The truth is going to set us free.

by Ashley Ulizzi Life Coach.

When I look at the world today in its current state, I am able to see it through a lens of authenticity.

Ever since I can remember, I have been deeply rooted in the need for transparency and truth in every aspect of my being. In fact, I am naturally repelled by anything and anyone who emits otherwise.

I have never felt more truth running through my veins than I do now. The world is shedding it for ALL to see, and many others are feeling its presence for the first time.

As we’ve lived for many, many years embedded in a world of lies, it’s liberating to be here in this divine time to watch the LIGHT of truth overcome the world.

For those of us that have been anchored in truth, it has felt segregating and painful to live for years while watching many descend into the trap of endless deception and fabrication in every aspect of the planet.

The reason why we truth seekers did not conform to the socially imposed rules was that we were not able to be misled by propaganda and fear of ourselves, mainly because we were woken by suffering or sacrifice from doing exactly that.  The truth is most people are conditioned into their comfort zone out of fear, so thinking outside of what they are told seems threatening and forbidden.

I have been gifted to feel truth and authenticity with my energy, and a strong intuition that lets me know clearly what’s real. This is your utmost superpower when leading a genuine life.

I remember feeling from a very young age like l was in a coma state, that this was all just a dream and one day I would wake up and come back and nothing would be as it seemed.

I felt like I didn’t belong here, until now.

As I got older I realized, this was not far from the truth. We are all sleeping until we are woken up by truth and our own intuitive conviction.  You never have to go far for the truth of anything, one must simply tear down the false security of looking elsewhere and go within.

As we are now in the time of the great awakening,  we now get to witness the truth prevail against the falsely cloaked world we have been living in:

Fake news- news anchors manipulating the world through a script written by the people who own them.  Fake science- doctors, and scientists creating illnesses and unnatural problems so that they can convince you to outsource your autonomy to them, and sell you solutions for their own financial gain.  Fake history- a written script of how they want you to be programmed to think so that you don’t recognize deception and indoctrination when it’s happening.  Fake society- Illogically imposed rules put on to form a one-sided opinion and isolation of any who choose to think differently.  Fake food- corporations stripping our natural sources of nutrition to replace it with synthetic and artificial ingredients that fuel created disease and problems, that they can sell you solutions for. Fake people- celebrities and political officials with a higher agenda posing to be role models and service to humanity.  Fake money-  a system created on a foundation of mass debt to keep people bound and feed select individuals in power. Making people slaves to money.

There are still some people who will not accept the truth. You can give people knowledge but you can’t make them think, most would rather stay in the dark because the truth requires change.

And the truth, this truly is an exciting time to be alive.

We’re entering into a time where radical responsibility is more than necessary, and outsourcing your power has to come to an end. Critical thinking, personal research, and taking it to the heart are the tools of the enlightened that must be used by all.

For those of us right now who feel the presence of truth, authenticity, and embody the light that is overtaking the world at this moment in time, we know this is what we came here for. 

The truth is going to set us free.

Ashley Ulizzi

Everyone is holding on to what gives them comfort and imagined security.

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Shift All That is Known

We are here, coming as your friends to offer support and guidance as you navigate the turbulence of these challenging times. You are experiencing the collapse of what is and has been familiar. You are experiencing the shift of the ages. You are experiencing the dark night of the collective soul. You are experiencing a major dimensional shift. You are experiencing the great awakening.

It is on every level of your reality that these shifts and these collapses are taking place. The impact of this evolution of consciousness and its effects will be felt, honored and recognized in all the coming years.

All that has taken place in the conflicts and the polarities in your personal, political, social, physical and environmental arenas has stretched you in every possible manner. Everyone is holding on to what gives them comfort and imagined security.

We are inviting you to ride these waves with as much conscious awareness as possible. You were made for these times. You truly have the immense power to thrive during these times. Remember that you are a divine being in a physical body. It is your divine awareness that will guide and support you as you experience the seeming collapse of what you know and understand to be true about reality.

What is collapsing is all that is limited, untrue, dysfunctional and out of balance. All that has been hidden is being revealed. There is a dismantling of the old structures and the old paradigms. Even the Earth is healing and purifying herself. All of these events coming together at once certainly are causing great distress.

We invite you to continue to reset your attitude; take a deep breath and sigh into the exhale. Remind yourself that you were made for these times. You are here to call forth the new reality, to anchor all the cosmic energy and light that is bathing your planet. You are here as the true transformer.

Continue to find that place of peace within yourself. Become the peaceful observer, the fair witness. Notice when you become polarized, angry, irritated, out of balance. Stop the thoughts that are supporting your anger. Pause and allow yourself to reset your awareness. Return to your heart.

It is most important during these times of great chaos to anchor stillness in the midst of chaos. It will take practice and your full awareness to stop your mind from engaging with the emotional issues. It will take the consciousness of the master that you are to not get plugged in to all the turmoil.

