Light workers: you are revealing the light. We could break this process down into three aspects:

  1. Clear the darkness
  2. Expand the light, through the expression of your authentic self and the exploration of your deepest joys and talents
  3. Provide tools that assist others to amplify the light

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: Your Work After the Big Step

October 30, 2020,

J: Well, you threw that in at the last minute! Can you explain what you mean when you say that after the Big Step, Light workers will be doing “more of the same”?

A: Dear hearts, we would be delighted to discuss this further.

The role of Light workers on this planet, at this time, is that of alchemising the darkness that has been driven so deep into the ground, so deep into your psyches, so deep into your bodies that it is even calcified in your bones.

Transforming darkness into light, that is what you do.

That role will not change but… a child in school learns that maths is 2+2=4 and then they move on to very complex maths when they are in university, like Euler’s Identity. They are always learning about maths – even if the nuance and expression of it changes so as to become unrecognisable – the fundamental process, the revealing of mathematical universal truths, is always the same.

So too it is with Light workers: you are revealing the light. We could break this process down into three aspects:

  1. Clear the darkness
  2. Expand the light, through the expression of your authentic self and the exploration of your deepest joys and talents
  3. Provide tools that assist others to amplify the light

These three aspects flow differently through each light worker, and each one of you holds a different balance which changes over time. For example, most of you are currently deeply in the process of clearing the darkness. Society, through its current accelerated awakening, is moving into the expansion of its light as more people are beginning to express their authentic selves.

As Gaia moves beyond the clearing, cleansing process, as the light on your planet increases because the darkness has been alchemised, you will see the Golden Age emerge more. As you express your deepest joys and talents, as you share this vibration and these tools, you will create exponential light, expressing more directly, the ever expanding joy/love/truth of divine source energy consciousness.

J: It seems obvious when you say it like that!

A: Because it is! Its simplicity is its elegance. But as will all things, simple is not always easy; yet both simplicity and clarity are good indicators of Truth.

J: There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask, I get lots of joint pains and bone pain. Are these symptoms, like ‘ascenion flu’, part of the clearing of the darker energies from our bones

A: Yes, these are energies that have been, quite literally, drilled into humanity through the millennia since the last Golden Age. These untruths have taken on physical density, carbonised within humans and within Gaia herself.

The movement from carbon to crystalline is the shedding of that darkness, that carbonised, internalised distortion. You have always had access to your light, as that is your Truth, your divine essence, but it has been well hidden from you.

Imagine that you were a great light and that light was reflected back at you, to blind you… your power was used against you, literally blinding you to your own light. Now that you are in the ascension process, you are alchemising the darkness, the heaviness and your light, your divinity, is once again becoming obvious to you and to all.

J: Thanks Ashian. It seems like you’re on a roll today! I want to stop there because I feel like you’re going to overwhelm me with information I can’t understand: you just brought me to a thing called Euler’s Identity! Enough for now!

A: Indeed! Thank you.

J: It’s my poor little brain’s pleasure!

The awakened or awakening beings of the earth are now on an upward trajectory.

For eons, you’ve expected chaos. In doing so, you became a chaos addict. As you shift deeper into self-love, you’ll discover more interesting activities than 3D chaos. As is true for puberty, you’ll move beyond chaos when your physical body is ready. Such will occur in the next few days, weeks, or months. 

Adding Not Subtracting is the title of last week’s Brenda’s Blog – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

You forerunners experienced your micro clearings before these earth’s current macro shifts. So it is the fever of the earth’s beings has broken. Some may experience minor lingering side effects as is true with any fever. But you’ll adjust and adapt, discovering such to be a bit inconvenient but workable. The awakened or awakening beings of the earth are now on an upward trajectory.

You are the ones who are determining what timeline you are on.

Your Spiritual Gifts & Powers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited for you all to discover how powerful and creative you are, when you slow down enough to focus on what matters to you the most and hold that vibration long enough to become one with your creation. We get excited about seeing any of you demonstrating to yourselves how gifted you already are. You don’t need to have overt spiritual gifts, like a channel or a psychic possesses, in order to demonstrate to yourselves just how gifted you are. We keep telling you to stop giving your power away and looking for the next prediction about what’s going to happen and when, and we know that you are going to do that when you demonstrate to yourselves that you are the ones who are determining what future you experience. You are the ones who are determining what timeline you are on.

Nothing is set in stone. You get to decide, and right now there are so many people who are not exercising their ability to create their reality, their power, because they are focusing on someone or something, some future experience that they do not want, but that they believe that the powers that be are more in control than they are. You, once again, must lead through your example and show people that they can and do create their reality, but they can more specifically create the reality they want to experience by focusing upon the positive experiences they want to see in the world and in their own lives.

If you can all focus together on something that you know the vast majority of people want, like peace on Earth, then you can make a difference. You can bring about that change. More importantly, you can show yourselves just how powerful you are, just how gifted you are, and that is a gamechanger. That means you can begin to see the importance of coming together and focusing as a community, as beings of light who want to see more light spread throughout the world.

You all have this unique opportunity in front of you at a time when more people are focused on a global event than ever before in human history. So we say to all of you that now is the perfect time to demonstrate that you have those gifts within you, and that there are more of you than ever who want the same thing. There is more power in numbers, and you are beginning to recognize that you can come together with others and demonstrate how powerful and gifted you are, and then keep doing it. You can keep bringing about change after change after change and take humanity, take society, where you know you are all destined to go.

But you get to feel like the changemakers you are, and you get to feel the power of high frequency energies moving through your bodies. And then you get to show others how to do it and delight in their creations as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

now you can anticipate an uninterrupted pathway as you progress towards your goal.

30th October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

As this will be the last message before the Presidential Election 2020 on Tuesday 3rd November, it seems appropriate to confirm Blossom Goodchild’s latest message from The Federation of Light.

I referred to her earlier message of the 18th October that told of an announcement to be made before the U.S. Election and a global lock down to follow. In her latest contact with the Federation Blossom has been told “The Light has won and you upon Earth are completing your mission in raising the planet to its highest position” and confirmed there is “a huge announcement to come”

It may interest you to know that in the year 1551, Nostradamus predicted 2020 as being the end of the world, that we would destroy and ruin the economy.

30th October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones you may never have thought that you would be on Earth at a time when matters are at the crossroads yet the path for you has been decided, and you may be assured that nothing can stop your progress as you make your way to Ascension. You have done the hard bit and lifted yourselves out of the lower vibrations, and now you can anticipate an uninterrupted pathway as you progress towards your goal.

You are making history, and so many sacrifices are being made to comply with the need for a time lock to allow matters to evolve that are essential to your future. We are asking so much of you but please understand that you would have been put in the picture prior to making your incarnation.

With help you will recover and find that the changes are far more beneficial than returning to the old ways. You had to shake off the old ties that would not have been appropriate for the New Age, and given time you will understand that for yourselves. Realise that far from losing anything you will gain beyond your expectations and looking back will have no regrets at all.

Simply allow sufficient time for matters to come together, and we say that knowing humans tend to want things straight away when a little patience is called for to allow events to proceed in their own time. You know that we will be monitoring events for you and you can rest easy knowing that we are always there to help you.

