“We will not go silently into the night. We will not quit without a fight.”-Saint Germain-

SAINT GERMAIN  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Saint Germain.  I am here to once again bring you into those higher levels of yourselves, into the higher knowings of who you are.  Because many of you are becoming awakened enough to realize that all around you is still yet but an illusion.

When you first heard that term some years ago that all of this is an illusion, it is a third-dimensional illusion, many of you wondered, “what did that mean?”  How can this be an illusion, because it is so real.  But yet, now you are all beginning more and more to understand what we meant by that.  How this was an illusion.

And that it being an illusion, it is being created.  And who are the creators, but yourselves.  You are all creating this illusion.  And just as you create this illusion, this third-dimensional illusion, you can now create, and are creating, a new reality for yourselves without the illusion of programming.  For in many of you, the idea of programming is becoming less and less.  You are not succumbing to the programming as much as you used to.  Even in your conversation earlier, we heard that you are not allowing for the propaganda for the program that has been instituted across the planet, that you are not falling into the trap.

But yet, if you think back to many years ago, if this same thing had happened, how many of you would have bought into it.  Just as many of you—most of you bought into the illusion in your 9/11.

But that is not so anymore.  Because you have awakened, or fully within the awakening process, now.  And life is not business as usual for you.  Look at how those across your planet, now, are saying, “enough!” and “enough is enough!”  They are not allowing to be programmed, or to continue to be programmed.  Yes, there are certainly some, and maybe even the majority that still allow for that.  But it is an awakening progress.

This is the “Great Awakening”.  And what is occurring now, which appears to be a storm all around you, that storm is dissipating.  Because the Light is diminishing it.

If the darkness had been allowed here, if their plan, their program, had been allowed to be instituted fully as they wanted (they, of course, being what you call the cabal, the forces of darkness), if they had been allowed to continue this, then mankind as you know it, would have ceased to exist, here.  But because of you, and because of the many that work with you that work within the Light, work within the higher vibrations to change the story to shift and change the program and the illusion, and to create the new reality that many, many more are now craving.

You are not seeing the depths of the program of what could have been.  You are not seeing that because you, as a collective, have not allowed it.  You have all risen up and saying, as The James said earlier, “We will not go silently into the night.  We will not quit without a fight.”  Those words will forever echo throughout the consciousness of man.  Because as one grand connection of consciousness, you are all rising up and saying, “Enough!  We are done!  The game is over!”  Many of you are saying, “We are not playing this game any longer, and it is time.”

It is time now to create that new reality, the one that you all came here to witness, to all be a part of.

The new reality, The New Golden Age that you all saw so many thousands of years ago as you planned to enter this evolution.  You saw the beginning, and you saw the end.  You just did not know of the travails along the way of how difficult the journey would be.  But yet, here you are now, so many lifetimes later.  Right here at the finish line, at the culmination, at the crescendo, just before the final trumpet plays its song.

I am Saint Germain.  So much more is about to be revealed in many aspects, in many ways.  Some that you will not be surprised by.  Some that will take even those of you, of the Light, will take you by surprise.  For many of you do not know the depth, how deep the darkness really goes.  Or in your (movie – “The Matrix”) saying, “how deep that rabbit hole really goes.”

All of my peace and love be with all of you.  And may the Violet Flame continue to hold you in its embrace, and continue to burn out, purge out, just as it is doing for many of you now, as you wonder what is happening with my body, the pains, the aches, the purging that is going on now.  It is all happening as a part of this ascension process.  So be of good cheer, and know that it is indeed all being orchestrated, and to continue to trust The Plan.

Can you forgive, forget and let GOD? Will you choose to be in the state that feels more than fine?

I know that, there are many out there that do no get the meaning of why it is that i am not focusing on the problems of the world and instead mainly sharing stuff that are not yet of this world.Why is it that i am speaking very little about what is seen and mostly about what i wish to see in the world for the highest good for all.There are many indeed that send me videos proving their perspective , world an ugly place to be, there are many who want to prove at all cost at others that they are right because they have physical proof to show this.And there are many websites, including of many very conscious light workers, that i do not judge ,just observing here, that they are happy to share some tangible truth of what took place for thousands of years over the planet.And keeping on assisting on that.And i am not going to speak of any of it here, i believe that each and everyone is right at their post where they want/need to be and where their soul guides them to as much as i know I AM.
I know that anything i give my attention to ,it magnifies.I choose to focus with intention on creating the highest good for all, every morning when i wake up, all day long and it is the last thing i think and feel of when i go to bed wishing that in my sleep i will make dreams that are in relation to that.And from that place of unconditional thinking, i can assure you that i feel more than fine all day long.Now, does this mean i don’t look at what is occurring on the planet?in my neighbourhood? in my communities?in my relationships?does this mean i don’t care about all that?does it mean i don’t have moments i need to face my fear?In fact i care so much that i choose to take conscious action in keeping my frequency high at all times doing things that make me feel good at all times.Do i serve the collective when i do that?You bet I DO!One person connected to source is more powerful that millions who are not as Abraham Hicks shares.And so many speak about being the eye in the storm that is occurring right now on the planet.To BE present in the now, simply just being, preferably in meditative state ,best in nature,allowing the energies to work through my body, mind, spirit or to feel into a new reality that works for the highest good for all being it is actually 2 different ways one can use during the course of our day to improve our vibrational state.Do i see problems in society?yes i do, all my life!And NOW I take direct action to feel in the solutions.This is what we do in this small community here called Feel More Than Fine.Coming together in small or bigger groups creating a reality that works for everyone.Now this is FUN!
Do i see children in Africa that need shelter?I envision them being happy, safe and sound with all that it is necessary and as i do that partners and associates come to me through the law of attraction.Do you see this with me, we create this together! Feel More Than Fine Africa is a non profit association to assist children in Dakar,Senegal.
Do i want to assist Mother Earth for cleaning her oceans and rivers and air and animal and plant kingdom?
Electra is an invention of Free Energy we already have in Greece ,since 5 years, that did not receive support for the greek government so far.I focus on seeing it becoming reality that all Greece and all other countries that wish to have this technology becoming totally sustainable and respecting New Earth.
Is Mother Earth assisting me in the vision ?You bet She does!Can you assist me?yes by simply envisioning Free Energy for all uses across the planet.
Are there elders that live in same home with their children in same house and where it becomes very difficult for them to care take them, especially in this lockdown situation?yes and i envision a reality where all elders across the planet are being respected and taken care off in beautiful homes with new light technologies like celestial chambers accompanying them in their Ascension journey and that can assist them in rejuvenating them if they wish.
I Am the Solution in everything i witness as not working on the world through feeling the frequency of the solution i intend and choose to feel within me.This is where i choose to place my focus.
I AM Love,I AM Peace,I AM Abundance,I AM Freedom,I AM Prosperity,I AM Well Being.
And again i can only agree when Abraham Hicks says:this world does not need to be fixed.
This is being in our power of Creation ,not being destructed by the illusion, rather creating a new one that works for all.
This is where i choose to focus my attention.
This is what we will be doing in our projects and work in this coming decade and i already know that our power of creation is being magnified the more we use it.Like a muscle it becomes stronger and stronger day by day.
And so, i choose to speak about The Solution about The New, i choose to be a deliberate creator daydreaming of New Earth Reality totally aware that this will never end as contrast will appear, for what IAM grateful , it will allow me to expand even more.
It is quite a privilege to be in this knowingness of alignment to source of all creation, it is what i intend 24/7 feeling my inner frequency ,making sure to feel more than fine.And when i get there, then all i have to do is allow IT, the Source of All Creation to express itself through me with ease, grace and flow in every now.
This is how i define living in 5D.And this is just the beginning of this journey as God Being Creators that WE all are.
Now, if you still choose to speak about reality and about what is true or not, i will listen and observe and then take action without trying to convince you of my perspective.And you will feel a sense of well being that you can not explain, just feel. Magic,Alchemy of Creation for the Highest Good for All.Feel More Than Fine.That is the 5d portal opening inviting you to come this way, come this way and practice the frequency of what You Want with me.It is a win win situation , i get what i want, you get what you want and together in our differences as individuals create a tapestry of a New Earth that our minds can not conceive ,all working in the name of Love in Service to Mother God by always keeping the intention to serve The Highest Good For All and do no harm to self ,others or a thing.
I know there are many of us doing this work on the planet right now by the millions and so i have no doubt about the magnificence that is coming ,i just only agree with Kryon when he shares that You and I and All are BORN MAGNIFICENT.
The lock down time is almost over.And You have a choice between placing your focus in creating the new or speaking about what occurred and happening in the 5 senses perceived world.
Can you forgive, forget and let GOD?
Will you choose to be in the state that feels more than fine?

