what you are likely sensing is a huge internal shift…Just as a pregnant woman needs to adapt to the addition of a new being growing within her, you are adapting to a new being fusing and evolving within you.

Not Losing it, Changing it

Dear Ones,

You are likely experiencing emotional ups and downs because you are changing in ways you never have before while of the earth.

Perhaps you think such information is merely a cover for the chaos happening in your outer world. We remind you that both your inner and outer worlds are changing dramatically. A similar set of 3D circumstances would include the death of family members, plus a divorce, the birth of a child, moving to a new community, and the start of a new job – all within a week or two.

Your emotional ups and downs are not terrible or unexpected. The difference is you do not have the indicators so common in your  3D world. How can you explain to your loved ones that you feel like crying or laughing at seemingly inappropriate times? Your loved ones do not feel what you feel for they are on a different path.

Because there are fewer commonalities in your new world than in 3D, you cannot explain your sensations to others – or likely even to yourself.

You might respond that COVID-19, politics, or the loss of a job or home explain it all. But such happenings have less to do with your current ups and downs than you might expect. Perhaps those who have been pregnant will understand the unexplainable for those of you surprised by your new mood swings.

Some of you might even fear you are “losing your mind.” We are neither  suggesting or not suggesting medical intervention, but instead affirming that what you are likely sensing is a huge internal shift.

You are a forerunner. So as is true for every aspect of your being to date, you are experiencing something no one of the earth has experienced. Even though you experienced prior shifts, those shifts were never this large in this short period of time.

Such is not to frighten you, but instead to allow you to know what you are feeling is to be expected. Those in the following waves will experience something similar later.

Being the first is not pleasant, for not only do you feel emotionally unsteady, but you also do not know why such is so. Leaving you with fears of mental instability and likely, loss of hope.

For during your emotional ups and downs, every unpleasant or seemingly unpleasant aspect of your life is magnified in ways difficult to explain to others, much less yourself.

You are not losing it. You are merely changing it.

Your segments have been part of your totality for some time. Even though those segments have peeked out of your 3D persona once in a while, you are now fully incorporating segment interests and skillsets into your being.

Such is difficult to describe, for you continue to feel much as you did in 3D with a few statements or actions to the contrary. Granted, you discovered that many in your circle of family and friends are not that interesting. And perhaps you vocalized some of your new thoughts and actions. But for the most part, you rested throughout the past year or more preparing for this time. For this time requires every ounce of your being to focus on who you are becoming.

Just as a pregnant woman needs to adapt to the addition of a new being growing within her, you are adapting to a new being fusing and evolving within you.

2020 was your rest and preparation stage. You are now creating anew to prepare for 2021 and beyond.

2021 is not about resting or mulling about who you are to become. You will be that being. You are now giving birth to that new being.

The results will be no more frightening than was true when you gave birth to adult you during your teen years – or if you have given birth to a child. Even though some of the symptoms and emotions of puberty or birth were perhaps frightening, the results were as you hoped. And just as you cannot be a little bit pregnant or a little bit in puberty, you are evolving as rapidly as you once hoped for – and are now fearful of.

This new being you are birthing includes the higher aspects of your 3D being.

Your 3D being remains the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of new you. At the same time, your CEO is evolving to understand that your new segments have much to offer. Which allows those segments with the most appropriate skills for the specific task you are contemplating to take the leadership role. You are becoming a team instead of a one or two segment leader, as has been true throughout your earth experiences – until now.

Just as a pregnant woman is likely to shift direction and actions to accommodate the life growing within her, so too are you. The difference is the segments within you have an expertise that you, the CEO, do not. So you are not accommodating as does a pregnant woman; you are expanding your skillsets and actions.

For those of you envisioning some ghastly creature growing inside your being, we will add that the major shifts now and in the future are about incorporating your new segments’ skills. You are not becoming a monster throwing out tentacles of fear and power. Instead, you are a Universal being accepting the addition of new skills and interests to create that which you wish to create.

You are changing, and not everyone will appreciate your changes. But you will discover that just as you could not stop your need to initiate your transition years or months ago, you cannot stop this.

So for the next few days, you might fight yourself via emotional ups and downs as you adjust to new you. Or you might find that what you used to love, is no longer comfortable or right for you – which also produces emotional ups and downs.

However you proceed from now on will prepare you for a new life with new directions by or near the beginning of 2021. But because you are the first, this time will seem more difficult than will be true for those waves following. So be it. Amen.

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you want to hold that awareness within you that you are always interacting with another aspect of Source, and that you are co-creating together a beautiful experience, a beautiful opportunity to become more of who you really are.