The changes that are coming will be far reaching and you can be assured that we will be on hand when you need our help. In fact we are always aware of your needs and often give help in ways unknown to you, and as time passes and we get closer to you we will eventually work together as we have done in the past.

We have mentioned previously, we are always following your activities and guide you in many ways to help ensure you keep to your dedicated path. You do not yet fully realise what a great achievement you have made in passing the marker against all expectations. Now you are slowly making the changes that will release the old that is no longer appropriate for your present needs.

Even in the midst of confusing and chaotic times there is an underlying plan to ensure you take the steps intended to place you firmly on the path to completion. Without usurping your freewill you are being prompted to make the right decisions that will ensure your continued evolution.

There are always many choices available to you but only one path will satisfy your needs. By now you should know what will best cover your needs and stick firmly to it. No one else is better placed to serve you than your Higher Self so always maintain your contact and take note of what you are prompted to do.

When the next message is due you will have learned whether The Federation of Light were able to proceed with their intention to take a hold of matters concerning your future. They will certainly come into your lives much more than previously, when they worked behind the scenes. They have a strong desire to work with you thereby speeding up your progress.

You really have so much to learn so that you are fully prepared for future demands placed upon you. We will certainly help much in the nature of promptings, particularly when you are faced with many choices.

Unlike your previous experiences in the lower vibrations, you should now be finding things somewhat easier as the dark Ones are no longer in prominence and able to disrupt and interfere as before. In other words you should now find progress a lot easier and more straightforward.

Leading a more simple life will prove more productive and give you a great degree of satisfaction. It also means that your voices will have more notice taken of them instead of being rejected. Those of you who have a higher level of consciousness and understanding will find themselves chosen to take on more responsibility.

These are the times when you should now be acting as Wayshowers to others. It comes about as your vibrations continue to rise, giving you a greater ability to tap the great source of knowledge and truth. Many souls will be in shock as the truth of their existence becomes known and will perhaps be unable to comprehend or accept that they have had many lives upon Earth.

Perhaps an even greater truth regarding responsibility for their actions, but not to be punished for misdeeds but to face the consequences and make good their errors of judgement. Karma comes into effect where either good or bad deeds are concerned. In other words having been granted freewill you have to think carefully about your words or actions for which you are responsible.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. Be assured in such difficult times as these your Guides draw nearer to help you through it. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Whether you were born into extreme poverty, unimaginable wealth, or some in-between state, you all were traumatized to a greater or lesser extent during your journey from infancy to adulthood, no one escapes trauma.-Sananda via John-

October 29, 2020 by John Smallman

You are All ONE, and Divisions between You are Unreal.

Humanity is on the cusp of the awakening process as the numbers of ones becoming aware that there is far more to life than its material aspects continue to increase rapidly.

The present confusion and uncertainty, along with the major restrictions on your freedom to move and to socialize, is motivating people and inducing them to question the validity of many of the restrictive and invasive regulations that are continuing to be imposed upon you by various governments across the world,and which the major news organizations are reporting on as being not only necessary, but absolutely essential measures to ensure that humanity’s health is fully protected.

As I have told you before, much is arising into people’s awareness, from the hidden depths of their minds, that is extremely disturbing and unsettling.  It is “stuff” of a traumatic nature that was very emotionally damaging when it occurred, and so it has been buried below the level of conscious awareness until now, and has festered there causing myriad relationship issues for practically everyone and every nation.

It is now arising to be acknowledged, forgiven, and released.  The pain and suffering that this acknowledgment entails has led to much of the present conflict, chaos, and confusion, and to the fear-driven authoritarian restrictions imposed on your freedoms, and on your individual sovereign and God-given rights as divine beings, because it appears to divide you against one another.  But you are all ONE, and divisions between you are unreal.

Once you can truly and completely forgive all others and, of course, yourselves for what arises, and understand that you do have One indivisible nature with one another and with Source/Life, Love will inspire you to open your hearts fully to that Oneness, that Love, and then your need to judge or condemn others will fall away, as you realize that what you do to others you are in fact doing to yourselves.

Thus Love will dissolve all the ancient hatreds, resentments, and bitterness you have been feeling toward others, and to which so many of you have been clinging.

As I, and many others, never cease telling you: Love is the only Reality.

Now, as your collective awakening process accelerates and intensifies, many are beginning to realize that this is indeed the only Truth.

However, as humans experiencing life in form, and exposed to all the diverse and divisive cultural, racial, religious, political, and economic enculturation and socialization that your upbringing from infancy to adulthood imposes upon you, those experiences have caused you all much trauma of an emotional and psychological nature.

For you to grow up and live successfully within society you needed to “forget” that trauma by burying it deeply in the subconscious or unconscious parts of your minds, then what did remain conscious was intense fear and resentment of the seemingly very dangerous and unfair environment in which you found yourselves.

Whether you were born into extreme poverty, unimaginable wealth, or some in-between state, you all were traumatized to a greater or lesser extent during your journey from infancy to adulthood, no one escapes trauma.

As children, that trauma is too intense and painful to bear, it has to be hidden, buried, or in some manner disguised or concealed so that it remains unfelt and unrecognized.

In adulthood, unless it is seen, recognized, and healed, it becomes the root of all of a person’s life issues – psychological stress, illnesses, relationships, inadequate sense of self, etc. – which is why there are always so many interpersonal conflicts, and ongoing wars between nations.

All presently incarnate chose to be on Earth at this time to assist in the collective awakening by being and expressing the Love that each one is.

However, once incarnate, the memory of these pre-incarnational plans and intentions is lost.  But a major part of the collective plan for all those who choose to incarnate as humans is for them to evolve spiritually – that is to awaken to their true nature – and in doing so to then put into action the plan that they had previously formulated for their intended life path.

Increasing numbers of you are doing this daily, and this awakening to your spiritual nature can be slow and gentle, or extremely intense and rapid.

Therefore, it is totally inappropriate to judge another, because there is no way that you can know what kind of path they had planned for themselves, or how far along it they have so far progressed.  Rest assured that everyone – absolutely every human presently incarnate – is precisely where they are supposed to be, and that they – whatever others may think – are most definitely doing their best.

That is very hard for you to accept because judgment of others is encouraged in nearly every race, culture, and religion, not to mention in all political, economic, and personal relationships.

When you live from your hearts, setting the intent at least once daily to be only loving whatever arises, you are, most profoundly and effectively, being the change you want to see in the world and putting that change into effect.

Deep within yourselves you do know this, so acknowledge it and accept the validity of it.  When you do so the power of your individual energy field intensifies, becoming even more effective.

What you have forgotten is: You are all very powerful and effective divine beings!  Consequently your collective success in awakening is assured and absolutely inevitable, because it is the Will of God.

You have all, through many lifetimes, made myriad “mistakes,” – that is, you have done things that were unloving, sometimes extremely unloving – and within each of you is a deep residual memory that this is so.

You have no need, no need at all to remember what those mistakes were.  Just understand that the stuff arising within you to be acknowledged, thanked, and released is part of the collective’s unloving acts and behaviors, that occurred over a very long period of time, and that you, along with everyone else presently incarnate, are here to assist in this enormous task of releasing ALL that is or was in any way unloving.

Trust God, and trust yourselves, because you are achieving what you planned, and, despite your doubts and concerns about the motives of other people, other groups, other nations, what you planned is occurring . . . NOW!

