We will continue to help all of you recognize that you are in fact extra-terrestrial beings, hybrids, and that you are all multi-dimensional.


We’re Preparing You for E.T. Contact ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have strengthened the bond between humanity and that which you consider to be extra-terrestrial. It is our intention to make it easier for all of you to have experiences with e.t. beings, whether they be in physical bodies or non-physical, like ourselves. We are taking our time here in warming you all up to full, open contact with e.t.s, because there are so many who are not ready for that experience. And we are only reaching a very small percentage of you who are there on Earth. And so, we plan to gradually increase the amount of energy that we transmit through this channel to bring you more gently into the full e.t. experience.

We have already opened many doorways through these transmissions, and we are continuing to do so as we connect with many of you individually. We are becoming more active, like the Pleiadians have been for quite some time, because we see the opening that the connection you all have to Pleiadians has created. We will continue to help all of you recognize that you are in fact extra-terrestrial beings, hybrids, and that you are all multi-dimensional.

Many individuals who receive these transmissions from us know that intellectually, but have yet to experience it on the physical level. And so, we invite all of you to think about the types of experiences that you want to have with e.t.s and to put your wish list out to let all of the benevolent e.t. beings know that you are available. You are the ones who are mostly cut off from the rest of the beings in this galaxy, and so you are the ones who get to determine the speed at which you march to that inevitable future where there is full and open contact.

We are just one group of many who are working on making this transition an easy and joyous one for humanity. As you absorb the energetic transmissions that come along with the words spoken by the channel, you ready yourself for more. And of course, many of you have had your Arcturian DNA activated by absorbing all that we are offering here in these messages. And the number of you who will get those activations is going to increase with each passing day.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Becoming immortal is something that you would expect to come from a comic book or science fiction, but it is the next step forward in human evolution, and it has nothing to do with science and technology. It has everything to do with consciousness.


We Are Awakening Your Immortality ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are awakening within your consciousness and within your cellular memory the awareness that you have been able to live much longer lives in your human physical bodies. There have been humans who lived for hundreds of years in your ancient past, and they were not being kept alive by machines and drugs. You need to have those memories awakened within you in order to take the leap forward that you are taking, and we are referring to the leap from having a mortal, carbon-based vehicle to an immortal, crystalline-based vehicle.

Right now, so much is being awakened within you from the transmissions that you get from us and from all across the galaxy. Even energies that are not being channeled by any humans are still having a profound effect on you and on many levels of your being-ness. Becoming immortal is something that you would expect to come from a comic book or science fiction, but it is the next step forward in human evolution, and it has nothing to do with science and technology. It has everything to do with consciousness.

When you first awakened, what should have been quite shocking to you was the idea that you are Source Energy Beings. That is much more significant than being Cleopatra or Napoleon in a past life. To accept your divinity means to accept your immortality, and we do understand that it takes time for a belief like this one to really take hold within the consciousness of a human being who sees death around themselves and wonders how anyone could become immortal without some sort of magic. But it is not magic; it is consciousness. It is a way of knowing yourselves as having transcended the physical, while still maintaining a physical form.

When you don’t see your physicality as your true self or ultimate self, then it becomes easier to use the body as the vehicle for your soul that it was always intended to be. So what do you have to do then in order to make all of this happen, as we are sure that it seems very enticing to most of you. The answer is simple; you don’t need to do anything, but you do need to change your perception of self, your perception of others, your perception of reality. You need to shift what you know to be finite to the infinite.

If you want to do something, then do an exercise where you seek out the feeling of infinity within you. Seek out your true eternal nature as a vibration, and then watch yourself transform before your very own eyes, because all of this that we speak of is inevitable, but you can accept it and put yourselves on the fast track, or you can deny it and take the slow and winding route to your immortality. Either way, you are destined to arrive.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Your meditations can help you and others, please, continue to spread the Light.-Ashtar-

July 26, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, I am happy to communicate telepathically with everyone today. I have been very busy with everything, what is happening in our dimension and yours.

The Negative Entities on Mars have been completely removed, as they became a threat to us and the Milky Galaxy. If someone claims that Orions, Greys, Reptilians and etc. are still there, that is not correct. Right now, the Dark Forces are looking for a new planet to use as a base, so they can continue planning their next attack.

Unfortunately, some of the Light Community buy their lies. Same goes for the Secret Space Program, which has been operating for a long time and hidden from the Earth population. Recently, we captured a few of their ships and dismantled them.

I mentioned before that we Galactics are not going to allow for the Negative Forces to destroy or create a dangerous situation in the Milky Galaxy or somewhere else in the Cosmos. It could kill trillions of beings, what Supreme Father or Prime Creator would never allow to happen.

I am dishearten by the fact that some of the truth seekers are fooled by the Dark Entities and read sources of information full of negative codes. Also, I want to add to the claim about psychics with superpowers from the Secret Space Program. None human with the most extraordinary psychic abilities could affect anyone negatively in a long range distance of over 400 miles as humans in 3D can’t exercise these kind of powers.

Please, don’t worry about someone who could attack or influence you with their negative energy. You can easily raise your vibrations through meditation, so if anyone, who wants to attack you, they can’t harm you in high energies.

Your meditations can help you and others, please, continue to spread the Light. Remember, you have a free will and nobody can’t tell you or force you to do undesirable things. The Darkness has been using scare tactics and mind manipulations for a very long time. Now, each day more and more people are starting to question their surroundings, their Dark agenda is failing, and the Light continues to spread.

The New Earth is ready to accept 5D Galactic Humans, she is waiting for your arrival. The power within you is your guide, and just follow your heart, on which path to take. Ascension is a personal choice. A specific number of humankind are going to stay in the Matrix, as they are not ready to ascend. Others can’t wait, when this event takes place. It’s coming in Divine Timing, only the Fathers know, when exactly it’s going to occur.

