you will show the rest of humanity the way to become something more than most people are even willing to dream about.

Are You ‘Going to War’ with the Dark? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are letting ourselves expand with every passing moment. We can feel within ourselves an innate desire to become more of who we really are and to slowly release the limitations of the ninth dimension, as we slip into the tenth. We are a part of this universal shift in consciousness that humankind is at the center of there on Earth. You all have the biggest leap forward to make, and that is why there is so much attention on you at this time. That is why you have so many helpers, so many interested parties, and it is also why you are struggling there on Earth.

It is hard to let go of the old ways in order to embrace what is new and different. There are, of course, those of you who are very eager to leave it all behind and ascend, but then there are the stubborn ones who are against progress and change. They have been benefitting so much from the inequalities that exist on your world, and they would like to continue to do so. These are the individuals you would like to shake awake, but that doesn’t work. And as we have told you many times before, you are not leaving anyone behind. You are taking all who want to come with you, and those who don’t know they want to come will know eventually that there is something more to experience there on Earth.

And so, you need to be the ones who are following that flow of expansion, who are feeling for more of yourselves emerging from within, and you will show the rest of humanity the way to become something more than most people are even willing to dream about. We invite you to follow our lead, as we are here to inspire you and to remind you that there is not only a light at the end of the tunnel, but also that the light at the end of the tunnel is you. And because you are ascending, you don’t have to die to move towards the light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to keep going with the flow of expansion that is so very natural and so very needed on Earth at this time.

You are the ones leading the way, but you are not leading the way in the third-dimensional paradigm of ‘going to war’ with the dark. You are leading the way by demonstrating that moving towards the light is not only inevitable, but it is also a tremendous ride that is filled with joy, freedom, love, peace, and excitement, and that’s what this journey to the fifth dimension can be about for all of humankind if you are willing to let it be that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Celebration tomorrow:Classic House Music Anthems DJ SET on 432Hz.

A friendly reminder : tomorrow i will play live classic house music anthems set attuned on 432Hz starting at 14h00 (Ibiza Time) on this plattform.

Join us in this daytime celebration where our intention is to simply be in joy for the Highest Good For all.



The Arcturians- Declaration of Sovereignty-

Oliver Botz

RING IN THE NEW YEAR ~The Arcturians- Declaration of Sovereignty, Releasing the 3d matrix and Anchoring to the Crystalline Grid for Accessing Higher Dimensions I AM Source, Sovereign, Free. I AM LOVE. I STEP Fully into my Sovereignty as per The Law of One in this NOW and DECLARE, as per my BIRTH RIGHT as a GUARDIAN of THIS EARTH:I Release ALL 3d Illusions pertaining to separation, and fully disconnect ALL MY ENERGY from ALL lower vibrational timelines, matrices, realities and grids, as I no longer wish to be connected to THEM.I release them in full Love and Understanding, grateful for the beautiful experience of descension, separation and forgetting.I open my Heart Fully and Fearlessly as I anchor to higher dimensional timelines to continue my spiritual evolution.I cancel all contracts and/or agreements that I have made with any entity, guide, or being, in this timeline and in ALL timelines and realities and dimensions across All That IS, that are not For The Highest Good of ALL and in alignment with my soul’s purpose in this NOW.I Release ALL FALSE TWIN contracts and illusions, and align fully with my Divine Partner to anchor into the grids The Essence of Hieros gamos, my Divine Marriage.I do this Joyfully, releasing all outcome.I CALL FORTH and FULLY into alignment ALL my Soul Family, Ray Families, and Rainbow Family members, as per Divine Galactic Contracts made, to assist in anchoring infinite timelines of expansion and creation with no interference, as per The Law of the Guardians and The Law of One.I Release ALL of my Spiritual Team that has assisted me up until this NOW with my deepest gratitude and unconditional LOVE. Namaste.In the Purity of My Heart, I ask for Volunteers to join me IN MY HEART, CONNECTED TO SOURCE,as I build a team to assist me in this NEXT phase of my soul’s mission and purpose.I am in the deepest gratitude as they have chosen, by their free will to walk in service for the highest good of all with me. Namaste.I SET my Spiritual Boundaries. NONE across ALL THAT IS May interfere as I FULLY STEP into MY LIGHT in Service to The Law of ONE by CHOICE.I terminate all false matrices and illusions that are keeping This Aspect of My Self in THIS NOW from fully stepping into My Light and aligning with my SOUL’s Passion, Mission and Purpose to Assist in the Shifting of Consciousness of This Magnificent Earth.I came Here by choice and fully understand THIS.I RELEASE ALL IMPLANTS, and INTERFERENCE across ALL THAT IS, known and unknown, which has interfered with my SOVEREIGN BIRTH RIGHT to FREE WILL, as per The Divine Blueprint Creation Laws which govern this Universe.This is irrevocable and permanent in ALL that IS.I call Upon My Heart Family to assist me, as I walk in service.Any thing left out of this invocation is covered by the purity of this prayer in which I set forth my most innocent intentions as I remember Who I am and step Fully into my Light.I call forth ALL aspects of MYSELF across ALL timelines, dimensions and realms, to unify HERE in this NOW as I choose, by The Right of Free WILL to WALK in HEART SERVICE for The Greatest Good of ALL on this Planet.I Completely Heal and Seal ALL Aspects of My Self, known and unknown, from any further intrusion, as I am Sacred Incarnate Vessel of the Source of All That IS.I, in the Purity of My Heart, For the Highest Good of ALL, ask that this invocation COVER all that is Known and Unknown by This Aspect of Myself, erasing ALL possible LOOPHOLES and HIDDEN interference Agendas and making them NULL and VOID.I release ALL Not for my Highest Good as I step Fully into my Light.I ask for all to occur with EASE and GRACE as I fully understand that it is my SACRED BIRTH RIGHT TO LIVE IN JOY and PEACE.Anything I have missed, I ask for it to be covered and understood.I AM LOVE, for Love is All There Is.I AM infinitely grateful for THIS.May ALL who seek to remember THIS do so.AND SO IT IS.Art Symmetra ~Shared by: Jessica Woods


