At some point in every person’s spiritual journey they must cease looking to a person, business, job, family, group, or friend etc., for gratitude even if deserved, because only God has gratitude to give.

Arcturian Group Message 11/22/20 via Marilyn Rafaelle

NOVEMBER 22, 2020

Greetings dear readers. Emotions of both sadness and celebration presently reflect world energy do to people’s inability to return to what is familiar. Know that there is a purpose to all that is presently going on. Circumstances are forcing many to reassess how they have been living their lives, what they believe is true or important, and if there may be a “better” way. Much that up to now has been simply accepted, is beginning to be more closely examined from a higher perspective.

Life as you have known it cannot return to exactly as it previously was simply because the energy maintaining and sustaining many of its three dimensional creations are dissolving by virtue of the increasing presence of high resonating energy–as collective consciousness evolves, so do its material expressions. Always remember-consciousness is the substance of form.

World consciousness has reached a place of readiness for earth’s next step in the Divine Plan of all eventually awakening to their Oneness with Source. It is a step but not yet the fullness. Some will experience it more than others and it will take a few more lifetimes for some.

Allow the process dear ones, allow the process. The process may not be or even resemble what you had had in mind, but trust that personally and globally a new phase of the Divine plan is unfolding, one unaffected by three dimensional thinking, plotting, planning, or scheming.

Keep your consciousness filled with the knowledge that every individual regardless of how ignorant of truth he/she may be, is in reality (not ego based humanhood) an expression of God for nothing else exists from which they could be made. As increasingly truth becomes the substance of your thoughts and actions it becomes your state of consciousness where without thought you are adding increasingly more Light energy to collective consciousness where it will at some point begin to manifest in the world as higher and better ways of living. This is how things will change. It has begun.

Many of you are about to celebrate the holiday called Thanksgiving, a day set aside for expressing gratitude for the things in your life that you are thankful for. Gratitude is much more than a polite response to something received. Gratitude is a facet of Love and as such is in and of the Divine. Love and gratitude are two ends of the same stick.

At some point in every person’s spiritual journey they must cease looking to a person, business, job, family, group, or friend etc., for gratitude even if deserved, because only God has gratitude to give. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion for examining your beliefs about gratitude. “Have I been looking and expecting gratitude from outside of myself, from my job, my family, a friend, or even the random stranger I may have helped?”.

Know that no person in and of themselves has love or gratitude to give and so seeking it from a person, even one you would expect it from, can only result in disappointment and a sense of separation from your true self. Only God has love and gratitude to give, and therefore these things must be sought where they exist, from within, from the fullness of your own Divinity.

When you look for love and gratitude within where the fullness of all that is real exists, it will flow in ways and from those you may have never expected it because you have opened the door to your sacred storehouse. Love and gratitude frequently does not come from those you would naturally expect, hope, or want it from, but if you seek it where it exists, it will manifest.

The error of the human condition is and always has been in looking to persons or conditions for what only God has to give. Gratitude, just as with all God qualities, flows through individuals, but never from them. Example: If you limit your finances to being personal, they will be limited and reflect duality, but once you attain a consciousness of abundance as being ever present, infinite, and never personal because it is a facet of the unlimited Divine Consciousness that you are, it can flow in ways you may least expect.

You are spiritually ready to understand and accept that no person in and of themselves has love, gratitude, peace, joy, happiness, understanding, abundance, appreciation, etc to give you. These are God qualities and to seek them outside of where they exist simply perpetuates the illusory human condition.

Express gratitude often, allowing it to flow freely in every moment. Don’t apologize for donating only one penny if that penny represents your highest and best. Simply let it flow out in the realization that that penny is not coming from a limited amount that can be depleted, but rather is an expression of an unlimited Source within you. As you pay bills, shop, or donate remember that it is flowing through you from an infinite well that never runs dry and not from a personal limited source regardless of how it may seem.

Let Thanksgiving during these times of stress, confusion, and change be a time for rejoicing in the fact that you have attained a state of consciousness able to recognize the underlying reality of all things in the material world. “My car may be a junker but in reality is a three dimensional expression of Omnipresence.” “That person is acting like a real jerk, but I know his essence is Divine.” The spiritually evolved know that that every person, condition, thing, or life form is a spiritual reality being interpreted materially according to the consciousness of the individual and/or collective.

