GAIA is hosted by an Archangel-AA Michael-

Wow this is so beautiful information shared by Steve Beckow in his recent channeling with Archangel Michael on How Many Other Planets are Hosted by Archangels.

Part 1:

If Archangel Gaia inhabits Planet Earth and there are only 144 archangels, does that mean that not all planets are inhabited by archangels?  How are we to think about that? Archangel Michael answers.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 30, 2020.

Steve: If there are only 144 archangels and trillions of planets and stars, not all of them embody archangels, do they?

Archangel Michael: No, they do not. There are planetary systems that have been created from sheer energy. There are planetary systems that have been created as what you would think of from elements. There are a whole variety of differences in them, not only the planetary systems.

But also remember that the number that archangels are able to assume, think of it as aspects, is massive.

Steve: But are you saying that a planet doesn’t have to have an Archangel.

AAM: No, absolutely not.

Steve: Well, even the notion that an Archangel does embody it is new to us but now…

AAM: The embodiment, the form that Gaianna [i.e., anna or angel Gaia] has assumed is highly unusual.

Steve: In what way, Lord?

AAM: That an Archangel would be so committed to one aspect of the Mother’s Plan that she actually assumed this form in order for a long, long term service to the Mother.

Steve: This is unusual?

AAM: It is highly unusual.

Steve: Is there another planet that you can name where this has also happened?

AAM: No.

Steve: What made Earth so special that it should be hosted by an Archangel?

AAM: It was the desire of the Mother to simply create in material form a planet of such beauty and diversity and with so many kingdoms that it would literally be a petri dish for love.

Steve: That helps me understand why the rest of the universe would be watching our progress and also why this planet would receive such help in Ascension.

AAM: That is correct.

Tomorrow we’ll look more at the original agreement between the Divine Mother and Gaia.

Part 2:

We continue with Archangel Michael’s description of the agreement between the Divine Mother and Archangel Gaia, who embodies Planet Earth.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 30, 2020.

Steve: Can you say more about the original agreement between the Mother and Gaia? Or, how it came about that Gaia responded or maybe she didn’t respond. Maybe she offered…

Archangel Michael: Well, she did offer. But think of it in this way. We [archangels?] all participate, yes, in the dream or the desires of the Mother so we are fully, what you would think of as cognizant of what she is thinking, hoping, dreaming of because for us those are all one and the same.

As soon as she thinks it or dreams it, it comes to pass. That is the way in which you would think of as intention actually manifests into form. Or no form. But let us be concrete here.

When that vision was known, and all of us with the Mother planning this unfoldment, Gaianna felt, and, yes, offered, that this would be an undertaking where an Archangel of grace, of love could really serve because the very essence that she assumed would be the love, would be the grace.

So that it could hold that energy for everything that ever came to pass upon this planet. So that is why she said, I will do this.

Now the energy of Gaia, as you call her, and we call her as well, just her essence (do not think about the kingdoms or the humans) just her essence radiates out. It is not that she gave up her life. Quite the contrary!

Her radiance shines out, transmits out. That is why she is teaching you this whole lesson of transmission. Her light is felt galaxies and universes away. That is what attracts so many observers.

Steve: … And you’re saying that the Pleiades or Sirius or Andromeda is not hosted by an Archangel?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: And what does that result in. Are you saying that Andromeda, say, does not radiate into other universes?

AAM: Oh, they do but…. Every planet has a vibratory signature and a frequency and a sound that is known throughout the universe, both by other planets, by other systems and in some cases other species. So that is well-known.

Now most planets have at least one or two or several what you think of as archangelic beings that are over lighting or overseeing the plan. That is a given.

So for example, you can think of Sanat Kumara for example as very much overseeing, was the overseer and continues to be the overseer of Venus. So it is not that there are not beings in attendance or over lighting the evolution of the planet.

But think of Gaia, of Earth, the Earth planet as already become, not evolving into, love or Enlightenment. It was already there. So Earth planet, what we called Gaia, had a huge step up just at the starting gate.

Steve: … And then we came along!