How to Know Yourself as Source Energy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very determined to give you the best of who we are, because we can feel ourselves expanding and becoming more of our Source Energy Selves when we do so. When you interact with any other being, whether they are human, animal, plant, or extra-terrestrial, we invite you to do the same. Seek your expansion by giving the best of who and what you are, and you will receive that expansion. You will know yourselves more as Source Energy Beings. You will benefit even more so than the individual you are connecting with in that moment.

The best thing that you can do to be of service to anyone is to show up and be present with them. Listen. Tune in to them, and express your feelings. That is how you evolve and transform, and there has never been a better time there on Earth for showing up for your fellow humans. This is not an easy time to be there on Earth, and yet, those of you who are there are there because you knew you would be up to the challenges this lifetime would put in front of you.

You have already awakened so much of the truth of who you are as Source Energy Beings in the flesh, and yet, there is so much more for you to discover about who you are and for you to awaken in others. Helping others realize that they are powerful creator beings, that they are Source Energy in the flesh, these are the ultimate goals of the lightworker. Certainly by being the light, by being yourselves to the fullest extent possible, you are shining more light into your world and activating what needs to be activated within people.

But also, you want to hold that awareness within you that you are always interacting with another aspect of Source, and that you are co-creating together a beautiful experience, a beautiful opportunity to become more of who you really are. And if you as the awakened collective could hold that awareness of who you are within yourselves, even for one day, you would see and feel the enormous impact that you are having on your world, as individuals and as a collective.

You will continue to grow, expand, and evolve, no matter what, but when you do it on purpose, it is so much sweeter and so much more enjoyable. And when you help someone else realize who they really are, then you have more friends to play with in the higher frequencies, in the leading-edge energies that are upon you at this time.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

You see, Dearest Ones, these words … this mantra … I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. … carries so much within it. We have explained it is encoded … It ‘LIFTS’ the Vibration of, not just the self, yet, THE ALL.

Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, Nov. 15, 2020


Good morning my friends. Well, where to from here?

Good morning to you and each one, Blossom. From here, we take another breath and then another and then another … and within each breath that is taken, you send the LOVE THAT IS EVERYTHING … WITHIN EVERYTHING … into your Heart.

In this way, even though there are things taking place that do not seem to have one iota of Love within them … yet, those who are awakened know otherwise … you are taking into your Heart the LOVE that IS there … within that which appears it is not.

Much offence is taken by your Life experience being called a Game … that you are living within a Game … is it not?

Yes, I was mortified years ago when I first heard this.

Yet, we ask you to hold on to that as a way to see yourselves through these very confusing times.

Sometimes, (in games) strategies are used to confuse the opponent and for a while, one cannot see a way ‘around’ these ‘states of play,’ Yet, as the dice is rolled and the players use different tactics than those they had originally construed … once again, there appears Light at the end of the tunnel and HOPE that one is not only ‘back in play’ … yet indeed, ALL SET TO WIN.

We ask you to KNOW deep within your BEING … THAT THE LIGHT HAS ALREADY WON.

To keep reaffirming it to yourselves no matter how things may be presented.

When you KNOW this … not just on a ‘perhaps,’ ‘maybe,’ or ‘I hope so’ level … yet, on an ALL KNOWING level … when DEEP INSIDE OF YOUR HEART YOU KNOW … then all the confusion and unrest that is taking place upon your Planet on so many levels, about so many controversies, will not be able to affect you … Not one little bit.

Each and every time you come across news that conflicts with YOUR TRUTH … say the mantra … only a few times is necessary … and you will FEEL the difference within your ‘LIGHTNESS’.

You see, Dearest Ones, these words … this mantra … I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. … carries so much within it. We have explained it is encoded … It ‘LIFTS’ the Vibration of, not just the self, yet, THE ALL.

The more it is said by more and more … the deeper its resonance is felt. It becomes embedded into the very air that you breathe.

There are so many that know not of these words, yet by YOUR KNOWING of the Energy that lies within them, you are enabling, as you repeat them … the codes to be absorbed by those who do not understand or have no idea about any of this that YOU KNOW.

The more it is said … the Greater Strength is added to it.

Perhaps for a meditation, these words alone, when repeated in a place of stillness, would be all that is required to send your soul soaring into places/spaces of Light that you are yearning for.

So many feel they are not ‘doing their bit’. Yet, to do these things that we suggest is CHANGING YOUR WORLD.

KNOW. KNOW. KNOW, that by ‘simply’ repeating these words IN ALL KNOWING AND ALL TRUTH … you are assisting and contributing so much more than you realise.

The more it is … said/felt … the more it is built upon.

As we have also said before … when you … say it/feel it … feel the strength of so many others that are saying it with you. It is not just a mantra … it is a CODE.

I totally get that. I feel what you are saying yet, what does this code do? Can you explain more about the coding side of it?