This is absolute truth but a person is only able to experience it as they attain the consciousness of it. Attaining a consciousness of the absolute is what constitutes the spiritual evolutionary journey of every individual whether or not they know or accept it. None will or ever can be dropped from or quit the Divine plan for like it or not, God is the essence of every individual.

Gratitude for something received is the common belief about gratitude, but you reading these messages are ready to bring gratitude to a higher level through understanding that love and gratitude are God qualities and no man or woman in and of themselves has them to give. This realization will remove you from the painful experiences of expecting and not receiving love or gratitude from another.

Our wish for all who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday is that they begin to experience the true love and gratitude they carry within. For those who do not celebrate this holiday, the message is the same.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/22/20

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Expect miracles and they shall come. Hopeful expectation and a firm belief in the possible is a good start. You will be the builders of a new realm filled with hope and miracles. Yes.-Merlin via Galaxygirl-

Merlin 11/21/2020

Greetings, young students. I am Merlin. I come through this medium today for she is one of my pupils, as are many of you reading these words. You are very busy when you slumber. You are learning, you are growing, and many of you are fighting of late. I am showing this one images of underground bases being filled with light, for that is what is happening in many instances upon your world. The deep is coming to the surface for the light to cleanse.

I am Merlin. I wish to ignite the word ‘tenacity’ within you. You are weary from your journey. It has been a long road for you. This incarnation is not for the faint of heart. It is for the awakening, the great awakening of Gaia and those who wish to awaken at this time will do so. The others will leave, they will chose their embodiment in another location, another simulation program of the lower dimensional frequencies. They will choose this for they are not yet complete in the lower realms and they will have massive karma to deal with. But I do not speak of them further, for I am addressing another audience, those who have embraced the higher pathways of learning the light language codes of ascension. As my pupils, who I assume are still bright and eager learners, as my pupils, it is my delight to share further with you the encodements and hidden mysteries. There are many mystery schools. Mine is above Mt. Shasta currently, but as it is on the inner planes it is mobile, a great delight. I so enjoy travel, seeing Earth’s great beauties up close. Such a wonder to behold. Her peace is all around to those who will listen and commune with her presence. My students become great communicators for the oral language is a precise one. So many intricate word selections, such a delight is the gift of language. But I digress. Please allow an old man a moment to settle in and tell a good story. (He is sitting now in a tall wingback chair and beside on the right is a circular wooden table with a white lit candle. There are spectacles and an ancient book. He is smoking a long, interesting pipe). Yes, galaxygirl, in the higher dimensions we do not have to muddle around with coughing and side effects. It relaxes me. (I see that he has put some sparkling dust in the smoke and there are pictures emerging from it). Yes, it is much more interesting to tell stores in this fashion. Shall I continue?

In the beginning was a beginning before that, and a beginning before that. But all was and has been and will always be Source, the great mystery. (In the pipe’s now purple smoke cloud I am seeing the sparkles are individuating and becoming galaxies, each fully conscious and each very much alive). Yes indeed. All is one. All is Source. And then the great division happened. Some aspects of Source flirted with antimatter, with the opposite of creative potential and explored destructive potential, and chaos ensued. Thus in a way Source was fractured within itself. (I am seeing wars and feeling heartbreak. I am seeing armies of light beings watching from above the great divide. It is as if swirling blackness was coming into the glittering purple cloud of life potential). As all is Source, this antithesis of love must be dealt with. The dark has tried to escape, elusive, scheming for eons, for much longer than your millennia, more like millennia of millennia of star solar years, but that is besides the point. The point is, the great division of light and dark happened. The great cosmic play began. In this interface of dimensions increased stratification occurred. Souls became trapped in the cycle. The dark ones capitalized upon this entrapment. You are here to witness the opening of the cage and the complete destruction of that which was holding humanity back for so long. Thus, Source heals further.