Bad weather and other events had been orchestrated by the corrupted souls. Not all of the incidents were by them, Mother Gaia is cleansing the planet by preparing herself to welcome humanity to a New Earth.

Regarding the dinosaurs myth, that they were flesh eaters, that is not true. The ones who survived, live now in Hollow Earth and in Inner Earth with Anshar Civilization, and all of them are plant eaters including the 50 feet tall T-Rex.

I want to assure you, that everything is going by the Divine Plan, and the Galactic Federation of Light, and I, Ashtar are going to continue to assist your civilization and keep everyone safe in the Milky Galaxy. Gratitude to the Universal Channel for delivering this transmission. Thank you.

You are Beacons of Light
Be Brave and Strong


Those of you who have struggled in this life to fulfill your dreams of success and wealth or who have tried to make the world a better place and feel you have failed – never mind that you were not always successful. Your contributions, especially those that came from the heart, helped to bring us to this incomparably successful moment. -Jesus via Kathryn E. May-

Disciple John

I feel this is perfect time to share this chapter (24 and the last) of The New Scriptures by Jesus/Sananda through Kathryn E. May, who is the only legit and official channel of God that I am really aware of.


Beloved Ones, it is a time of change, from Darkness to Light, from suffering to joy, from anguish to celebration.  This is a time that will be marked in your history books as The Beginning, for it is the beginning of the New Golden Age.

My heart fills with joy as I observe the blossoming of humankind, so long imprisoned by Darkness.  You are awakening, stretching your mental and spiritual muscles, freeing yourselves from all dogma, depressing old ideas and feelings, and you are spreading your wings to take flight.

You, humankind, are known throughout the cosmos as the Creator Race, the Explorer Race, both well-deserved descriptions.  Those of you who are incarnated now have no idea of the magnitude of the adventure we have undertaken together, which is now in the very last phase of completion.  Your preparation for the Ascension of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants is a historic event by cosmic standards, and will be “one for the books” as you are fond of saying.

All the Universe is watching in anticipation to see how we execute The Great Project. It has been planned with great care, over thousands of years, through innumerable revisions, with the tireless leadership of Ascended Masters from the far reaches of the Cosmos who came to assist us.

Your ancient references do not name us, the Kumaras from Venus, who came here together during the Lemurian civilization some 100.000 years ago to assist in the development of the human species.  They do not tell of the many races from your galaxy and beyond who contributed their DNA to your present brilliant combination of creativity, passion, intelligence and physical strength, and they do not tell of the hundreds or thousands of incarnations you have experienced here and elsewhere in your long development of your souls.  The Dark Ones who took over control after the fall of Atlantis did not want you to know of your close connection to others.  They preferred to convince you that you were alone and in danger.  This way they could control you through fear and loneliness.

We came to help out during the long descent into the 3rd dimension and back again to the 5th dimension which was, and will be again, our Garden of Eden.

We saw long ago that Darkness, temptation and the attraction to power and domination would be a serious challenge for humankind in the free will condition, behind the Veil of Forgetfulness.  For this reason we came, under the guiding Light of our beloved Sanat Kumara, to offer our assistance, to bring the message of God’s love to humankind, as you, the brave souls who incarnated here, struggled through lifetime after lifetime without the comforting memory of your life between lives at Home in the loving embrace of your Heavenly family.

We have been known as the Elohim or the Chosen Ones, (although we were all “chosen” as volunteers), the 144,000 souls who came here to keep the torch of Love and Light burning through the ages, as Mother Earth and her inhabitants evolved toward Enlightenment.

There were indeed dark times for all of us, because Earth has been one of the most difficult and challenging environments where an ambitious soul could come to test their mettle and learn by experience how to live in complete awareness and complete command of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

You may be saying, “But I can’t do that all the time!”  I tell you, Dear Ones, you can.  You have it in your original DNA, which has now been activated, to practice complete mindfulness.  It is a matter of training; you are getting much help in this regard, and more help is on the way, in the form of your loving Star Brothers and Sisters.  Everyone will be helped, individually and together, as part of the plan to ascend together.  No soul will be left behind.

You see, one of the strengths of an Ascended Master, as many of you are, is the development of the Vision of ourselves as One, inseparable.  It does not matter what transgressions a person may have indulged in in this lifetime – most of you have come at one time or another to be the catalysts for change, by pushing and prodding your fellows to take action against oppression, to fine tune their taste for freedom and to practice strength of character by being a force for the Greater Good.

We tell you now:  All is forgiven.  Turn to the Light.  Use your energies now to do an about face, and join us to create a world of prosperity for all, beyond your wildest dreams.  No one will experience want; no one will know poverty or loneliness.  There will be no need to be on top, because no one will be on the bottom.

Those of you who have struggled in this life to fulfill your dreams of success and wealth or who have tried to make the world a better place and feel you have failed – never mind that you were not always successful.  Your contributions, especially those that came from the heart, helped to bring us to this incomparably successful moment.  The startling truth of your individual role in this event has been recorded for posterity in the great holographic Library of the Cosmos.  

You will soon all know the Truth of this magnificent endeavor, in which every single one of you played an important part.  There are no exceptions, no unimportant souls.  Awaken, Beloved Brothers and Sisters!  You are loved!  You are needed!  You are God!

Yes, indeed, we are all the beloved Creations of the Great One.  How could we not be loved abundantly?  How could any one of us be forgotten?  It is impossible.

The Prosperity Funds are about to begin pouring forth for all Earth’s people. You, your family and friends will be free at last to enjoy our Earthly Paradise. You will laugh and sing and dance, and one day soon you will tell the young children about The Day the Earth Went to Heaven, and no one even had to die to get there.