AAM: And you came along, humans came along as angels in form for a place to play, a place to experience physicality in a different way. And the rest is rather a sad history.

You are living in an illusion that is crumbling. You know this. You feel this. -Seraphim via Galaxygirl-

Seraphim via Galaxygirl | November 14, 2020

We are Seraphim. We speak from above the 100th octave. We surround Creator in the heavenly lights where all is light, love and creative potential. Your realm is a troubled one. When the inter-dimensional rift occurred and Gaia lowered her frequency to accommodate the lessons, all upon her were affected, and still are to this day. Although you are far from our vantage point, dimensionally speaking, it is not because there is anything wrong with you. You were not punished. You star seeds volunteered to sacrifice, to come, to shine, to release those in bondage who are unaware they are caged. Creator is always in various forms of expression, creating, expanding. We Seraphim watch. We guard. We sing. We hold the light, hope and promise of love-light that is the universal fabric of time and beyond. Time is an illusion. You are living in an illusion that is crumbling. You know this. You feel this. Some of you see the inter-dimensional glitches in the various parallel realities and timelines that are converging currently on your world’s trajectory. We applaud your awareness. We encourage you to shine more brightly. More peace is needed. You are to anchor it. Do not partake in the dissention. Hold the space for peace. We came through today for we Seraphim hold space. We hold space for those who cannot. We have been supporting your realm as we surround Creator in love-light. We do more than your ancient books portray. We are serving with great tenacity, love, fervor. We are intense in our service, in our light. You would be blinded by our light whilst in physical form. Perhaps you would be blinded by your own light as well, could you see it as clearly as we can.

We are Seraphim. Holly, holy, holy. Holy is this moment of moments. Holy is this breath of time, this fragment of reality that is in the process of shattering so that all can witness and experience its rebirthing. Holy, holy, holy are all of the blessings from Creator to flood this realm. We anoint you with this hope. Feel your angel wings beat behind you. Feel your heart flutter with the thrill and joy of this hope. This inner knowing cannot be taken away from you, unless you allow. Do not allow the view of another to take away this hope. It is your gift to humanity. They will need it to hold onto the light as they grapple with the mistruths and disharmonies that they are presented with. Holiness can be found in all moments. This may raise hairs on one’s head. We are aware this is a potentially enraging statement when viewed from your standpoint. But think outside of your standpoint. You are multidimensional. Your wounds, your pain has healed your ancestral lines. Those who have struggled with many of the dire circumstances of Earth have in turn found their healing and healed the collective in part through their experience. The angels weep and rejoice. Sometimes holiness is found from outside of your perspective. That does not negate its validity. It is a valid emotion to be filled with disharmony, but let it clear you. Let it move through you and in so doing you are transmuting, you are processing the pain of many others. The dark ones … we send light. We send light and in so doing they are weakened their darkness is diluted.

We are Seraphim. There are a legion of us assigned strictly to this project and to ensure the safety and ascension of Gaia. You have the support. There are many holy moments. All things are in the process of realignment back to the original purpose of love. Creator is love. You, as aspects of Creator, are love. You are love. Therefore you have the power of the universe behind you, for all is love. The illusion can no longer exist for the energies are not conducive to its support. We Seraphim see with the all-seeing vision of the light behind the moment. Where you see and experience this reality you see and feel the lower energies. We experience and see this through your eyes and we can emphasize with your pain. (They are weeping.) But in this same breath of a moment where all seems lost, all is being found for we see the skies filled with light. We see Mother – Father, we see Creator, we feel the love pulsing through every quadrant towards Gaia to enfold her in the highest of light octaves. Within these words are encodements from our dwelling space. We bathe you in light. This is how we can state truly all is holy for all exists now. That which is the anthesis of light is being brought back to love. The pain will be healed, forgotten, only lessons remembered. It is in this space of interplanetary change and development that it is paramount that you understand the validity of your emotions. Feel deeply so that you can change the moment to love. Love. Welcome it into your cellular structure. It is the backbone energy of the crystalline galactic human which you are all in process of rapidly becoming. We see you as this already for it has already been achieved from our vantage point outside of time. Holy, holy, holy is this moment of interplanetary change, of uplifting into the light. For the light sees all things. The light blesses all things and all things are lifted up in the process, becoming yet more of it. We see more light and love for this realm. We see deep healing and inner cleansing work affecting all ancestral and future lineages. You are the lineage makers for you are healing the lineage of your own DNA and of Gaia’s. You are grounding this higher dimensional frequency with tenacity and fervor, as we send it through from our realm to yours. Find the holiness, the peace, the breath of the moment.