(I am seeing the black inky line within the purple glittering cloud in the smoke above his head being filled with light. I am feeling tremendous light behind the cloud now. The entire cloud is pulsing with light. It is love). Yes, galaxygirl. It is love. You are this love. You and those who align with this love light, you warriors of the way as you like to be called, some of you anyways, there are always one or two that do not, but I digress. You light anchors are holding this frequency fo love, of light. You are holding this. You are the glue for this anchoring of the higher dimensional energies. This is why some of you have gained weight, trying to physically enfold this vibration. Grounding deeply into Gaia has been no easy task for you have never felt at home here. For you are at home here. (He is pointing to the cloud of Source that is pulsing with love light). Yes. And you have been here. (He is pointing to the inky black absence of light that is now being filled with love). Yes, you are healing humanity and in so doing you assist with healing the inter-dimensional artificially created rift that has torn space-time fabric and affected the All. This is why as Earth rises all else shall rise. For the time continuum as we have discussed in classes, it is like a living breathing fabric, that gets wrinkled once in awhile. The wrinkles create short cuts, and wormholes, basic science really. But vibrationally speaking this is a tremendous boon to the energies that are surrounding. For you are in the photon belt. And as you know, do you remember, that it is a critically charged area in our space quadrant, where the central suns are all lined up, creating a massive portal of light. This is what you are and will be feeling further. It is why this is a glorious time for humanity for quite literally this is where the space fabric is bunched up, this is where the light is felt most keenly. (I am seeing a seamstress fold fabric up accordion style). Yes, just as this occurs, then the needle and thread can go through all the the wrinkles at once, correct? This is what the light is doing. This is why you empaths are so twitchy and touchy lately. You are feeling this grand tingling anticipation of something big. And you are watching it. It is a glorious time. This is the culmination chapter of many sordid years of pain. We are all eagerly watching.

I am not currently embodied. I assist my pupils from the ethers and in other clever ways. I do enjoy magic from time to time. I see all things as magical potential, for in truth that is what it is. Life is magical. You are magical beings living within a society that longs for subjugation of it. No, no, not quite right. Let me see, let us say that magic is returning. It is returning through you. Those who are awake and aware are more than capable with focused intention of dismantling the matrix and you are doing so. Well done. Now do look around you with the eyes of one who expects magic to continue to happen for the greater good. For this realm is being freed. The darkness is being filled with light and that light is love. It is a tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion. I think I shall write a book about it. Yes! Another lecture, another time.

I am Merlin. Did you enjoy my lesson? See the world with your own magical vision. Create the magic of love light wherever you go. And it will foil many a plan. Things are really going quite well. Creator is pleased. Expect miracles and they shall come. Hopeful expectation and a firm belief in the possible is a good start. You will be the builders of a new realm filled with hope and miracles. Yes. For the light can’t be stopped. It is already here. It is within you. Harvest it. Share it. That is the lesson for the day. I hope you took good notes and took it to heart, for there – there – is where your magic lies. It is your soul. It is the breath of hope of your soul and it is your future. Source will never stop expanding. (He is getting up from his chair and stretching, patting his stomach). We all expand in our own way. (He is laughing). Students, be of good cheer. The light has won. You are simply seeing it play out. Shine your light. You are the glue in this magical play. The light fills you, all things are made from it. I am Merlin.

~ galaxygirl

On This Auspicious Day of Remembrance-JFK via Losha-

Message from John F. Kennedy

November 22, 2020

On This Auspicious Day of Remembrance…

Message from John F. Kennedy

My beloved Patriots…I just wanted to check in with you all today, on the anniversary of my assassination, back in 1963.

Yes, it was a harrowing event for all involved…and I feel the collective energy of sadness and anger building right now, as we come upon this auspicious day.

However, with the extended period of time with which I have had to review this tragic event that ended my physical life on Earth, I have altered my perspective somewhat, and I wanted to share it with you now, my loving Patriots.

Even though my life was cut short by a nefarious group of infidels, this event also called many early Patriots to “action”, because they knew who had planned out the assassination, and they realized that it was time to “make a plan” to finally stamp out the darkness of the cabal.

The Patriots who had stood by me during that time began to make detailed plans to begin the elimination of the Deep State, as they are called now. My colleagues also knew that this plan was going to take time to come to its ultimate completion…and that “completion” is what you all are witnessing, right now.

The plan to eradicate the cabal, which began as a very clandestine plan, has now become the “news of the day”…at least on the “truthful” news sites, that is. Eventually, those other “mainstream” news sites which have been manipulated and told what to say since the days of my Presidency, will be no longer.

We are at the most critical juncture of our short American history right now…and I am watching and assisting from my “station”…and knowing that all will end well…and all will be well, soon. In fact, it will be better than ever before!