I feel i am reaching momentum in many differents areas and subjects in life and i feel that this momentum is also happening collectively,otherwise we wouldn’t have experienced what we we have experienced in 2020.I feel full appreciation for what this past year brought in my life personally and collectively.I do not subscribe with those who feel that this past year was the worst ever.One has always the choice to choose and see the GOodness in all things any given moment.And let’s speak about Momentum.Momentum towards a positive outcome is felt more intensely after being in alignement with Higher Self.In other words after doing the inner work in meditation for about 20′ we can deliberately choose the thoughts we like most and feel ourselves into this,into each and every moment.Do i want a new car?i feel myself driving it right and i am thankful right now for it.Do i want a new house?i feel myself living into and i am thankful for it right now.Do i want a new lover?i feel myself being with this lover and i am thankful right now.Do i want a loving and forgiving planet that works for all?i feel myself into it and i am thankful right now about it.Do i want laughter?joy?ease?grace?flow?abundance?prosperity?clarity?safety?security?love?fun?What is that i want?i feel into what i want and i am thankful for it right now and by doing that i build more momentum towards each subject.Does this mean that it will manifest right now?it could i have reached the vibrational state to do so.And if it doesn’t it is by the way i feel any given moment that i am guided towards attracting more of what i want.It does not matter how big or small that is,what matters is what i feel in relation to it.If i feel resistance,then i need to allow and allowing happens with taking it ease,relaxing,taking a nap or meditate.So to come back to momentum,i feel that right now,since we have been calling the energies with intention for the highest good for all and on behalf of all,these energies are building the collective’s momentum to be ready to receive more of what we have been asking for.Ok,not everyone is ready for it,yet those who are in this deep knowing, are blessed to enjoy the fruits of their work as a feeling that builds up and builds up within.Every day more and more.Every day feeling more joy and more love and more momentum to live happily aver after.

So my wish is for each and everyone of you is to appreciate more what is and be eager more of what is coming every moment so we build even more momentum towards a planet that works for all.

Much Love!



Universal Mother Mary Acknowledges All Lighthouses-Linda Dillon-

I step forth to embrace you, to nurture you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to spur you on. I come forth for the sheer joy of it for there is not enough joy anywhere!

This beautiful channelled gem is shared in love by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Universal Mother Mary Acknowledges All Lighthouses

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Peace, Mother of Change and Constancy, Mother of One. Welcome, sweet daughter, sweet daughter of my heart, sweet daughter of my being, and I step forth to embrace you, to nurture you, to comfort you, to encourage you, to spur you on. I come forth for the sheer joy of it for there is not enough joy anywhere!

You have been through… well, yes, trials and tribulations… you have been through the Pause, and you most certainly are still in the midst of the healing… no, not of your mind, not of your soul, but of your physical body – this beautiful vessel, sweet angel of light, that holds and acts as a beacon for so many. You are the lighthouse on the dark, tempestuous night, whether it is high noon or 3 AM, because many are sailing these turbulent waters, seeking the refuge, seeking the path of light, not knowing fully or understanding as yet fully how to set their sails, how to read the compass or the charts.

So you are there, beckoning them to safe harbour that they may rest, they may reintegrate, they may be reborn and then continue on in their journey, to continue on the pathway – on the true pathway – that they have chosen and selected, yes, in tandem with me but with their own guides as well long ago. And when I say “long ago”, I even mean long before this lifetime.

So it is that moment, it is that moment of stillness between the inhale and the exhale, it is that moment when so many are turning to me and simply saying “Yes, Mother, I know I am shifting, I know I am changing, I know that change is the order of the day, but may I simply rest and catch my breath for a moment?”  And of course, the answer is yes.

Yes, I have asked for the meditation of 12:12 to be extended, but in that, all beings are being penetrated, uplifted, transformed by the white light of love. In many ways, this is the moment of silence, of stillpoint between the in and out-breath. It is the time of vigil when many stand, including your sweet self, beloved, and you are holding and embodying – no, not just esoterically – physically embodying the sacred space of surrender, because in stillpoint is the surrender to what you birth and to what we birth with you. So it is very personal and very individual – and very mega, very universal, and far beyond.

So you are taking the time. First of all, your body will not allow it, and I would never encourage you to push forth in this recalibration. Yes, we have used many ‘re’ words: re-entry, reset… but let us call it “recalibration” so that you are quite literally holding a higher wattage, a higher frequency, so that you don’t blow either your circuits or the circuits of anyone else – and that you are able, in your role as lighthouse, as transmitter, you are able to shine brighter light not only brighter but further.

And yes, of course, that light is for the humans who are seeking to find their way, but it is not merely for the humans who are seeking to find their way. It is a transmission, it is an Elle transmission, it is an *** [angelic/intergalactic name] transmission to your Star brothers and sisters, both on and off Earth, saying: “Take heart, I am human, I am divine, I know that you are here, keep the faith, hold the hope, the collective is awakening.”