We are Seraphim. We surround you in our holy wings of light, around your holy temple. We are Seraphim.

~ galaxygirl

The Benefits of Med Beds

The Galactic Federation of Light channeled by Kate Woodley

{Editor’s Note: This technology is not yet available to the general public. Pray the mastermind that this will be released as soon as possible to humanity}

Kare [interviewer]: This gentleman that I came across is saying that he’s able to transform or remove or delete nano technology within people’s bodies. And I guess my question around that is this possible? And can Kate and I do this if it is possible?

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, it is possible. What we are seeing or rather what we are showing Kate (channeler) is that this is all a question of vibration. This nanotechnology feeds upon, and is fueled or rather enabled by, lower vibrations within one’s body… within one’s being.

When one focuses on raising their vibration, it is almost as if though this nanotechnology is deactivated or somewhat energetically dismantled. It is much like it is zapped for lack of a better word. And how this happens is a rather complex explanation that we do not feel that Kate (channeler) would understand for it is rooted in physics, and even in quantum science.

But we feel that in the future, for those who have had a rather difficult time raising their vibration, and deactivating any nano technology that may be within their physical body, we are seeing what you are calling med beds. We do not necessarily call them med beds, but we understand that this is familiar and it resonates with you, so we will refer to these med beds as light capsules.

And this light carries with it a high vibration that removes any pathogens, toxins or any other minute or miniscule technology that may be present in the body. It is much like a laser treatment, but it is not purely laser. It is a newer, more highly evolved light-based technology that some of you on your planet have access to but has not been made broadly available as of yet.

So yes, it is possible. Until these light capsules or med beds are available, which will not be for a time, the only way that you can do away with it is by raising your vibration. And for those of you who are more apt in this skillset by setting the intention that you will not be subject to anything within your body, or outside, that does not serve your greatest and highest good.

But we understand that many of you have not yet mastered this practice. It is still out of reach of your understanding. And so if you are concerned about this, know that in the future, these pathogens will and can be eliminated.

Everyone is Sovereign to Their Own Body

Kare [interviewer]: That’s a very helpful and comforting message. Thank you very much. So as you were speaking, I was thinking for my own practice in assisting other people in healing, often I’ll come across implants. And call upon different beings to help me remove them. Is this something that I could do with nanotechnology that I came across or come across?

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, absolutely. There is no limit to human intention and focus. Any limitations have been taught to you, and they are not founded in truth. There is very little difference between the underlying technology and composition of an implant versus the nanotechnology.

The only difference is with regards to the size, and as such, the ease with which you can perceive or notice that during your clearing work, you see. But you can absolutely remove this. But it is also imperative that the individual who comes to you must believe that it can be done. For this is a meeting of minds between your intentions and the client’s intentions.

And while your intentions are very, very powerful, they are far more powerful when combined with your client’s. And it is important that these clients understand that this can be done. Everyone is a sovereign to their own body. You control your health and your well being far, far more than you are all aware of. This is part of how you have all been disenfranchised from your own power and abilities.
We very much look forward to reminding you, and awakening all of you, to your inner beauty and your vast, vast range of abilities. It will be grand. It will be a thrill for so many of you to dabble and discover in that which you are capable of doing—and healing yourselves and others is a large part of this.

Med Beds Work with One’s Intentions & Consciousness

Kare [interviewer]: Thank you. Thank you so much. And is there anything else? Is there anything else that you would like to add before we sign off?

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, we would simply like to inform you that these med beds or these light capsules while they are highly technologically advanced, they work in tandem with one’s consciousness; with one’s intentions. It is not something that is done to an individual from the outside. For nothing can really be done to an individual without their authorization and their permission for you are all masters of your own domain.