There are new leaders, attorneys, state officials and patriots, stepping forward each day, to assist in restoring our Republic once and for all…and working to give us back our sovereignty. That is no small task however, and it is also needing each and every one of you who are reading this, to participate in whatever way is your individual divine calling, in order for all of the Alliance collective to battle the dark agenda’s plan with courage, determination and perseverance, and to reverse its course steadfastly until all can see the Light!

I am so very, very proud of you all, my beloved Patriots, for all the exhausting hours and mental energy you have expended in order to quell the cabal’s maze of intricate distractions and blatant elements of fraud and deceit…and believe me, we will WIN…and WIN BIG!

This big win will be for more than the Presidency of the United States though…it will also be for each and every American, even those who are currently on the “other side” of the Truth right now…for they will see the fraud and deceit for what it truly is, and has been for so many years, and they will slowly realize that they have been lied to, and taken advantage of, and they will quietly direct their allegiance toward the Light.

I ask of all of you…please be respectful and understanding as those who were deceived and unawake become awakened…because you also were, at one time, an unawakened one…and I hope you remember how long and arduous the road to awakening was for most of you…and it will also be that way, if not even more arduous and mind-numbing, for those who are just now waking up. Compassion is always the answer.

Thank you all for “having my back” all these years…it means so very much to me, and I hope you can feel I am returning that love you have given me, back to you all…one hundred fold!

I am watching over you all, and loving you all, during this very momentous and challenging time in our history.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

The authentic self will take the news of NESARA and these days that lead to it with calm, with the kind of Joy that is open and in-the-moment, without feeling the need for all explanations and adjustment to all new situations occurring all at once.

The Collective: Great Movement

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And we wish to say, that there is great movement afoot now to bring each nation, each person, each community to a place of sovereignty in all ways and on all levels of life.

You may feel that the passage of NESARA law will solve only certain problems while producing others—too great a shift for some to adjust to.

Yet what you many call “problems” are generally the result of the particular way in which the ego-mind receives an event or situation.

It is a form of resisting a situation, rather than sitting with the discomfort or newness of it, patiently, until a resolution or adjustment can be found that is for the higher good of all.

The unfolding of this shift, which has been a long time (in your Earth time) in the making, is not something that will bring you into a similar situation to that which has already existed on the Earth.

You have before now built and sustained highly advanced societies and civilizations, yes, and some of these are still operating, such as those in Inner Earth.

Yet we speak of the liberation of surface Earth life, which has not yet been achieved (on this timeline) in terms of raising life from a dark and difficult third dimension to that of a higher, less dense form of reality.

NESARA’s enactment, though powerful and inevitable now, cannot do the real work of Ascending humanity or the Earth Herself. It is a sign of Ascension, not the completion of it.

Each day, each of you sees to the requirements of your particular paths, answering to different aspects of your Earth mission, while your soul family and Spirit team actively support you.

Though it may feel that they are quite distant, in fact you are powerfully connected to them in such a way that in essence, they never leave your side.

You are each of you facing inner forms of growth—the requirement for healing those fractured parts of your spirit and psyche, as well as new insight into those aspects of your spirit that do not require more spiritual “training” and left-brain learning, so much as more quiet, more calm, more acceptance of that which modern life drives you to ignore or neglect.

And that is the presence of your inner spirit, which does not fade, does not forget you, does not turn away, though you may unconsciously turn away from it many times throughout the day.

It is the authentic self, without the ornamentation the ego is so engaged in, that calls to you now.

The authentic self will take the news of NESARA and these days that lead to it with calm, with the kind of Joy that is open and in-the-moment, without feeling the need for all explanations and adjustment to all new situations occurring all at once.

The true inner self, if you will allow that to come forward now, is able to show you the depth of your own spirit in ways not known to you in nearly all your Earth lives since the fall of the great civilizations into the third dimension. 

If you are to live within what is called fifth density, you will need to know yourself—minus the constant chatter and distractions of what passes for an average day for most.

Can you sit with your own company, without checking the phone, or the email, or other devices, for several hours or even one hour each day?

Can you sit quietly with a friend and allow them to speak of their troubles or their happiness (or some trivial matter) and not think up a reply as they are speaking, but simply allow their energies to dance out in front of you, neither judging nor trying to shift where they are?

Can you be out in Nature and note the intricate patterns in a leaf, the twist of the blades of tall grass, the birds calling to one another, and be unafraid of the stillness you locate within yourself in those moments?

