surrounded with so much help and assistance that it would reduce most of you to tears to feel it and yet dear ones so many of you feel alone, scared, frustrated, or angry for one reason and one reason alone. You are not yet aware of the love that breathes life into you, sustains you in every moment, gave you free will, and wants for you whatever loving desire that you want.

Your world looks so chaotic now and indeed, for now, it is. At present, there is clashing between those who want change and those who don’t want to change. There is a clashing between those who want to change one way and those who want to change a different way. There is a clash between those who want to mandate behaviors and those who want the freedom to choose behaviors. Through all of this, however, the love that sources universes – the same love that created that magnificence you see in the night sky – is Sourcing and guiding you.

Take a breath and for a moment imagine you could feel this love permeating your entire being. Breathe and imagine that you can feel this love giving life to your cells, energizing you, lulling you to relax at times, helping you want what is good and pleasurable for yourself. Imagine this love whispering to your heart saying, “I created you. I live within you. I live within all. I want you to have what you want. I want you to know My love. Relax. I will guide you with good feelings. I will help you orchestrate your dreams in harmony with the world, as surely as I orchestrate the stars in the heavens. I love you. I love you. I love you. I have always loved you. I will always love you. Relax into my embrace.”

Dear ones if you could take time each day to simply imagine this love washing into you and through you and whispering this message of love to you then you would tune into the very real vibrational reality in which this love does wash into you and through you and whisper vibrations of love to you.

If you would consider taking a small amount of time regularly to do this exercise, to tune into the immensity of the Love that is there for you, your lives would change. Fear would slowly dissolve. Frustration would melt away. After all, if the Creator of Universes has your back, who could you fear? Why would you find fault with any situation if you feel this sort of love?

Dear ones, when you feel loved by another human being, truly loved, you feel nearly invincible. Can you imagine how you would feel throughout your days if you were to consciously and intentionally tune into the massive Love that creates you, adores you, sustains you, and guides you? We, the angels, are part of this Love. We feel this Love every moment of our existence because we consciously tune into it. It gives us the strength and grace to tune into your upsets and frustrations and fears without sinking into them, but rather with only the intent to lift you.

You are so cherished, dear friends, Cherished. We honor the courage you have to be here during this time of awakening. It isn’t the easiest time on your planet. There are so many disconnected souls spreading the virus of fear. There are so many insisting that their way is the only right way. There are so many more, however, who – like you – are laboring in love to usher in an era of kindness, tolerance, freedom, and openness. You will get there. For now, however, allow us, allow your Source to simply love you into a vibration where you become the invincible creators that you truly are. Receive dear friends. You are all worthy. You are all loved. You are all precious souls adding light and love to a vast and beautiful creation.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Choosing Ease at all times.

The other day i went to the store for grosseries & since i never wear a mask, seller rushed to tell me to wear one…i did not resist nor did i comply…i took out a bandana i carry around & wear it under my nose , mostly around my neck while in the store. I could feel the frustration but mostly resistance of the seller claiming that if i don’t comply and get caught , shop will close for 2 weeks and pay 5000 euros fine. During that moment all i was thinking is : i can’t change people to please them, appreciate them where they are is giving me EASE. And so if you like me never wear a mask, remember that what mostly matters is to feel ease. It is not about us against them. That is what corrupt governments would like and by choosing to be at ease and at the same time not complying is A Master Creator Skill that works its magic.