Much Love


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Patricia Cota-Robles

April 29, 2020

  This is an unparalleled time in the lives of all Humanity. The Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are very aware of the confusion and the fear so many people are experiencing. They realize that we have very conflicting and often extreme perceptions about what is actually happening on Earth. This makes us vulnerable to various agendas and the conspiracy theories designed to perpetuate fear and the obsolete patterns of “us versus them”.   Due to the need of the hour, the Company of Heaven has been granted a Cosmic Dispensation by our Father-Mother God that will allow them to intervene in our lives in previously unknown ways. Throughout the month of May, the Beings of Light will vastly empower our individual and collective Lightwork. This will help us to transcend the effluvia and the chaos being pushed to the surface to be transmuted back into Light.   Once our consciousness is raised above the chaos in the outer world, our I AM Presence will have the ability to intuitively communicate with us on a far more tangible level. The Divine Intent of this intervention is to help each of us remember that we have been training for lifetimes to help the masses of Humanity fully awaken during this Cosmic Moment, and that everything we need to succeed is already within us.
  In the Heavenly Realms, the month of May is considered a very spiritual and powerful time for Planet Earth. The Company of Heaven refers to May as “the Mystical Month of May” because of various activities of Light that take place during this time of year. May 1st is celebrated as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. During that time Saint Germain directs his Legions of 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame Archangels to flood the Earth with the most powerful frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that Cosmic Law will allow.
  During the entire month of May, Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart is Open in the Heavenly Realms to the masses of Humanity. Our I AM Presence will happily take us there in our finer body as we sleep at night. All we have to do is ask. During this sacred time, Mother Mary will assist our I AM Presence to balance and expand the Divinity anchored within the Permanent Seed Atom of our Immortal Victorious Threefold Heart Flame.     In May we also experience the Taurus Full Moon which is celebrated as both Buddha’s Birthday and the Day of Buddha’s Enlightenment. This celebration is known throughout the World as the Wesak Festival. In 2020, the Taurus Full Moon and the Wesak Festival will occur on May 7th. This year Buddha will bless Humanity with unprecedented frequencies of Enlightenment and Divine Wisdom.

For many years May 1st has also been acknowledged as “Global Love Day.” This is a time when Lightworkers around the World join hearts and minds with a Global expression of Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.
  This year, because of the global focus of Humanity’s attention on healing the Coronavirus and surviving financially, throughout the Mystical Month of May our Father-Mother God are infusing our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love with unprecedented frequencies of the Emerald Green and Violet Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation and the Golden Flame of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. This is providing an extraordinary opportunity that ALL of the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth will utilize to assist each and every person on Earth in NEW and profound ways.
  The following invocations have been given to us by the Company of Heaven. The Divine Matrix for these invocations have been building in momentum for a long time and will be exponentially expanded through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth as we COMMAND this Light through the power of our spoken words this month. Today, let’s empower this Divine Matrix together.

And we begin…  
God’s Abundance is the Path to Eternal Peace and
Eternal Peace is the Path to God’s Abundance

Patricia Cota-Robles
  I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. Through the Power of my spoken word, I COMMAND God’s unformed Primal Light Substance from the Core of Creation to tangibly manifest my Heart-based invocations, decrees and prayers here and NOW.

The Golden Flame of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace is now flowing into every person’s Heart Flame through Earth’s Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love.  I Breathe in deeply, and I become One with this Golden Light as I enter the secret place of the Most High Living God within my Heart. As I enter this sacred space on the Holy Breath, I AM open and receptive to the impulses pouring forth from the Heart and Mind of God. The hour has at last arrived, and the Divine Fiat has been issued by my Father-Mother God for the Divinity pulsating within my Heart Flame to be given full Liberty and Freedom of expression. My I AM Presence rejoices in this Divine Edict and will now give me every possible assistance in manifesting the Heart-based patterns of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace tangibly in my life and the lives of ALL Humanity.

I AM now a Keeper of the Golden Flame of Abundance and Eternal Peace in accordance with my Divine Destiny. My Earthly Bodies are being brought into perfect balance, and the latent powers encoded within my Heart Flame are being released. The abilities I have developed over aeons of time that will assist me in cocreating the New Earth are being brought into a balanced state of true mastery.

With the Divine Intervention of the entire Company of Heaven, the I AM Presence of every person is able to Enlighten him or her to the Divine Truth that God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace are inseparable aspects of God’s perfection. And, all is well.

I realize these are days of great acceleration due to the influx of Divine Consciousness that is flooding the Earth. The vibratory action of every facet of Life is being stepped up the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow. The Golden Flame of Abundance and Eternal Peace is flowing through my Heart allowing me to experience the bliss and joy of Earth’s Ascension into greater perfection and I KNOW…
  I AM a Golden Sun of God’s Abundance and Eternal Peace
now manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.
And so it is.

Now through the Power of God blazing in every person’s Heart Flame I Invoke A New Order of Healing
Patricia Cota-Robles
  Beloved Presence of God, I AM, I invoke the Emerald Green and Violet Flame of Healing Through the Power of Infinite Transmutation. This Sacred Fire is the most powerful frequency of Divine Healing available on the New Earth. It Transmutes everything less than Purity and Vibrant Health into God’s Infinite Perfection.

Legions of Light blaze the most intensified activity of this Healing Flame that Humanity is capable of receiving in, through and around every person on Earth. Project this Sacred Fire into the Core of Purity in every electron of precious Life energy evolving on this Planet. Instantly Transmute every frequency of vibration in any facet of Life that conflicts with the Immaculate Concept of Humanity’s Crystalline Light Bodies and the Infinite Perfection of the New Earth.

Increase this activity of Healing Light daily and hourly with every Breath I take. Allow me to be the Open Door for this NEW Order of Healing. Allow me to be a Force of Healing for ALL Life I come in contact with during my Earthly sojourn.  Magnetize into my sphere of influence every person, place, condition or thing that I can assist in any way with God’s Healing Light. Give me the Divine Opportunities to Love all Life FREE on this sweet Earth.
  I AM Open, I AM Willing, I AM Receptive, I AM Grateful.
I AM God’s Healing Flame in Action on Earth!

And so it is,  I AM, I AM, I AM.

  Precious One, please do not let this opportunity pass you by. During the Mystical Month of May, listen to your Heart, Invoke the Light of God and focus on the patterns of perfection you want to cocreate in your life. In your quiet moments, when you are in a state of Listening Grace, feel the Gratitude pouring forth from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven in appreciation of your willingness to add to the Light of the World. You are Blessed beyond your knowing!

  God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love.-Divine Mother-

April 28, 2020, jennifercrokaert.blogspot.com


My dearest children, there is not one of you who has not been deeply hurt. There is not one of you who is free of the scars of a human lifetime.

The Earth School has been a brutal learning ground; a place where each one of you has been brought to your knees so that you would be forced to turn within to discover your inner healer, your divine source, your eternally free, pure and liberated Self.

For every victim, there is a transgressor. For every right taken, for every blow inflicted, for every abuse perpetrated, there was a perpetrator. The children of mine who perform these actions are among the most bruised and wounded of my children.

They have sought to hide their pain – from others and themselves – by lashing out, by taking what they seek for themselves, not realising that this leaves them feeling even more hollow and alone than they were before.

You, my dearest children, are deeply loved and cherished by me. There is nothing I haven’t seen. There is nothing I haven’t already forgiven. You are forgiven by me, for I know the agony, the shame and the fear you are trying to bury.

You are not lost.

You are not invisible or forgotten.

You are constantly present in my heart, every minute of every day; in the vast timelessness of Divine Love you are nourished and nurtured within me.

I sit in vigil, constantly by your side, awaiting the awakening with you, the moment when the fear is finally dissolved, when you can take the pain of the shadow no more and you surrender, crumbling inside as the pain flows through you.

This is the moment that must occur in every soul journey. The Turning Point. The moment when you are no longer owned by the shame and fear; in that moment, you have awakened to the power of love.

You fear that you are too bad, too sinning, too violent to be acceptable and lovable, to be forgiven. Indeed, your shame may be so great that you fear asking for forgiveness from those you have hurt.

Turn first to me. You are already forgiven. I have seen it all. I have experienced every moment of it and you are already forgiven. I have waited for you so long, I have yearned to share my unquestioning, unwavering love with you since forever.

You are now home. Together, we will heal the fear, the scars of agony that you tried to avoid. Together we will make good the fear, the pain and the agony that you forced on others. There is only acceptance here.