This too is your Ascension! This too is that New Earth you came to establish—firstly, from within.

For the consciousness you seek is not only that which is a matter of the “winning” of the Light Forces upon the Earth, and the removal of the oppressive systems under which you and others have labored for millennia.

It is not so much a political victory as a moment of heart-based realization—a coming home—and forms of growth that no oppressive structure can weaken or remove, even in their last desperate gasp.

This is who you have become over many centuries of Earth life in which you took part in the Great Experiment that was to be the fall of humanity from those forms of Grace, which held you in full awareness of your Divinity, into a loss of that awareness.

You are now awakening to that which you have always been—that brilliance your soul has thirsted for you to know and live within as easily as you breathe, and as necessary.

Can you now turn from the training you have mistakenly thought to be the self, to discover in the quiet, in the calm you intentionally create at crucial moments throughout the day, that which you were told must come from without?

That which you were taught can only come from certain beliefs, certain ideas, certain rituals?

Can you accept that the Universe and all its mysteries exist within you, whether you “ask the right questions” or not?

Can you accept the shifts NESARA will bring in terms of the necessity of facing yourself in ways you may have felt unnecessary, or too self-centered, or too intimidating?

Can you live within as fully as you live without?

We would, as the old saying goes, “bet the farm on it,” for we know that each of you in your high heart would ask for nothing less than the great adventure of that inner journey, and have come forward to be on the Earth at this crucial moment, in order to take on that very thing.

And so, we as always bow to your bravery, dear ones.

Yes, the au regime have made it difficult for you to know Truth from fiction, and yet—here you are, master poets who have taken their metaphors and written your own masterpieces, nevertheless.

Namaste, friends! You stand at the threshold.

Accept all the beauty you have created with your visions and commands.

And yes, we (and the Source) are with you, always.


The Federation of Light Through Blossom Goodhild, Nov. 22, 2020

Hello there! So many Loved your information on the I AM Mantra last week. Thank you. However, others shared concerns of ‘skipping over any Announcement news’ and felt let down. Guess you can’t win ‘em all!

Ok … I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I often get sent links to ‘clips’, asking if they ‘maybe’ the announcement. Last night I got sent one which was of, Mr T (Not the one from THE A TEAM!) announcing the changes he was to bring in as of Jan 1st, regarding the price of medicines and basically bringing the Big Pharma Companies down to their knees.

Whether for, or against this man, whether this came from the man in the moon, or indeed Noddy … we all surely want that to happen? The Big Pharma, without question, in my eyes, is corrupt and of the dark. He stated a few times ‘This is a big, big announcement’. Yet, interestingly enough not a whisper of it on MSM … which to me, speaks volumes! Is this the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT? … for you have said ‘everyone’ will hear of it. *

Welcome to you, Blossom, and to Each One who listens to that which we have to say … coming from their Heart and not their head. We can feel you are of trepidation asking of this?

Yes, I am, very much so. As you know, yet maybe your readers don’t, I do not tune into you until this time, so as not to be influenced in any way by my thoughts and so that this discussion is ‘fresh’. Yet, I feel I need to ask about this, as it seems HUGE (to me) and yet, I know ‘we’ are not about politics, yet, it is sometimes hard to avoid.

We appreciate your concerns, Blossom, on the many layers that they come from. What we would say is this …

No. This is not the HUGE Announcement … because when the HUGE Announcement does arrive it … WILL NOT/CANNOT … be slipped through one’s fingers. It will not be able to remain unheard or unmentioned, for it shall be for ALL TO KNOW ABOUT. It will not be kept from your MSM as it will not be able to be ‘missing in action’!

Well, that settles that then. Thank you.

Let us further reassure you, Blossom, and those who feel the same as you ‘waiting, waiting, waiting’ … THE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL COME … yet, would we say … ‘In a package’.

Meaning many things wrapped up in one?

Yes. Meaning exactly that. Yet, not everything shall be revealed at once. It would be too much.

Remember … THIS IS A DIVINE PLAN … and each step of the way has been so carefully discussed and monitored. When you are able to know more of which we speak … you will understand how intricate and precise this Plan is and you will accept that the waiting … one’s impatience … was so very much required, in order for every minute detail to be carried out.

I am not going to ask about a time frame. Many say the elections are not over and you said it would be before the elections … and Truly … I don’t want to retract back to that ‘state of thought’ … So, what happens now?


