Our definition of awake is: one who knows themselves as Source, sees everyone else as Source, and recognizes that everyone is creating their reality.

Energies Propelling You into the 2021 Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the way that you all have been handling the challenges of the year 2020. We know that there is so much growth, expansion, and awakening that is happening on your world today because of your willingness to face the personal and global challenges that you have before you. So what is the payoff then? What are you going to get out of having lived through all of the turbulence you’ve experienced there in the year 2020? Ultimately, that is up to you, but here is what is available to you now because of the energies you have summoned and the energies that have been delivered to you.

You all have an opportunity for more inner peace, inner strength, and to derive an inner knowing from your own experience of reality and your own experience of your emotions. That is a lot. That is more than enough. That is more than you need to propel yourselves into a very beautiful version of the 2021 Earth. As we have said, you are not going to ascend by the end of this year, but you are going to have the opportunity to absorb all of the energies that you have summoned as individuals and as a collective.

And you can go into the next calendar year knowing your strength, your power, some inner peace that you didn’t know you could access in a crisis, and a better relationship to your intuition and your emotions. What more could you ask for from a global pandemic? You’re also going to enter 2021 with a more awakened collective. There will be more awakened humans on your world than at any other time in human history on Earth, and that is exciting. Now remember, our definition of being awake is not about knowing all the members of the secret cabals and space programs, and all of the other things that you see speculation about on the Internet.

Our definition of awake is: one who knows themselves as Source, sees everyone else as Source, and recognizes that everyone is creating their reality. Having more people on Earth like that means that you will rely less on politicians doing the right thing, corporations being more compassionate, and banks being more honest.

You won’t have to rely on any of those entities changing because you can change as individuals, and as an awakened collective, and be more powerful than all the people who have ninety-nine percent of the wealth. You can be more powerful by going within and accessing that power, and the energies that are coming in right now and that will continue to come in will support you in knowing how powerful you are, as individuals and as a collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Meet “Breeder” Dayla, Rescued from DUMB 4 Months Ago.

It took me a while to decide to post this,please read if only you want to go down this rabbit hole concerning Children in Undreground Dumbs.The Reality is more shocking than any horror movie,i am sorry but this is the great awakening too.