How can I tell you in words how it touches my heart to see my beloved humankind reaping the rewards they so richly deserve?  To Mother/Father God, my beloved Kumara family, my dear Lady Nada, St. Germain and Lady Portia, Ashtar/Athena and our Galactic Family (Federation) of Light, all the tireless “Ground Crew,” and the entire Company of Heaven, I humbly give thanks.

The Love we have created together will burn brightly through the ages as a beacon for all God’s beings.  I am honored to be

Your loving servant, Sananda.


Trump Time Travel Miracle Explained











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Linda’s Vision for Our World

The Vision Alignment Project

Linda’s Vision for Our World

The following Vision was posted on our Highest Light Holders blog by our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, at the request of long time Pagosa Springs, CO Intender, Linda LoCastro. Thank you, Linda!  

Says Linda, “A peaceful tactic to begin manifesting a new world is to visualize the world we would like to live in . . . doing this every day for five to fifteen minutes. As many of you are aware, this is a powerful “action” to take “together”. Or, if you feel comfortable just reading these manifestations once or twice a day, that “action” will still help create a resonant energy field with others; that energy field will create changes in the world. Here is my list – you may add your own thoughts to it if you like.”  Humanity has awakened to the higher consciousness of the Power and Frequency of Love, Light and Truth. Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy, Goodwill, Prosperity and Abundance have manifested for all.  The world has become “green” again and is flourishing…..there is sacred reverence for all life. All women and girls have taken their places to bring about Peace in the world and sacred reverence for all. They are  influencing the men and boys in their lives so we all work in cooperation to maintain a peaceful, loving, compassionate, co-operative, co-creative world. The children coming into the world and those who are already here are empowered to fulfill their purposes of bringing forth Peace, Love and Compassion.  Leaders in all areas of society have heart, are caring and compassionate, are spiritually aware, are visionaries, yet, are grounded, and make decisions for the good of all the people. Governments exist for the good of all the people. Businesses everywhere are ethically and morally owned and managed…safeguards are in place in all areas of hazardous working conditions…when and if accidents occur, retribution is made without question or hesitation for the good of all.  Healthcare is available to all. All forms of healthcare and healing are recognized and respected and are offered as choices of treatment. Our rights and the farmer’s rights to produce food for consumption is protected. Organic food and herbal remedies are commonplace. All celebrities, those in the public eye, as well as those with a following, are utilizing their positions and resources for the betterment of humanity. All movie writers, producers, actors, and actresses are making positive, uplifting movies that continue to raise humanity’s consciousness. All news reporting agencies have been re-oriented to bring forth positive, inspiring stories. Accuracy in news reporting has been brought to new heights. The conditions that led people to commit crimes have been alleviated so there are no prisons. Diversity is embraced. Peaceful co-existence exists. The Peace Corps has been re-instituted. Departments of Peace have been established throughout the world. As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.
I Align with this Vision!

We Can All See Now (latest intel received)

We can all see now that as the people ask for justice, ‘magically’ floods appear middle of the summer justifying it as “cli-mate cha_nge” , when in fact it is the last attempts of corrupt beings so people won’t be able to testify the apocalypse of more truths coming out in this order : c_ov_i_d , USA elections, kidnapped children, 6000 technologies to be released for healing, mobility, free energy etc. And while MSM try to keep things under control another fact is that : the higher and middle ranks of corrupt people/aliens have already been taken care off, now the lower ones are being exposed and taken care of too.(arrests happening as we speak) (been told some of those are clones, i guess we ll discover soon more)
I invite you to do your best in keeping spirits high for yourself as when you do that everybody else around receives the message too through vibrational resonance : higher vibration always uplifts all others.


Q-The Strorm :

WATCH THE WATERS was a double meaning message from Q /…./in one way Q knew the Deep State was going to use HAARP to kill people and bring in Climate Change through CHAOS and destruction through weather >> [DS] FINAL CARDS>keep charade going_ cover up pandemic/EXPOSER of stolen election>>CONFUSION<//_On the the other hand Q knew flooding the tunnels was essential and kept the OPS. CONTROLLED with no Innocent civilians killed/or minimal.>When [DS] used HAARP and weather modification weapons ( FLOODS) they killed intentionality in their black OPS. for maximum effect and destroyed innocent lives, homes and communities.. But at the same [THEY] were putting them selves in jeopardy in the hands of crime/CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Each event created by the CABAL deep state brought out the SLEEPERS/AGENTS/crooked politicians ,military INTEL, scientist, ext.ect in all countries across the world/EXPOSURE<<Shining light in the dark_ (WHITE HATS MILITARY/watched( documented) and see the crimes committed)_the last part of WATCH the Waters is a NUCLEAR _EVENT<<< NK>>> SCARE NECESSARYStay vigilant PATRIOTS/ANONS/FRIENDS)FAM>>.>INCOMING>>SHIPPING/CARGO/>>MAJOR DISRUPTIONS>> HALT ⚠️

German Spoken report/radio broadcast:Close to 600 Baby corpses washed up in Bad Neuenahr/Ahrweiler Germanyabout 600 baby and child corpses, which are supposed to be laid out in a gymnasium. This process is supposed to have remained hidden from the public. The children and babies are unidentified.”

The sad INTEL i didn’t want to share//but it makes sense now to share since the German broadcast of the 600 dead babies is being talked about._Last year in Five_Finger lakes in the U.S. where a larger portion of underground tunnels and Sub-tunnels are located that run thru the East Coast Into Canadian territories …a large Military operation took place in October… And some 200 hundred Soldiers were killed fighting in the underground tunnels>> Black hats trapped the soldiers and exploded the underground base and Tunnel line in the different areas connecting to Five-finder lakesD U.M.B.s_ since this event last year… The current operations have been destroying the TUNNELS at a faster and massive unprecedented levels. MOST of the NEW operations don’t go into the tunnels but give WARNINGs through robotics that travel the TUNNELS….>> and word is if the [DS] bases and commands don’t surrender, there is no second chance for surrender and everything is DESTROYED .>Gene Decode also gave hints to this operation where several good (200he said also) soldiers died… Several other leaks talk about this sad event that happened and changed the way Operations are approached now.