Practice finding your inner state of peace. Perhaps in meditation, walks in nature, dancing, chanting or free sounds. Use the methods that work best for you. Remove yourself from your electronic reality. Pause and become aware of everything that is around you. When you are still and peaceful within your own energy is when you are most effective in supporting the changes and the shifts you desire to manifest in your personal life and in the collective.

Your planet is moving into the fifth dimension and all the negative and misqualified energies are being healed and transformed. You are an important part of the process taking place. You have been transforming and healing your personal wounds, limitations and negative reactions to what is occurring.

We acknowledge you for the personal work that you have done. It has not gone unnoticed. You are being acknowledged as a master. You are here on this planet at this time to do this work.

Celebrate this opportunity to truly accept your responsibility as the starbeing that you are. It is important to keep returning to your heart center and to welcome the presence of divine beings into this time frame. We love to be invited to assist and support the evolution of consciousness that is taking place. Remember, when you invite us and other divine beings to assist and support, our energy goes where you are focused.

Our energy is like a laser light of love directed to the area or situation upon which you are focused. If it is your environment that concerns you, let that be your focus when you invite us to assist you. Or perhaps it is the transformation of the government that is your concern, or your economy. Your attention is your free will and we will always honor that.

As these wonderful and tremendous changes are taking place, it is important to remember that these shifts are occurring because of you. You have been asking for, praying about, and quietly requesting these changes to come upon this planet ever since you became conscious.

All the personal shifts you have made, all the books you have read, workshops you have attended, silent heart requests made and prayers spoken have propelled your planet to be lifted up energetically into the next dimension. We say to you, good work. You are in the final stages of this powerful transformation.

So continue to hold true to your heart’s knowing that there is a reality in which everyone thrives. You are anchoring an energy that will shift all that is known. We cannot impart the importance of your full attention and focus in bringing this shift to completion.

Do not be alarmed if things seem to get worse; remember, all that is dark and hidden has to come to the light in order to be transformed. Hold true to your divine knowing that these are just the last stages of the transformation of your planet and all that is dysfunctional. The cosmic vibrations are causing this shift. Remember, you are being supported by all divine beings both in your personal reality as well as your collective reality.

Together we will celebrate the great awakening and the great reset taking place in your dimension. We are always available to you upon request as are all other divine masters and beings. Call upon us to join you as you hold firm and anchor this evolutionary change and shift which is allowing the old paradigms to be illuminated and eliminated. the ‘team’

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A long period of internal exploration like you have experienced in 2020 will naturally be followed by the external exploration of the new, true potentials that can begin to be discovered due to the energetic spaciousness you have spent the time creating within.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Rhythm of the Universe

November 18, 2020,

Many of you become frustrated if you do not see forward movement in your lives. We wish for you to know that growth and expansion is always occurring, and just like the flow, sometimes you will see it as a tangible physical manifestation while other times it will be happening behind the scenes within you.

With your spiritual growth the expansion is internal first, then the resulting external reflection of that work will follow. As with all things in the universe, it is the combination of the two that create sustainable and balanced forward movement.

You can have ease with this process because the rhythm of the universe is very predictable. A long period of internal exploration like you have experienced in 2020 will naturally be followed by the external exploration of the new, true potentials that can begin to be discovered due to the energetic spaciousness you have spent the time creating within.

Do you see? The internal supports the external, the lull supports the flow, and growth and expansion is always occurring because each supports the other in equal measure. It is a glorious dance of love and interconnectedness that will always lead you to your next greatest discovery.

You do not need to pray, meditate, contemplate, or examine your conscience to see if you think you are worthy, all you have to do is just invite Love in, then allow, and relax. -Jesus via John-

Your collective awakening is progressing most beautifully.  Relax, release your doubts and worries, and watch with joy as it all unfolds!

You can all feel the momentum increasing, and you can all, if you will allow yourselves to do so, feel the Peace of Oneness within yourselves as you continue to develop your trust in the One, Source, Love, Who is You/you, always and eternally.

Nothing happens by chance, without design, because God is pure creative THOUGHT constantly increasing Itself for the utter joy of all that She has created.  Therefore, your awakening is inevitable and unavoidable, and that knowledge – constantly being transmitted and reaffirmed through so many spiritual channels – is intended to confirm it for you so that you learn to trust your deep inner knowing of which, as humans, you often tend to be very skeptical.  This is understandable because, as humans in form, you have very frequently experienced disappointment, and the pain and suffering that it causes.

Our task, here in the spiritual realms, apart from watching over you most lovingly and awaiting and responding to your calls for comfort and guidance, is to constantly reassure you that you are divine beings infinitely and eternally loved by Mother/Father/God, the Source of ALL that exists.

When you go within to your holy inner sanctuaries, which totally and completely accept you in every moment, regardless of any sins or errors you may believe that you have committed, just relax and open yourselves to the LOVE that resides there waiting for you to allow It to embrace you.