You incarnated most courageously at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution because it was absolutely the right time for you to do so.

Know that any pain, suffering, or distress that you are undergoing personally will cease.

You are all the beloved children of Mother/Father/God, Source, the infinite field of Love that is ALL that exists, and while, at present, that can be very difficult for you to accept and believe, deep within yourselves there resides the knowing that this is so.

Therefore, let go of all your doubts and mistrust, and again reset the enormously powerful intent be loving in every moment, and to engage lovingly with all – whether in your minds, in your hearts, in person, via social media, or as you read the world news – because that is why you chose to be here in this time of chaos and confusion, knowing that your presence was an essential aspect of the collective awakening process.

You can have no idea how enormously successful you are all being in this now moment, as you extend Love into the dream/nightmare of unreality, and most powerfully contribute, as only you can, to this great awakening.

Here in the unseen or spiritual realms we are cheering you on mightily, as we honor and respect the immense task that you have undertaken and are now bringing to an utterly successful completion.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

2020 Shift: Creating Peace, Divine Neutrality & December Energies

I have been doing the SUNdayUnityMeditation every Sundy for 4 years now and what an amazing journey it has been and it is!!!Sandra’s Christ Light Expansion meditation,is in my opinion one of the best i have been practising.You can find her meditations on her YT channel and also on section global meditations of our Website.

Conversation with my Future Self.

This morning,i was like:ok, i will engage into a dialogue with my future self of 2030 and see what i am getting when i am feeling into having all our projects globally running smoothly for the highest good for all with joyful participation from each and everyONE on the planet.And the feeling i got mostly was SATISFACTION while my future self reminded me that it is all about FULL APPRECIATION of everything around me in this present moment.So,i am inviting with this to do the same,for your own life and then expand further globally for each and everyONE seeing everyone satisfied in life coming back to the now and feeling appreciation of everything around you,even if there seems to be a big fog out there,not allowing to see with our physical eyes what is really taking place on a multidimensional level which is now busy manifesting tangibly in our reality and with CV19 being the official opening of this party.For sure God works in mysterious ways and we are about to find out in the days,weeks and months to come.And feeling Full Appreciation and Satisfaction every Now attracts more of this in our personal realities as we Create our own reality from within out moment to moment through the way we vibrate =Feel.

#FeelMoreThanFine and Namaste!


We are in the first weeks of the great revealing. So much truth is to come to light.


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2020

Another beautiful day in Paradise dear friends, dear human brethren. For you are our brethren. You are as wonderful, as powerful, as magnificent as we are, we who dwell beyond the veil.

In your humanness, in your physical form, in your third dimensional reality, only a small part of your great Soul, only a small part of your Divinity is available to you.

That is the part of your Soul that you sent to planet earth to inhabit your body temple. For your body is a temple for your Soul. This is not the way we humans are used to thinking about ourselves. But we will, for we are in the era of release.

We are in the wonderful time of the great awakening. We have lived through the planet earth journey. The experience has not been easy for we have been living a nightmare of separation.

Naturally, in the love of God, behind the veil as Souls, as drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness, we are all one. We revel in our unity, our deep connection with each other and with the Divine flow of love electro-magnetic energy that is Divinity, that is God.

Such contentment, such joy, such bliss, is ours in this Heavenly realm. Challenging for us, in our separated human perception to realize. For here on earth, in our physicality, we see each other as separate beings, each with differing ideas about life, each out for ourselves, fearful of our threatening brethren.

It is this separateness we came to earth to experience. Nothing wrong ever happened here, for it is the chaos and discombobulation of the earthly journey, of separated Souls, out for their own interest and in conflict with us, that we came to experience, for which we incarnated.

And, as humans, we have indeed lived through every possible cruelty, every inhumane deed that can be imagined. And through this challenging journey we know now who we are.

We have individuated our personality. We know what we prefer and what we don’t prefer. We have discovered what makes us happy, what powers us to be enthusiastic, what engages our very Soul in the doing of the tasks we enjoy.

Through negotiating the positive and negative events of our life we have found our moral compass. We have sorted out our ideas of cultural morality. We know now what we stand for. We know what we believe in, we know how it is right for us to behave.

And it all comes down to love, what behavior do we believe to be loving and what is not loving. The loving gives us joy and unites us. We matter, and other people matter equally to us.

From the depth of our Soul, our objective is now to treat others as we would be treated. Service to others is now our joy and our delight.

And, we are so blessed, for we have individuated our talents, preferences and abilities. Having tried many and varied tasks, we now know what we love to do, and we are ready to follow our bliss. When we are doing what we love, we are totally engrossed in happy tasks. We are then answering the call of our deepest Divine nature.

This, dear Brethren is the world we are moving into. These are splendid times indeed. We have lived the planet earth experience, and truly it has been a challenge.

We knew before we came here, when we planned this earthly journey for ourselves, that it would be difficult. We knew we would have no memory of our Divinity, that we would feel small, alone and insignificant.

And it has been so. But we did not realize how difficult it would be. The dark side, the negative ones who vibrated at a low frequency of selfish service to self, were more powerful than anticipated.

They gave us such massive challenges to overcome. Yet and all, the wonder is that we have not only survived, but we have come out of this experience crowned with glory.

Oh my, the wonder of what we have learnt. The love that is now our very beingness in the depths of our heart. The compassion that we have for ourselves and our brethren – it is all beautiful to see.

Oh awakened ones, is it not marvelous to have lived the planet earth human life, to have overcome the denigrating entrainment and indoctrination, to have moved from dark to light.

We are blessed beings indeed. We are now the enlightened ones. We are indeed enlightened, for we have freed ourselves of the dark and separating thoughts, of the blame, shame and guilt we were indoctrinated with.

We are now Divine Souls, who are aware that they are living the human life ensconced in body temples. We are in this material world, but no longer of this material world. No longer immersed in the imbroglio of the planet earth training simulator program.

So now. we are awakened it is our job to help our fellow humanity. We are in the midst of the great revelation. The revelation of how our shadow government, how the dark ones have treated us. We are being shown the cruelty, the inhumanity that has been deployed against us.

And yet so many of our brethren are still deeply asleep, they are still in the hypnotized third dimensional fear paradigm. They are still totally immersed in the controllers narrative. They believe what they are told by authoritative sources. They believe the so called scientists and self interested politicians.

It seems to be so discouraging dear Brethren. What to say to them, how to help them? For, as is so often stated in this chaotic time, “where we go one, we go all.”

We need the energy, the consensus power of humanity to reach a tipping point for ascension to the fifth dimension of love. We need our brethren to awaken to the truth of their enmeshment. We need them to pierce the veil of their ignorance and to awaken to the truth of their Divinity and their power.

Have no fear our Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, this will occur. Ready yourselves to help them. It is too late for your sleeping brethren to undertake the lengthy journey that has been yours. They will awaken with a shock. They will be in fear and awe.

We are in the first weeks of the great revealing. So much truth is to come to light. It will be totally shocking. And this truth is absolutely necessary to be known for only thus can those still in the nightmare, awaken.

They must know how they have been manipulated and maneuvered. They must see the cruelty that has been afflicted on them. For their biggest challenge is then to claim their sovereignty and to forgive.

How can they claim their freedom from eons of indoctrination and entrainment – until they see what they are claiming freedom from? How can they claim the right to free will, until they know how their free will has been violated?