And then you are transmitting to all the awakened ones, the human beings, the angels in form, who are also… many lightworkers are tired, many are exhausted… and so you are also transmitting to them, bright angel, and you are saying: “Hold on, here is the pathway, here is the light, let us refresh you, rebirth is at hand.”

So it is not simply the marking of the birth of Yeshua. It is the marking of the rebirth of humanity into the true form – shall we say ‘original improved form’ – that they agreed to, and that each and every being – yes, some more consciously than others – but it is each and every being yearning for this shift and this shift that is already well underway.

So during this sacred time, my beloved daughter, I wish you to know that I am with you and that your every quiet, spoken and unspoken prayer is not only heard but acted upon. I am with you.

Go with my grace, go with my love, go with my comfort, and most certainly my joy.

E: Thank you, Mother, how wonderful! Shall we share this with the many lighthouses out there?

UMM: Yes, I would like that, and they all need to be acknowledged. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at]

Trump is Protecting the St Germain Funds.-Saint Germain through Sharon-

St Germain
Trump is Protecting the St Germain Funds

December 28, 2020

Press Release 1
Press Release 2

Trump is protecting the St Germain funds, folks!

These are the St Germain funds rolling out, folks. Ashtar said they’d roll out on the FISA system and they could be stolen. And you see that when the cabal are creating large documents trying to pass them as law, allocating funding across the world to obviously fill their own pockets back up, more stolen money, and giving the American people $600 per family.

Trump is protecting the St Germain funds. He wants two thousand per person to begin with.

You see the last line, “Much more money is coming.” Take the money. If Trump offers it. Don’t take it if Bill Gates or Kamala Harris offers it. Clearly, it’s not looking like they will.

In Canada, Canadians have received CERB (Canadian Emergency Response Benefit) during this Covid time. That is two thousand dollars per person.

Ashtarr has said that the problem has been getting people to take the money considering they don’t know who to trust, and would prefer to go back to work. But these are the St Germain funds that are being dispensed now.

Trump will either veto or amend the Deep State bill which sends American funding all over the world. It won’t be done. The focus will be on funding Americans now.

Read this press release and see he has mentioned at the very end, “Much more money is coming.” He’s referring to the St Germain funds. There is a lot of money in these funds because of what has been stolen from us, but also there are places around the earth with stores of diamonds, gold and other gems that people are not aware of. Americans are far richer than they know. St Germain is in charge of keeping these gems safe.

I hear, “I am.” (He heard his name)
Me: How are you, St Germain?
StG: I am well. I am glad we have you, Sharon, to remain level headed and calm during this Storm. The Storm only refers to change, that is all. You will undergo great change at this time, beginning in this new year.
I am the champion of the Age of Aquarius, where healing and transformation of a world are already beginning.
You will realize that money has no value. It is simply a means to an end within a physical system that was created to enslave you. It is representative of your personal energies, which are largely undervalued. This will be re-balanced.
However, our task right now is to convince you to receive these monies. You wish to continue working, and some will have to do this, however, the monies are intended to give you free time, and I wish to point out the use of English here, indicating “free” time. You do not have much free time and because of this, and the stress you are under, you are underdeveloped spirits living a material existence.
In days of old, long ago, the people of earth switched to a materialistic mind, moving away from a divine mindset of service to God. I witnessed this, time and time again, through successive lifetimes, and now we are reversing the process. We are giving you enough money. We are also giving you enough time.
Me: What will change people to seeking a more spiritual lifestyle?
StG: Aha! This will be the incoming energies and the guidance you receive from extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional friends, who will come to lead you away from materialism. A breakdown in your western world which will only provide you with the necessities of life is forthcoming, and in experiencing this, many will discover freedom. When you cannot have all you believe you need, you will find that you have all you need anyway.
Me: Yes, I did.
StG: In experiencing the lack that you have now, and seeing the examples of the wealthy and their flaunting of the rich and stylish lifestyle, you feel depressed and lacking. Everyone wants what these people have, because inside you feel it is your birthright. It is. Abundance is your birthright. But it can only be achieved through spiritual means, none other than.
Me: People on earth have achieved a lot of wealth and they weren’t spiritual.
StG: No, however they will not keep their wealth either. We will see to that.
Me: Aha. I sense a huge collapse of the system, rather than minute changes on a day to day basis.
StG: It is coming. It is necessary. It is necessary but all will be provided for.
Me: Of course, the big question is, “When?”
StG: And the answer to that is, “When the majority are ready.” This is a large change and not to be taken lightly. We understand how fragile so many upon earth feel now, with little strength to go on living in this time of turbulence, however understand you are always cared for. You are given what you need. And by this we mean if you are experiencing a lack of perhaps money, then what you need to do is to learn the lesson this lack of money is teaching you. This will restore you to wealth, but under a more balanced attitude towards it.
StG: 2021 will be a time of great change, as 2020 was. You will come to understand that the life you had will change. This is the Age of Aquarius, there are new energies, and with new leaders on your world, what was will never be again.
Rome will fall. The dynasties are falling. True rulers will step up to see you through this. Rulers who can be depended on for benevolence and guidance of the people.
Your world is blessed. America is blessed. All that caused the scourge of the past centuries are no longer powerful. You are being shown who they truly are.
With that, I bid you adieu.
Me: Thank you Saint. Much love from all of us!

Pop Corn Time!

Get Your Pop Corn and see what is taking currently place behind the scenes.

1.Ukraine is doing it.Biden exposed.

2.WAKE UP AMERICA! Bold Billionaire Offers $1 Million Bounty for Dominion’s, Eric Coomer’s Comeuppance

3.Make your own conclusions.