No matter how many hearts will sink at that statement … no matter how many tired and weary Beings FEEL they do not have the strength to carry on … YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL.

You also know, you have the freedom to choose whether or not you remain a ‘Warrior of Light’ on this journey with us, or ‘Jump off this path and on to another’.



Those of you who feel so lost and alone … those who question our words … those who do not feel strong enough to continue … will find more strength … find more enthusiasm … find more courage … because even if they so choose to remove themselves from that which ‘we’ have to say … at some point they will jump back on board. Maybe not with us yet, with another that takes them on a different path, and yet, all shall gather at the arranged ‘meeting point’.

Each One has the right to ‘get there’ by their own method of transport!

Why did I choose a snail??

We accept that it must feel like that for many. Yet, from where we are …

The snail is making progress … slowly but surely.

And is it not carrying its home on its back … in the same way you carry your home in your hearts?

Yep. Yet, now and then it wouldn’t go amiss to hop into the pouch of a passing kangaroo, just to give us the ‘bounce’ we need and to feel that, if only for a time, we are moving forward in leaps and bounds.

As we have said, and it is necessary to repeat many things, Blossom … there will come a time when you may … contemplate/look back … on ‘these days’ and wish you could snuggle up safe inside that shell.

There is to come, so much turmoil, as we have stated and yet, there shall be so much Love, Compassion, Acceptance, and Understanding required. Not only … for/from … within the self yet, for others that feel caught up in the whirlwind and have no idea how or where to land.

Yet, when they do … you shall be there, wherever they may find themselves within their awakening … and help them to their feet … and hold their hand as you guide them through.

Yet, not everyone will ‘want’ to come, will they?

Many shall be so lost … they will choose to remain ‘as they … are/were’ … or take their leave from the disruption and chaos and send their Love from elsewhere … from a place where they feel safe.

Yet, the Ground Crew shall remain … Holding the Light … Holding the Love … Holding the hands of those who are afraid.

The time … Dearest, most benevolent souls, is upon you now, when you can feel your strength lifting. When you are KNOWING rather than ‘pretending to know’.

When you FEEL inside your hearts … THE TRUTH.

Because THE TRUTH is to be presented in so many ways.

We do not speak here of ‘just’ the Truth of all that has been hidden regarding the dark one’s manipulation and abhorrent ways … for indeed these things, these people, shall ‘be exposed’ and their behaviours shall be presented to all.

Yet, we speak too, of THE TRUTH … THE ‘LIGHT’ OF TRUTH.


‘Actually’ are?

Yes, Blossom. For as the darkness continues to fall and break down … Truths of who you are … Truths of who you can be … Truths of what you will once again become … will be offered to you on a plate.

What, so am I about to find out I’m ‘actually’ a fruit platter? (just couldn’t resist)

Yes! (‘we’ just couldn’t resist). Yet, to become a little more ‘down to basics’ … we ask you to hold on to certain facts.

The fact that as more darkness is revealed for what it was … and is literally ‘dispersed of’, you will discover more and more that is of the Light.

These ‘Light frequency, High Vibe’ discoveries/reveals … will feel like you are in touch with home.

E.T phone home, type of thing?

Well, shall we say, ‘The Knowing’ that one’s Wi-Fi is far more accurate and speedy than the old fashioned dial up.

Nice analogy, chaps!




Dearest friends, indeed, there is a lot more to come … and not only will your world seem upside down yet, you will feel like you are stuck on the spin cycle!

It will seem like this for quite a time yet, KNOW … THE TURMOIL WILL END … and everything will come out clean and smelling of roses … … … eventually

We ask that you let go of time frames.

Easier said than done … Yet, I know exactly what you mean.







You know that we are doing our best, don’t you?

Indeed. Even on what you consider ‘Off days’ … we KNOW you are still doing the very best you can.

Under the circumstances …

Under these extreme circumstances … Within these extreme circumstances.





Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

*This is the link that is mentioned.

Please remember … I am a messenger, for these conversations … finding myself in uncharted waters and doing the best I can to stay afloat. Thank you for your understanding.

The Undercurrent Grows.

Content is light-encoded to assist your journey.

Blessings Beloveds ~
The undercurrent intensifies as we near the Revelation Wave influxes. Perhaps you have felt this reality-shifting mechanism flowing beneath the surface realities. 