And in actuality, nothing wrong ever happened. For this is the planet earth training simulator program into which all the participating Souls agreed to be entrained.

So, forgiveness is absolutely necessary, for indeed nothing wrong ever happened. Yet one cannot forgive until one knows what needs to be forgiven.

So this is a crucial phase in the ascension process. A crucial phase indeed. Your brethren are being made aware of the nature of the cruelties that have been imposed on humanity.

Shock and awe are the order of the day. And you, our Dear Ones, our enlightened wayshowers, you are here to help. You are a great gift to. humanity. All you have suffered, all the pain you have experienced, stands you in good stead now.

You have great compassion, great understanding of the human condition and love flowing freely through your heart. You are the chosen ones to help humanity out of the mire of its deep and dark entrainment.

The best is yet to come dear friends, the best is yet to come. Love and light are here, you will be well and prosper, glorious days are ahead.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Our definition of awake is: one who knows themselves as Source, sees everyone else as Source, and recognizes that everyone is creating their reality.

Energies Propelling You into the 2021 Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the way that you all have been handling the challenges of the year 2020. We know that there is so much growth, expansion, and awakening that is happening on your world today because of your willingness to face the personal and global challenges that you have before you. So what is the payoff then? What are you going to get out of having lived through all of the turbulence you’ve experienced there in the year 2020? Ultimately, that is up to you, but here is what is available to you now because of the energies you have summoned and the energies that have been delivered to you.

You all have an opportunity for more inner peace, inner strength, and to derive an inner knowing from your own experience of reality and your own experience of your emotions. That is a lot. That is more than enough. That is more than you need to propel yourselves into a very beautiful version of the 2021 Earth. As we have said, you are not going to ascend by the end of this year, but you are going to have the opportunity to absorb all of the energies that you have summoned as individuals and as a collective.

And you can go into the next calendar year knowing your strength, your power, some inner peace that you didn’t know you could access in a crisis, and a better relationship to your intuition and your emotions. What more could you ask for from a global pandemic? You’re also going to enter 2021 with a more awakened collective. There will be more awakened humans on your world than at any other time in human history on Earth, and that is exciting. Now remember, our definition of being awake is not about knowing all the members of the secret cabals and space programs, and all of the other things that you see speculation about on the Internet.

Our definition of awake is: one who knows themselves as Source, sees everyone else as Source, and recognizes that everyone is creating their reality. Having more people on Earth like that means that you will rely less on politicians doing the right thing, corporations being more compassionate, and banks being more honest.

You won’t have to rely on any of those entities changing because you can change as individuals, and as an awakened collective, and be more powerful than all the people who have ninety-nine percent of the wealth. You can be more powerful by going within and accessing that power, and the energies that are coming in right now and that will continue to come in will support you in knowing how powerful you are, as individuals and as a collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Meet “Breeder” Dayla, Rescued from DUMB 4 Months Ago.

It took me a while to decide to post this,please read if only you want to go down this rabbit hole concerning Children in Undreground Dumbs.The Reality is more shocking than any horror movie,i am sorry but this is the great awakening too.

