You have internalized the self-love basics. It is time to do the same with your creation skills. So reward yourself for a job well done.Not what you expect, but what you want is now your fun process.

How are You Rewarding Yourself?

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Dear Ones,

We, of the Universes, wish to address your impatience with the evolution of your new world. You know you have changed. Perhaps you demand more attention or love than in the past. Or you are uncomfortable with your current life but have no indications that your life is changing. Or you feel alone because your friends or relatives have different frequencies.

It does not matter how you indicate your impatience. You are ready to move forward.

The energies now surrounding you are creation energies. You have moved through the self-love gauntlet, so you are ready to reward yourself for acknowledging your worth to yourself and others.

Of course, reward is a more nebulous term now that you are beyond 3D. So each of you has formed or is forming a thought indicating an appropriate reward.

There is no need to share your reward thoughts, because your personal reward is so individualized most will not understand or care about it.

Discussing your personal creation reward with others is a 3D action because doing so indicates a need for verification of rightness, that you feel your reward should be discussed, dismissed, or even laughed at by others. There is no reason to add the power of others to your wishes, for this is your very personal creation reward.

What are you hoping for or dreaming of? That is your current personal reward for a job well done. Perhaps your rewards will change with the seasons or the hour.

Even so, it is time to discontinue the 3D need to plan a sequence of rewards – if you do this, that will happen, which will lead to that, and finally to that.

Suffice it to know you do not have to worry about or plan for the future. Your dream is now. For as you mature into your new being, your dreams will evolve, just as was true in 3D.

The difference is, in 3D, you needed to prepare for the future before you understood what that future might be. For example, taking college courses that best prepared you for future employment even though those courses were not that interesting. Or accepting a boring entry-level job so you could work your way up the ladder of a company or industry. So it was in 3D – constantly planning for the future by forsaking the present.

Your new being is almost the opposite in thought and action. Forget the future, for it will take care of itself if you follow your current dream.

This current dream of yours has perhaps less to do with stepping stones to your new being than a reward for successfully completing your self-love phase.

This is your personal reward.

Create and accept your reward, knowing that you deserve it. At the same time, know you are practicing your next creation step. Just as you tip-toed into self-love, you are now doing so with creations culminating in your new you role/life. Once you initiate your new you creations, just as was true with self-love, you will find yourself creating without thinking. It will just be.

Some of you feel you have not yet passed the self-love course, that you must “work more” on self-love before you reward yourself. Which is a bit like believing you did not grasp the concepts of an unpleasant school course, even though you passed. Most students would move on gleefully. But overachievers feel they must punish themselves with a closely related but equally unpleasant subsequent course. Nonsense. Such thoughts are 3D shoulds whispering in your head.

You have completed your self-love course with accolades from us of the Universes. And as you further develop those self-love skills, you will not allow others to control, should, or have to, you.

In essence, you have accepted and practiced the self-love basics. Just as you first learned to read simple words before expanding those elementary phrases to complex texts allowing you to read comfortably at multiple levels.

You have internalized the self-love basics. It is time to do the same with your creation skills. So reward yourself for a job well done.

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LET GO let go Let go of the old. -AA Michael via sharon

Sunday, October 31, 2021
Archangel Michael
Week 28 Message
I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.
Now we see the time drawing nearer, closer and closer to the end of this last era of Pisces for many of you. Others are still left living within its limitations and bondage, however many of you are moving forward in the new timelines, ready to create a new world for yourselves and for those to come.
Others will stay stuck in the old world. I know we of the divine heavens ask much of you, and it takes its toll on you emotionally, but we ask of you now to let go. Let go of the old. In any way that you have manifested it in your life, release it and its energies back to the central sun. Let go, let go, let go. When you are holding on to too much, your frequency will reflect that. We need you now to rise and to populate the new timeline to 5D.
Examine all that you think, all that you do, and all that you hold near to yourself and understand that this will all change. All your implements, your modes of transport, your means of education. Everything will change. Not all at the outset, but understand it is your minds that are now to create new innovations, and these same minds that release the old to the frequencies that reflect it.
We know the dark ones are moving their agenda forward, desperately attempting to ensnare as many as they can. We know that you are working hard to try to enlighten those who are even remotely inclined to listen, and the frustration shows on your faces. You are doing a good job. You are unveiling the truth on earth now and with that unveiling, so many will rise. The veil of ignorance will be lifted.
The next steps, of course, are to step into your power and to take responsibility for embodying that truth. When you continue to tell yourself that someone else can do it first, that someone else is not you. This is an individual journey you are all undertaking collectively. It is as if, in your schools, you decide not to write the test because someone else is writing it. No, you must write this test yourself. Ask yourself how you can step forward, how you can help, what you can do for others, and as you do this, you do this for yourself as well.
This week we again ask you to send the Light of love to your internet collective. We require the internet to rise in frequency and for many more of the nefarious activities carried out upon it to be exposed. This you can help us with.
When you, alternately, send your white light energy into the earth grids, then you raise the frequency of the collective, and again, expose evil operating within your world. You have seen so many exposed, arrested, their nefarious activities revealed – well, this is your doing. This is your desire to see this and it is being done. We ask that you continue to empower the process.
I am Archangel Michael. I am your leader, I am your champion, We are Legion.

And so it is.