There is so much happening in this Now. The Zero Point where all is simultaneous begins to bleed through into our waking lifestream like never before.

Explore the multidimensional operation of this Divine passage. The distractions and polarities are purposeful, and become more intense, as these energies flow in.

In your Divine Heart, all is eternal, infinite, limitless creation. Re-heart your fields, thoughts, visions and focus often. Zero Point provides amplification – as well as photonic order.

In our Mastery, our Hearts are beaming the True Self, the Creator State of BEingness to all of these realms. Be a blessing to the Now. In Divine Service, we seize opportunities for kindness, moment by moment.

November Webinar replay Now Available

Guidance for this Now and Preparation for the December Revelation Wave. Receive video & audio replays at

Higher realms requested unified Gate & Grid focus December 12-14

The 12-12 has always launched brand new energies. The Revelation Wave is a Divine and powerful shift point for collective realities.

The Higher realms are encouraging all who work with the organic stargates and Crystalline grids to be outside, on the land, for three mornings in a row. We are opening for these consciousness-shifting codes, waves and photonic flows to utilize the organic stargates like never before. To honor this, we will gather for three mornings that weekend in Sedona.

December Live Gatherings in Sedona:

Saturday December 12 at 9AM MST
12-12 Gate & Grid activation
Private group of Gate & Gridkeepers – contact Sandra for details.

SUNday December 13 at 9AM MST
Live SUNday Unity Meditation at Cathedral Rock

Monday, December 14 at 9AM MST
Solar Eclipse Meditation/ Code Activation at Cathedral Rock

Gratitude to all continuing to hold the stability of Divine Love as the USA experiences *election month.*  Let us use our Responsible Creation tools and allow the highest outcomes to unfold with as much ease and grace as  possible.  Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Photo at top: Visiting the Grandest Canyon this week

Think only of what you want…Take complete responsibility for every thought you think-Adama from Telos via Sharon-

You will become fearless when you realize that you create your entire reality and when you take control of it.
Me: Hi Adama, can you explain this to us please? Adama: Hello Sharon. I can. It’s the truth. The reason you fear your reality, or aspects of your life is because you don’t control them. The reason you don’t control them is because you haven’t stepped into your power. You’re still feeling like a victim. Outer earthlings fear their future. They fear what will happen to them, not understanding they create it. You spoke of several fears that you have that the dark ones use to harass you with, one of which is narcissistic, violent men. You’re in a loop. You’re repeating this loop over and over and continuing to attract men you fear will either beat you or kick your door in. The reason for this is because you still allow them into your life with your mind. Me: Light snaps on. Adama: So you understand, then. Create a vision of your life the way you want it. You envision weight loss and better health, you envision an increase in prosperity, now envision a decrease in toxic people around you. You are so certain of so many things, you absolutely “know” that they’ll happen. Now you have to absolutely know of things that won’t happen so envision a life without them. There is no karma for anyone any longer; what’s happening to you on the outer planet is your fears are keeping the dark ones alive. When you lose your fears you’ll lose the dark ones. You speak of the Matrix and how it sends Smiths to torment you. Now be a Neo and battle the Smiths. Me: LOL Adama: Neo battled his Smiths and eliminated every one of them that was sent to torment him when he went back into the Matrix. He grew stronger and more self aware the more you got into the plot of the story. Orpheus tried to tell him who he was but he had to, like you all do, learn to realize for himself. Be a Neo and create your own timelines. Forget about the Matrix. It can’t harm you unless you let it. Let’s just say that every time Neo hooked in to the Matrix, it’s because he had another negative thought he was creating into a reality. Then he had to go and fight the Smiths, who represented the negative reality he created. Me: What do you mean there’s no karma for anyone any longer? Adama: Your collective negativity has been transmuted to neutrality. Yes, earth’s people are ready to ascend.
Me: I see a lot of people still behaving in non-ascension ready ways. Adama: I said earth’s people are ready to ascend. I didn’t say they will ascend. People will ascend when they learn to stop being negative. When they stop creating unrealities. Your collective unconscious has been transmuted to a neutral state. Earthlings aren’t carrying the baggage they have for eons. Me: That’s pretty good. So this is really about training our minds now. Adama: Yes, Sharon. You noticed the other day that manifestation happens a lot more quickly than it ever did before. Me: Yes.