If one goes to the med bed with the intention of regenerating themselves, this intense light, this high-vibrational energy works in combination with your intentions to have the desired effect. It is simply ‘amping up’ your own intentions. And it is speeding up the end result, so to speak.

This is a highly and grossly oversimplified explanation, but we feel that it is one that will serve you all well so that you can understand how these med beds work. If you go in with the intention of removing pathogens, it will be done. If you go in with the intention of rejuvenating yourselves, then it will be done. It is light that accentuates your own light and your own desires. We hope this clarifies.

Kare [interviewer]: That’s very, very exciting. Do you by chance have a sense of when these med beds may be more readily available to humanity?

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, we have many, many off planet. There are a few that are on planet that a small number of individuals have access to. Some of these individuals are not necessarily of the light, but they have benefited from these med beds.

But these med beds, or light capsules, have been made available to light warriors and light workers, those who are on the forefront of advancements in medical and health fields who have been learning about their functionality, who have been testing and experimenting their use and their benefits. And so, there are a limited number now.

In the future, once your current institutions, particularly those in the areas of health that do not necessarily serve humans or always have their best interest at heart, once there is a more fulsome dismantling of that approach and that mentality, these med beds will be slowly and gradually introduced. We feel that in a few years, they will be more commonly known and understood.

We feel that it will be a slow and gradual introduction. And once the knowledge becomes more mainstream and commonplace, then there will be many who will work to propagate these light capsules, or build and learn about them, so that they will in time have a global reach.

You Can Heal Yourself Through Your Intentions

Kare [interviewer]: Wonderful. I can’t wait, that sounds fantastic. And I’m wondering if in meditation we could energetically engage with a med bed, and reap the benefits that way now?

Galactic Federation of Light: Ah, now, that is a good and interesting question. We are so delighted that you have asked that. There are some of you who in your dream time have had access, while minimally, and rather at an energetic or astral level, you have had access to these med beds rather for spiritual and energetic healing and soothing. A few individuals have had access to these at a physical level.

But let us say this, you each are a light capsule. You have the ability of these med beds if you tap into your own power and abilities. We understand that at this time, this seems like a long shot. It feels like what you would say is far fetched. But with your intentions and your focus, and by believing that you have unlimited healing powers, you can begin to focus on cellular rejuvenation, on healing on many levels.

You can always call on your entourage for assistance. While we cannot necessarily guarantee that everyone who puts in the request to access a med bed at this time will have the opportunity to do so at this time. But we can see in the future, it will be more readily available.

America…what does it truly mean? It stands for so much…our freedom, our sovereignty, our faith in God, and our ability to love others even though we might disagree with them in very fundamental ways. -JFK via Losha-

JFK Message – A Wondrous World Awaits!

November 14, 2020

Message from John F. Kennedy

My fellow Americans…I feel that I can truly say that again now…and it is the Truth!

Much has happened since my last message through this muse of mine…and there is still much happening, in this moment. I have been itching to help out even more than I have been able to from my perch here in the “world of the beyond”. There are times when I miss being in my physical body from my last lifetime as President of the United States of America.

America…what does it truly mean? It stands for so much…our freedom, our sovereignty, our faith in God, and our ability to love others even though we might disagree with them in very fundamental ways.

I hope that you patriots can now start to feel the tide shifting in favor of the Light. I know my muse can feel it…and whomever truly does feel it will be better able to withstand the last onslaught of vitriol that the dark ones are exhaustively putting forth…however, they are really feeling the loss of their “energy boost” they were used to receiving…and for that I am very, very happy! They do not have much power left, dear ones, so please do not give up, do not give in, and do not give your own power, to others.

I am just so very joyful inside right now, dear patriots of mine! I can see a bit more than you due to the higher level of “spirit” upon which I perch now, and it is a truly glorious sight! I am so very proud of each one of you…from those doing the very important and sometimes disgusting dirty work to apprehend some of the darkest beings on our Mother Earth. We owe our front line patriots our debt of gratitude…and please also send them Love and Healing energy…because they need it!