October 20, 2020.
“Breeder” in captivity


Dayla: They assigned a number to you. I gave myself a name that I remembered from a past life.
Me: So you remember your past lives?
Dayla: Oh sure. We’re totally in contact, but there are barriers to stop us from getting out of here.
Me: The breeder number is like our social security numbers or Tax Identification Numbers. However it is they want you to serve them, what your role on earth is for them. So they give you the appropriate number. You’re either a money earner and you pay for all of this, or you’re a breeder and you get a number, or you’re a bio bot soldier and you get a number…. yeah, don’t they issue numbers in prisons on the surface? Sure. They tell us it’s because names can be repetitive but numbers never are unless you want them to be.
Okay, I can hear you’re really trying to tell me this. Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who talks to me while I’m in the bathroom. LOL
Alright, all humour aside, Dayla, you said you had to give yourself a name, you said that your cycles are tracked and you’re bred regularly. That maybe is why they have the moon and synched them up to women’s cycles, so that they’d be more fertile. Seems to me, that ET’s aren’t fertile unless they will their body to respond that way. So we have no choice here and we have frequent cycles. This could be for this breeding purpose. All I can say if they wanted it that way, they got their wish because there’s a lot of us. Loads.
Dayla: Uh huh.
Me: Now what else were you telling me about becoming a mother this way?
Dayla: It’s them taking control of the God process. That’s what it is. They’re the ones who want to be the Gods. What I was telling you is how dehumanizing it is to have just a number, and then to have so many children you can’t keep track of them. They’re removed from you right at the start. You don’t get to bond with your child. You just have another one as soon as you’re ready.
Me: What happens to mothers who can’t produce anymore?
Dayla: They’re either killed or used for sexual purposes or eaten as meat.
Me: Wonderful. (I’m being sarcastic)
Now, I see you as a smallish blond woman. You’re … yeah, you don’t have a nationality, do you? Why did I see British?
Dayla: I was British in my last life. I was a Welsh woman named Dayla. I was a witch and was murdered for it in the inquisition. My soul was taken and I was incarnated into a breeder’s body by them and then I became a breeder when I was old enough. Until that time, I was assigned to a handler, which was a reptilian who regularly raped me.
Me: Ugh. That’s disgusting.
Dayla: It’s that I was an earthling before that I know there is life on the surface, and looking at what was around me, and also talking to people around me who’d recently been abducted, I could envision what it was like and how it had changed since my last outer experience.
Me: So you speak English then?
Dayla: Sure, I remember it from my Welsh life. I also speak Gaelic. And I speak Welsh, although a variety that would be out of date for you.
Me: No matter. My implant can translate everything you say to me. Yeah, I see here looking up that as soon as the Romans withdrew, that the Scots began to colonize Wales as well. So your lifetime in Wales was around?
Dayla: Around 1500.
Me: Oh my. You’ve been down there for 500 years? You’re 500 years old?
Dayla: Not exactly. I was held in stasis for quite a while until there was need for either more or a replacement breeder. There are women in the tunnels that are still waiting to be born to this fate.
Me: They have to be released. That’s easy. Anyone willing just go into the DUMBs, find these people in stasis and then send them light energy. The increase in energy will allow them to be released to the Light. Believe me, there’ll be benevolent beings there waiting to get them.
Dayla: You have experience with this?
Me: I have been down in the DUMBS astrally, and released people. We also went to a place on the surface, in England as a matter of fact, where they store stolen souls and we have released them as well. They keep them caught in some kind of frequency net where they can’t change frequency and it aligns with the net. When you intervene, then they can be released to the Light.
Dayla: Aha. Have you seen the spiders then?
Me: Yup. The Chimera. Nasty looking things. They web up the hallways and if you run into a web they come and eat you. Same as the spiders on the planet do, albeit they’re a lot smaller. Thank God. I know when I was there, I can’t imagine the horrors that the people we rescued went through.
Dayla: You have no idea.
Me: Do you know what kind of children you ended up producing? Not to be offensive, but I’d like to inform the public.
Dayla: (sighing) Augh! They used my eggs to create misfits! They created human spiders, they created human reptilians, they created human snakes! Glory be! It was disgusting. These decrepid creatures we produced. And the idea of being a mother, there is no love for these babies, none at all.
Yes, I hear you asking. We did produce many of the black eyed children that are on the surface.
Me: How did they get integrated into our societies?
Dayla: They have, yes, what do you call them? Producers…. procurers…. Yes, I’ll say procurement officers who bring trafficked children down to the bases and then send our misfits to the surface. And when someone’s child goes missing, it would not be out of the question to question whether the one who has replaced them is not one of the hybrid misfits that we underneath have produced. They’re capable of changing the exterior of a child entirely and then programming its mind with DNA from the stolen child. So you never realize your child is a replacement.