Adama of Telos: Embodiment of the I Am Presence


Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

Beloved One, just for a moment… tune into your physical body.

Your physical body is the temple that houses part of your I AM Presence.

Your Ascension is the full embodiment of your I AM Presence.

The more you are focusing on housing your I AM Presence, you will begin to be able to decide what you wish to provide to your physical body.

You always have Free Will to choose how you wish to experience your physical embodiment.

Your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are in your control of your experience.

Sometimes, your created experiences come with a delay and so it might seem that you are not in control of your experiences.

But you have, at some point created it.

If you wish to begin to take charge of your experience, begin asking yourself what you are your physical body exposing to:

Are you providing harmonious information, movies and sounds to it?

Are you providing Light filled, nourishing food to it?

Are your thoughts loving?

Are your words reflecting what you wish to have more of?

Are you consciously bringing in the Light energies of the Higher Realms from your I AM Presence, the Ascended Masters, The Angels, The Galactic Families of Light and the Telosians?

These Light energies can assist you greatly in clearing the old, third dimensional energies and bring in the higher dimensional energies for your Ascension.

Here is an easy way to bring in these energies:

Whenever you can take a moment, simply bring your attention to your I AM Presence of God, by placing your hand on your heart center.

Take a few slow breaths.

Now make the command: “I now call forth the Light energies of my Beloved I AM Presence, The Ascended Masters, The Angels, The Galactic Families of Light and the Telosians.

Imagine a bright white Light coming from above, entering your head and filling your entire body and aura.

From there, let it expand into your world.

Just stay with these energies for a moment.

Then, go about your day.

Do this as often as you can and watch your life transform.

We champion your victory in the Light!

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love…

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.

Channeled by Asara

In 3D, once you negated someone for whatever reason, that tie most often remained broken. You are discovering what once was is no more. So it is, you might return to friends you thought you would never interact with again – or not.

Dear Ones,

Your need to be right is popping up in the most unusual places. You have worked diligently for months or even decades to create a special light. Even so, others are pooh-poohing the results of those difficult transition tasks. As if your beliefs and actions have little value.

So it is many of you are confused about your current beliefs and actions. Were those actions valid or merely an unrealistic dream state with little value or need?

Perhaps those actions include ignoring friends or other parts of your world that seem unpleasant. Even though you wish to feel you are one with all, the decisions and actions of others feel wrong. How can that be if you are moving to love and away from fear?

You are most comfortable in a world of consensus – not necessarily of the entire globe, but within your friendships, communities, families, and countries. What is occurring is a division of 3D consensus and the creation of new concepts you are not yet comfortable with.

How can you ever be one with others who do not believe or act as you do? Yet, some of those you have written off are returning to your circle in ways you did not expect.

This is a confusing time.

Your new world is no longer linear. 

Circular is your new action word – and soon-to-be, belief. Even though that which was is no more, this new is different than you expected.

In 3D, once you negated someone for whatever reason, that tie most often remained broken. You are discovering what once was is no more. So it is, you might return to friends you thought you would never interact with again – or not.

Your new world has very few clear divisions. The deciding factors of yesterday are no more. Your actions and beliefs change daily. So it is, you are flitting from belief to belief, action to action, and thought to thought.

In 3D, clear-cut delineations were necessary to promote community thought. You are in a new place in a new time, discovering that nothing is clear regarding who you are or what you believe.

That last concept is frightening because you are not used to the freedom of thought and action while of the earth. You are now exploring new frequencies, dimensions, beliefs, and actions in Universal terms – as has been true since you were conceived eons ago. But when you were of 3D earth, you limited your thoughts and actions to fit within the accepted parameters established by others to create a 3D cohesiveness.

That 3D cohesiveness no longer exists.

So it is you are now exploring options you explored while not of the earth. As you do so, you are discovering new possibilities, and for now, new fears. It is as if your personal world is exploding with ideas, actions, and interactions.

Yet, your 3D world seems the same. You continue to be angry at some actions of others. But that anger is dissipating as you move into new places and worlds. And as you do so, you surprise yourself with new thoughts, dreams, actions, and needs.

Your need to be at one with others is no longer that important. Yet, your days and thoughts are full. Even though there is no longer enough time in your day to do all you wish, you do not seem to be doing that much.

Your new world is topsy-turvy. What once gave you joy likely does not any longer. What was once boring likely is no longer. And those you decided you no longer wished to interact with seem to have changed – or not.

It is almost as if you have become what many label a “walk-in.” You are a completely new being, learning more about yourself daily. Many of those new pieces are confusing, for they feel right, even though they are counterintuitive to your former logic.

“This isn’t who I am, is it?” seems to be part of your new being.

Adding and subtracting activities and thoughts – second by second. “Who am I?” was your refrain after you left 3D. A refrain that is becoming louder and louder.

You are surprised but not displeased with your new being. For you are likely calmer and more peaceful in your actions and thoughts.

That which once frightened you seems to be further away, including people, places, and things. You are more comfortable letting others fret and become angry, for you no longer feel much need to do so. You find yourself ignoring uncomfortable pieces and perhaps encouraging your loved ones to do the same. There is little need for you to jump into any angry conversation or action. You are more comfortable doing not much of anything than forcing yourself to be something, as was true in 3D.

“This is who I am, and I don’t feel much need to project anything else.” A new refrain that is surprising you as much as anyone.

When you are bored, you act upon it. And when you are excited, you do the same. All your 3D stops are being removed. And as that is happening, you question yourself. Not because you are uncomfortable, but because new you is different than 3D you – or how you expected to be in this new world.