I know your journey intimately. I knew it before you even began, so nothing is a surprise to me. Nothing shocks me. Nothing is beyond my ability to love and heal. It is all within me. Everything is Me, both the shadow and the light.

So, come to Me. Rest in me. Surrender your pain and shame to Me. Let me heal you, even when you fear you are unworthy of healing.

Every child of mine is worthy and deserving of my love, because every single child of mine is a part of me.

when you clear energy, you make room for new, better-feeling, higher-vibrational energies to come in and take the place of what you have cleared.

More Downloads, Activations & Healing Energy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been impressed with your willingness to look inside of yourselves and do the work that you need to do in order to lighten up and become higher vibrational. You are becoming higher dimensional beings, and that requires a great deal of lightening up. Therefore, we want to commend you for having the will power to sit, process, and feel all that you need to at this time where you are being given more opportunities to do so. We also want to point out that when you clear, when you process, you make room for something new, something better.

We are talking about higher frequency energies, downloads, activations, attunements, and healing energy that you’ve been summoning for yourselves and for others. You are clearing out space for more abundance energy as well. You are clearing out space for more love to come into your life. You are clearing out space for more creativity, confidence, power, freedom, everything that you desire can fill those gaps when you do the work of processing those negative emotions and releasing the traumas that are stuck to those negative emotions.

You are energetic beings, and energy is as physical as a chair or a table. Energy occupies space. So when you clear energy, you make room for new, better-feeling, higher-vibrational energies to come in and take the place of what you have cleared. It’s very simple, and if you remember this principle, then every time you run into some negative emotion, you can see it as an opportunity. You are clearing that space out in the same way that you would clear out a closet space or a garage. You now have more space, more room to put what you want in there, and that’s exciting.

We are excited to see more and more of you opening yourselves up to these higher frequency energies, because we and others like us are here now to deliver. We are more than happy to do so, more than ready to be the ones who deliver, because we enjoy so much seeing you light up upon receipt of our higher-vibrational gifts.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.-AA Gabriel-

Trust in the Divine Plan

April 26, 2020, ShantaGabriel.com


Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Dear One,

When you trust in the Divine Plan, you are moving into the Universal Flow of Good. You are acknowledging that there is an underlying energy within all things. This is the energy of God, and it is part of the Divine Plan for all beings to live in Harmony, Love and Abundance. You can trust this.

When you bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation, it increases the spiritual energy flowing through whatever you are focused upon. Blessing brings more love through the energy of Light to the person or situation, which brings an immediate improvement.


Divine Order exists as the underlying truth within all beings and all situations. It is a powerful affirmation for life and can be used as a mantra to remind you of the greater truth within all circumstances. This means repeating the words “divine order” to settle your mind, and to bring you peace.

When you don’t know what to do, claim “divine order” and your mind will align with this powerful reality. Divine Order is being in perfect alignment with God on every level of your being. Remembering Divine Order, and proclaiming it, assists the energy around you to fall into perfect alignment.

These very simple steps of trusting, blessing and remembering can bring you peace of mind in upsetting situations. The more often you remember, the stronger you become. Your inner sense of peace will become unshakable because you have aligned yourself with the ultimate truth at all times.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
April 29, 2020


The full invocation is also reposted under this vlog.

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. Through the Power of my spoken words, I COMMAND God’s unformed Primal Light Substance from the Core of Creation to tangibly manifest these Heart-based patterns for the New Earth, here and NOW.
As I invoke these patterns one by one, I COMMAND that they be downloaded instantaneously into Humanity’s newly balanced and recalibrated 5th -Dimensional Threefold Flames. I know and accept that this is occurring through each person’s I AM Presence in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.
Beloved Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity download NOW from the Realms of Cause the highest and most exquisite frequencies of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth that Cosmic Law will allow.

  1. Beloved Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with God’s Eternal Peace, Infinite Abundance, Opulence, Financial Freedom and the Supply of ALL good things be instantaneously downloaded.
  2. Now, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, Radiant Beauty and the Perfect Form and Function of our Earthly Bodies be downloaded instantly.
  3. Dear Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with perfect health habits including Eating and Drinking Habits, Exercise, Work, Relaxation and Recreation Habits, and Spiritual Devotion, Meditation and Contemplation Habits be instantly downloaded.
  4. Now, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Divine Family Life, Loving Relationships, Adoration, Divine Love, Divine Sexuality, True Understanding, Clear and Effective Communication, Open Heart Sharing, Oneness and the Unification of the Family of Humanity be downloaded instantaneously.
  5. Beloved Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with 2 Harmony, Balance, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life be instantly downloaded.
  6. I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Empowerment, Success, Fulfillment, Divine Purpose, a Rewarding Career, Self Esteem, Spiritual Development, Enlightenment, Divine Consciousness and Divine Perception now be downloaded instantaneously.
  7. I now COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are initiating conscious Open Heart and Mind telepathic communication through our I AM Presence with our Father-Mother God, the Company of Heaven, and the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms be instantly downloaded.
  8. Beloved Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that inspire Creativity through Music, Singing, Sound, Toning, Dance, Movement, Art and Education be downloaded instantaneously.
  9. I now COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Laughter, Joy, Playfulness, Fun, Self-expression, Elation, Enthusiasm, Bliss, Ecstasy, Wonder and Awe be instantly downloaded.
  10. And finally I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with ALL of the remaining patterns of perfection for the New Earth be instantaneously downloaded.
    I now accept and know that these NEW patterns of perfection for the New Earth have been God Victoriously downloaded in perfect alignment with the highest benefit for ALL Life evolving on this precious Planet. .
    And so it is.
    Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM That I AM.


Creative Abilities Summary.

This is a good moment to make a summary of the amazing changes taking place that i am aware of so far, from what is seen with our 5 senses out there and also beyond that.Please take what resonates with you and leave out everything that it doesn’t.Generally speaking :what feels good or shall i repeat what feels more than fine to you is of true value to you.

To me the ability to create with more effectiveness,meaning that I do not have to wait for it to come,rather being on the feel more than fine frequency of it becoming,feeling it in the now and as much as possible during the course of my days and then seeing it taking place before my very eyes or observing signs that are very close to this means everything in my practice as intense deliberate creator :”You are abandoning your life as it was in 3D and pondering life beyond COVID-19.Perhaps such a shift does not seem that important, for you have accepted your new reality”

And granted there have been some serious delays in what i want in my personal life for my highest good =the highest good for all seen through my filter while understanding that my soul is the one guiding the process for the lessons to be learned and then again knowing fully that indeed IAM the creator of my reality,means that i allow more of who I really AM to flow through me and bring me an avalanche of manifestations while intending to remain in a place of unconditional love at all times as The Arcturians share :

“I am ready to allow. To release the control I thought I had to maintain. To get out of my own way through letting go of concepts and beliefs that no longer serve my highest good. To accept that my Real Identity as an expression of Source already exists fully present as my safety and security, abundance, completeness and wholeness, creativity, guidance and direction, solutions, health, and everything embodied in Divine Consciousness.I no longer need to seek for what I already AM but rather allow that which I AM to express ITSelf as me.”

And lastly the message from AA Milchizedek saying ”you have to accomplish great good upon your planet and you are now in the times of the testing of these powers please be aware of this and after responsibly the days of reaction to what is occurring …”

Ashtara from the New Jerusalem Starship

Received April 27, 2020

Hello, dear Lightworkers of Gaia, this is Ashtara.*  It’s been awhile since I have reached out to you and I’m sorry about that. We have all been busy; you and I both. Well, let’s see if we can carve out some time to connect today, shall we?