Me: Wow!
Dayla: Oh yes. That’s how they get them on the surface. And then there are people who simply adopt them or take them knowing they are evil children and not completely human.
If the mother or father is such a child themselves, and perhaps they cannot reproduce because often times these hybrids cannot reproduce, they will simply requisition one from the depths of hell.
Me: That’s what you call it?
Dayla: We called it a lot of things. But hell, yes, that’s an appropriate description. There was no glory in motherhood, let me tell you. None at all. It was a production line. A factory.
Sometimes they would mess with the child before it was born. They would operate and that was excruciatingly painful for the mother.
Me: I know. They were pulling these children out and helping them on the surface. I’ve heard of human babies with pig noses, for example. That’s what they were doing in Atlantis.
Dayla: Yes.
Me: Now, presumably, you wanted to die?
Dayla: There was no escape in death. They have your soul chained to their system. The only escape was rescue and finally, you came. We owe you so much gratitude. You stopped our lives of hell!
Me: Wow. Sorry, Dayla, I have to take this in for a second. Give me a second please.
Dayla: Yes, sure.
Me: I know I was tested to do this when I was a baby. But I’m sterile and I always have been. So that could have been my fate as well.
Dayla: It could have. Many women and men have gone.
Me: I’m a bit stunned.
Oh yes, I wanted to ask you why you were allowed to have your multi-dimensional skills, at least remembering your past lives and maybe a few more?
Dayla: We were kept as physical beings mostly but there were electro magnetic impediments to our escaping into the astral or beyond, yes. They want you to have these because then the children will have them. Then that way they can program the children to do what they want and this often requires they have a skillset that supersedes the physical human’s. That’s how they keep you trapped on the surface, you know, because you don’t believe you can do these things.
Me: I know.
Dayla: I know you can. And you are now, but so many don’t think they’re anything more than what they can see. What an enormous ruse they’ve pulled over on you. Incredible!
Me: I know. They’ve extremely curtailed us into believing we’re not powerful.
Dayla: Ah! Well, we knew it but we weren’t able to utilize any of these skills because of course they have you blocked. God forbid you get one human in there with full human capabilities and there would be hell for them to pay! But they kept us under lock and key as well.
Me: Do you know what they’re using these children for?
Dayla: Many for sexual purposes. Some they eat. Some they use for their super human abilities. This makes them super human, they believe. To have such a child and to control them, and then you’re empowering yourself with this child.
Me: Ah, I see.
Dayla: Some are armies. And they are destructive. Evil with super powers. Aye!
Me: Okay, Now, how are you doing now?
Dayla: Nice of you to ask, m’ love. I am healing. I was rescued about 4 months ago and am on a planet in the Pleaidian system. Of course, they’re trying to get us back. We hear battles going on in the cosmos between the light forces and our captors, but they will not get us back, we’re told.
Me: No, their time has come.
Dayla: I have huge mental scarring, and many trust issues as you might understand. I was asked if I wished to have this life erased and I may still do that if healing is not possible. They ask us lots of questions about things we don’t even understand but we can tell them because we’ve been there for so long. The captors are so arrogant they never believed we would be rescued, so they let us see too much. How their mind control and time technology works.
Me: Ah yes. We saw those machines there too.
Dayla: So we tell them. And it seems to be helpful so we keep telling them. We want nothing more to do with this evil. I would rather die than be captured again and if that were the case, I would kill myself.
Me: I can understand that.
Dayla: I see you can. Ah yes.
Me: There are some of us on the surface who took a lot on to heal the planet, and it has gotten to the point at times that we wanted to die. But you keep going, because you have hope.
Dayla: We had nothing. Not even hope. Then one day the door cracked open. We saw these soldiers, these men…. they were green! They had funny spotted jackets on and were holding bayonnets we thought. We thought, “Far cry that will get you in here!”
Me: LOL They’re not bayonnets. They’re either guns with lead bullets or they have advanced laser weaponry that we on the surface don’t know about.
Dayla: Well, it was bizarre. Considering especially what our normal was down there. To see people who seemed to be on our side. We were extremely confused. Extremely, to say the least! But here were these people who looked like us, firing their rifles and barking orders to others. With strange implements over their eyes.
Me: Night vision technology, yes. I think their guns also use laser beams so they know how to fire best.
Dayla: Well, this man came up to me, lying on my cot and he had tears in his eyes. He said, I think, “It’s time to go now.” From what I could understand. He had a strange accent.
Me: American. LOL
Dayla: America?
Me: Yes, the British, the Scots, English, Irish and the Welsh left Great Britain and sailed to a huge land across the ocean. That’s America. And then their accents changed.