You do not need to pray, meditate, contemplate, or examine your conscience to see if you think you are worthy, all you have to do is just invite Love in, then allow, and relax. When you relax and cease to question yourselves as to whether you really have relaxed, Peace and Love will fill your hearts as old fears and anxieties just fade away.  Truly, you are waking up!

YES, we keep reassuring you that you are waking up into Reality – your eternal state of existence at One with Source – and drawing to your attention the signs of this, of which you cannot be unaware, as they are reluctantly being reported in both the mainstream and the all-pervasive social media.

Pay attention to the TRUTH of who you are – as we here in the spiritual realms keep reminding you – and let go of your doubts or beliefs that you are unworthy of God, or if indeed God really exists!

You know that you are, each and every one of you, divine beings have a temporary experience of separation from Source.  You know that separation from Source is impossible, because you have a deep inner knowing that Oneness with Source is who you are, and that it is your eternal, unbreakable, and uninterruptible state of Being, and that there is nothing apart from Source, or independent of Source, because Source is ALL, and therefore so are YOU!

Your experience in form as a human is completely unreal.  

However, because you have the power of God,  you were able to construct an unreal – I REPEAT an UNREAL – but seemingly very real state of existence into which you chose to enter, leaving behind, in Reality, the knowledge of who you truly are.

To not know who you are is a devastating experience, shocking, horrific, and intensely trauma inducing.  No one in human form – now, in the past, or in the future – has avoided the experience of intense trauma.  Trauma is the agonizing belief that you are alone, separate, rejected, and abandoned.  The journey through the birth canal, as you are born as a human into human form, totally confirms this invalid belief and ingrains it within you as obviously true.

To free yourselves from this untruth is the task that each of you chose to undertake when you agreed to incarnate in human form.  A major aspect of that task – having first come to your own personal realization of the invalidity of your human belief in separation, rejection, and abandonment – is to assist humanity to also come to this realization and awaken!

You – you, your individual selves, and all of humanity – are now coming to the realization that Reality is VAST! 

Way vaster than the seemingly infinite universe in which, as humans, you appear to be insignificant specks of consciousness functioning with great difficulty in a material environment that is unseeing, unfeeling, unaware – DEAD!

And you wonder “What am I doing here?  It makes absolutely no sense.”  From that state of fear and confusion arises the belief that life is an ongoing struggle for survival that always fails, because death is inevitable, and is the termination point of human existence.

But, due to the inbuilt possibility for evolution that you established as an aspect of the unreality you constructed, humanity has developed and expanded its intellectual capabilities way beyond its present evolutionary state of spirituality and wisdom.  This has led to a vast expansion of scientific materialism that lacks the essential wisdom to use that knowledge, with appropriate discernment and prudence, for the benefit of all sentient life forms.

You have in fact, as you are all very much aware, reached a level of intellectual/scientific capability that has enabled you to do, and continue to do, enormous damage to the environment that supports you.  You now realize that if you do not cease your self-centered and egotistical ways of living, the damage that you are inflicting on your beautiful planet and her ecosystems will very soon terminate her ability to support any sentient life forms.  Therefore major changes in your collective attitudes and behaviors are essential NOW!

The good news is that, because of humanity’s growing collective awareness that only Love is real, major changes are finally being put into effect which will initially bring to an end the most damaging of your activities, and then start the major cleanup operations necessary to restore and repair the unconscionable damage that has already been inflicted upon the planet.

Along with this, the planet herself is changing, and this will lead to an environment that provides a more balanced planet-wide habitat for all life forms, without the present extremes of climactic weather patterns and surface temperature variations.  The future for an awakened humanity is most propitious.

Your task, as light bearers, is to develop and share a great optimism for the future of humanity, because you know that the Tsunami of Love, of which you are each essential and most beautiful elements, is powerfully intensifying Its effects in the heart of the collective and in each individual human heart.

The awakening process, that is arousing all of humanity into the awareness that All that exists is Love, is approaching completion because you have all set and held the intent very powerfully for humanity to awaken, and that intent, which is not only your will but also the divine Will, is now being brought to a most glorious fruition.

Therefore, this truly is a time to CELEBRATE!

Take time out as frequently as you can throughout the day to go within and set the intent – know that your individual intent when divinely guided by Love, as it is now, is extremely powerful and effective – to open your hearts, and allow Love to embrace you and reassure you that all is moving forward precisely as divinely planned.

The peace and trust that will arise within you as a result of doing just that, and nothing more, will amaze you, and your knowing that all is well will become more firmly established within you, thus intensifying the Light that is pouring through each one of you to embrace and empower all with whom you interact in even the most fleeting manner.

Remember, each one of you is an absolutely essential and irreplaceable component of the collective awakening process, and each one of you is, right in this now moment, bringing it to its most glorious completion.

Your loving brother, Jesus.