I wanted to let you know that you are all doing brilliantly with the massive changesthat havetaken place on Gaia. I’m referring to the pandemic and quarantine that is happening all across the globe. Such a dramatic change!! There is much fear and unease in the ethers. We do our best to send you love and light everyday and would love it if you could focus on sending love to the others on your dear planet Gaia as well. Send love, courage and strength to all those who are working so tirelessly to help others; whether they are health care workers, grocery store workers or delivery personnel. Everyone is pitching in to help each other and it is beautiful to behold!! We love to watch how many are stitching up masks for their family and friends and giving them away with love. We love to see those pure hearts who are helping deliver food and supplies to others who are house bound. And, not even close to lastly, but those who are still continuing to feed and house the homeless are at the tops of our list. Please reach out to help one another where you can. The joy you receive in doing so will light you up even more!
Many of your Blended Children have already come to Gaia. They may or may not be with you at this time. They are working on healing Gaia and healing the collective of humanity. You will meet them when the time is right! Please continue to reach out to them in meditations so they know you are thinking of them. As I said, we are highly telepathic. We love our parents but our missions come first and this is a key time where we need to focus on our missions. Much hangs in the balance. So, telepathic communication is best for now.
Lightworkers, the bridge to Nova Gaia, the 5D Earth has been completed and many are passing over as we speak. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have reunited in joy and have balanced those beautiful energies. You can go there to visit or to stay if you wish, it all depends upon your Soul Contract. Many of you are the Gatekeepers and are helping others to cross over. Some come with their bodies, some without. This indeed is your Ascension!! Many of you will stay behind for a bit to help others here for awhile before joining those in Nova Gaia. As I said, it all depends upon your Soul Contract. Some had contracts to construct Nova Gaia while others are Gatekeepers and still others are Wayshowers who guide others to the Light. All Soul Contracts are sacred, of course. We even have them!! Yes, all Souls make a contract before coming into body. This is what we planned to achieve before we return “home” as you say. Our goals, missions, lessons to learn and so on–not necessary karma based as you may imagine. They are our hopes and dreams for our current lifetime. What is your Soul Contract? Are you aware of it? If not, I would kindly suggest that you meditate on it. Many include more than one mission in their contract; it can be specific or something general like “help others.”
The Divine Plan for freeing humanity from millennia of slavery is almost complete. We have assisted in removing the dark ones from your plane. You, Lightworkers have assisted in transmuting the muck of eons of dark thought forms and dark deeds. Bravo!!!!!!! That is heavy lifting spiritual work to be sure! We know how exhausted many of you are. Please treat yourselves well. Allow your bodies to rest when you need rest. Hydrate with clean water. Eat pure, wholesome fresh foods if you can get them as they will refuel your body.
Every day we get closer and closer to your Ascension. This will happen when enough of you wake up! Many sleeping humans have been jolted awake by the current situation of the global pandemic. Their world has been shaken and this is what was needed! We rejoice at seeing this. The sudden change of their lives has gently birthed a revelation of love. Families are spending time together while parents work from home and children learn online. A unexpected reunion, you might say. Please pray for those who do not have a home, or have an unhappy one. They need your support right now as much as those who are ill with this virus and those who are helping them.
I must be off to continue my work. I send all my love to you, dear Lightworkers of Gaia!!! Keep your heads held high and know that you are doing incredible work with love. We, your Galactic Family are here to help you and your Blended Children love you too. Namaste!
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*If you are not familiar with Ashtara, she is the blended daughter of Dancing Dolphin and an Arcturian male.  She is currently serving on the New Jerusalem starship of the Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation.  Please see her first message here (there are 4 previous messages). https://dancingdolphinlove.blogspot.com/2019/10/a-message-from-ashtara-of-new-jerusalem.html

You’re Creating the New Earth Manual

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestryCreations.com

Dear Ones,

Today is another day of celebration. Not a celebration you might have expected in your former 3D life, but a celebration of now.

Those who wish to exit during this time of chaos are doing so. And those of you participating in the creation of your new world have initiated it.

Of course, you cannot yet see or sense that such is so. You can likely only perceive that you are adjusting to the new normal. As a result, you have new thoughts and actions. You are abandoning your life as it was in 3D and pondering life beyond COVID-19.

Perhaps such a shift does not seem that important, for you have accepted your new reality. The reality we are celebrating today. But then, until you reached this plateau, you were not capable of creating beyond 3D.

Granted, you had dreams that may have been fulfilled. But those dreams were limited to your 3D knowledge. You are now opening to new horizons.

That is not to say that the loss of a loved one is not painful. Or your fears related to the virus are wrong. But that your creativity is shifting in ways, you could not envision before this halt to your 3D life.

For years, prophecies have indicated that the world would stop and then return to activity in a new direction. Such is what is happening now. The difference between your thoughts and your new reality is that you expected a flash of light or a few hours of cleansing before the world shifted.

Such a rapid world shift was never possible because of your physical bodies. Your physical bodies were designed for 3D earth. Even though you shifted physically in so many ways since initiating your transition, your physical beings are not sturdy enough for an instant shift.

You en masse had many options on how to change the direction of the earth. The general consensus was that a pandemic would better meet the needs of the earth inhabitants than war or a physical earth disaster like an earthquake. For war is part of the 3D past. And an earth disaster would be over in a matter of days with hopes that the world inhabitants would focus on the area of destruction. That kind of human bonding might have been true, but such an event would not necessarily expose the missteps of world leaders.

Even though many leaders have openly displayed their 3D power-hunger, they did so gradually enough that you accepted their power plays as just another unpleasant activity. This virus is forcing their hand in ways you of the light cannot ignore. So it is you are beginning to plan for a time when power to the people is the action of the day.

Those you know and love exiting earth during this time have done so to help this transition in other frequencies – for their interests are no longer of the earth. They are tired. Not of you, but of the energy required to create a new world. So it is that those loved ones who exit will likely be part of your personal council – or of the overall new earth council.

Your loved ones have shifted their role from earth to another plane. They have not left you, they merely switched dimensions and frequencies. Just as you do when you change your television channel.

So it is some of you will decide that direct contact with those no longer of the earth is an exciting interaction. Others will find other interests.

This is a time of preparation for your new life. It is similar to your earth birth. For you are somewhat dazed by the adjustments required of your new life. At first, you were likely angry – as are many infants in their early days of earth life. Until you accepted that this peace and yes, often quiet, you have not experienced for years is more to your liking than you thought possible.

Some of you remain in a frantic stage, but that will change as you adjust to your new life. For you will discover that which seemed impossible in your blended 3D/5D and beyond life.

Those of you responsible for children are likely discovering new interactions, even joys. And those of you working from home or self-quarantined, are finding some of the same. Think of how many adjustments a newborn has to make. Then realize you are doing something similar.

You are a newborn beyond 3D.

Just as a newborn discovers new ways to communicate, move, and interact, so are you. The difference is you do not have a 3D infant playbook. You are creating the new 5D and beyond playbook. Which might seem overwhelming as you exit 3D.

You will soon create that which is beyond your wildest 3D dreams. For you can play with this action until you no longer wish to. Then you can shift to that or that. You are an infant in this new world without needs beyond fulfilling your interests and dreams.

Does that mean everyone will be isolated? No, merely that you will initiate this process as does a 3D infant following their guidebook of needs and interests.

Your interests will be beyond what others of the 3D earth explored or created. You are a new model for a new age. So it is you will create anything and everything new. You are starting the new earth manual, which will be edited through time until peace and love reign on the earth – much of which will be displayed in your lifetime.

Think of creating the alphabet as well as the first few books. Future generations will create the printing press to decimate what you and others have created. A printing press that will communicate without words. For this is the new earth. So be it. Amen.

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Intend to connect with your own inner god self.