Interest, not dominance, is new you. Something you will learn throughout 2021.

Adding Your Puzzle Pieces

Dear Ones,

You are likely no longer comfortable being the source of others’ jokes or the instigator of downplaying others’ importance. You are discovering an inner voice that often stops you in mid-message or sentence. A voice that invalidates what you once thought or said. For you are beginning to lead with your heart instead of social norms.

Perhaps there was a time when you made fun of a certain person or action. But doing so now does not provide you with the same feeling of conquest. It merely makes you sad. For you are a different being with a different focus, and most importantly for this topic, different needs.

Your needs before your transition and the energies of this December were often to be better than others. And to project that difference, you needed to make fun of their mistakes, their being. You needed to talk down to them and about them. 

You are discovering that doing so no longer gives you the same high, the same feeling of satisfaction. Instead, doing so makes you feel different, a difference you are beginning to explore. Some of you will display those unpleasant feelings physically. Others of you will merely lose your sparkle, your sense of fun. For in the past, “getting one over someone” was fun, but it is no longer.

You are a different being. It does not matter if your former targets have changed. For you feel bad even if they have not. You express fewer negative, hurtful comments, for you no longer wish to live in that world.

Such will not happen in a few minutes or even a few days. Instead, you are shifting in that direction daily. You might still enjoy teasing someone – until you do not. We are merely informing you that new you will have different feelings and actions – from the heart instead of the mind. 

Conversations will likely be confusing for a bit because one of you will speak from your heart and the other from his or her mind. And perhaps those of you speaking from your heart will be hurt until you build your strength in that area. Similar to building your physical body at a gym, your heart instincts will become stronger the more you use them.

You will find less need to tease, to pretend something is, that is not, to spread “little white lies,” to try to be better than someone. 

In 3D, better than someone was a key survival element. Beyond 3D, following your heart is the key. You will discover interests and people that speak to your heart regardless of the panache such interests or people might have in the greater society. It will no longer matter if you are the best at something. Interest, not dominance, is new you. Something you will learn throughout 2021.

You are building your structure on the 2020 foundation you created—a structure right for you and no one else. You are beyond living for others in whatever form that takes. 

That is not to say you will be isolated for the opposite is true. As you develop and explore numerous interests, you will tap into larger and larger groups of like-minded people. The difference between doing so in 3D and dimensions beyond is you will connect with like-minded and like-hearted others.

You will have little need to compete, to outshine, to be better than. For your new interactions will be like a giant puzzle in which the pieces lock together easily and effortlessly. You might wish to explore one area of the puzzle for a bit and then move to another, only to return to the first area – or not. And doing so will not reduce your interactions or your love.

This is a new world dominated by the heart instead of the mind. Your interests will be heart-based instead of mind directed. Eliminating the need for competition, greed, or self-compensation.

Instead of a tall building of have and have-nots based on greed and better-than as was true in 3D society, your new world is a flat puzzle in which every puzzle piece is equally important and beautiful. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Celebrate the fact that you are not alone. Celebrate the fact that all you do is now divinely guided, because you asked.-AA Gabriel-

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~ Opportunity for Celebration

December 27, 2020,

All situations are opportunities for the Divine Light to shine through you as times of celebration, not fear.

Dear One,

Your life is divinely guided and directed at every moment. Calling on the Angels for assistance gives you a direct link to your greater good and aids the wisdom of the universe to flow through you. When you dwell in fear or doubt, this constricts your perception and does not allow the natural out-flowing of good to come through you into your world.

Whatever situation is occurring in your life, allow the Divine Light to show you the possibility for benevolent outcomes. Ask for Creative Solutions for the highest good for all concerned. This will open the door for the Angelic forces to begin their work. Receiving the assistance of the Angels is truly a cause for celebration. Celebrate the fact that you are not alone. Celebrate the fact that all you do is now divinely guided, because you asked.

You can believe you have to do it all by yourself if you choose. However, with even the smallest intention to receive help, with the slightest hope that good can come of the situations in your life, and the willingness to release the fear that entraps you, Divine Light will flow to you in abundance. This will bring inspiration and guidance for your next steps, and will allow you to actually do that which will be in your highest good.

You are the one who takes the steps, no one can do this for you. But when you walk, you will be held in the arms of the Angels of Light. We are asking you to walk in Trust and Faith.

We are also asking you to be clear about your intentions for your life. These intentions have the power to create your world as they become living fields of Divine Light. When you know which qualities you want to have, ask for them directly. Do you want more love in your life? Or peace in your heart? Or financial abundance so you can live with more freedom?

Ask for these qualities and give yourself the time to breathe them into your being. Breathe them in and walk in the trust that you will be supported for your highest good. Then take the steps you are inspired to take, knowing you are being guided every step of the way. Have faith in the Divine Light that will never leave you. It can only grow stronger every time you imagine that you are surrounded by it.

Your imagination carries the key to your future. Imagine only that which you want to fulfill your life. Give no energy to fearful thoughts. Love is the only truth. You are being blessed now with the light of the Angels, the holy messengers of God’s love.

Call on your guardian Angel often and never doubt this presence in your life. Know that whatever situation you are experiencing can be transformed by the power of Divine Light. Receive this light and celebrate.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

All situations are opportunities for the Divine Light to shine through you as times of celebration, not fear.