October 20, 2020.
“Breeder” in captivity


Dayla: They assigned a number to you. I gave myself a name that I remembered from a past life.
Me: So you remember your past lives?
Dayla: Oh sure. We’re totally in contact, but there are barriers to stop us from getting out of here.
Me: The breeder number is like our social security numbers or Tax Identification Numbers. However it is they want you to serve them, what your role on earth is for them. So they give you the appropriate number. You’re either a money earner and you pay for all of this, or you’re a breeder and you get a number, or you’re a bio bot soldier and you get a number…. yeah, don’t they issue numbers in prisons on the surface? Sure. They tell us it’s because names can be repetitive but numbers never are unless you want them to be.
Okay, I can hear you’re really trying to tell me this. Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who talks to me while I’m in the bathroom. LOL
Alright, all humour aside, Dayla, you said you had to give yourself a name, you said that your cycles are tracked and you’re bred regularly. That maybe is why they have the moon and synched them up to women’s cycles, so that they’d be more fertile. Seems to me, that ET’s aren’t fertile unless they will their body to respond that way. So we have no choice here and we have frequent cycles. This could be for this breeding purpose. All I can say if they wanted it that way, they got their wish because there’s a lot of us. Loads.
Dayla: Uh huh.
Me: Now what else were you telling me about becoming a mother this way?
Dayla: It’s them taking control of the God process. That’s what it is. They’re the ones who want to be the Gods. What I was telling you is how dehumanizing it is to have just a number, and then to have so many children you can’t keep track of them. They’re removed from you right at the start. You don’t get to bond with your child. You just have another one as soon as you’re ready.
Me: What happens to mothers who can’t produce anymore?
Dayla: They’re either killed or used for sexual purposes or eaten as meat.
Me: Wonderful. (I’m being sarcastic)
Now, I see you as a smallish blond woman. You’re … yeah, you don’t have a nationality, do you? Why did I see British?
Dayla: I was British in my last life. I was a Welsh woman named Dayla. I was a witch and was murdered for it in the inquisition. My soul was taken and I was incarnated into a breeder’s body by them and then I became a breeder when I was old enough. Until that time, I was assigned to a handler, which was a reptilian who regularly raped me.
Me: Ugh. That’s disgusting.
Dayla: It’s that I was an earthling before that I know there is life on the surface, and looking at what was around me, and also talking to people around me who’d recently been abducted, I could envision what it was like and how it had changed since my last outer experience.
Me: So you speak English then?
Dayla: Sure, I remember it from my Welsh life. I also speak Gaelic. And I speak Welsh, although a variety that would be out of date for you.
Me: No matter. My implant can translate everything you say to me. Yeah, I see here looking up that as soon as the Romans withdrew, that the Scots began to colonize Wales as well. So your lifetime in Wales was around?
Dayla: Around 1500.
Me: Oh my. You’ve been down there for 500 years? You’re 500 years old?
Dayla: Not exactly. I was held in stasis for quite a while until there was need for either more or a replacement breeder. There are women in the tunnels that are still waiting to be born to this fate.
Me: They have to be released. That’s easy. Anyone willing just go into the DUMBs, find these people in stasis and then send them light energy. The increase in energy will allow them to be released to the Light. Believe me, there’ll be benevolent beings there waiting to get them.
Dayla: You have experience with this?
Me: I have been down in the DUMBS astrally, and released people. We also went to a place on the surface, in England as a matter of fact, where they store stolen souls and we have released them as well. They keep them caught in some kind of frequency net where they can’t change frequency and it aligns with the net. When you intervene, then they can be released to the Light.
Dayla: Aha. Have you seen the spiders then?
Me: Yup. The Chimera. Nasty looking things. They web up the hallways and if you run into a web they come and eat you. Same as the spiders on the planet do, albeit they’re a lot smaller. Thank God. I know when I was there, I can’t imagine the horrors that the people we rescued went through.
Dayla: You have no idea.
Me: Do you know what kind of children you ended up producing? Not to be offensive, but I’d like to inform the public.
Dayla: (sighing) Augh! They used my eggs to create misfits! They created human spiders, they created human reptilians, they created human snakes! Glory be! It was disgusting. These decrepid creatures we produced. And the idea of being a mother, there is no love for these babies, none at all.
Yes, I hear you asking. We did produce many of the black eyed children that are on the surface.
Me: How did they get integrated into our societies?
Dayla: They have, yes, what do you call them? Producers…. procurers…. Yes, I’ll say procurement officers who bring trafficked children down to the bases and then send our misfits to the surface. And when someone’s child goes missing, it would not be out of the question to question whether the one who has replaced them is not one of the hybrid misfits that we underneath have produced. They’re capable of changing the exterior of a child entirely and then programming its mind with DNA from the stolen child. So you never realize your child is a replacement.
Me: Wow!
Dayla: Oh yes. That’s how they get them on the surface. And then there are people who simply adopt them or take them knowing they are evil children and not completely human.
If the mother or father is such a child themselves, and perhaps they cannot reproduce because often times these hybrids cannot reproduce, they will simply requisition one from the depths of hell.
Me: That’s what you call it?
Dayla: We called it a lot of things. But hell, yes, that’s an appropriate description. There was no glory in motherhood, let me tell you. None at all. It was a production line. A factory.
Sometimes they would mess with the child before it was born. They would operate and that was excruciatingly painful for the mother.
Me: I know. They were pulling these children out and helping them on the surface. I’ve heard of human babies with pig noses, for example. That’s what they were doing in Atlantis.
Dayla: Yes.
Me: Now, presumably, you wanted to die?
Dayla: There was no escape in death. They have your soul chained to their system. The only escape was rescue and finally, you came. We owe you so much gratitude. You stopped our lives of hell!
Me: Wow. Sorry, Dayla, I have to take this in for a second. Give me a second please.
Dayla: Yes, sure.
Me: I know I was tested to do this when I was a baby. But I’m sterile and I always have been. So that could have been my fate as well.
Dayla: It could have. Many women and men have gone.
Me: I’m a bit stunned.
Oh yes, I wanted to ask you why you were allowed to have your multi-dimensional skills, at least remembering your past lives and maybe a few more?
Dayla: We were kept as physical beings mostly but there were electro magnetic impediments to our escaping into the astral or beyond, yes. They want you to have these because then the children will have them. Then that way they can program the children to do what they want and this often requires they have a skillset that supersedes the physical human’s. That’s how they keep you trapped on the surface, you know, because you don’t believe you can do these things.
Me: I know.
Dayla: I know you can. And you are now, but so many don’t think they’re anything more than what they can see. What an enormous ruse they’ve pulled over on you. Incredible!
Me: I know. They’ve extremely curtailed us into believing we’re not powerful.
Dayla: Ah! Well, we knew it but we weren’t able to utilize any of these skills because of course they have you blocked. God forbid you get one human in there with full human capabilities and there would be hell for them to pay! But they kept us under lock and key as well.
Me: Do you know what they’re using these children for?
Dayla: Many for sexual purposes. Some they eat. Some they use for their super human abilities. This makes them super human, they believe. To have such a child and to control them, and then you’re empowering yourself with this child.
Me: Ah, I see.
Dayla: Some are armies. And they are destructive. Evil with super powers. Aye!
Me: Okay, Now, how are you doing now?
Dayla: Nice of you to ask, m’ love. I am healing. I was rescued about 4 months ago and am on a planet in the Pleaidian system. Of course, they’re trying to get us back. We hear battles going on in the cosmos between the light forces and our captors, but they will not get us back, we’re told.
Me: No, their time has come.
Dayla: I have huge mental scarring, and many trust issues as you might understand. I was asked if I wished to have this life erased and I may still do that if healing is not possible. They ask us lots of questions about things we don’t even understand but we can tell them because we’ve been there for so long. The captors are so arrogant they never believed we would be rescued, so they let us see too much. How their mind control and time technology works.
Me: Ah yes. We saw those machines there too.
Dayla: So we tell them. And it seems to be helpful so we keep telling them. We want nothing more to do with this evil. I would rather die than be captured again and if that were the case, I would kill myself.
Me: I can understand that.
Dayla: I see you can. Ah yes.
Me: There are some of us on the surface who took a lot on to heal the planet, and it has gotten to the point at times that we wanted to die. But you keep going, because you have hope.
Dayla: We had nothing. Not even hope. Then one day the door cracked open. We saw these soldiers, these men…. they were green! They had funny spotted jackets on and were holding bayonnets we thought. We thought, “Far cry that will get you in here!”
Me: LOL They’re not bayonnets. They’re either guns with lead bullets or they have advanced laser weaponry that we on the surface don’t know about.
Dayla: Well, it was bizarre. Considering especially what our normal was down there. To see people who seemed to be on our side. We were extremely confused. Extremely, to say the least! But here were these people who looked like us, firing their rifles and barking orders to others. With strange implements over their eyes.
Me: Night vision technology, yes. I think their guns also use laser beams so they know how to fire best.
Dayla: Well, this man came up to me, lying on my cot and he had tears in his eyes. He said, I think, “It’s time to go now.” From what I could understand. He had a strange accent.
Me: American. LOL
Dayla: America?
Me: Yes, the British, the Scots, English, Irish and the Welsh left Great Britain and sailed to a huge land across the ocean. That’s America. And then their accents changed.
Dayla: Oh I see. But he was, he was a dark man.
Me: Yes. We’ve mixed.
Dayla: I didn’t want to go with him at first and then I thought, “Could it be worse than this?” and I realized nothing would be, so I went with him. He took me through tunnels. I could barely walk so he carried me, this young man.
Me: (sniff, sniff) This is really something to hear….
Dayla: He took me up through the dark and then I saw light again. And there were people, and noise. I was put into a machine that flew. It was noisy and produced much air.
Me: LOL A helicopter.
Dayla: Well, I’d never.
Me: Times have changed, Dayla. We can fly now.
Dayla: Yes, it was like a big bird with wings that rotated!
Me: Yes. So where did you go? Do you remember?
Dayla: We went over the sea.
Me: Okay.
Dayla: We landed on a vessel. A sailing vessel with no sail.
Me: LOL No. It’s run by a motor. It’s an oil powered ship.
Dayla: Okay. And there was a lady and she helped me. There were more people later who would come in as I lay in my bed and they explained to me what was happening. I thought they wanted babies so I was saying I wasn’t ready to conceive yet.
Me: Did you say that to a man? LOL
Dayla: I said it to a woman, as it turns out. And she smiled and said, “You’re not going to do that anymore.” It was hard to communicate with them because they didn’t speak Welsh and their English was so different from anything I knew.
They tried to figure out what language I was speaking and they went on a box and it started to talk to me.
Me: Probably Google translate. Wow. I never thought of these challenges they’d have. You haven’t been up to the surface in 500 years and the last language you spoke was medieval Welsh. And here you are, frightened, and they’re trying to calm you down.
Dayla: They put something in my arm. That made me feel better.
Me: Yeah. Drugs. They do that a lot.
Dayla: The Pleiadians I speak to are better with language.
Me: They are. They could probably learn Welsh in a matter of a day or two and they might even have the old medieval version on record somewhere. They’ve only been circling this planet for eons.
Dayla: Well, I tell you it was something. I was scared but hopeful I would be released.
Me: If you were to come back to earth, you’d see it’s changed a lot, especially since medieval times. We know of some of the things you did then, we know about the Inquisition and burning of witches, we know about knights riding horses with lances. We know of the kings and queens and generally how people lived then. So now you’re kind of displaced.
Dayla: They said they could send me back to that life if I wished, and then I’d be allowed to incarnate again as a human in a new life afterwards.
Me: You should ask them just to put you back in time and then to the bardo state, so you don’t have to re-live a horrible death.
Dayla: That’s a good idea. I might do that.
Me: It might just help you to go back to the in-between real life instead of having to choose what to do now.
Dayla: For now, I’ll stay here and help them. They are always asking questions and trying to help more people.
Me: Good. Dayla, is there anything you need to add?
Dayla: I would like to be able to ride a horse again. They said they would get one for me soon. I always enjoyed that.
Me: Great!
Dayla: I know they’re trying to make me happy but (pause) it’s so difficult.
Me: Dayla, I thank you for this interview. It’s interesting to hear how American soldiers are viewed from a completely different point of view.
Dayla: Oh yes! And the boots! They had big shoes! My oh my!
Me: It’s an expression, “They do have big boots to fill,” which means they have a tough job on their hands. I know some of them broke down and cried. Did you get this man’s name?
Dayla: He said his name was Carter or Carson, something like that.
Me: Well, I bet you think of him every day.
Dayla: With gratitude, to be certain! This big man with strange eyes and huge boots with dirt on them.
Me: Oh oh. He’d better clean them, they’re supposed to be spic and span.
Dayla: What is that?
Me: Very clean. Boots have to be polished and very presentable.
Dayla: Oh. There were so many of them. Looking around, shooting their arms. Then the room went quiet. We were sitting, wide-eyed wondering if we were next. When they came over, we screamed. The room was full of screams. They waved their hands and put their fingers over our mouths. We wanted to bite them.
Me: Oh!
Dayla: They stroked our hair and our backs and smiled. I remember that that was a good sign for a human, but not so good if it’s a reptilian.
Me: Yes, when reptilians smile at you, it’s not a good thing.
Dayla: They let the room grow quiet and then they took us. He held out his arms to me and asked me to come with him. (crying) It was the first time I was ever asked if I wanted to do something.
Me: (sigh)
Dayla: I was confused but I went anyway. The other girls were going. Anything would be better than what we were living.
Me: True.
Dayla: If they didn’t like the baby, sometimes they would kill you.
Me: I can see you’ve been very traumatized.
Dayla: Yes. It was horrible.
Me: Dayla, I don’t want you to feel bad so I’m going to end this conversation. I know you’re flashing back, so please signal the Pleiadians to help you.
Dayla: (nodding head) I will. Thank you for caring.
Me: You’ll find the Pleaidians very different from what you’re used to.
Dayla: I do. They’re very kind.
Me: So are you for allowing this conversation, please rest and take good care of yourself.
Dayla: Very good. I will. Thank you.

