You are so much bigger and so much more profound than you have given yourselves credit for.

march 2020 timeines & your solar system - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael

March 2020 Timelines & Your Solar System ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to explore the various timelines that are in front of you for the month of March, and we have noticed several themes developing in those timelines. We have noticed, for example, that humanity has been creating several timelines where you experience a tremendous amount of energy coming in from the other planets in your solar system. You are wanting to feel more of the truth of who you are, and that truth includes more than just this one lifetime and your physical bodies. It is accurate to say that you are your universe, and enough of you have been connecting to Mother Earth to feel that you are one with her.

And so, now comes that next step in the evolution of your consciousness. Now comes the expansion that will include an even bigger sense of self and that will link you up to all of the vibrational signatures of the planets that are swirling around the sun with you. Many of you have visited these planets and their moons in past lives, and you do so now during your astral travel experiences at night.

And so, you have already familiarized yourselves with the energies that they carry, but to do so while awake and fully grounded in your physical bodies will be a new experience for you. And to connect with all of the planets in your solar system at once will give you a greater sense of that wholeness that many of you have been seeking throughout this lifetime and others.

Your consciousness is always part of something bigger, something more than you have imagined. We see the interest in astrology and the study of the astrological charts as evidence of the knowing that you are these celestial bodies. They don’t just affect you. They represent you. They represent your different aspects and your different states of being, and they are like your sun, like the Earth, and even the artificial moon that you have, all present in your experience to serve you, to bring you into that knowing of who you really are as Source Energy Beings.

When you look out at your night sky, you might be more interested in seeing Arcturus, the Pleiades, Orion’s Belt, and so on, but remember that you can see some of the planets in your own solar system and feel the connection that you have to them. Feel the movement of the planets around your sun as representing the upward spiral of your consciousness, the evolution of who you are, and the expansion of your being-ness to include so much more. And so expect these energies to come in throughout the month of March, and open yourselves up in this coming month to the knowing that you are so much more. You are so much bigger and so much more profound than you have given yourselves credit for.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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If more people were praying for a solution to the recent viral epidemic, than fearing it, a vaccine would be found within weeks. Fear feeds a virus. Love starves it.

The Angels via Ann Albers, February 29th, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have an old saying on your planet, “Starve a cold and feed a fever.” We would borrow that and say instead, “Starve your fears, and feed your love!”

The viruses on your planet live off fear. They starve with love. Fear creates a chemical cocktail in your body that weakens your healthy cells and creates imbalances that allow these parasitic energies to take hold. You might say to us, “Wait a minute… I get sick when I get tired and worn down, not when I’m in fear!” We would lovingly point out that getting tired and worn down is a result of fear, vs. faith in a loving Source that would support you if you more freely supported your own well-being.

Likewise, the greed, corruption, and misuse of power on your planet feed off fear. If others can lord death or doom over you, your fear gives them power. If you stop worshiping false idols and make God your God and love your life, then these individuals cannot manipulate your minds or your lives a minute longer.

There have always been viruses on your planet. There have always been wars. There has always been corruption, misuse of power, and a variety of other human behaviors less than loving. However, there has always been love. God is still God. Light is still light. Truth is still truth. Always.

So, in the face of epidemics, untruths, and other unpleasant realities how do you find your peace? Our answer is simple. Reconnect with love, one moment at a time.

In a space of love, you become a vibrational catalyst and a force for positive change. If more people were praying for a solution to the recent viral epidemic, than fearing it, a vaccine would be found within weeks. Fear feeds a virus. Love starves it.

If more people were praying for the world’s corrupt and wounded leaders, than hating them, they would transform in ways you cannot imagine and become a force of love. Fear feeds greed. Love starves it.

Dear ones, when fear threatens to infect you, possess you, or take control over you inherently loving being, stare it in the face, breathe deeply, and say to it, “Be GONE! Love is my power. God is my power. Truth is my power. I am safe in the arms of the Loving Presence that lives in all things! I am Love. I am LIGHT. I am safe. I AM.”

