You are a new being in a new world, nearly ready to explode into your new experiences and interests.

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Holiday Season Nostalgia

Dear Ones,

You continue to bounce between 3D, 5D, and beyond. Such is to be expected given that your earth experiences have been within 3D parameters.

Even though you are no longer comfortable in 3D, you have a need to ascertain the wisdom of moving beyond 3D in bits and pieces.

So it is during this holiday season, many of you will attempt to return to the 3D sensations you were used to only to discover that those interactions, those holiday moments feel flat and lifeless.

Returning to your 3D experiences is not bad, merely part of goodbye to your former self and society. For that which once provided you with joy will likely not any longer – at least not the same level of joy.

Perhaps you have returned to your hometown, the house you grew up in, or hometown friends – all once so important – only to realize you no longer feel a sparkle or interest. As if those friends or community were outside your being instead of within your heart.

So it is this holiday season may be dramatic for you because you will realize you are no longer of 3D and will never be again while of the earth.

You may feel confused, perhaps even frightened. For you will function as is right for you only to discover little emotional connection. In essence, going through the motions without much return.

Such is so because you are finally letting go of what was. Of course, you have been clearing bits, and pieces of your current and past earth lives for years. Even so, this holiday sensation will be a bit different for you will likely wish to celebrate the season with others, but doing so will feel as if you are in a fog, that the celebrations are not relevant to your current or future life. You will not be angry, just not that interested. And because your future interactions have not yet necessarily arrived, you will find yourself somewhat let down, hollow, perhaps even thinking, “Is That All There Is?”

The past few days, you were pummeled by more intense energies than has ever been true of any one of the earth. Those energies combined with the projected energy bursts before the end of this calendar year will be similar to polishing a diamond.

So it is you are no longer a muddy, dull stone continuing interactions on a limited 3D basis, but instead a sparkling diamond shining more daily.

Your diamond brightness is like a magnet connection to all there is – a conduit to your new earth and personal connections to the Universes.

All there is so much larger and more interesting than the 3D world. It is the difference between day and night, bright and dull, light and dark. So your former playmates and activities will seem dull and lifeless compared to your soon-to-be new life.

In this short phase, you will ask yourself what your life is about for nothing, and no one will seem that interesting or important. You will wonder where your comfort zone is – until it suddenly appears. You are completely emptying the physical vessel that was 3D you, only to refill it with wondrous miracles, new joys, and new interactions.

But for the remainder of this calendar year, you will likely feel somewhat lost emotionally and physically. As if your interests have little to attach to. As a result, you will probably attempt to return to the celebrations and people who once provided you with joy, only to discover you are too different to embrace what once was.

Do not fret or fear. You are creating a new life and being. For even though you moaned and groaned throughout most of your clearing processes, you cleared more than you thought possible. You wanted to start earth life anew without complications or fears from your 3D life. You have done so – some in years, others in months. But anyone reading this message is a cleared or nearly cleared vessel – all racing to your 2022 calendar deadline.

That is not to say you need to be completely clear to start your new world, but instead that you en masse wanted this complete clearing.

This holiday season is your last 3D hurrah allowing you to know without a doubt that what was is no more and can never be. You evolved beyond 3D grade school, and the same is happening in your new life. The difference is you do not yet know your future, so it feels more frightening.

You are a new being in a new world, nearly ready to explode into your new experiences and interests.

So do not fret that this holiday season might seem uninteresting, trying, or something you do not care about. It will be no different than returning to the first grade even though you have a high school diploma.

You are no longer a 5D or beyond beginner. You are ready to rock and roll – with a bit of nostalgia during this holiday season. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page (, and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Like a muscle that strengthens with exercise, so it is with trust. It comes not from the power of your doing, as much as it is an allowing of energy to flow through your being.

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November 7, 2021,

Trust in yourself, and trust in the Angelic energy working through you.

Dear One,

As the light within you grows stronger and brighter, you will find yourself bringing more wisdom and love to your world. You will begin to trust more deeply in yourself and know you are divinely guided at every moment.

Trust is an energy that grows the more you use it. Like a muscle that strengthens with exercise, so it is with trust. It comes not from the power of your doing, as much as it is an allowing of energy to flow through your being.

Trust comes from a deep level of faith. At the core of your being you know there is a Higher Power at work. You can turn your life over to this Divine Presence and things will begin to move in positive directions. Learn to listen more to your intuition than to what society tells you is true. Learn to listen to the voice of your higher self, which is your connecting link to the Divine Source. Remember that you know, deep within, what is best for you. Your higher self knows the answers to all the questions you ask.

Trust the Angels to help you with this process of connecting to God within you. They are an incredible resource awaiting your invitation. Begin to ask your guardian Angel for help in small ways. Follow the guidance you receive and you will find yourself trusting ever more deeply in this wondrous energy working through you.

You will notice your life becoming simpler, and everyday activities becoming easier, due to an ever-increasing compassion and clarity within, and due to the grace of the Angels. This grace blesses every step you take and every word you say. This grace also becomes stronger the more you allow it to work in your life. It is a gift for you, but first you must ask, and then you need to allow yourself to open and receive the good available to you from your spiritual resources.

These simple acts of trust can transform your world. Remember, your direct link to Divine Grace strengthens when you:

Trust in yourself and trust in the Angelic energy working through you.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

The Creator Writings ~ Your Journey

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by Jennifer Farley, November 7, 2021,

It is time to settle in and make yourself comfortable, dear one.

The cascade of information you are receiving now will bring many life-altering changes, including how you look at your world and what you will be creating. You have a choice of how to react to this expansion and is dependent on your ability to accept and assimilate new information. Easy or challenging, it is your journey…honor it!

~ Creator