It has within its Energy a Light Language, if you will … that is far reaching. By this, we mean that it is not just those upon YOUR Planet that ‘pick up’ on its Vibration … yet, it has a Vibrational signal that can be received by those who are ‘off Planet’ also.

What, so there are lots of ‘ET’s’ from elsewhere joining in?

In a sense. We are once again having difficulty putting that … which ‘IS’ … into words.

Those ‘elsewhere’ are able to receive the signal because of the Energy within it. Therefore, ‘they’ are able to respond ‘to it’ ‘along with it’ … from an Energetic point of view.

We can give you this analogy. In your world you have choirs. It may be that a particular song begins with just the one voice and as it progresses, more voices and harmonies are added verse by verse. Until as it reaches its climatic ending … an entire choir of maybe a hundred or more are singing together as one. We are hoping that each one of you will have experienced this ‘emotional beauty’ through song at some point in your lives.

So, imagine it like that. You, by yourself in your car, at home, at the shops, out walking, exercising, wherever you maybe, whatever you are doing … YOU ARE THE ONE VOICE … at the beginning of the song. Then FEEL within your heart … a few more blending in … then a few more and a few more … YET … we ask you to not only FEEL It … we ask you to HEAR it.

Hear it resonate within you. Feel it Vibrate … within/throughout … your Being. Breathe deeply as you continue and dearest friends, we tell you this … by doing so, by ‘playing this Game’, by making THIS move … not only shall you FEEL/ KNOW that you are playing your part … you will KNOW then, without doubts or questioning’s that THE LIGHT HAS WON.

Wow! I was getting quite emotional visualising /feeling that. I know I have asked this before, yet to those who are ‘new’ to your messages … is it ok for souls to add their own little bit within it? Ie. I AM THE KNOWING etc, or whatever feels right for them? A few seem to do this.

Yes. This is acceptable. Yet, remember also, that too much added could ‘take the code off balance’. One will know for themselves. And may we suggest, if ‘extra’s’ are added, then to return also, now and then, to the ‘Original template’.

Thanks so much. I wondered what we would discuss today. White Cloud did a very poignant video about ‘more Love not hate’. Down here, in these days … one is bombarded with different perspectives about so much … THE BIG DIVIDE is definitely upon us.

Not in its fullness, Blossom. Not yet.

Yes, you have said often it is going to get A LOT MORE TOPSY TURVY than this. Everyone just wants THE TRUTH and WE WANT IT NOW! So much tiredness … so much waiting for the great reveals … in what ever format they may come. Yes, we are the strongest of the strong and doing our very best to remain so yet, wow … what a ride! This roller coaster doesn’t seem to have a stop button.

Yet, it has a pause button. You can put ‘this ride’ … you can put the ‘entire goings on of your Planet’ on pause for a time … and go within.

This ‘line’ of talk is of far more use to you than any we could give regarding the ‘state of affairs’ and the goings on within your newsfeeds, etc.

This is why we choose this ‘Vibration’ today.



It is of such Value for you to ‘take time out’ and ‘take time in’.

Time in?

Time inside of yourselves. The strength that is accumulated when doing so, is one of the greatest ‘pick me ups’ you can depend upon.

Yet many of you are too busy … too busy to feed your soul with the fuel it requires to keep you going.

Those of you who do meditate regularly KNOW exactly what we mean. Those of you who don’t meditate regularly KNOW exactly what we mean.

Dearest souls, you are looking for a way to get through this … in the smoothest, most beneficial way possible. We offer these tools to you.

Perhaps you think they are ‘old hat’?

Oh No. Not at all. Yet, sad to say, I am one of those that do not ‘make’ the time as often as I should.

Blossom … we are not giving you an order. We are making suggestions that are tried and tested … that WILL CHANGE YOUR DAYS FROM UNCERTAINTY TO CERTAINTY.

The uncomfortable conversations with those not walking along the same path as you, will become less uncomfortable.

When you give yourself the ‘time’ … when you give yourself the ‘space’ … when you give yourself THE LOVE … you give yourself … YOURSELF!

And when you accept YOURSELF and allow the Higher Frequency to ‘fall into you’ when meditating … you LOVE YOURSELF MORE … because you are FEELING more of yourself TO Love.

We say again … this is not an order … yet, it is a ‘strategy’ you can use that will blow your opponent’s off the board.

Thanks, Chaps. Indeed … time to ‘step up’ … time to ‘stop moaning’ … time to ‘do what we came to do’ yet, in a more determined fashion. How easily we are ‘lulled’ into a nonchalance of ‘It will be alright when …’. WE’VE GOT THIS CHAPS! YOU CAN RELY ON US!

Of this, we have not once doubted. Otherwise you would not be where you are!

Thanks for the pep talk … Thanks for your guidance. Just … THANKS. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … (going to meditate more).