There is no greater immunity to the worlds ills than to know that the light of the living God lives and breathes within you, and indeed IS you. Rest in that truth dear ones. Within that reality no darkness, disease, or destruction can harm you.

After all, a single candle illuminates the darkness and yet there is no darkness powerful enough to put out that light. You are that candle.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You do not need to go into deep meditation. It can be helpful, very beneficial, but you do not need to do it. There are no ‘shoulds’ here. You just simply do as you need to do, or as you feel to do in the moment.

KaRa and OWS via James McConnell, February 23, 2020

KaRa  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa.  I appreciate this time that I can come and be with you, and share with you, and continue to help you associate all that is changing in your lives.

All that is in the moment, right now, shifting and changing because of these energies.  these waves of energies that have been coming in for some time now.  As you have been acclimating to these energies, becoming accustomed to them, connecting with them, becoming one with these energies.

And these energies, these waves of energy, these waves of light, of gamma light, have been lifting you up, raising the consciousness in your bodies, reconnecting the DNA within your bodies.  Raising you up into a higher octave of yourself.

Because it is time now, my Brothers and Sisters of the Light, of this Family of Light.  It is time for all of you to realize that you have arrived!  Not that you are going to arrive, but that you have arrived.  You are in the moment NOW.  And in this moment right now, you have arrived!  You are there!  You are there in the fifth dimension right now.  Whether you stay there or not is up to you.  Each and every one of you have that choice to remain or to drop back.

Now, your life callings tend to draw you back, and that is understandable.  Because you still must live in the life that you have created for yourselves.  And that life that you have created for yourselves is still somewhat immersed within the 3-D realm, within the illusion of this 3-D consciousness.

But the more and more you become aware of higher vibrations, of higher frequency, of higher consciousness, and that you can find yourselves in that higher consciousness any time that you want in any moment, you can be there and, in many moments, you are there.  And when you fully realize that, then the blissful feelings, the expansive feelings that you have, even the expanse of your mind to begin to understand so much more in those moments, that begins to last longer and longer.

And you will find one of these days that you will lift into this higher vibration, into that higher dimensional frequency in the bliss that you are feeling and the expansiveness of mind that you are feeling, and you will begin in that moment to understand life.  You will begin to understand consciousness.  You will begin to understand the unification of all of life of the universe.  The connectedness of all life.  In that moment, you will understand it.

And as many times happens, as you fall back again, you forget.  You let go of that remembrance.

But I tell you now, my friends, that those remembrances that you have had from so many thousands of years ago, so many lifetimes past, will come back.

You will forget the negative times, the downtrodden times that you have had in this 3-D illusion.  You will forget all of that because it will no longer be necessary to remember.  Because the programming that those memories continue to hold you to will be gone forever.  Then you will be ensconced within the higher vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimension, and even higher than that.  Because even in your mind at that time, you will have arrived.  For it is still your mind, the programming within your mind, that continues to hold you back, continues to hold you down to this illusion, that continues to keep you within the matrix of your own making of this illusion.

But just as Neo was able to escape the matrix and finally realized who he was as The ONE, so too are you coming to that point where you will remember, when you will realize ‘I am the ONE.’

All of my peace and love be with each and every one of you, as you continue to move through these many changes that are ahead of you, many shift through this transition now that is taking you fast into your own personal ascension.

ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  We are ready for your questions if you have them.  If not, that is okay too.

We have noticed that your questions have become less and less, but they have become much more advanced, you might say.  Advanced in consciousness in your questions themselves.  And that is an indication of how you have improved, or how you have continued to advance on.  And this is all about advancing on, not about falling back.  It is all about advancing on.  Moving on through this transition and continuing through this transition into your personal and collective ascension.  You are all on that path, each and every one of you.