So I, as your planetary sister, I come in love to welcome you, the totality of you as Nova Gaian, as unique and beautiful individual, as the powerhouse that you are.-GAIA via Linda-

Gaia Welcomes Us Home to Nova Earth!

by Linda Dillon

This is a planet of peace and that is what is being birthed and that is what you are creating…

Greetings, I am Gaia, I AM Gi’Anna – and welcome, beloved ones, angels and hybrids, starseeds and earthkeepers. I welcome you, the New You that is the true you, that has always infinitely and indelibly been you. I come to you as sister, as brother, as Mother, as Archangel.

The New You that emerges, that resurrects, is the truth and the power, the beauty, the determination of who you have always been as inter/multidimensional being, integrated, balanced, intentional.

When I have transformed into this planetary awareness, I have invited each of you originally and in this very moment of what you think of as the infinity of time, and I have invited you to join with me in the glory, in the beauty of Creation, in the sweetness of community.

This physicality that you have assumed in form is a very curious form, and it is quite petite compared to my planetary form, is it not! But never mind because each of you are powerhouses, each of you are generators, each of you are transmitters, each of you are anchors, all of the above, of love – and each of you are powerful creators, just as I am.

For yes, this is intended to be a planet of love but, sweet angels of light, it is also intended, and is, and will be a planet of creation, a planet of the new, a planet of the original, the unfoldment of the Plan, of the promise that we have all made, yes, to the Mother but to each other as well.

Do not think, sweet ones, that I am not cognizant of the breadth and might of who you are, yes, each and every one of you. You have declared yourselves, particularly in this incarnation, as my allies and as the allies to your Star Family, as the allies to the kingdoms that now can come out of hiding to join in community and creation once again.

This is a planet of peace and that is what is being birthed and that is what you are creating, yes, in tandem – yes, with me – but also with the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse. There is no separation!

Now, you have been so constricted and frozen in time and space, and now, as you embrace and open your being, not just your heart – yes, that is the on/off switch – but as you open to truly engage, not with this or that dimension, this or that timeline, this or that aspect, but with the totality, you join with me in the realm of 12 dimensions, in the realm of 144 levels, in the realm of the octaves.

You join with me not because there is any level of coercion or control, or even what you might think of as need, for security has been a very big issue for the human race. Security is not something we tend to concern ourselves with a great deal.

So what you are doing with us – and us with you – is birthing, renewing, and expanding. When I say you are returning to original promise, that is so, and it is in divine allowing, acceptance, and praise of the One. But you are also expanding upon that. You have declared your willingness, your desire, and your readiness to use the tools, the energies at hand to not be stuck, uni-dimensional, frozen, isolated, separated in the illusion that has been a construct of mankind, of humankind – and yes, mostly mankind!

It is over! It is done! Yes, there is rehabilitation, yes, there is reconstruction, and you are being helped from every corner of the Omniverse. The time of preparation, of learning, of waiting, of yearning comes to a close.

So I, as your planetary sister, I come in love to welcome you, the totality of you as Nova Gaian, as unique and beautiful individual, as the powerhouse that you are. I welcome you to Nova Earth, to freedom, to liberation, to a new realm and cycle of existence. I welcome you home! And I am helping you.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at]

Let the magic of the times you are in point the way to the highest outcomes that are now fully available to you due to the incredible amount of work you have done over the past year.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Open to Possibilities

December 26, 2020,

Dear Ones, you are most powerful when you are operating in full flow. Be open to the highest potentials that are available to you that exist beyond what you can see and be willing to be led into their discovery.

By releasing any pre-conceived ideas or constraints, you make it possible to move into your greatest expansion and experiences. It is safe for you to fully surrender with your faith and trust into the grand unfoldment of the new age you are stepping into and allow your life expressions to become as big and beautiful as they want to be.

Let the magic of the times you are in point the way to the highest outcomes that are now fully available to you due to the incredible amount of work you have done over the past year.

Our Purpose on Our Ascension Ride.

Our purpose on our Ascension Ride is to Build New Earth.Each and everyone has a specific role to play according to what makes his/hear heart sing.Our main tool is Alignement with Source to receive guidance as to what is our heart’s song any given moment.A constant play of surrendering,trusting,allowing,receiving which i call being in a S.T.A.R mode and expanding.A S.T.A.R expanding through inspiration as an individual soul living in a costume called Human Body which in turn is also ascending and gets all upgrades that makes me more sensitive in making choices any given moment.Individual and Yet ONE with the whole :IAM GOD and with GOD,IAM.IAM The ONE,IAM.WWG1WGA.Shifting and Sorting.Choosing from a puzzle of infinite potential of possibilities the one piece and then then next one and next one following my inner compass called emotional scale to guide me.There is no wrong or right.There is only expansion and experiences to choose from.Do i choose to make same experience all over again or do i choose something different that i have never tried before?My mind has an idea of what is that i like and want.My Heart is constantly checking in if my mind is not overtaken by my ego and that is very easy to check.If i don’t feel good,it means or that i am aligned with what truly is my Heart’s call or that i need to do some extra work in order to allow the expansion energies to flow through me or that my ego is trying to boycott this operation.In this 2020 year,those of us who took advantage of this pause,have been doing the work to constantly allow and expand without being able to see tangible and physical material results , yet having our inner compass confirming that all is well, since every time we do the work to allow Love/Light to flow in a meditative/creative/relaxed state,we feel better,we feel good,we feel more than fine.And having The Light Beings confirming through many different channels that all is well indeed makes this ride easier than expected every now.As all we have is NOW.And with appreciation of what is and eagerness of what is coming (thank you Abraham Hicks!) our suitcase has even more tools to do this journey even smoother and easier!!!If i have a wish for each and everyONE on the planet right now, it is to discover what Alignement to Source means and do be able to use the many tools that are being equipied with as we Ascend in our Physical Bodies,from Carbon Based to Crystal (Christ Consciousness) Based Bodies,to become aware of our Existence as Source Energy Beings.