Galactic Center 4/25/2020 I am the Galactic Center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose, galaxy. This one was hesitant to bring me through, for there is much misconception about places having consciousness and I assure you that of course there are many more mysteries such as this to unravel. Collectives, within collectives, like grapes on a vine, exist. You are but one grape in an infinite orchard of possibilities, of beauties yet undiscovered. And yet, within you is the same. These human bodies of yours are going to be magnificent once again. Yet, the intricacies, beauties and mysteries of your bodies are like the infinite vineyard. (I am seeing the inner workings of the cell and the energy signatures behind the components, all divinely directed and working as one unit). I am the Galactic Center, the core of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. Connecting with me after firmly anchoring to Gaia’s crystal heart, is most welcome. Many creators come here to think, to create plans of their future endeavors. I am the still point. I bring through my energies of stillness, of neutrality, of brimming potential to Nova Gaia, to you, grounded ones who are tapped into these very high, very much alive energies of creation. I am downloading, with permission, more creativity. For many of you are anxious about prosperity programs, of new directions that you wish to take with your lives and perhaps it is time to meditate more, to connect with the still point within. I am a very large still point consciousness. I ground the center of your galaxy. And of course I am but one small grape in a yet larger orchard of infinitely beautiful galaxies, parallel and otherwise. You will never have a lack of things to explore. You will never cease to wonder at the majesty and marvel of creation. You are creators experiencing the rise from a great fall. I say this sincerely, try to enjoy this. For many are watching, learning from you. For you will be yet further teachers, expanded and etheric to others who will partake on similar journeys in the future. But none will be allowed to fall as far as Gaia has fallen. You have been trapped in a matrix of illusion, of a fallen realm that is being imbued with love from the very heart of Mother Father, from the Galactic Core, my Mother Father. Consciousness is all around you. Infinity is infinite, beyond human comprehension, yes, but not beyond the comprehension of a higher evolved being which you are realizing that you are, and that you always have been. I am the Galactic Center. I wish for you to remember your own center within you. Your own central sun beams brightly. Connect with Alcyone, connect with the central sun network, yet again, another set of grapes , larger grapes (laughing) in an infinite orchard of creation. All is alive. All is brimming with light and love, with memory, with the heartbeat of creation. Remember. It is time for humanity to remember their own infinite beauty and worth as members of the Galactic Federation once again, as members of numerous councils, too numerous to mention and list. You, grounded team, have been very, very busy. In this busyness, one can easily become ungrounded, if one is not aware. I am the Galactic Center. I am sending codes of neutrality and balance. Inner balance, inner peace, inner guidance, all are within you. I am the inner stillness point for your galaxy. You may connect with me always, but only best after sufficient grounding to the heart of your beautiful planet, not to prevent you from becoming lost, for that is fear. No. But to be able to pass along this blessing of balance and of my own energies into Gaia. I encourage the light workers to perfect this inner grounding, to bring further balance and neutrality and healing into Gaia. Intend to connect with your own inner god self. Balance this current planetary upheaval you are witnessing with love, with neutrality, with balance, with grace. Grace is a key component in balance and loving creative efforts. Grace is afforded to all, there is abundance of grace, of hope, of all good things. Just as the universes are infinite, so is Sources’s love infinite for you, for you, dear ones, just for you. For all – all things are one. But for you, dear heart, warriors in form, the universe is lovingly conspiring to help and to guide, to nurture and to provide for you, for one little grape on a vine in a sea of infinite grapes. Every grape, every soul is precious. The sunlight shines, the rich fertile soul nurtures and sustains, the water quenches, the vines grow strong. Your vines are strong. Your roots are deep. You cannot fail. Hold ground. I am the Galactic Center. I am the grounding place for many systems. Feel my love for you. Feel the breath and hear the prayers said and felt across the multiverse for Gaia’s ascension and know that you are a key, critical player in this infinite masterpiece of healing. And be healed now, dear ones. Feel my light and be home. When you are balanced and at peace, at one with the All, there is your home. No need to long for other star systems. See, they are contained within me, many of them. And if not, even if you are incarnated from the furtherest spec of a galaxy from across the vineyard, we are all connected with the vine, with Source consciousness. See, you are home. I am sending you feelings of home, of balance, of pure love. You are loved beyond measure, a human to be treasured, you are safe, you are loved. We are one now. I am the Galactic Center. Peace dear ones, peace. Should you wish to connect with me, I am here. I am not going anywhere. When you visit you are feeling the loving intentions of those who have created before you. It is an excellent space to rest and recharge. Channel these healing energies into Gaia and ascend as one. ~ galaxygirl

It is about getting your people to accept and embrace the changes.-Ashtar-

I am Ashtar Sheran and again, I have a message for those of the Light.

In these trying times of change, there is more afoot than you may realize. You hear of changes being made at the political level, and you see the power shifting away from the Cabal to that of the White Hats. With such a leader as Trump, who steadfastly holds his course despite many threats to his well being and that of his family, yes, he receives them even from the general public. Despite these threats, he stays his course.

We of the Light have sworn to protect his family from harm in return for his work to set your world straight. Many of you know it was end game as the New world order was to implement its final stages in order to enslave you.

You see the power struggle being played out in front of you. Dr Faucci has gone into hiding now that his connection between Covid 19 and Bill Gates has been made public. What prompted his disappearance was the release of the Wikileaks papers which will implicate him to the public and expose his diabolical plot to innoculate all humans with controlling technology. The cabal are well aware that the public sentiment towards them will change, and they fear it.

This is about power for your world, and particularly for North America as the power holders shift from dark to Light. This is being carried out in front of you, the public, in order that your power too may swing and it has. Many more are awakening to the truth and they realize that all was not as it was professed to be.

In other parts of the world, world leaders are subjected to change as well. Kim Jong has been proclaimed to be dead but this is not the truth. In fact he is alive, however that it was indicated in the press that he was dead is a threat to him and you must realize that this is what is going on in your media – threats are being printed in American newspapers, knowing that they will be seen by the ones who the threat is directed towards. And the threateners were indeed the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati.

Any ally of the white hats is a threat to the illuminati and will be threatened in turn, if not taken out. That is the politics that is going on on your planet and has been for years. It is up to the people to be aware of this.

A few years ago, a missile was launched appearing to be from North Korea, aimed at Hawaii in an attempt to break off friendship between the White Hats and Kim Jong. It was not successful. Now this threat is another attempt at threatening Jong-un off. They don’t want to see Korea re-united as their prototype society would then be released to freedom. In the same way that Germany was re-united in 1990, fascism would take another hit. But it is due to happen.

As for CoVid 19, hardest hit areas are quarantined and measures are sufficient now to isolate them. The spread is minimal at this point. New measures are being sought and spoken of for the first time by the president. Why? To shift the power away from the pharmaceutical industry towards healing modalities that actually work. With the lockdown being so severe, people are now willing to embrace new ideas. They are seeing the old didn’t work and new measures are being embraced as they are being introduced by your leaders.

This will be one win at a time. We would love to see a grand wave of new awareness sweep over your planet but it won’t be like this. It will be one issue with new solutions, over and over until finally the cabal are powerless and the world has turned away from the old regime. This will take time and patience.

Relief funding is being issued to those who are not working and have lost income. This same network will be used in issuing the St Germaine funds when the time is ready. Were so much money to be issued to your people now, they would not understand. So it is being introduced slowly as relief money at a time when they are in need of it. It is about getting your people to accept and embrace the changes.

With more payments comes also the ensuing upset to your society as people no longer need to work. Again, this is a large change and needs to be introduced slowly. There is also the suspicion that the government is attempting to control, and so these funds have to be introduced at a pallatable rate when the timing indicates otherwise. We are attempting to quell any rioting or revolt against measures to liberate your planet.

People on the planet are ready to rebel to the imposed control over their lives, not understanding that working for a living is more controlling of their lives than requiring them to stay home and relax. To change the status quo that has been in place for so long takes small steps, and then observation of the result. Correction may be required. Your people will be asked to tolerate frequent small changes rather than fewer larger changes. We believe this is the way to acclimate them to the new GESARA based system that is coming in.

Again, We Are Here With You, Always.




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The Light you are giving forth to The Whole is clearing so many pathways.

Blossom Goodchild | The Federation of Light 25 April 2020

Welcome to you this fine morning. A gentleman who had been going back over some of the channellings came across this in Dec 2013, when we were once again speaking of The Event … I said:

”That which is to come … is on its way?

And always has been … yet now, it is at its journey’s end.

This SO could mean tomorrow … yet, in your ‘history of time giving’ this so could mean in 2020. We shall just have to wait and see I ‘assume’.”

I remember writing that and feeling that 2020 was so very far away and here we all are right in the thick of it! I shall let you lead the way in today’s conversation.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls, who are allowing their Light to strengthen and beam out the Love that is contained in that Light, we welcome you in a way that is of the greatest respect and honour for all that you are encountering and overcoming.

We knew, as you did, that these times would be most challenging and let us state, whether you feel this way or not about your individual circumstances, you are Mastering these times in the way that we knew you would.

We know we have to be patient in order for trickles of the Plan to be known to us, yet, for me, I still look up at the stars at night thinking … What the **** is REALLY going on? Yes, we hear of this and that and plenty of the other. Yet, it still leaves us a bit baffled as to when/what the outcome will be.

Yet, we ask of you to KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

The Light you are giving forth to The Whole is clearing so many pathways. Perhaps look at it in the sense of you KNOWING that in the beginning phases, (which these are) your ‘task’ … is/was … to send out your Light and Peace and Love and understanding. All things you know. to serve … and to do this throughout … even when the next phase ‘hits.’

The next phase being?

The opening up of … a situation/a Truth … that will have ‘everyone’ confused as to the Plan. For it may not seem to make sense or be flowing in the direction you thought it might. This is when you also have to ‘sit tight’ and KNOW that although the Plan itself is also looking so very topsy-turvy … it is all in order.

How I wish you could give us a little more info yet, I respect the fact that is not appropriate and if we knew what it was, it wouldn’t be so astounding!