And just as in your discussion earlier, you can either go through the wall, you can open the door and go through the wall, or you can dig your way under it, or attempt to make your way over it.  But the easiest way is to just simply open the door that is there for you and walk through it.  And that is what is ahead for each and every one of you if you allow it.

You do not need to go into deep meditation.  It can be helpful, very beneficial, but you do not need to do it.  There are no ‘shoulds’ here.  You just simply do as you need to do, or as you feel to do in the moment.  And the more that you find yourselves in that moment more and more and more, and in the joy in the moment, create the joy in that very moment, and when you do that you have, as KaRa has said, you have arrived.

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Guest:   One Who Serves, can you hear me?

OWS:   Yes, we hear you.

Guest:   Good.  I have one quick question.  The Solar Flash that’s coming up, is that going to be when the star Betelgeuse goes supernova?

OWS:   What we can tell you is we cannot directly answer that question because it is not only too advanced, we will say, for your third-dimensional consciousness to be able to understand, but it is not the time for this as well.  You have not arrived at the frequency yet to receive that type of information.

But, to understand when this Solar Flash is going to happen, we cannot give you dates certainly, but we can tell you that it is building.  It is building greatly, and because of the cosmic changes that are happening with the planets, with the stars, with all of this coming into alignment more and more.

It is the consciousness of humanity, though, that is directing all of this.  You must understand that you can actually steer the stars.  You can actually do this.  Just as in your son, your ‘Aquarius’ song.  You can steer the stars.  The stars, the planets.  You do this.  Your consciousness does this.  And it is what is happening now.

And because of man’s consciousness increasing as it is now across the entire planet, more and more are becoming awakened, it is because of this that The Event and the Solar Flash, all of this, can be brought into what you would call a speeded-up position, here.  It is happening.  It is coming faster and faster.  So that what was expected or what was determined some time ago in the various councils that met that it would take a certain amount of time at certain frequency to bring this about, you have increased that frequency and therefore sped up the time as a result of this.  So that is the only way we can answer this, Dear One.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay.

OWS:   Would there be other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes.   I wanted to asked are erotic dreams sort of a symbol for the ascension?  And what other things might we find in our dreams that are symbols?

OWS:   There are so many dream symbols.  But mostly always, whenever there are individuals in your dream, they are representative of you, of other parts of yourself.  So as you are finding those parts of yourself moving through various changes, that is saying that those parts of yourself are moving through those changes.  You see?

So there are so many symbols we cannot begin to say though, but we give another:  whenever there is flying in the dream, you are operating more and more in your fourth chakra.  When there is a transportation happening in your dream from one place to another, you are moving in consciousness.  If there is a change from one building, one home you will say, to another home, you are changing your house of consciousness.  So there are very many symbols.  We cannot give much more indication of this though more than that at this point, because there must be more specific understanding of what you are looking for, here.  But does this answer your question somewhat?

Guest:   Somewhat.  So, I know you probably won’t get too deep into this, but is erotic a symbol for the other dimension?

OWS:   It can be. It depends on that particular dream state that you are in and what it brings to you.  If it brings wonderment, if it brings bliss, if it brings feelings of ecstasy, then yes, then you are experiencing that.  If it is an erotic dream, though, a sexual dream that is tending to create disconcertion, feelings of inadequacy, things of this type of nature, then no, it is not about that.

Guest:   Okay, great.  Thank you.  I appreciate it.

OWS:   Yes.  Are there any other questions, here?

Guest:   Yes, please.  In many of the decrees ad practices that come through my life, there are two levels of beings that I don’t quite understand, and ask you how we, in the third-dimension, can apply them to ourselves and to our situations, or to be of benefit to ourselves and others.  And so I would like to hear some explanation and some clues as to how we can call in and use the seraphim and the cherubim.

OWS:   Whenever you are wanting advice, whenever you are wanting some guidance, you can call on many.  You can call on your Higher Self certainly.  You can call on those of us, the guides, that are here for you, your various mentors.  You can call on the seraphim.  You can call on the higher levels of beings, as you are speaking about, here.  They are all available to you.