Then there are all the high up “officials” who have dedicated their livelihoods to trying to expose the dark situations, so that the Light may shine! They are truly our official brethren!

Next, there are so many wonderful meticulous computer “geeks”…and I mean that in the most endearing way…who are invaluable to helping to expose the false voting tabulations that have been announced recently…and I promise you…these “results” for President will be reversed.

This particular 2020 election process is going to bring out much of the deceit, bribery, and “under the table” negotiations that have been going on for decades…and this 2020 election is when it all stops!

The penultimate results of this election will bring in the beginning of our new and better ways of doing things…from the federal government being trimmed down substantially, to the state officials being weeded out for good, and all the way down to the most important ones…each of you!

The new way of living on Mother Earth is going to begin at the grass roots level…where the saying “it takes a village” will finally be thought of as a positive and loving sentiment…because we are learning that in these changing times that we are in right now, it truly will take all of us, working together, in order to achieve the greatness and cooperative sustainability toward which we are heading.

There are so many wonderful changes awaiting all of you…money will become less important, because free energy will be available to all soon, and that will allow many souls to quit working at a job they don’t like, and allow them to find what they are passionate about, and to do that, instead.

When that happens, bartering will become the primary method of trading for goods, as more whole, organic foods will become available due to the new growing technologies which are being released, now.

It is going to be a grand adventure, and you will all be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief that all the dark experiences are over and neighbors are becoming small, caring communities and learning to “govern” themselves.

As some of you have heard, there is really only one “law” needed under the upcoming Universal Law…and that is “Do No Harm”. Pretty simple, right? (smile)

Well, I just wanted to give you a little look into your near future, so you will not give up during these very last days of conflict and deceit…because there is so much that will be joyful awaiting you all…and you deserve every last bit of it, too, my beloved patriots! I am so very proud of you!

Please try to keep moving forward each day right now, even if it is one small step at a time, because each of you are here in this lifetime to complete the purpose for which you came, at this particular time in our history…and as you know, it is a very, very important, and critical time in our history…but we will all emerge victorious from it…and we will be sovereign once again! Praise God!

Thank you for listening to me today. I will be back…and until then, please remember to Love one another, and to also Love yourself.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha.

Every moment of every day, think: “what would I enjoy doing now? What will give me pleasure, what would have me be so happy in the doing of it, that I hardly notice what is going on in the world around me?”


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 14th 2020

And so, today is Saturday, November 14th and our patience, our tolerance for waiting, is wearing thin. We have worked so hard on our connection with Spirit.

We have examined our ego thoughts and rejected them. We have become aware of our words, of the way we express ourselves in this human world, of the way we address our brethren.

We do our best to be kind, to listen unconditionally, to radiate love to all that we see, to encourage and generate enthusiasm in our brethren. For we know that unconditional love is unconditional listening, is communing with all around us honestly and authentically.

We no longer respond reactively to the denigrating words, the pokes and prods that our brethren so thoughtlessly put out. For we know they cannot help it, for they are still in the ego entrainment, in the dream, the nightmare, the illusion created by the propaganda we have all endured.

We have deep compassion for them, for we see how embroiled they are in their negative indoctrinated falsely imposed thought system. We understand that we cannot communicate with them, for we speak a different language than they do. We speak the language of love and they speak the language of fear.

And we are now so aware of ourselves, we can see from a higher place, a higher frequency of love how we show up in the world, and how we influence all around us by the nature of our negative or positive thoughts, words and actions.

Our perceptions make up our reality. That which we see and hear gives us our perceptions. How we are taught to think and speak controls how we show up in our world, how we talk with our brethren controls how they respond to us. And so, we manifest our inner vision as our outer reality. We are indeed what we think.

Of all this we are aware, and we are watchful of every word that we speak. We think before saying anything, for we wish to speak only words of love, words that will help lift our brethren out of the mire, the swamp of negativity that has ruled the planet earth experience.

We know now, in the deepest part of our being, that we are Divine. We are the Soul within, not the human body or the ego. Although we are grateful for both of these.