It is about understanding that this ride is about feeling good all of the time, making the best of it any moment to stay on the high vibrational disc of creation , magnetizing to our being what we think and feel for.From something ‘small’ to something very ‘big’,there is no difference!The difference is being created by an old program running in our mind for all kind of reasons,that we can choose to flash away by saying simply:”I pull back all the energy i gave into this life or past lives for all things that did not work for my and the highest good for all.I blaze the violet fire to all timelines,dimensions and realities,i breath in and bring all this energy in the here and now.And breathing out i feel rejuvenated and ready to continue my ride in the higher dimensions of 5D,6D,7D and beyond,appreciating what is and eager of what is coming.In Knowing what i don’t want,I know what i want.I Intend to Feel Good.I intend to Feel More Than Fine!And for that i am eternally Grateful for the constant support i am getting from The Source of All Creation, Mother Father God.IAM THAT, IAM.I don’t need to push for it, Divine Mother is doing this for me.I only ALLOW.And that includes all specific desires i have,be it a relationship,job,home,travel,travelling means,hobby,financial abundance etc i feel into the frequency of it and I ALLOW Divine Mother to flow through me!And So It Is.

Magic right?

Intention is the plan.Frequency(Feeling into specific outcome) is the plan executing itself!– Pleiadians Insight-

And do you know how i best do this lately?

I have written down what is that i want exactly in life including a planet that works for all and the highest good for all ,i read it twice a day and i am thankful in the now as it already happened!And btw dancing and making the #21daysdancechallenge is part of this game too!As when i dance I ALLOW.



Nikos Akrivos

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Feel very deeply how this original mother energy gives you a feeling of “home”, a sense of safety and security, allowing you to relax and, at the same time, giving you complete freedom.-Mother Mary via Pamela-

Mother Mary – Motherhood and Fatherhood

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends. I am mother Mary. I greet you all with joy in my heart. It makes me happy to share this moment with you, united with one heart.

The authentic maternal energy has been absent from Earth for a long time. There have been many mothers, but the way they exercised their motherhood was often permeated with fear, worry, and even aggression. The mothers of the past were wounded mothers, who exercised their task from a lack of being at home within themselves. They acted from an anxious feeling of being rejected for their own true nature.

The authentic energy of motherhood is very light and tender and extremely flexible. In the original mother energy there is selflessness, but not in the sense of a complete sacrifice of the self. There is a generous giving of a mother’s own abundance from the mother within herself. A mother gives selflessly, gives life from her womb, wants to pass on life, and allows her children their own life, their own individuality, their own unique energy. She does not want to predetermine or shape the new life; she only wants to pass on what is flowing through her.

She holds the infant in her arms to nourish and nurture it when it is still small and fragile, but her hands remain open so that when the awakened young life is ready to leave, it can fly away in freedom. That is the essence of motherhood, the way it was originally meant to be: to procreate life, and to protect and hold it when it is extremely vulnerable and naked, and then to release it completely to fulfill its own purpose.

In the act of motherhood there is, in part, the need to bear the child, and in the act of carrying the child there is a selflessness that gives motherly joy. She literally becomes the womb for something else, something new, and the mother experiences joy in offering that possibility. When the new life is born, it is the first step into the outside world. The child comes out of her womb and that gives the mother joy because she can now see what she has brought forth. She can now interact with what has awakened from and through her. And as the child grows, the mother retreats slowly and lets go, but without losing anything. She again returns inward, prepared to give birth to another life.

Even when I use the example of a child, you can see this process has a broader meaning. All forms of creativity, where you give space to something new and let it flourish freely, come under this same heading.

The original energy, the love of motherhood, is incredibly missed on Earth: in women, in men, and in children. In the past, caring for children became almost exclusively a task for women and this is an unnatural situation. Men were only allowed to assert themselves in the social domain. They had to compete and perform in the outer world, while women were relegated to the private domain of the home. The result was that women only derived their identity from motherhood. They got very little chance to express and carry out their creative, unique energy, the energy that says: “This is me and this is how I want to manifest.”

A woman cannot be just giving and serving. She then becomes frustrated because the male energy in her gets denied: the energy that says “I” and wants to assert itself in a positive way by expressing itself in a creative, instinctive, and also sexual manner. Those creative forces in the woman were suppressed and she had to channel everything into motherhood. In this way, motherhood acquired an emotional charge and a need to be assertive. It became so important to them that they could smother their children with it, either by being overprotective and not being able to let go, or else by becoming cold and distant. She felt that something had been taken away from her by having to focus solely on motherhood. Motherhood became distorted, and this hurt the children and locked out the fathers, and so everyone played a painful role in the game.

However, this describing is not about placing blame. What is important is that the original meaning of motherhood be restored in both women and men, so that women, especially, may again increase and strengthen their creative force, and again manifest themselves from their souls and stand up for themselves. Then motherhood has a natural place in their lives: it is not everything, it is simply one aspect of their being. Motherhood can be expressed through having children, but it can be also expressed by a woman in other ways: through her work, her dealings with people, with friends or people that she helps. Motherhood is broader than simply having biological children.