About Intermittent Fasting

Ok,i am Raw Vegan for few years now and i am doing intermittent fasting eating around 8h00 breakfast and 16h00 my main meal and having a lot of water,tea or juices in between and that works awesome for me.Sadhguru explains here his perspective and while i agree with all i also add that after trying only you can decide what feels best to you as we go through our Ascension Process within our physical bodies which to my sense it means we can live hundreds of years if we want to.

Hey Lightworkers, how are you?

Greetings Lightworkers!

I wanted to check in with you all to see how you’re doing.  I’ve had a crazy Spring, Summer and early Autumn so far.  I bet you all have too!!  What’s it like in your world?  Please share in the comments below, I’d really like to know.  

Well, I have learned much this year, especially the need for self-care.  We have to take care of ourselves too. I’ve made a new commitment to my health and well-being as I was neglecting my Earthly vessel.  How can I help someone else when I’m ____________ (fill in the blank from your life)?  We can’t do it.  

I’ve been communicating with you at night, do you hear me?  Not every night but pretty often. When I do,  I say,  “HEY, LIGHTWORKERS ALL OVER GAIA!  How are you doing?  I know you’re exhausted!  I AM also.  But, let’s try our best to hang in there a bit longer.  We can do it if we try! You’re not alone, I’m here and we’re all here together!”  

I imagine us all floating out in space, in a giant circle around the belly of Gaia, all holding hands.  Together with us is our Galactic Family–all those Star Nations that have been around Gaia for thousands of years assisting her.  And of course, the Company of Heaven is invited also–Mother & Father God, Christ, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, our family that has passed on, our Higher Selves & Soul Sparks and our Twin Flames.  All of Gaia’s Kingdoms are there too, in Spirit as we all are; this includes our family in Hollow Earth and Inner Earth.  We’re all joining hands and sending our love and gratitude for one another around the circle.  Waves of warm, soothing energy flow around our circle.  When it builds to a marvelous pitch, I ask everyone to send this love to Gaia through their heart chakras.  Can you see it?  It’s a beautiful, magical, love-filled celebration!!

Want to try an experiment?  We can focus on this image of ALL OF US above sharing our love with each other and with Gaia right before we go to sleep.  It’s a very peaceful way to drift off to sleep!  It makes me feel loved and protected.  If you try it, consider sharing your experience in the comments below.  We’re all going through this together, right?! 

Please remember to shine your light to others.  Many people are living in fear; and a kind, reassuring smile is very powerful.  They will feel it in their Soul. You could make someone’s day!!!

Love you all!

Love, light and blessings!


Channeling Prime Creator in Sedona, Part 120:U.S. Elections

Sedona, Part 120, U.S. Elections Prime Creator speaks politics and about our power to create. We are given a warning and issued a strong invitation to be in our choice and stand up for our freedoms. We vote with ballots and with our energy, so even those not in the U.S. can cast their vote. Prime Creator issues a UNIQUE energy forecast for November! There is also a transmission regarding the end of November moon eclipse. PC speaks of the polarity and understanding your role in contributing to the balance. PC also addresses the phenomenon of walk-ins and the variety of ways in which this can take place. A Creation Temple member receives a visit from her Star Family in the form of a DNA Activation! . Create your free membership at to access this episode!

We want you to know that because of some upgrades that you have recently received, going within will be more blissful than ever.

Your Most Recent Upgrades & Your Mission ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are continuing our investigation into what makes you all tick, because we want to help you tick even faster and with more joy than you currently are there on Earth. We look within your hearts for your deepest desires to see what keeps you going, what gives you hope, and what will get you out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step.

We would love to see you leading lives of fulfillment, purpose, and service, while also experiencing those lives in joy, and we see so many of you struggling at a time when you all would benefit so much from a bit more meditation, some more powerful introspection, and a deepening of your connection with the infinite, the eternal, the love that is Source. We know that these are the keys for the continued blossoming of your consciousness and the joyous experience of your shift.

So how can we make these focal points more of a priority for all of you? That is a question we ask ourselves. We want you to know that because of some upgrades that you have recently received, going within will be more blissful than ever. Going within, at this time, has a bigger payoff for you than ever before in your history as human beings there on Earth, and it is in large part because of the trials and tribulations of the times you are living in.

We want you to always remember that when everything outside of you looks like it’s on fire, and also looks like people are pouring fuel on that fire, that’s the time to go within. That’s the time to start the inner revolution, which will lead to a consciousness evolution, which will change everything outside of you.