They have enabled us to partake of this human journey. The ego has been such a blessing. For it has led us to making mistakes that we needed for our learning greater love. It has led us to separation from our brethren, it has led us to feeling superior, to looking on those around us with contempt.

We have believed that anyone with ideas different from ours was wrong and to be derided. Not so, for all that each human being is taught, all that they go through is Divinely ordained and guided for their growth and understanding of greater love.

And it is within that Divinity, that source energy, that electro magnetic power that animates us all, that this human experience is taking place.

This human experience, this human life is just a blip in the eternal nature of our Divine reality. It is a wonderful blip, a magnificent time. For despite all the apparent pain we endure, and indeed, because of that pain, we grow to rejecting just those behaviors, those ideas that give us pain.

We come to realize we have a choice. We can choose fear or love. Fear gives us pain and causes us to give pain to others. For we project that fear out onto the world that we see. And since our vision creates our reality, our life and our relationships are challenging indeed when lived from the ego, the fear point of view.

We are thus in poverty. Poverty of mind, poverty of relationships and lack of abundance. Our mindset out pictures to create the physical and psychological world in which we live. And now we live primarily in the physical and psychological world of love.

So, here we are, newly awakened beings. Humans who have lived through the earthly training simulator program imposed by the third dimensional fear paradigm.

We have lived through the chaos and confusion that the apparent separation from our Higher Self, our Soul has caused. We have come to understand human life, planet earth as the schoolroom for Souls that it is.

And now we are saying “enough already.” We are impatient. “We are in the great awakening,” we say. “There have been more than enough lies, there has been more than enough chaos, show us, let us see, finally, that the light has won.”

It is confusing to us that the old third dimensional world still seems to be going on in the same old way. The dark ones are claiming victory where victory does not exist.They are continuing to tell lies, they seem to be winning. and the light alliance seems to be doing little or nothing.

Oh, Dear brethren, dear Holy Ones, trust the plan. Go within to your newly found knowingness. Examine your heart, commune with your Soul and you will know all is well.

This is why it is so important to stay away from the main stream news. For they spew outrageous lies and vitriol, to manipulate and coerce humanity into fear and confusion.

This is the subliminal, unconscious world that humans are manipulated and maneuvered by. And this world is now lifting, for the nature of the manipulations is coming to the light.

Humanity is being shown the true nature of this earthly experience. The dark controllers have had their time and their deadly, deeds, their corruption is clearly visible.

Yet they seem to go on and on. The same people, the same lies, the same perfidy. We are impatient, our tolerance is coming to an end, we are rightly, righteously indignant that this situation should continue.

We wish for authentic, honest communication with all our brethren. We wish for release from the third dimensional fear frequency, and ascension into the fifth dimensional sphere of love and light and joy and bliss.

Trust the plan, Our Dear Ones, Trust the plan. You know in your heart all is well. You have known that this chaos must ensue to free mankind from his subconscious fear prison. For mankind to see the corruption, the truth of his imprisoned reality.

In dwelling so much on the events, the details of the great awakening process, in concentrating on how the ascension is playing out in the material world, we are putting ourselves into fear and the fear vibration.

We are keeping ourselves from our joy, our contentment, from our love, from being the wonderful, magnificent high vibrational beings that we really are.

Choose joy, dear brethren, dear holy friends, choose joy and then again choose joy. Doing what we love, being in the joy vibration takes us into the high light vibration of the fifth dimension, where we now truly belong.

Every moment of every day, think: “what would I enjoy doing now? What will give me pleasure, what would have me be so happy in the doing of it, that I hardly notice what is going on in the world around me?”

It is by choosing what our Soul loves to do that we keep our loving energy high. It is by choosing joy that we uplift the world around us.

When we radiate love and the joy and peace and gratification that that radiance provides, impatience and frustration cannot dominate, cannot arise.

So, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, do what you love, choose joy. And so you will create the wonderful new world of love and light that is your true inheritance. For we are indeed holy beings, we are love and light and we are even more so, we have come more deeply into the Divine vibration of love by the gift of this planet earth experience.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.