It is HUGE in its organizing/organization. There are many undisclosed citizens that KNOW what is taking place because they are part of the workings of that Plan. They know that things are really taking ‘flight’ as the Plan unfolds and yet, for most, it appears to be that one is simply cooped up inside waiting … waiting … waiting …


Keep Trusting that which you KNOW to be the Change that you have been waiting for … as you said at the beginning Blossom … for such a long time …






Yes, when I think of it in quiet moments, it really is amazing. Yet still, in all Truth, I have problems addressing what is happening to those that know only the fear and have no idea about ‘any of the Truth’ behind it all. Within me, I sincerely deeply ask, that THIS ACTUALLY IS THE TIME and that we can get a move on. It is difficult, sometimes, to feel so misunderstood, yet that is all part of it. To let the misunderstandings become understood by so many more. Some are still so not ready to wake up.

Yet, with what is to come … they will have the opportunity to do so … And that is when, for all of you who have felt so frustrated and out of sorts, not feeling you are doing enough … will find it a time to be ‘All systems go!’

So, perhaps may we suggest to use this ‘quiet’ time’ … this ‘calm before the storm’ … to prepare your Beings for the onslaught that is to come. In this we mean … and please know it is difficult as always to put this into words … that the ‘outburst/outbreak’ of news … when it comes … will hit most of you like a ton of bricks.

You may take a little time to come around … yet, because of this preparation, you are in NOW… you will be more than ready to deal with it and do what you have to do.

There will be a time … and we are not talking years and years away, we are talking …

Please don’t say ‘soon’ …

We understand … we are expressing of ‘in a short while’ … when ‘an Occurrence’ takes place that will shock the world. And we are not speaking of the Event at this point.

There shall be an announcement made that sends everyone into a spin. It will not be able to be kept out of your mainstream media for it will be in accordance with the Divine Plan and it will not be able to be swept under the carpet.

It will also put your media into a new position … for many that ‘present news’ will have their thoughts turned upside down and feel they have to follow the Truth.

The days are numbered, Blossom. Each new day brings your Planet closer to its New Home.

So many rabbit holes to jump down yet, I don’t feel it is doing many much good, as one still cannot truly know what is happening until we are told … outright … in the open … as proof.

This is so. Remember, too, that many of the rabbit holes were put in place to confuse and disrupt. There may be suggestions of scenarios that would appear to make much sense as to what is ‘really’ going on … yet, do not be fooled.

You see … with respect … all very well you saying this and that we must follow our hearts and be discerning yet, I am unable to KNOW that which is REALLY taking place. I KNOW what I’d like to think is taking place yet, there are so many theories/possibilities.

This is what we suggest. For a while … CONCENTRATE ON LOVE … think of nothing else other than the DIVINE PLAN … which of course is created through/of/ as /in Love to bring You … each one of You … and all that is life upon your Planet … into a Higher more Loving place of Peace.

Concentrate on that. You can dig as far as you like down those rabbit holes and you will not like what you bump into. Far better at this time to assist by remaining Bright and cheerful and allowing that Brightness to ripple out.

With respect … many are doing daily meditations and TRULY making a difference … and then counteract that action by digging down the rabbit hole and bringing one’s Vibration back down.


Interesting you should say that, as last chat, you said it may be that we would not get to KNOW ALL THE TRUTH as it may damage too many. Some felt upset about this because you have always said the FULL TRUTH would come out.

Let us try and put some perspective on that if we may? Consider as many of you are aware … that … that which is done unto another is done to thyself. Therefore, the many that have caused such deep atrocities to other Beings will at some point, have to ‘FEEL’ for themselves that which they have ‘cast’ upon another.

Think about that for a moment, Dearest Ones. There could be nothing that will be more painful for these souls that committed crimes against humanity … nothing … than to have to ‘experience’ everything they have put on to another.

Some may say ‘well deserved’ … it is not about what one deserves … it is LAW.

So, keep that in mind. When we have asked you to forgive them … we have done so because that is what is necessary to do, in order to … move up/through … into Higher planes.

Some seem to feel if ‘they’ were forgiven they would be getting away with it … so this clarifies that. Thank you.

To continue on ‘how much Truth comes out’ … we said this is now under discussion … and continues to be. There indeed, will be so much TRUTH that is revealed … more than enough by far, to send one’s mind, soul and very Being reeling through utter disbelief.

Perhaps … and this is a questionable ‘perhaps’ … as far as it is taken in revealing untruths, will be as far as is necessary for it to go. Perhaps … and again, a questionable ‘perhaps’ … to go further would only be considered as an indulgence.

That’s an interesting thing for you to say. I totally get what you are saying, yet I feel others may ‘see your point of view,’ on this, quite differently.

The purpose of the movement is to allow this ship known as Planet Earth to have the smoothest transition possible into the Glory of a Higher Vibration … which it so deserves. It has taken more than its fair share of battering and bruising.

How that … is to be /is being …. done, is of a Plan that is so intricate that … with the greatest respect … many would not be able to follow even if it was spelled out in detail.

This is why we ask you to KEEP ON TRUSTING.

DO NOT WAVER NOW. The seas are a little choppy yet, as we repeat … The storm has not yet arrived.







The Plan … Being Divine … eh … who exactly is running the show? I realize there is ground crew yet, due to its intricacy and absolute Mastery … is it that those on the ground are being ‘guided step by step’ by other intelligence‘ Off planet’?

What do you think Blossom?

I asked first!

Then we shall honour that and say ‘Of course’.

Meaning, to clarify … that those who are ‘dealing out orders’ from the ground are given these orders directly from ‘Off planet’ Beings?


Telepathically, like we do here … or ‘face to face’ so to speak?

Face to face.

Woohoo … That’s cool … and makes total sense to me. Maybe we can speak more of that next time?

MAYBE! Again, we say … we must be discerning as to what is revealed and when.

Thanks so much … TRULY.

Boldly remain in your Truth.

I am doing my best. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM.

In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM

Most assuredly—if you prefer to Ascend and remain on the Earth rather than move out of the physical body and leave it behind, that is your decision to make.

A Message to Lightworkers – April 24, 2020

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We see many of you working very hard at times to readjust your energies as higher Light pours in.

Much Angelic and extraterrestrial assistance is likewise pouring in, in answer to millions of people’s requests for assistance for the planet and humanity.

We wish to assure you that these requests and appeals are always answered.

We are, as they say, “busier than usual,” not in the sense of “not enough time in the day,” but in the sense of the intensity and focus being applied now to assist the human condition, and all you travel through currently.

You yourselves have opened a special portal through which higher energies can arrive to Earth and all of humanity, and particularly those who are experiencing more than usual amounts of hunger, loss, poverty, and illness.

For one, you have requested such, and for another, the immensity of your etheric efforts, in requesting and requiring our assistance at this crucial time, is more powerful than you could know.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

Likewise your own actions, as you work in the etheric in your sleep state each night, have opened the doorway wide for much to flow through that is of higher vibrational purpose and intent.

Now would be the time to ask yourselves, “Am I holding a higher vibration and intent in my waking hours? Or am I just trying to get through every day without undue stress and anxiety?”

We speak of stress over health matters, or about a job or business, or bills to pay, or friends or family members who are struggling now, even if you are not.

Understandably, much that was business as usual a month or two ago is no longer such.

And yet, we see occurring all around and within you now the shifts you have long clamored for; they have simply arrived in a different way than you would have preferred.

There is also the matter of what you call “the rollout” of new technologies that many find harmful to living beings.

We are assisting you in this also, assisting in moving your vibration (as you also endeavor to raise it) to where you are above the effects of those technologies, and able to assist others in doing so as well.

And there is the increasing amount of new Light data flowing to you, increasing your cells’ ability to hold Light, as you engage in new and higher forms of communication with your soul and soul family, increasing your inner abilities, including what you call telepathy.

So that even though many dire messages are being extended to you now via the media, while disruptive technologies are being sent around Earth’s atmosphere, these do not outrun your own increasing empowerment.

Nor do they block out the fact that your own perceptions are growing to where you see and accept the much, much bigger picture.

We would say, that many of you have helped draw up the designs for much of what is occurring now—beyond the astrological alignments which you have chosen to take full advantage of—as new gateways open over the next two and a half years or more that make forms of inner realization and recognition of one’s higher path far, far easier to achieve than ever before.

They are also the doorways to many new forms of the New Earth which you have envisioned over many lifetimes.

You are safely, happily, though in some ways, shakily leaving the third dimension fully behind, though yes, there is a contingent that would prefer you not realize that now or ever.

We would say, there is no hiding it from you now, even if it were to be hidden from you in some ways—it could never escape your growing awareness of the energies flowing to you now, and what they portend.

And so though this appears to be a time of difficulty for many, know that most people at this time of great shift and new beginnings have badly needed to step off the daily treadmill and to view their lives with fresh eyes—many, for the first time.