You just simply must ask.  ‘Ask and ye shall receive.’  That is a very famous quote from your bible.  ‘Ask and ye shall receive.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you, and seek and ye shall find.’  So you must do each one of these things.

But first you must ask.  And then once you ask, then the answer will come in various ways.  Not necessarily directly in a verbal communication, or even a thought communication.  It might come in leading you to a certain person, a certain book, a certain place on your website, different types of things of this nature.  But you will receive answers as you are asking for them.

Guest:   Okay.  Essentially what I would like to know is the characteristics of the cherubim and seraphim so I can reach out to that and apply it.

OWS:   What we can tell you on this is there is much information that is already available to you on this if you do your Google search, or whatever it might be, and you can find these answers for yourself.  Whenever there is a need for specifics such as this, just simply do your research.  Okay?

Guest:   Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.   Would there be any other questions, here?

Guest:   This question of the two suns.  That was the first time I really heard that when I was listening to Michael Love.  Is that true, are we actually going to have two suns after this Event happens?

OWS:   What we can tell you is, that is the plan.  That is the plan.

Guest:   So it will be pretty hard for people to miss it.

OWS:   Extremely impossible.

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   Have you not heard or not read in various sources previous to this that there will be this great flash that everyone across the entire planet will see?

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:   Think about what would create something of that nature.

Guest:   Wow, yeah, awesome.  Thank you.

OWS:   And it also then begins to answer the first question from earlier, as well.   It gave a little bit more hint there as well.

Guest:   I have a question about this.  I think I know, but I don’t know that most on the call know because of the question that was just asked.  I knew a long time ago that there will be two suns.  I don’t remember how I know.  But we won’t need nighttime.  So I am going to ask you why from you do we need two suns?

OWS:   It is not a question of needing two suns.  It is a question of building toward that particular eventuality, we will say.  It is something that is, again, in the plan.  It is something that has been foretold for a very, very, long, long time.  Something that each and every one of you have known deep within you for a very long time as well, and it is coming to that point.

Guest:   Okay.

OWS:  If you think about those who are in inner Earth, Hollow Earth.  They do not have a nighttime, as you know it here.

Guest:   Yes, I know that.

OWS:   They have constant light.

Guest:   But they do have light.  They do have a sun.

OWS:   Yes.  Of course.

Guest:   Well, I can understand possibly.  We need to sleep now, and that’s why we have nighttime.  But when we get into a light body, we don’t need to rest or sleep, I understand, but we can if we choose, and that’s why we won’t have nighttime.  Is that true?

OWS:   You will not need to sleep or eat, or anything of this nature.  Now that is a need.  We are talking need, here.  You may still want to.  You may still have desire for various foods.  You may still have desire to rest.  But the body itself will not have need for it.

Guest:   Okay.

OWS:   Now this is after the transition, you must understand.  This is not directly as you would know it now, but it will come to that point.  You will progress.  Once you have gone through the ascension process, you will progress to that point.

So initially, during the transition through this, you will still have a desire to have various foods and things of this nature.  Just as if you were to go up on a ship in this time now, in your body, just as it is now, and you will find a need for nourishment, and you will find that you will need to rest, and all of that.  But there are beings on those ships that have no need for any of this.  But they have those capabilities when they want to have it.

So they have, the picture comes from The James, here, the picture of a cantina, or picture of a café, or something of this nature, cafeteria, this type of thing.  It will be there if it is wanted, not for need.  Okay?

Guest:   Okay.

Another Guest:   One Who Serves, can you tell us where the second sun is currently?  Has it just not manifested from a different dimension yet?  Or is it waiting some place?  Can you shed light on where that second sun is?

OWS:   It is the first part that you said, the first part.  It has not manifested yet.

Guest:    Oh, okay.

Another Guest:   Well I have heard that Jupiter is turning into the second sun.  Is that true?

OWS:   That is not what we are going to go into at this time.

Guest:   Okay.