Adama: You thought of a neighbour who’s been doing something that annoys you and he showed up the next night. You had a talk with him and told him how you felt and he seems different now, so Neo battled this Smith. You’re not so afraid of him. But the point is, that you thought of him and he came by the next day. Had you not thought of him in fear, he wouldn’t have showed up. That’s my point. You have so much control over what you attract and you don’t realize it. That’s what people are learning now. Not so much clearing of old karma. They’re learning how to use their divine gifts. And the first rule is you create your reality, so think of nice things that you want to have in your life.

I hear you. You want Ivo. Yes, he is a nice thing, isn’t he? LOL

Me: Yes.

Adama: Keep your focus positive. Always. Don’t think of how the matrix harasses you or it will. Don’t think of family members you no longer want to deal with or they’ll show up. Don’t dread things happening that you don’t want to deal with, otherwise they’ll happen and you will have to deal with them. Keep your focus absolutely, totally and completely on what you want, not on what you don’t want. And I can’t stress that point enough. Do not entertain thoughts of what you don’t want because you’ll have to deal with them.
Did you understand that?
Do not think about things you fear or don’t want to happen, because you’ll create them. Think only of what you want. Even if you have to think about Ivo all day long, then that’s what you do.

Me: Okay.

Adama: Whenever you slip up, you’ll know because things you don’t like will start to happen. You’ll know you thought something that you don’t want because it will be there, to torment you. You’re seeing now that you have longer periods of pleasantness where you can go about your work and taking care of yourself, and that’s because your mind is more positive. Do not focus on what you don’t want. Just don’t. If you haven’t been able to do it before, do it now: become a positive thinker. Only want the best always for yourself and others. Take complete responsibility for every thought you think.

Take responsibility for your every thought because they all count. Every one of them.

Your mind is your best friend or your worst enemy, it depends on how you use it. Focus is everything so focus only on the good and what you want for yourself and others.

Me: Thank you Adama.

Adama: You’re welcome Sharon. I wish you the best.

because there have been enough of you who have responded to it with kindness and compassion, you have created some lovely timelines for humanity’s future, timelines that we know you are going to want to vibrate in harmony with.

Better Timelines for the Future of Humanity ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to investigate the new timelines that humanity has in front of you now that you are facing an increase in the number of people who are affected by the virus. Everyone is affected in the way that they need to be affected, which certainly is not the way that they want to be affected in most cases. We are talking about everyone across the entire planet, not just those who have contracted the virus.

You have all been affected, and it has stirred things up there. It has pushed lots of buttons; it has revealed what was already inside of each and every one of you. And because there have been enough of you who have responded to it with kindness and compassion, you have created some lovely timelines for humanity’s future, timelines that we know you are going to want to vibrate in harmony with. As you vibrate in harmony with one of these very positive timelines, you then find yourselves on it. It’s that simple.

This is why we tell you to stop looking for predictions about what will happen. Your free will is not just about what you do, what you think, and what you say. Your free will is about what you experience, what your future holds, especially now that you are fourth-dimensional beings, inching every day closer to the fifth. And so, these powerful new timelines are about letting go of what the virus has stirred up within you, if it is something that is of a lower vibration. And those of you who have been able to access more compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love are the ones leading the way to these much more positive timelines.

You have so much power within you, and that power to not only create a better reality for yourselves, but it is also about leading others, taking them by the hand, and taking them with you to a much better feeling future. Those of you who are not getting triggered by what is happening on your world right now are fortunate. If you are not in resistance to what is happening on your world, then you are one of the lucky ones. But it wasn’t luck at all that put you in the position that you are in. It was a choice that you made before you incarnated.

And as you move forward now because of that fortunate position that you are in, you have more of an ability to turn on the vibration within you that you want to experience. Most humans do not have that option because they either have something they need to clear, or because they have not been taught about their ability to reach within themselves and offer a vibration on purpose.

That is where you come in; you are the ones to lead with your example, and you are the ones to teach others how to release and clear all of that angst, all of that fear, all of that anger, all of that rage, and all of that hate so that they can follow you to the better-feeling timelines that have been created out of your love, compassion, and desire to serve humanity. It doesn’t take a majority of you to be offering those vibrations, but there have been enough of you to create these timelines, and there are enough of you on Earth right now to lead humanity into a much more positive and good-feeling future.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”