I ask that you now feel the energy of what is motherly in yourself, in your heart. And if you wish, you can ask me to come closer in order to put you in touch with that gentle tender energy. It is a universal flow that is not mine, it comes through everyone. Without this energy, Creation and the universe would not exist. It is a primal energy and it is love. Allow that flow into your heart and see how it feels for you, specifically, and let it move down into your abdomen and pelvis. Feel very deeply how this original mother energy gives you a feeling of “home”, a sense of safety and security, allowing you to relax and, at the same time, giving you complete freedom.

Imagine two extended hands, women’s hands: open, soft, and tender. Place yourself within these open hands. They allow you to leave at any time, yet you can always come back. You can go to wherever you want, but these hands are always there for you, so you can rest for awhile and know that you are all right just as you are, beautiful and unique and loved. You are protected, there is always support for you – it is love from the universe. These motherly hands that hold and embrace you can see you – they see who you are. They are happy when you leave to grow and develop on your own, and they are happy when you come back to these hands. They are nurturing hands, not forcing hands.

Let go of the images of the past. There were certain constrictions and fears in your own biological mother’s life which led her to be an unnatural mother. Forgive her for that, even though forgiveness is sometimes difficult, given the many effects it has had on you. Feel the willingness to forgive. Do not see her as merely your own mother, but as the many mothers who have had a long history of struggle and cruelty in both their female and male energies.

Men have also been robbed of their true fatherhood, which is more than only the physical protection or survival of the child. Seen emotionally, fatherhood is so much more. It has to do with the actual support of the uniqueness of the child: to challenge, encourage, and be an example for the child.

True fatherhood has been literally denied to men in most of known history because they were rarely home, and their emotional life became impoverished because of that. Thereby, they could not be the father that they were. Women had to fill the father’s role; but, as mentioned, they did it in a distorted way. Men and women each have their own contribution to the education and growth of the child, and that is as it should be.

Now try to feel the energy of the original father in yourself, to sense his universal power and creativity. The paternal is protective, but it is also challenging. He encourages you to explore your own limits and to overcome your fears. Sometimes the father gives you a nudge when you find yourself in the hands of the mother and says: “Take a step out into the world; see what is going on outside in the world and what exists there for you to discover.” The paternal and maternal work together and are not inconsistent with each other.

The motherly energy carries you in her two hands as long as you need it. But these hands cannot expel you from the nest; they are not created for that. It is the fatherly energy that gives you the nudge that tells you: “You are a unique person, go discover who you are, make mistakes, stumble. I am with you; I trust you, encourage you, and support your adventure.” From the fatherly, paternal energy also comes something caring and protective, but it is bolder and encourages you to step out into the unknown. Put your trust in this energy and take it into yourself. See where that paternal energy wants to go in your body and if there are special places in need of this energy flow.

Finally, realize that if you begin to again recognize these original energies in their true form, the maternal and the paternal, you can also share them with other people. You then represent that universal love flow in this world. As you learn how to restore these energies in yourself, and begin to recognize and understand them, you are going to help transform the past. You will become a light in this world whereby the masculine and the feminine can again dance together. And the children of the future will have a better opportunity to grow up harmoniously. They will become more balanced, more mature.

I greet you with gratitude that you want to take this on and to become an example for a new future. I salute you.

We do not believe that the majority of humans would be shocked to know without a doubt that e.t.s exist.

One E.T. Being to Unite the Human Race ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been in communication with several groups of extra-terrestrial beings, and we have been discussing with them what their role could be, potentially, in helping to unite humanity. Certainly, if you all know that you are a part of one race, the human race, then there is the greater possibility that you will come together as one race. Knowing that there are other races out there in your skies and throughout the galaxy could go a long way in getting people to see that you are as different from one another as you are from an extra-terrestrial race.

Beings that were born and lived outside of your solar system, coming all the way to Earth to make themselves known, would certainly have an impact on how you feel about each other as human beings, sharing a common experience there on Earth. It is important for you all to realize that you have more in common than you think, and knowing for a fact that e.t.s exist could help you set aside your political differences, as well as your differing perspectives on the virus, wearing masks and taking vaccines.

And so, we deliberate amongst ourselves. We do not believe that the majority of humans would be shocked to know without a doubt that e.t.s exist, and for many, anything they would see that goes outside of their belief system would be considered a hoax; so there’s that. We feel that humankind is ready for a definitive moment. We do not see you as ready for a mass landing of ships at this particular, but we do see that the impact of an experience with even one extra-terrestrial being would be huge right now in uniting the human collective.

That’s all you really need is a distraction right now from how divided you feel to move past those differing perspectives. And even if only a slight majority of humans were in agreement that the e.t. being was real, that would be enough to bring you all together. We are, of course, going to continue to play around with this idea with the groups that we have been talking with until we can all agree on what is best for humanity at this time. In the meantime, continue to look up at your skies for more UFO activity, and continue to create a reality for yourself where your own personal e.t. contact is inevitable and is something that will happen sooner than later.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Merry Christ Consciousness. #21DayDanceChallenge #FeelMoreThanFine

We begun a dance challenge this past week,here is what is taking place on YT from myself and some of the participants!!!!If you feel like please join us and post your video on YT or FB and tag #21DayDanceChallenge and #FeelMoreThanFine

Before that a little message from me to you with Love.

You are in a potent energy window that exists between your solstice and Christmas day.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Window of Opportunity

December 22, 2020,

You are in a potent energy window that exists between your solstice and Christmas day. This is an opening of profoundly supportive energies designed to assist you in your embodiment and creation. We highly recommend you take the time to be clear about the core essence of what it is you wish to experience and create and wrap yourself up with that energy as a prevalent aspect of who you truly are.