You assumed flitting from interest to interest meant you would join a creative group here and a community group there. Instead, you are discovering you feel like doing less than before your transition. Everything seems like too much, likely including your job, cooking, driving here and there, or meeting friends. As if your world has stopped, instead of revving up to a new level.

You are exploring and flitting from place to place – either within yourself or physically. Just not as you expected. In the future, your flitting might be more outward than inward, as is true now. But it does not matter. There are no rules. Just as there are no Universal rules of what you need to explore when you are not of 3D earth.

Allow yourself to float, act, talk, and be, just as you allow an infant to do so as they explore their new world. You are doing the same in a new Universal being while of the new earth. The earth you helped shift from fear to personal freedom in joy and love.

So it is you are creating a new Universal being while of the earth in this lifetime. So be it. Amen.

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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 25, 2021.

Hello. Couldn’t get to you before now, yet, very excited to continue on from the cliffhanger we were left dangling from last time we spoke. May we?

Dearest Souls, Dearest Blossom, we are very much looking forward to continuing on this topic for most of today. You have questions, we believe?

Yes. Thank you. People have asked about their Crystals. You spoke of six vast Crystals beneath the Earth that will be charged during this ‘Happening’. Will this be the same for ALL Crystals? Personal one’s etc?

Indeed, it will. It is important to keep one’s personal Crystals cleansed by ways already known to many. I.e. washing in the ocean, running underwater after rubbing in Earth, sageing, intentions via one’s own Energy from hands, etc. One will know that which suits.

At the appointed time, ALL Crystals will resonate with the Vibrational Frequency of what is taking place. One may also find that in the weeks beforehand, their Crystals may take on a different appearance, perhaps have an unusual glow about them, and also, one would be very much aware of the pulsing Vibration … coming/being offered … from them.

What effect will this have? What is this purpose?

Energy! Not just personally, yet, for each Crystal to … play their part and to be part of … this Great Transformation … this Great Awakening.

It shall be, as we spoke of with the Monoliths. as if they are communicating with one another in order to ‘be in sync’ and have maximum effect.

Thank you. Another query! Will the dark ones still be able to function after this has taken place?


Eh, can you elaborate on that?

That which is coming, Blossom, that which ‘This Event’ will bring with it, is of such Light. Such Energy change … for/of … ALL THAT IS. Both on and off Planet. This is why we have said ‘All eyes are on your Planet’ as it is part of the upliftment of everything … for everything is connected.

This LOVE LIGHT that is to sweep over, through and within, is of a magnitude that has not yet been experienced in such a way.

So, what will happen to the naughty folk?

Blossom, it is for one to understand that each and every one is playing a role … which we accept is hard to accept! The souls of many of such Beings will leave immediately via ‘disintegration’.

Excuse me?

Yes, Blossom, it shall be as if their physical Being literally crumbles and disintegrates.

Seriously? Truly? Really? For real?

Yes, for real Blossom. For the Energy that is carried within the entire body and soul of such ‘naughty folk’ is so ‘dis-eased’ that the Wave of Love … the Strength within it … will cause such Beings to crumble, for it cannot possibly survive within the Vibrational Frequency that the Wave brings.

Yet, to literally crumble? Oh, come now! Sounds more and more sci fi.

We understand that it all may sound farfetched … for your programming has been so ‘normalised’ and all thought of such happenings leads you to believe such things are only make-believe.

Ok. So, what happens to the soul when it leaves the body of a dark one?

That is a long and drawn-out tale. Such souls will be automatically whisked/directed to a place where there shall be atonement for their behaviour. It is law that what you do unto another you do unto yourself … and we ask that if you are able and advanced enough in thought and spirit, to send Love and Light to such souls. For although they have been a part of great darkness, at the same time, they chose to play that role … as LIFE in all its forms, twists and turns, continues on FOREVER.

Is this the case for all?

No. Many will ‘change’ and see the error of their ways and be ‘allowed’ to remain within their human physicality to ‘make good’ and repent of their ways.

Some may find that hard to accept.

Not once the Wave has Enlightened the souls upon Earth by many, many, Vibrational degrees.



We ask you to KNOW this in your Heart.

To KNOW that a New World is coming and all that one is having to endure, in ways of Living in darkness, shall be lifted.

Well, I hope so, because things are looking very bleak for our future unless something massive, such as this, takes place. If only we knew when. Yet, I know we can’t. So, I won’t ask.

We thank you for following through in discretion. We have come to understand much of your ways over this time, as you have indeed, come to understand much of ours.

OK … onwards, if I may? Let us not dilly dally! This may be a bit tricky for you to answer. Yet, from the start of ‘the Signal’ for the Monoliths … through to the opening of the seven Portals … are we talking in a flash? A few minutes? Days? Weeks?

This is unknown to us. For this is not ‘within time’. Each section, i.e., the Monoliths being activated and communicating with each other etc. must be completed before the trigger … so to speak … can be released for the next movement. In this case, the Main Centres, Grids, Ley Lines, to begin their correspondence and so on and so forth.

In my mind, I am seeing it happening quite quickly, like within 24 hours or something?

We cannot foretell this. If we were to ‘try’ we would say over a matter of a few days. Yet, it is a process, so one would feel and experience it throughout.

You say that is when our ‘envelopes’ will be fully activated. So, a bit of confusion here. Does everyone have an envelope to be activated? As that wouldn’t make sense because, if that were the case, no one would need help from the Awakened Ones. Not sure if I am being clear here?

Yet, we understand. Each one has an envelope for there is no ‘bias’ as to any one being better than another. However … depending/according to … how much one has chosen to ‘Awaken to their Light’ and therefore, the situation before them, that which any one envelope ‘contains’ regarding information as to their role, will differ enormously.

For one who has been very much asleep, their envelope may allow their heart to feel and experience so much Love, yet, it does not necessarily make them aware of ‘What just happened’.