You are what the world needs, because you know that what we are saying to you now is true. You can feel it in your bones, and you can tell that you are expanding. You are becoming more of who you really are, and you also know that the infinite and eternal love of Source is within you, and it wants to come out. It wants to play. It wants to create, and it wants to bring others to that realization – that it exists inside of them as well.

That’s your mission. That’s what we would love to see more people focusing upon at this time. We promise you that going within will get you ticking faster and faster, vibrating higher and higher, and soaring into the version of yourself you have always wanted to be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

You no longer need others to project or protect your rightness, for you are becoming a self-contained entity.

Adding Not Subtracting

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s October 23, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at For eons, you’ve expected chaos. In doing so, you became a chaos addict. As you shift deeper into self-love, you’ll discover more interesting activities than 3D chaos. As is true for puberty, you’ll move beyond chaos when your physical body is ready. Such will occur in the next few days, weeks, or months. 

“Wrong was So Yesterday” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Even though you are quite used to wearing unique clothes or making certain statements, your new uniqueness will feel unusual because it is generated from an inner need instead of a social statement.

You have been most comfortable in groups with thoughts similar to yours, but soon you will not necessarily attach yourself to any group. Instead, you will be yourself in thought and action. Often contrary to what you have come to expect of yourself or others.

Will you be anti-social? Most likely for a bit as you shake off the thoughts and directives of others.

Perhaps that last concept is uncomfortable for throughout your earth lives, you have likely been part of a group even if you were not in physical proximity. In early earth days, people began living in communities for survival. Because of that benefit, humans adjusted to rules. It seemed like an equal trade; you were amongst others who would help feed and protect you, as well as provide social entertainment. In return, you followed the social order of the day.

Between earth lives, you ventured into areas you wished to explore without rules or regulations. You could not and would not interfere with, nor harm others, so there was no need for a formal social order.

You are returning to that freedom with which you are most familiar. It is only while of the earth that you had rules designed by the strongest or largest grouping among you.

Even though you are returning to your freedom, doing so will be confusing at first. You will wonder why you feel the need to do this or that when everything you have learned while of the earth tells you doing so will be counter-productive socially.

A concept that is fearful for some if not all. Not because freedom is terrible, but because it is such a foreign thought for any earthling.

You have arrived at the point of not following group-think. Never before while of the earth have you anticipated striking out on your own in thought or action. For you are a member of several earth groupings that, until now, were your emotional lifeblood.

Even though COVID-19 time helped you distance from a number of those groups, you envision returning to similar groups once the freedom to do so returns.

But when this COVID time is over, you will not be interested in most areas in which you felt comfort or security. You will journey out on your own with new thoughts and actions.

You no longer need others to project or protect your rightness, for you are becoming a self-contained entity. More to the point, you are returning to your Universal self-contained being.

Perhaps you wonder how lonely such an adventuresome life will be. We project that you will feel deliciously secure and joyful. For many of your fears are related to how this or that action will affect your group thought.

You will discover new freedoms to explore issues of interest to you without explaining why you wish to do so. Or worry that by doing so, those you love will abandon you.

Universal life is about exploring thoughts, creations, frequencies, dimensions, and anything else of interest. For your only Universal role is exploring that which is of interest to you.

For eons, that exploration was earth group-think and fear. Such is over and is not being replaced with another group action. Instead, you are to be of the Universes while of the earth.

You will also accept others’ uniqueness, for you will know they are exploring because they want to, not because they have to, as has been an earth truth for eons.

New creations and ideas based on individual needs instead of group cohesiveness.

Many of you worry such uniqueness will tear your world to shreds. Instead, you are no longer encased in a box of social rightness. You are free to flit from one interest area to another.

Social groupings from now on will be temporary but no less heartwarming.

This outline of your near future does not mean you will live in isolation. You will merely expand your horizons. Instead of a few groupings, you will become a member of hundreds or thousands as you and your cohorts’ interests shift.

You are creating a new social order – one of much greater flexibility and knowledge. For the key to any Universal experience is sharing and experiencing knowledge.

You have explored fear completely. Now it is time to explore joy through expansion.

You are not subtracting from your totality or interactions. You will add to them in quantity and experience. The difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly.

We are describing this shift because you might feel a bit frightened about your new Universal interests – as you initiate your new life in a new world. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Copyright 2009-2021, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc. But PLEASE maintain this blog’s integrity by including the author/channel’s name: Brenda Hoffman and source website link:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int’l. Message for Freedom and Hope

Today, October 24, 2020, there are many rallies around the world. Activists in these countries are joining in a common voice: Argentina; Bolivia; Peru; Uruguay; Italy; Germany; Poland; Belgium; Netherlands; United Kingdom; Ireland; Sweden; Denmark; France; and Austria.

Citizens of all countries are paying an enormous price for the epidemic. They have not only lost their loved ones, but their freedoms, their livelihood, their joy. Children and youth are suffering due to this crisis too. Without their friends and social activities, mental health problems in our young is at an all-time high. People around the world are demanding to be spared from the devastating consequences of the epidemic.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense, provides an inspirational message for freedom and hope to activists around the world.

Join the movement.

Parallels Realities and Jumping Timelines

I come often to think that everybody and everything around me is a reflection of what i imagine and of what i think of them.And what i think of them brings me to what i feel for them.While my brain will try to go to past memories, i catch it before time by the way i feel.Because the way i feel defines how aligned i am with Source.And so if someone has been mean to me in the past and while my brain is trying to bring to the present this memory, i go directly to the way i feel about them in the now and since :IAM the Love,IAM the Light,IAM the Truth, this awareness allows me to raise my frequency and feel good about everyone and everything without being attached to the past and so creating a parallel reality where everyONE is loving and forgiving and kind.This is why it has been hammered so often that :YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.And so the more i do the work of reminding myself that IAM the Love,IAM the Light,IAM the Truth in deep meditation (at least 15’)the more my brain disengages from the past and comes to the present and creates thoughts that feel good almost automatically.The way i feel is directly connected to Higher Self/Soul and so the more i do this practice, the more through entrainment i create parallels realties that are getting closer to my highest good and the highest good for all which is what my Higher Self and hence me in this now really wants.And i believe what my Higher Self wants is one and the same with everyone else’s Higher Self fully aware that each and everyONE is different in the way they achieve this through passion and different interests in life.’Same Same but Different’ as they say in Thailand.
Does it always go up into better realities?no, because one gets affected by events that are felt through our senses and through meeting with many who are not aware of this Truth.That is why the term :to be in the world but not of it.To be fully aware that one is The Love and The Light and The Truth while walking down the streets among many who are not or even in social media(don’t stay too long, this can bring vibration down super fast).And by holding that thought as much as possible, one does greater service than trying to express with words anything.In this way, one affects the whole and creates a parallel reality for all around him/her.The name of the game is to not be affected by it, to keep vibrations high, to be loving with self and all others no matter what arises.That is to be The Christ Present in the here and now.And that is how i jump timelines and the name of the game is to go to a higher timeline where more of the things that are in my Vortex are showing themselves to me.
I am about to find out what is this day bringing to me and i know this is ALWAYS in direct relation about the way i feel in the now.If i feel good i better check for signs and if i don’t i better go within in meditation to calm my mind till i feel good again.And when i send out my Light for The Highest Good For all this feeling multiplies a 1000X and that is what it means to be Of Service:sending love to all that are in need on the planet ,feeling compassion and visualising beautiful outcome for all, these are very powerful tools that keep our timeline always high as what we visualise for others becomes also our reality.If i see all others being abundant and prosperous, i become it in the now.If i see all others being happy, with enough food on the table and the roof of their living over their heads and awesome mobility for all being healed and rejuvenated i become it also in my now.I am what i think and feel for all others in the now.I take responsibility for it.I Create It.I Rise and Soar and Fly within my beautiful Ascending Body firmly grounded on Gaia every now.That is the work to do.And i love every second of it.