This is embracing your preferences and beingness, Dear Ones, and exactly how you can set the tone moving forward. You are so loved and assisted in all your hopes and dreams because you are the ones who are leading the way forward, with your tender hearts and optimism, into this grand new age on your planet.

Keep letting the beautiful luminosity of your soul shine the way forward, for your truth and essence is what is lighting the way into the new.

Future Self Story on Basic Universal Income.

Hi everyone,i wrote a small story from my Future Self,described in the simplest way to participate on this contest about Basic Income.(UBIE).

(if you wish to participate i repost their newsletter below my story)

Original message posted on my FB main page.

Year 2222 :

More than 200 years ago, we remember these biblical times in Humanity’s evolution history where due to a pandemic everything was forced to stop.People across the planet were obliged to wear masks, to be in lockdown mode in their homes for long periods of time and many businesses had to stop operating the way they were used to and make the shift towards a new way in attunement for the highest good for all.But people also had finally more time for self love, for spending time with their children and loved ones or for concentrating deeper in their favourite project.This allowed a deeper introspection of what was really needed and a better understanding and clarity as to what it means to Be A Sovereign Living Being on Planet Earth.There was this period where many had to do as many as 3 different jobs on the same day in order to pay for life’s cost.And you are wondering life’s cost?yes, life’s cost!After thousands of years of so many lessons, humanity as whole has forgotten the very fundamental truth that God loves all his sons and daughters and what belongs to God belongs to all his sons and his daughter.Fortunately there were few among the many that started remembering and understanding the value of this truth.They started writing and expressing themselves about the basic human right of having a monthly income because simply one is born and existing on the planet in ways that nobody has ever heard before.Many, those who had the power to speak up would be called with all kind of names and the most popular one :You are a Communist!!!People need to work to make money!!!And unfortunately since the slave mentality was embedded in the biggest part of the collective of humans, there was not real progress into this important aspect of Life.The vast majority of the Human collective needed something stronger to be able to see with more clarity.Many efforts needed to happen behind the scenes from the few that truly knew the value of being a Sovereign Living Being.Efforts that took hundreds of years of preparation in order to create a blueprint of a Planet that works for all.And that blueprint had a name, it was called NESARA :National Economic Security and Reformation Act that became GESARA shifting from National To Global.The plan was to begin in The U.S.A. in 2001 with the distribution of Prosperity Funds that would assist in rebuilding a system respecting all living creature.A tragic event happened that blew off the 2 first floors containing the plans and blueprint for this to occur which was named 9/11.Humanity was in shock collectively.And that shock along the C_o_vid_19 shock created the contrasting conditions of a collective desire fo a loving and forgiving planet that works for all.People started to come together in communities looking for ways to exchange goods that made money obsolete.A system worked pretty well locally and for those that managed to live their lives off grid close to nature proving that it is possible to live without using the means called money.Yet at the general scheme of how the world operated, money was deeply embedded in people’s consciousness and for the many, it was unthinkable of having to live without money.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller .
And so with many trials and errors and efforts there were those that put their efforts into creating a system that benefits all.And from those efforts came the idea of Basic Universal Income.
At first the many resisted this idea but then slowly due to the circumstances with everything being automatised (pandemic being the excuse) there were many jobs that disappeared.Of course this happened because the planet was in desperate need to be rebuild in ways that operate according to the Universal Law of :Do No Harm.And that includes nature and all animal and planet life.The planetary infrastructure needed to change using new technologies that make life simpler, easier ,holistic and sustainable.With the arrival of C_o_vid_19 all systems had to be cleared for the arrival of the new giving this time the opportunity for the NESARA GESARA implementation behind the scenes.So the year 2020 has been pivotal in this shift while the next decade huge changes happened in the way that the world operates and one of them was Basic Universal Income for each and everyone.A natural consequence that allowed all to be free to live life as they wish to live.Freedom in people’s life shifted everything in the way the world operated.Every human at their core as a soul is loving and kind and generous.And the freedom to be, to do and to have everything that one desires created the self loving atmosphere that works for the highest good for all.When one had the time to be as they please in life, one wanted also to see all their sisters and brothers experience the same joy understanding that true joy is the one that is shared with all.As with all things.Creativity and Inspiration were now at the forefront.Everyone doing what they love to do, many chose to do ethical jobs serving the highest good for all and many chose to just travel and explore the planet, the world, the solar system and other planetary systems and planets and many others preferred just getting immersed in The New Earth study.
New technologies in all areas of life catapulted Humanity in officially becoming aware of it’s Galactic Multidimensional Nature and process of evolution named Ascension.

Nikos Akrivos



Contest description :

UBIE is running a story contest on Basic Income! We’re looking for creatives who can write a fictional story on how we have achieved making Basic Income a reality in Europe.
If you can write a story from the perspective of a future (2030; 2050; 2525; your choice!) in which we have managed to make Basic Income happen and describe how life changed as a result, then you’re the author we’re looking for!
How can you participate?
• Write your story (between 1000-2000 words)
• Publish it anywhere where it can be publicly visible (your own blog, on Medium, a Story on your Facebook profile, or anywhere you can share a link to)
• Share it with a post on your most active social media channel using the hashtag #HowWeMadeBasicIncomeHappen, also tagging UBIE (find us on facebook, twitter and instagram)
• Send us the link to that post on so we can keep track and you’re good to go!

The story that gets the most interactions (likes, comments, reshares) until the end of the year (Thursday, 31 December, 2020 by midnight CET) will win a signed copy of Philippe Van Parijs’ and Yannick Vanderborght’s book “Basic Income. A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy”!!!