This is where those who have been awake for a time/ a long time are able to take on their leadership roles and lead souls to the Bridge, which we have spoken of many times.

The Bridge being metaphorical, of course? I mean we are not all going to have maps in our envelopes with an arrow saying ‘To the Bridge’ are we!?

Naturally, not. Yet, THE BRIDGE is certainly the best way we can describe to you of imagining/visualizing that which is to take place. To assist one in coming to the edge of it and walking across.

Into a Higher Dimension?

Correct. We ask there to be no concern. For, as we say … everyone will know their position and follow it through.

It is hard to imagine exactly what will take place and what it will be like.

Yet, when it is upon you … it will be so familiar … for it is of you.

I really, really, really, really, really feel at odds in asking this, yet, feel it necessary. You said at the beginning of last year, that it wouldn’t come to the point of there being mandatory vaccinations. Yet, we are getting very, very, close to that and it would mean for many losing their livelihood if they do not ‘play along’. So, in a sense, unless something huge happens SOON … it will and is coming to that point. Assuming you are aware of all this?

Blossom, look at all that is taking place around you … around your Planet. Floods, fires, unrest. Great unrest. There is a build of Energies that are moving towards a climatic …

AARRRGGHH I thought you were to say Event, then at the last minute, I thought you were sending through the word ‘Announcement’ instead. Eh … another pot of Valium, please! I cannot keep up. Which is it?

Can we not say, both?

You can say what you like. For it is up to each soul to use their own discretion and feel into their Truth. Me? I am just the messenger doing the best I can to bring through the TRUTH.

It is nearing closing time with you for this session. Yet, we desire with all our Beingness that you KNOW that what is to take place shall do so in Divine Timing. What we ask of you … as we say … is to FEEL this KNOWING within your Beings and hold on to that TRUTH no matter what is ‘appearing to be before you’.

Continue on with the Mantra.


For it builds in Energy around, upon, and within your Planet … in order to play its part in what is to come.


I think I can speak for many when I say, ‘We LOVE you’. There we go then. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 07/24/2021 • Intentions that manifest

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a few minutes after you read our words. What do you want your life to look like as you move forward? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have? How do you want to live your days? What would that feel like? Explore those questions for a few minutes.

Some of you know with great clarity what you want. Some of you know in great detail, and others of you know only the feelings you wish to experience. Both are fine. Each one of you will have varying degrees of detail in mind about your dreams, and that’s ok. If you look in your heart, you can identify what it is you know you want. You want to be happy. You want to feel secure. You want certain things and situations. You want to feel and behave in a certain way. You want to live your days in grace. Take time and, if you like, make a list of what you want… as many things, conditions, and/or situations that you can think of. These can be as general or as specific as you like.

As you review your list make sure each desire inspires you and makes you feel good when you think about it. Try to avoid wording things in the negative. For example, if you wrote, “I want to be out of debt” that is still a focus on debt, and for most of you, will diminish your vibration. How about, “I want to live a life with more than enough?” Which thought, which statement, makes you feel better, more alive, and more inspired. Try this one. “I don’t want to be alone!” vs. “I want a joyous co-creative partnership where we fit like hand and glove and help each other expand and grow with kindness and joy.” Which thought feels better? Which focus feels more like love?

As you go through your list, read each statement to yourself. Shut your eyes and breathe and repeat it to yourself. Be honest about how you feel. When you say, “I want a joyous partnership” is there a sad or sarcastic feeling of “yeah right” in your vibration? If so modify the intention until you feel inspired by the feel of it, even if you have to say, “I intend to feel more hopeful about a partnership. I intend to see examples of great relationships.” Those thoughts might feel less daunting, and therefore more inspiring for now. You can always modify your intentions and expand them, but you must either find intentions that inspire high vibrational feelings or find other ways to find high vibrational feelings, because always and forevermore it is your vibration that dictates what you attract or allow.

You truly know this. You know that when you feel good, and you’re in a high vibration wonderful things seem to flow easily into your life. When you feel bad, or trip up and fall into a lower vibration, you get in the way of the goodness that wants to flow into your life.

We are not suggesting that you avoid your feelings. Sometimes you have to love yourself enough to work through a negative feeling before you can raise your vibe. Sometimes you have to wallow a bit in it before you can move beyond it. Sometimes you have to take it out on someone else to see that doesn’t work before you can reclaim your inner power. It is alright! These things are part of the human experience and you learn from them.

However, when you design your intentions for the life you wish to live, make sure that you can feel good about them, otherwise, it would be wise to make your intentions a little more believable and good-feeling. Then bit by bit, you can expand your desires as you learn to feel more and more hopeful and good about them.

Your angels want you to have every good thing that you want. We know how to guide you to the very essence of all things you want in perfect grace. You may not get the “form” you desire because sometimes you want something that isn’t really what you think it is! Sometimes you want a job or a house that doesn’t match the vibration of the one you truly desire. In these cases, we guide you to a perfect vibrational match.

When you are in a high vibration you can perceive your guidance. When you’re in a lower vibration you’ll match up with people in the world who are in a similar state. When there is a vibrational mismatch, conditions will shift and you’ll be guided elsewhere.

Your vibration alone allows or blocks all you desire. Make a list of desires and make sure you can feel really good about each one. If not, back off a little bit and create them a little bit at a time until your successful mini-manifestations prove to you that God does care, and we in the heavens will always work, in every way we can, to guide you on the path to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

When you’re in a state of constantly dedicating your thoughts, words and actions to the collective, to the ascension energy, your vibration begins to raise higher and higher, so that you create a portal within yourself.

July 21, 2021, jennifercrokaert.com


J: Hello! I have a question about a thought that ‘landed’ in my head recently: ‘You are a portal’. I feel as though I intuitively know what you mean, but could you say more about it please?

A: Greetings! It is wonder-full to be with you all in this discussion. Yes, you are correct when you say this thought ‘landed’ in your head… or perhaps it evolved?