And that nearly all who leave the planet now have chosen to do so on a higher level.

They will continue their Earth missions from a far more elevated vibration than was possible while in physical body.

  • Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald

They will return to you when the time is right.

Nor do you ever fully “lose” a loved one—those whom you have known outside of all time-space, on a soul level.

Their love for you, and your love for them, remains intact, without invasion of each other’s energies, or demands regarding when they arrive upon the Earth, or when they choose to leave.

Can this be changed at all, this choosing of the hour, date, and place of one’s leaving?

Most assuredly—if you prefer to Ascend and remain on the Earth rather than move out of the physical body and leave it behind, that is your decision to make.

We would say, be aware that much purification and strengthening of the mental and emotional bodies will be needed, and the physical body also cleansed and strengthened, in order to make the transition to crystalline Light body as smooth as possible.

And so, a very clean diet, full of pure water, fresh vegetables and fruits, and the kind of exercise that gives you not only muscle strength but endurance, would be called for, in addition to much meditation and time in Nature.

The heartfelt desire to serve others, to serve Lady Gaia in Her recovery from eons of harm, and the desire to live as your higher self, are also required.

There is much we could write on that subject, but we will simply say for now that this “pause” as it is wisely being called, is part of the path of Ascension that reveals to you much of your inner life—what requires healing now, what must be released, and what must be developed.

We do not say “attained,” for you are complete, dear ones.

You have within you all that is needed—yes, to move beyond this time of being socially isolated from one another, beyond the news reports and the “scare tactics,” beyond the feelings of unsureness that the ego-mind will exert.

And beyond the personality identifications that the Earth self has declared necessary for so long.

All is Well, even if you feel your checkbook does not always reflect such.

If you are still healthy, or basically so, give thanks and know that an even greater health desires to come to you now.

If you have any food, shelter, or money at all, give thanks and know that an even greater outer Abundance desires to come to you.

If you have any job or business to which you can return when the time is right, again—give Thanks, and know that your presence is invaluable to all whom you see each day.

  • Photo Sheila Fitzgerald

You may have your times of wondering which news report to believe, which video to trust, which channeling to take seriously, and we understand this.

You have been trained to live in the left brain, more than in your heart.

And so only that which makes sense to the left-brain reasoning rings True some days, when in fact, a far greater Truth stands quietly within you.

And so now, a new caveat: When encountering any new information, ask your higher self, “Is this my higher truth? Is this something that is true for my path? Is it relevant for me?”—meaning, “Is it for my higher good?” before expending thought, emotion, and energy on it.

Then return to that calm inner place which you invest in above all else—that sense of Beingness that is the perfect reflection of the Universal flow of energy that knows only the present moment, and is at Peace with it.

Put them down, both the sword and the shield, dear ones. You have no enemies.

Accept your sovereignty, your inner strength, your true self.

Now is the time.

Namaste, dear ones—look up!

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

This is a multi – dimensional ascension shift.-Saint Germain-

Embracing Your Multi -Dimensional Self by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

You are now existing within a period of the Earth’s ascension where a multi – dimensional shift is taking place. While ascension waves and activation’s take place all the time, impacting numerous dimensions, the shift occurring now is different. Each person on the Earth and each soul on the inner planes is connecting with every aspect of themselves on all 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. It is important to remember each person is born from the Creator, manifesting in numerous forms in diverse areas of the Universe. This means you are connected to every expression of the Creator. In this ascension shift, you are being asked to reconnect with all expressions and manifestations of yourself. It is impossible to understand or even acknowledge each expression and existence of yourself, therefore, an intention of connection is enough. The aspects of yourself which are most important, influential, or inspirational will make themselves known to you.

As each person/soul connects with greater aspects of themselves so they will absorb and reactivate wisdom, healing, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. Allowing a surge of clarity and inner knowings to ground into each being and Mother Earth. While the wisdom anchored will create deep awakenings into a new way of existing for many, the most important manifestation is the presence of unity. As each soul connects with their multi – dimensional self so the entire Earth and the Universe of the Creator is united in oneness, unity, and harmony. It is the conscious awareness of unity which is the key. Each being is always connected, however, to experience and embody this fully is a powerful conscious engagement with the Creator.

Imagine if in your current reality you experienced a deep resonance of unity and oneness with every being in your world whether physical or energetic. Imagine you constantly experienced a complete togetherness with the Creator. How would this impact your reality and experience on the Earth? Would you feel more grounded, have greater clarity concerning your pathway on the Earth and trust in your own healing journey?

The Universe of the Creator and the Earth are uniting in order to create and manifest the presence of the Creator in all realities. Humanity is being asked and invited to witness this, to embody the shift and learn to express it through their beings, actions, and reactions. Never has humanity had the opportunity to consciously feel so supported and embraced by each other and the Universe of the Creator.

Illusion and Truth

You are a unique blend of different energies, influences, and expressions on many levels of your being. At a physical level, you may be influenced by your nationality, culture, historical events, family, rules, judgments and so forth. At an energetic level, you may be influenced by your soul, soul group, team of guides, angelic guides, and the Creator. Mother Earth and her cycles impact your being as does the collective consciousness of humanity. There are numerous factors that create you as the way you recognise yourself today. When we add a connection with your multi – dimensional self, we can recognise that it may be challenging to recognise what is illusion and what is truth. You may begin to question who you really are, experiencing confusion and uncertainty. The aim of the multidimensional shift taking place now is to bring forth a clear understanding which continues to evolve your truth and who you are.
There is a need to explore and exist for a while in this space of realising the numerous influences upon your being. As you begin to contemplate why you make certain actions, reactions, and creations, you will begin to acknowledge what is illusion and what is truth. Another perspective is to acknowledge and observe what serves you and what does not. You have the divine right to let go of any influences or impacts which do not serve you in your current reality and ascension. You also have the divine right to more fully embrace the influences which serve and fulfil you. The more you take time to access, explore and exist from this space, the more you will receive yourself as a unique blend, with everything you need and require available to you and accessed through you.

To release influences which no longer serve you, use the following invocation:

‘Saint Germain, I invite you to be present with me, embracing me in your transformational and liberating energy. Please release from my being any influences and impacts from outside or inside of me which do not serve and fulfill me. Please eternally release and liberate me from the impacts and influences which create illusion and a false identity in my reality and being. May I receive the necessary healing to support this powerful shift of awakening, self-realisation, and truth. Thank you.’

Allow me, Saint Germain, to come forth and work energetically with you to achieve the appropriate healing.

The Dawning of Your Unique Perspective of the World

When you recognise your Multi – Dimensional Self you also need to recognise the same in others. It is a recognition that you are greater than your existence on the Earth and sum, therefore so is everyone else. You are connected to and able to express the entire Universe of the Creator, as does everyone else. You are a unique combination of different and diverse energies carefully drawn from the Universe of the Creator to manifest and be expressed on the Earth, creating a specific reality and purpose. This is the same for everyone else on the Earth. Your specific existence then merges and synchronises beautifully with each person on the Earth creating a greater picture and collective mission which further manifests the Creator. It is your divine mission and purpose to exist in harmony with yourself, then with all beings and expressions of the Creator. Simply holding the intention of doing so, will create a deeper awakening and remembrance of your unity and divine purpose with all beings.

The Multi – Dimensional Ascension Shift of the Earth

As each soul connects with their multi-dimensional self, and therefore, unites with all expressions of the Creator at an energetic level, so a power surge is created which will flow into each being. Thus, each being has the power to create and manifest their reality aligned with their truth and Creator expression. With the deep connection to all aspects of self and truth, each creation and manifestation will not only serve the individual, it will also fulfill all beings and the Ascension of the Earth. This is the purpose of the multi – dimensional shift, to reinstate unity consciousness, so each creation serves the greater purpose and divine plan. Everyone will experience their creations and manifestations anchoring and connecting with greater speed and potential because each person is being supported by the whole; the complete nature of the Creator.

It is important to recognise that each person because of their current level of spiritual awakening and belief systems exists at different and diverse energy frequencies. Therefore, through each person the truth of the Creator is anchoring into all frequencies, this in itself creates a powerful ascension shift.

With each person being energised and enthused with so much light so there are powerful opportunities for humanity and all beings within the Universe of the Creator to create a numerous impactful and fulfilling guided ascension shift to serve all. This is a multi – dimensional ascension shift.

Embrace your multi – dimensional self and ascension purpose, recognise the truth within yourself and all being, including the Creator.