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Trust that there is indeed a Divine Plan unfolding that cannot be stopped by those who do not want the world to awaken.

Arcturian Group Message 10/25/20

OCTOBER 25,2020

We see your suffering dear ones, and we witness the struggle of so many to remain objective in the midst of a world that seems to have gone mad with people acting out in ways never seen or experienced before. Trust dear ones, trust that there is indeed a Divine Plan unfolding that cannot be stopped by those who do not want the world to awaken.

All is proceeding according to plan but to three dimensional thinking there is no plan. Most are as of yet unable to see or understand that there is a Divine plan underlying outer appearances. Human minds steeped in beliefs of duality and separation are unable to grasp anything outside of the limiting belief system they live in and so act in the only ways they know.

You do know what is going on and this why your job is to hold the Light as an observer, doing what needs to be done but in ways that reflect spiritual awareness. It is time to actually embrace being “In the world, but not of it” and because the third dimension functions in time and space, the Divine plan must unfold as a process.

Do not accept everything you read and hear though news media sources for they are often misinformed themselves, passing on information that has been skewed with falsehoods. Always let your intuition guide you in these matters, even with regard to “spiritual messages” for some of these are not on the highest level as well because a channel flows through the consciousness of the channeler.

Anything that promotes fear and negativity is not reflective of the Light. However, be alert to whether you are reacting to something from your present human mind level, or are being intuitively guided. It is easy to be fooled when something you simply do not wish to hear about or deal with in yourself is presented in a channel.

Stay informed, while not aligning with the energy of that which you are being informed about unless you are guided to become involved. Some are guided to be a part of the chaos, but they are those who have attained a consciousness that allows them to work from a detached level and bring Light into situations. Never doubt that there are many Light workers in the trenches at this time but this work is not for most. Trust your intuition on this.

Our message today is about Trust. Not ordinary trust based in ideas, concepts, and beliefs reflective of the third dimensional belief system but a higher trust, one that springs from the realization that omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Divinity is the reality of who you are. This trust understands that the qualities of Source are already fully present within, available to express and be experienced as truth becomes an attained state of consciousness.

As the reality of Oneness is understood, accepted, and becomes the consciousness of increasingly more individuals, many three dimensional creations will dissolve simply because the energy that formed them in the first place is no longer present to sustain and maintain them. This is beginning to happen now. Many obsolete belief structures are beginning to crumble and much more is to come which is very frightening for those who have placed hope and trust, safety and security in concepts.

Allow everything that feels finished in your life to drop away regardless of how well it once worked for you in spite of the opposition you may get from those around you. Try not to mourn the loss of certain comfortable ways of living if they have begun to feel “old”, but rather rejoice in the knowledge that a spiritual idea underlies every outer manifestation because you cannot make something out of nothing.

When the energy that formed and has sustained many facets of three dimensional living like health, education, government,religion, relationships, etc. begins to dissolve, always know that only the lower resonating form/concept of the Divine idea dissolves, never the reality. Divine Ideas, permanently held in place by Divine Law will always re-manifest in a new and higher resonating form if allowed.

Evolution is and always has been an ongoing process but these times represent a particularly giant step of evolution. Everything, on all levels automatically changes as the substance of it (consciousness) changes. Recycling is simply a higher form of waste disposal, cars have replaced horses, the printing press replaced hand written books, respect for nature is growing, and people are becoming increasingly aware of how unloving and unfair much that was previously considered acceptable, is.

God being the only cause, can therefore be the only effect. Ask yourself; “Do I really believe in One omnipresent God, or do I continue to have many gods in my consciousness?” The third dimensional belief system has promoted gods of money, power, religious beliefs, fashion, physical appearance, employment, relationships, family, traditions, and much more. Anything a person deems to be necessary for happiness and success represents belief in a false god. Utilize these present “down times” to seriously reflect on this.

A person cannot continue to worship one or more three dimensional gods while at the same time believing that they accept the truth of ONE God. Ancient belief systems of many Gods were about invisible beings and creatures that had power over everyone and needed to be appeased, often in some violent way. Now replace images of these ancient gods with whatever you have allowed to become a personal god.

Take time to go within and honestly ask; “What am I worshipping in the outer scene? What have I made into a god? What do I continually dedicate my thought and action to attaining in the belief that I must have it in order to be happy?” Examine your beliefs honestly, sincerely, and without judgement dear ones, for this is the purpose of the present down times. Go within and discover what you may still hold as being true, real, necessary, unchangeable, and important etc . and then decide if you wish to continue making it a part of your consciousness.

Never allow self judgement to interfere with your journey of self examination for it is a sacred process, a necessary part of evolution. You were taught throughout lifetimes to put your dependence and value in outer things and you sincerely believed in the correctness of these teachings. However, those of you who read and understand these messages, have attained a level of awareness that now makes these three dimensional teachings obsolete.

Many three dimensional ideas have served well and continue to serve some, but because you have shifted into a deeper awareness these same things will no longer function for you as they once did. For awhile the mind will continue to express what it is familiar with–judgement and criticism, fear and negativity, longing and desires. Simply allow the old programming to flow through , aware of what is happening, and giving it no power. There is a bible statement that says; “Let the heathen rage”.

If I am truly one with Source, Divine consciousness in expression, then I am self-sustained , complete, and whole. So why do I continue to seek that which I already am outside of myself? You have been on this journey of enlightenment for a very very long time dear ones, and have reached a fork in the road. “Do I stay on a path that has worked pretty well for many lifetimes and brought me some success and happiness, or do I take a chance on this unfamiliar path that seems to be drawing me toward it?”

It is a frightening time for the world, a time in which much that has worked in the past, is no longer working and everything seems to be getting worse. The dense energy creations now surfacing and shocking many have always been present, well sustained and maintained but out of majority awareness and those that did became aware were often silenced.

You have not failed, for you cannot fail. Let go of all remaining concepts about spirituality and what you must do or not do in order to be “spiritual”. These teachings were valid steps along your evolutionary but are now simply part of that which you are ready to let go of. You have moved on and no longer need former tools once so important to your awakening process.

Use these present times to discover and release concepts you may still hold about what constitutes failure or success on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Acknowledge your talents, your reality, your gifts, the truth of your being, and accept what you discover, dear ones. Denying one’s talents and Divine Light never represents humility as many have been taught, but rather is its opposite, a rejection of one’s true nature as ONE.

Let go, let go, let go and allow the Divine Consciousness that you are to live and express ITself through and as you. These times are the reason you came and why you have devoted so much of your life to spiritual study, growth, and awareness. The world needs your Light NOW and you are fully capable of doing this work.


We are the Arcturian Group 10/25/20

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