Dayla: Oh I see. But he was, he was a dark man.
Me: Yes. We’ve mixed.
Dayla: I didn’t want to go with him at first and then I thought, “Could it be worse than this?” and I realized nothing would be, so I went with him. He took me through tunnels. I could barely walk so he carried me, this young man.
Me: (sniff, sniff) This is really something to hear….
Dayla: He took me up through the dark and then I saw light again. And there were people, and noise. I was put into a machine that flew. It was noisy and produced much air.
Me: LOL A helicopter.
Dayla: Well, I’d never.
Me: Times have changed, Dayla. We can fly now.
Dayla: Yes, it was like a big bird with wings that rotated!
Me: Yes. So where did you go? Do you remember?
Dayla: We went over the sea.
Me: Okay.
Dayla: We landed on a vessel. A sailing vessel with no sail.
Me: LOL No. It’s run by a motor. It’s an oil powered ship.
Dayla: Okay. And there was a lady and she helped me. There were more people later who would come in as I lay in my bed and they explained to me what was happening. I thought they wanted babies so I was saying I wasn’t ready to conceive yet.
Me: Did you say that to a man? LOL
Dayla: I said it to a woman, as it turns out. And she smiled and said, “You’re not going to do that anymore.” It was hard to communicate with them because they didn’t speak Welsh and their English was so different from anything I knew.
They tried to figure out what language I was speaking and they went on a box and it started to talk to me.
Me: Probably Google translate. Wow. I never thought of these challenges they’d have. You haven’t been up to the surface in 500 years and the last language you spoke was medieval Welsh. And here you are, frightened, and they’re trying to calm you down.
Dayla: They put something in my arm. That made me feel better.
Me: Yeah. Drugs. They do that a lot.
Dayla: The Pleiadians I speak to are better with language.
Me: They are. They could probably learn Welsh in a matter of a day or two and they might even have the old medieval version on record somewhere. They’ve only been circling this planet for eons.
Dayla: Well, I tell you it was something. I was scared but hopeful I would be released.
Me: If you were to come back to earth, you’d see it’s changed a lot, especially since medieval times. We know of some of the things you did then, we know about the Inquisition and burning of witches, we know about knights riding horses with lances. We know of the kings and queens and generally how people lived then. So now you’re kind of displaced.
Dayla: They said they could send me back to that life if I wished, and then I’d be allowed to incarnate again as a human in a new life afterwards.
Me: You should ask them just to put you back in time and then to the bardo state, so you don’t have to re-live a horrible death.
Dayla: That’s a good idea. I might do that.
Me: It might just help you to go back to the in-between real life instead of having to choose what to do now.
Dayla: For now, I’ll stay here and help them. They are always asking questions and trying to help more people.
Me: Good. Dayla, is there anything you need to add?
Dayla: I would like to be able to ride a horse again. They said they would get one for me soon. I always enjoyed that.
Me: Great!
Dayla: I know they’re trying to make me happy but (pause) it’s so difficult.
Me: Dayla, I thank you for this interview. It’s interesting to hear how American soldiers are viewed from a completely different point of view.
Dayla: Oh yes! And the boots! They had big shoes! My oh my!
Me: It’s an expression, “They do have big boots to fill,” which means they have a tough job on their hands. I know some of them broke down and cried. Did you get this man’s name?
Dayla: He said his name was Carter or Carson, something like that.
Me: Well, I bet you think of him every day.
Dayla: With gratitude, to be certain! This big man with strange eyes and huge boots with dirt on them.
Me: Oh oh. He’d better clean them, they’re supposed to be spic and span.
Dayla: What is that?
Me: Very clean. Boots have to be polished and very presentable.
Dayla: Oh. There were so many of them. Looking around, shooting their arms. Then the room went quiet. We were sitting, wide-eyed wondering if we were next. When they came over, we screamed. The room was full of screams. They waved their hands and put their fingers over our mouths. We wanted to bite them.
Me: Oh!
Dayla: They stroked our hair and our backs and smiled. I remember that that was a good sign for a human, but not so good if it’s a reptilian.
Me: Yes, when reptilians smile at you, it’s not a good thing.
Dayla: They let the room grow quiet and then they took us. He held out his arms to me and asked me to come with him. (crying) It was the first time I was ever asked if I wanted to do something.
Me: (sigh)
Dayla: I was confused but I went anyway. The other girls were going. Anything would be better than what we were living.
Me: True.
Dayla: If they didn’t like the baby, sometimes they would kill you.
Me: I can see you’ve been very traumatized.
Dayla: Yes. It was horrible.
Me: Dayla, I don’t want you to feel bad so I’m going to end this conversation. I know you’re flashing back, so please signal the Pleiadians to help you.
Dayla: (nodding head) I will. Thank you for caring.
Me: You’ll find the Pleaidians very different from what you’re used to.
Dayla: I do. They’re very kind.
Me: So are you for allowing this conversation, please rest and take good care of yourself.
Dayla: Very good. I will. Thank you.