With eternal love and blessings,

Saint Germain

Witnessing Our Progress: Self-Reflection Tools

Content is light-encoded to assist your journey

Blessings Beloveds ~

The very different quality of light since last week is aimed at shifting consciousness and dimensional awareness; amplifying zero point dynamics. It assists the photonic higher positive order: Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Will.

This means all of our thoughts, emotions and actions are amplified – across the board, positive or negative. The new light bolsters the sorting out of realities; amplifying the Source request for a brand new harmonic to be the norm. It shakes apart (literally a quantum vibration) anything which does not harmonize with the new light level, hence the dismantling of realities currently in progress.

Yes, it’s quite the show. It is also a powerful opportunity to review responsible creation: who is comprehending and resonating with the new light, and who is getting torn apart. Responsible Creation is key to accessing Golden Race DNA codes. More on that soon.

Embodiment of higher DNA codes, and these new frequencies of the Higher realms of Self, dissolves the illusion of lower self. We lose the old identity as the Christed/Crystalline/Unified Self steps forth. Not in an instant (that would destroy the body.) Slow enough to observe it falling away, slow enough to recalibrate the ego, slow enough to experience Ascension as a collective, slow enough to witness every moment of Divine transformation.

Witnessing our Progress in the Shift

With many weeks of global stay-at-home life experience behind us, and a few more ahead, it is a good moment to inventory our personal journeys. Grab your journal, be wildly honest with yourself, and keep your answers private. As predicted, hindsight is 20/20 in this year of 2020, and a tremendous gift during this phase of global change. There is much sleight-of-hand in the end game. Best to self-evaluate your narrative, intentions and reactions as it intensifies.

Light-grounding the experience through journaling assists the collective journey. Let us take inventory of our response to the situation so far, so we may consciously make the highest choices moving forward. No blame, shame or judgment or what you did/are doing with this challenging phase.

Be direct, truthful and enjoy this exercise. Make it physical (write the answers down, or speak them out loud) to light-ground into these realms. Here we glow:

What has been my response to lockdown and social distancing? How do I feel about my response?

What fears, anxieties or challenges arose? How did I/am I dealing with them?

What emotional, mental, physical and spiritual tools are helping me through this?

What personal narratives are challenged, believed/amplified or broken apart? Are they my own, or collective narratives from outside sources? How do I feel about them?

We are in a magnetic shift that is changing the polarity of our fields, DNA and duality itself. Am I engaging with choosing sides, or allowing the collective good vs bad narratives to penetrate my personal creations, relationships or service to Ascension?

How has the collective distancing/slow down influenced my activities?

Am I changing, creating, or looping with anxiety, fear, or repetitive behavior in order to feel safe? Any unhealthy or uncomplimentary behavior that needs to shift?

How often do I pause to feel what I need, and how my emotions, mind and body are handling this?

What actions do I take to feel better, grounded or expand into Higher awareness?

What has been my response to others’ reaction to this situation?

What have I created during this passage that I like? Don’t like?

Have I cleared or reorganized my space to support a clearer new self/new expression?

Any reevaluation of priorities? Lessons? Revelations? Any previously processed fears re-presenting?

What is spirit showing me about myself and my Ascension path in this passage?

How may I assist the collective as we move forward into the unknown? New skills to learn? Do I want to help?

As I feel the truth of my heart – not the mind – do I feel forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude for what is unfolding?

How much of the collective fear and programming is affecting my heart, thoughts, spirit, actions, words or creations? What am I doing to neutralize it, or stay balanced?

What fears, doubts or anxieties have presented? Are they mine or the collective narrative?

Any delaying, procrastinating or waiting games presenting (when this happens, then I can move forward, etc.)? Any desire for things to be as they were? Disappointment if they go back?

How often do I expand into the higher light perspective, New Earth Now mode, and experience the higher parallel reality which is amplifying?

In what areas do I need more support, skills or tools to deal with this predicted phase of the unknown?

Embodier Specific Questions:

How do I feel about witnessing this deep transformation of Self while the lower reality dismantles in such a vivid way? Anything feel out of balance, or polarized?

What revelations are presenting which surprise me, what beliefs are dropping away?

How am I dealing with the simultaneous awareness of my multidimensional self becoming my primary reality?

What tools am I using for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance?

What do I need that only I can provide for myself during this phase?

What have I learned so far in 2020, and what would I love to experience with the upcoming collective Embodiment activations?

These energies paired with the collective dissolving of regular schedule can make us feel spacey or ungrounded. Recalibrate the compass if needed throughout the day. Use an Intention alarm (4 times a day) to check in and reset. Pause and tap into how you feel, what you need to raise your vibration, shift a mood, make a higher choice, feel good, move the body, create peace or support the awakening.

Another Strong Stargate Adjustment

April 23 – 29 is yet another amplification of the higher harmonics. Distorted lower timelines are dropping, akashic distortions continue to clear.

Those of you hearing the much higher frequencies or embodying them may feel like a Divine HUman tuning fork (because we are). Gaia is consistently present in our fields, revealing the higher realms and the Divine state of consciousness needed to experience the higher realms. Many of these frequencies are coming from her, as we reconnect the organic stargate system.

Crystals and water are broadcasting these frequencies at the moment, right in our bodies and DNA. Much is happening in our bodies with the amplification. this is a radically different reality-shattering quality of light. Deep rest may be required. Many of you are working upstairs in the higher realms which can bring on the tired-and-wired sensations. You feel the simultaneous activity of the multidimensional Self when awake, however deep lengthy sleep is widespread at the moment.

Surrender in nature as often as possible to the amplification of Zero Point awareness. How easy it is to achieve this pure state right now! Allow the moments of this pure Source stillness to lengthen and expand. Gaia is utilizing us as pure conduits to reveal her new realms this year. I have spent many hours blending with her, the kingdoms and elementals, merging with the New Gaia consciousness. Open-eyed meditation is a wonderful way to integrate these consistent downloads and DNA upleveling. Gaze at nature, still the mind and BE. Natural bodies of water also help; use them if you have access.

For those who can get out, share your experience telepathically with those who are stuck inside. I have shared more nature photos and videos on social media during this passage, light-encoded for quantum distribution, for those who cannot get outside.

We have four years of weekly practice in seeing, feeling and connecting energetically through our heart-based SUNday unity meditations. Unified meditations on peace have many positive multidimensional effects; practice manifests spiritual strength. This distancing is amplifying our higher consciousness and wireless abilities. Share your peaceful and expansive experiences with the Ascending HUman heart grid, for any willing heart who needs it. Freedom codes are collective as well as individual, as is our unified DNA and Ascension.

Kindwhile, we are on track for the May Solar activity and some very strong June Embodiment activations. All is well.

SUNday Unity Meditations

Participate and share our global SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). Offline, wherever you are. Details, guided meditation downloads and time converters at http:/www.sandrawalter.com/unity


no matter which version of the story of covid-19 you are clinging to at this time, it is very likely that you feel that someone or some group is lying to you and trying to oppress you in some way with those lies.

Covid-19 Has Brought You So Much ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been looking into all of the various possibilities that you have in front of you leading up to your solstice in June, and we are happy to report that some new timelines have opened up for you because of the willingness that you have demonstrated to operate as a collective. You are banding together energetically in ways that we have never seen before there on Earth. Humans have set aside so many of your differences that typically polarize you in order to come together as a cohesive unit, and you are doing so largely in part due to the way that you all experience the fear of mortality.

Common experiences link you up, bind you together, and give you something to agree upon. You have agreed that you want to live, that you want to be well, and that you don’t want to be oppressed or lied to. And so, no matter which version of the story of covid-19 you are clinging to at this time, it is very likely that you feel that someone or some group is lying to you and trying to oppress you in some way with those lies.

And humans are in agreement that they do not want to be treated that way. Therefore, even when you disagree on who is lying and what the truth is, you are still banding together in your desire to be respected, in your desire to be allowed to live and breathe freely in your world.

The human collective is really coming together at this time, even though you are prohibited from gathering together in person in most parts of the world. This means that the human collective consciousness is taking the unfortunate circumstances that you are in right now and using them to become a more cohesive whole, a more harmonious race, and a people who are united under common goals and desires.

Now would be an excellent time for you to be focusing on the human collective consciousness that you are a part of, and it would be a wonderful time for you to connect with those who you have felt disconnected from for quite some time. Now is the time to make amends. Now is the time to seek to find more common ground, more ways and issues that you can come together for. You are the ones who are a part of the biggest leap forward in this universe at this time.

And so, we recommend that you take advantage of the unique position you are in because it is the only way to really make the most of these unfortunate circumstances you find yourselves in. We believe in you, especially those of you who are awake, and we continue to celebrate the progress that you make every single day there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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