J: That’s entirely possible, because I’ve been thinking that we can expand the potency of our light, our meditations, our actions, by seeing them aligning with the light grid, thereby adding our power to the light grid and almost gaining quantum traction, for all that we do by consciousness alignment with the light and with the collective.

A: That is entirely correct, and yet it only goes so far. That is expanding the potency, the resonance at the collective level, but it also creates a personal affect too.

When you’re in a state of constantly dedicating your thoughts, words and actions to the collective, to the ascension energy, your vibration begins to raise higher and higher, so that you create a portal within yourself.

J: Will I fall into it?!

A: No! Consider it this way, a portal is a higher vibrational vortex; it is a now moment of much higher alignment than is usual in a given space-time moment, it is a connection to a higher vibration that is pulled through space and time to a specific now moment, in this instance, within you in that now moment.

J: Yes, that makes sense… It feels like a bubble or an expansion of love and energy through my chest.

A: You describe it well, like a bubble that connects to another, higher expression of energy. Like will always find like, and high vibrational energy will pull high vibrational energy to it, even if it seems that it is not present in that moment.

Can you see how you are acting as a portal now?

J: Yes. I wanted to check with you, I’ve noticed sometimes in the past, the feeling of joy, expectation, love and connectedness – especially in the early morning sunlight – sometimes creates a similar experience?

A: It does. There are many ways, but what is happening is a high vibration is attracting a similar high vibration, which comes from a space-time outside your now moment. This is why we go on and on and on about feeling love and joy, about following your bliss, about seeing yourself as divine beings undertaking a divine mission. They are all pathways to creating the internal 5D vortex, the 5D portal within you.

As more and more of you are able to expand your energy this high, and hold your experience for longer, you are anchoring the 5D on your planet, and moving closer to the tipping point.

J: Oh… the tipping point… We’ve heard a lot about that: 10% of the population, 60% light quotient for the population as a whole…

A: There are many tipping points! As your light level increases, you hit new energetic ‘markers’, that then prompt new actions in your timelines, almost like a graduation, where each marker or tipping point moves you on to a higher vibrational energetic, a higher timeline. It is like you are graduating from one class to move to the next and the next. Each new timeline is faster and – believe it or not – smoother than the timeline you have graduated from.

J: Are you sure about that?!

A: We are! You do not know what you have left behind, and that is truly for the better. Focus your energies on the now moment, on expanding love within, on dedicating that love to collective… that is light service.

J: Thank you so much.

A: It is always our pleasure to be with you all. We are always with you all, simply call upon us to feel us closer.

J: Thanks, I know so many of us are tired and many are lonely.  It’s good to feel that you’re close and you have our backs.

A: We are as close as your breath, if you call upon us.

J: Thanks Ashian.

© Jennifer Crokaert 2021 www.jennifercrokaert.com

This weekend with the full moon in Aquarius and the Day out of time is the perfect moment to take stock of your life.

July 22, 2021, jennyschiltz.com


We are in for a powerful few days!

(This information was shared with my Aura Cleanse participants, but I wanted to share it with everyone else as well.)

On the 23rd we have a rare full moon in Aquarius. The second full moon in Aquarius will be on August 22nd. It’s very rare to have two full moons in the same zodiac sign. Aquarius is all about bringing in the new, massive change, aligning with your soul tribe and being conscious participants in your life and in partnership with the Earth.

On Sunday the 25th we have the Mayan day out of time. This is the last day of the galactic year. The day out of time allows us to experience zero point much easier – the place of the all and the nothing. This energy helps us to align to our own energies, divine truth and purpose.

This weekend with the full moon in Aquarius and the Day out of time is the perfect moment to take stock of your life.

What is working?

Write it down and express gratitude.
Creating a simple ceremony can be very powerful.

Light a candle, drink your favorite drink, stare into the fire and feel just how delicious gratitude and really feeling your blessings.

What is not working?

Write it down and ask for assistance from your entire team to be helped in all ways. Give your full permission to be helped mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Create another simple ceremony. Cut a piece of paper into strips. On each strip write one thing you are wanting to cut ties with or complete. This can be thought patterns, insecurities or concrete things like relationships, jobs, even locations.

Light a candle and call in your guides, angels, anyone else that you connect with, and your highest self.

Hold each slip, read it aloud and then burn it over a dish or sink.

Give gratitude for the help that you have received and will receive and then put the ashes of the paper in running water and allow it to flow down the drain.

These simple ceremonies pack quite a punch and even more so on a powerful weekend.

Oftentimes when we ask for help we are expecting to feel relief. Yet sometimes help can be an event that occurs to show you the truth. It doesn’t always feel pleasant. One time I was really struggling with insecurity over my body. I had really vicious thoughts about myself, my body, and how people felt about me. I knew it wasn’t my truth, I knew it was programming and trauma yet I just didn’t seem to be able to move past it.

I asked for help and I gave full permission to be helped in whatever way worked best.

Within 4 hours I heard a scream from my middle daughter that was in high school at the time. I went running upstairs, she was on the floor in a ball. Her boyfriend had broken up with her. She laid there and told me how it was because she wasn’t good enough, she wasn’t pretty enough, feminine enough etc. It was absolutely gut-wrenching as a parent to see your beautiful child tear themselves down. I looked at her and said “If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would never say that about yourself or doubt who you are again.”

I literally heard a bell go off in my head and my team say “Exactly, If you could see yourself through our eyes you would never think those things about yourself again.”

It was such a powerful, painful experience that I have never forgotten. From that point on when I would go into the programming over not being enough, insecurity over my physical form, I would remember those words. I would then consciously see myself through the eyes of spirit, instead of the eyes of the limited, programmed human.

My daughter and her boyfriend got back together by the next morning. Here we are 6 years later, they are getting married this September. Their relationship glitch may have been just to assist me with a valuable lesson. When you ask for assistance from your team, be brave enough to ask for it however it comes.