About Intermittent Fasting

Ok,i am Raw Vegan for few years now and i am doing intermittent fasting eating around 8h00 breakfast and 16h00 my main meal and having a lot of water,tea or juices in between and that works awesome for me.Sadhguru explains here his perspective and while i agree with all i also add that after trying only you can decide what feels best to you as we go through our Ascension Process within our physical bodies which to my sense it means we can live hundreds of years if we want to.

Hey Lightworkers, how are you?

Greetings Lightworkers!

I wanted to check in with you all to see how you’re doing.  I’ve had a crazy Spring, Summer and early Autumn so far.  I bet you all have too!!  What’s it like in your world?  Please share in the comments below, I’d really like to know.  

Well, I have learned much this year, especially the need for self-care.  We have to take care of ourselves too. I’ve made a new commitment to my health and well-being as I was neglecting my Earthly vessel.  How can I help someone else when I’m ____________ (fill in the blank from your life)?  We can’t do it.  

I’ve been communicating with you at night, do you hear me?  Not every night but pretty often. When I do,  I say,  “HEY, LIGHTWORKERS ALL OVER GAIA!  How are you doing?  I know you’re exhausted!  I AM also.  But, let’s try our best to hang in there a bit longer.  We can do it if we try! You’re not alone, I’m here and we’re all here together!”  

I imagine us all floating out in space, in a giant circle around the belly of Gaia, all holding hands.  Together with us is our Galactic Family–all those Star Nations that have been around Gaia for thousands of years assisting her.  And of course, the Company of Heaven is invited also–Mother & Father God, Christ, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, our family that has passed on, our Higher Selves & Soul Sparks and our Twin Flames.  All of Gaia’s Kingdoms are there too, in Spirit as we all are; this includes our family in Hollow Earth and Inner Earth.  We’re all joining hands and sending our love and gratitude for one another around the circle.  Waves of warm, soothing energy flow around our circle.  When it builds to a marvelous pitch, I ask everyone to send this love to Gaia through their heart chakras.  Can you see it?  It’s a beautiful, magical, love-filled celebration!!

Want to try an experiment?  We can focus on this image of ALL OF US above sharing our love with each other and with Gaia right before we go to sleep.  It’s a very peaceful way to drift off to sleep!  It makes me feel loved and protected.  If you try it, consider sharing your experience in the comments below.  We’re all going through this together, right?! 

Please remember to shine your light to others.  Many people are living in fear; and a kind, reassuring smile is very powerful.  They will feel it in their Soul. You could make someone’s day!!!

Love you all!

Love, light and blessings!



Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 120:U.S. Elections

Sedona, Part 120, U.S. Elections Prime Creator speaks politics and about our power to create. We are given a warning and issued a strong invitation to be in our choice and stand up for our freedoms. We vote with ballots and with our energy, so even those not in the U.S. can cast their vote. Prime Creator issues a UNIQUE energy forecast for November! There is also a transmission regarding the end of November moon eclipse. PC speaks of the polarity and understanding your role in contributing to the balance. PC also addresses the phenomenon of walk-ins and the variety of ways in which this can take place. A Creation Temple member receives a visit from her Star Family in the form of a DNA Activation! . Create your free membership at https://creationtemple.com to access this episode!