On Monday the 26th we experience the Galactic New Year. This is a beautiful time to set intentions, journey, and dream. The energy of the new is already here. Tap into it and feel the hope deep within your bones.

Enjoy your energy packed weekend! If you would like to join the aura cleanse the next cleanse one is on Monday, the Galactic New Year!

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world. I hope that you are feeling the massive shift and surfing the waves.


Again, we want you to be happy, peaceful, comfortable, and we want you to want to stay and continue to do the work that you are doing for humanity. We want you to feel worthy of receiving that which you ask for, because you are worthy

Ask The Arcturian Council for What You Want ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are ready for anything that you want to throw at us here in the ninth dimension. We are open to all of your requests, and we seek to give you everything that you need and want because it is important to us that you remain at the very least comfortable, with an eye towards being joyous. We know that we continuously tell you that you create your own reality, but you also get to ask for help, and perhaps you have noticed that in the physical realm, it often works to your advantage as well. If you have the audacity to ask the person at the airline for an upgrade, you might just get it. If you have romantic feelings for someone, it does help for you to express those feelings and ask the person out on a date.

So you see, there is something to be said for the art of asking for what you want and need to continue to be there on Earth and be of service to the collective. All of you who are operating from the light are there in service, regardless of what you do for a living. You are tipping the scales in favor of the positive, and your intentions for everyone to be safe, respected and loved matter. You are needed there on Earth at this time, and there has never been a time in human history where you have been more needed because of the magnitude of what you are going through as you shift your consciousness.

So here is how to ask The Arcturian Council or any other higher-dimensional being or collective for what you want. Say what it is out loud, and then say, ‘Thank you for granting me this request.’ The key is to thank before you receive it, because your faith, your trust, also matter. You don’t have to beg and you don’t have to plead, and you don’t have to explain why you want something, or some condition to change, but you do have to believe, and you have to expect that we answer all of your requests in the affirmative.

Again, we want you to be happy, peaceful, comfortable, and we want you to want to stay and continue to do the work that you are doing for humanity. We want you to feel worthy of receiving that which you ask for, because you are worthy. And again, we have a desire to fulfill your desires. You give us something to do, something to focus on, something to co-create, because then we have to go to work and find the best ways to deliver all that you have asked us for, while working with your higher selves and your guides.

It is so much fun for us, and we are always in a giving mood. We don’t have to wait for your birthday or some other holiday to give you the gifts that we so willingly share. We love you and appreciate you, and it is time for you all to be living happier lives there on planet Earth. We just want to be a part of it; we just want to help.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

A Vision for the Dolphins and Whales

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Dolphins and WhalesThis Vision was inspired from our Intender friend, Isabel Foltin, who sent us a petition regarding the yearly “celebration” for slaughtering the Calderon dolphins on the Faroe Islands in Denmark. We envision a place and time when people are making pilgrimages to the shores of all lands to be in the company of the dolphins and whales, to glean their teachings, and to honor them for the gifts they share with us. Indeed, we see a world where telepathic communication between humans and the dolphins has been restored, and, as a result, humanity now has access to the wondrous knowledge and unconditional love that these amazing Beings embody.

From another point of view, we see compassion and a caring for life having reawakened in humanity after we allowed ourselves to feel the depth of love it took for the dolphins and whales to have suffered and died in the past in order to show us how utterly insane we were to have killed them like we did. Indeed, we see that the people of Faroe Island and all such places have a different and much better source of food sustenance now, one that does not cause harm to animals.

We also envision the ancient secrets of Earth – all that has happened on this planet before “recorded history” began, some 6000 years ago – made known to us through our telepathic link with the whales. As such, the historical containment which held humanity in the dark for eons has been shattered, once and for all, bringing unlimited information to us of past cultures, hidden agendas, cosmic visitors, great inventions, free energy, emotional clearing, physical healing, and true freedom.

Finally, we see all of humanity lifted up because, in great measure, of the loving guidance we continue to receive from the dolphins and the whales. As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.
I Align with this Vision!

repeating the I AM affirming meditations


The only way we can stay in the present moment, in order to manifest new life and new beginnings, we need to be firmly anchored in the Divine, and thus AS ONE with Divinity and as one with Mother Earth.

Even though the New Earth is already here and ascending, we need to be firmly rooted in her as well. Otherwise we will tend to float somewhere in between.

Every morning I make it may business, to not only do my early morning meditations and indeed prayers, which truly uplift me, as the Divine moves within me, but also to, when I busy dressing and getting ready for my daily work, to affirm life in all its aspects.

I even do this when first awakening, with my daily protection routine. Even before I get out of bed, I am affirming my day ahead, with I AM affirmations!

In this way I am already affirming my day, and all the goodness which will be coming into my day, filling it with awe and wonder, joy and beauty. It is a positive and uplifting way to start the day, and it lasts.

If during the day, something happens to disturb my equilibrium, as the old Earth will make itself felt still, in some form or another, I will immediately get myself back on track, by repeating the I AM affirming meditations, or even just moments where I again anchor myself in, and even ask for help in doing so, should I still be perturbed in some form or another.

More than this, I call in Cosmic Help if I need it. We are never left without assistance to call upon, nor is the Divine ever absent – indeed the Divine lives within you!

Once you start doing this and disciplining yourself in being vigilant and indeed understand that you are in charge of your own life and indeed the way you wish to co-create on a daily basis, you will start doing this automatically.

You will start being present more and more and indeed firmly ground your highest soul calling and purpose into the New Earth, with great Love.

The more you do this, the higher your vibrational frequency will become, and indeed the more you will experience unity and harmony within, and this is what will keep you steady, even if the whole world is seemingly chaotic outside. You will not be moved unless you allow yourself to be.

Judith Kusel