OWS:   It is beyond the need for knowing at this point.

Guests:   (Laughter)

Guest:   Like that movie ‘2010.’  That was the final thing about that movie, was that, about Jupiter.

OWS:   Yes.  That is correct.  Movies, though, are not always exactly to be true, certainly.  But they often give a hint of what can be or what is going to be.

Guest:   Exactly.

Another Guest:   Can you clarify one more thing, One Who Serves?

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   In the Michael Love video, it sounded to be like he was indicating that 2020 was actually the year that this was expected to happen.  But yet, of course, we all had heard that 2012 was the year, and then it was postponed.  But the video seemed to indicate that all along it was 2020.  Maybe I heard it wrong.  But I am wondering, can you say a little more about was it 2020 and 2012 was just something we humans had in our head?  What was the situation?

OWS:   2012, that you are speaking of, was meant to be an ascension for a percentage of the population, those of the Light-Workers, Light-Warriors such as yourselves, were meant to go through that ascension process at that time, to have The Event as they would know it at that point.  But it was determined, as many of you know, that it would be postponed so that more and more of the people of the planet could participate and not be left behind, as you might think, here.

It is a matter of choice, though, and many have already made that choice.  Many have already come into this lifetime having already made that choice.

But then there are also some who have not yet made that choice, and can make the choice to move on into the higher vibrational frequencies.  That is something that will come as they awaken.  And this year is the year of awakening.  So that is going to increase, we will say, the very strong possibility and probability that this is the year, not only of the awakening, but of The Event as well.

Guest:   Oh goody!

OWS:   Nothing ever, though, is written in stone.  It always depends on man’s consciousness as to how things will continue to develop.  So always remember that.

Guest:   Okay.

OWS:   We need to release channel here, now.

Please, every moment that you are conscious of, be in the moment.  Work on this.  Work on being in the moment, finding the joy in every moment, being of gratitude in the moment whenever you think about it.  It does not mean it needs to be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  But it does mean whenever you think about it.  And the more that you think about it, and the more that you find yourselves in that consciousness in the moment, then you will think about it more and more, and then be in that moment.  Okay?

We need to release channel here, now.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the One.

Guest:   Thank you so much for your dedication and love.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”

Now, eat your soup-Grandmother Anna via Galaxygirl-

Grandmother Anna 2/24/2020

Hello children, I am your Grandmother Anna. I say ‘your’ because truly I was a part of such a large family and there were so may children, and I do so love the children. Come to me. Let us sit and talk awhile. Let us drink mulled spiced tea and let me hear what’s on your mind. I am well acquainted with the pain and joys of being encased within the physical form. I had a very long life of over 600 years and I had my shares of loneliness and pain. But truly children, those were blessings in disguise. All of such lessons are. For they help you find your true self, the Christed child within. The golden one is calling you home, home to the higher dimensional ways. I wish to lovingly ask you if you are meditating? For chaos is brewing, but underneath the chaos the deep calm is present. (I am seeing a bubbling kettle.) Yes, dear. The bubbles are mainly on the surface. They rise from the deep and pop on the top, do they not? All is being prepared in this moment of the grand awakening. You are tired from the physical changes that you are enduring. It is not unlike the practice of the Essenes where they devoted approximately a year to total body rejuvenation. It was exhausting, all consuming work. And we had the luxury of rest for we were a part of a loving community. We see that you are still busy with your lives, with your families, your occupations. I would encourage you to intend healing and love throughout your day. It will be of great medicine to you and offer you inner peace. Although inner peace must be found, it cannot be given. It is not a cheap trick. But you are well beyond that. You are not asking for quick advice. We see the searching of the true seeker. We read the hearts of the initiates of the way. We know that you have pure hearts, pure eyes, and seek to survive and thrive on the wings of the divine through this rebirthing process. You are indeed being rebirthed.

I am Grandmother Anna. I was a midwife for much of my life. I assisted the young mothers with their infants through the entire process of pregnancy and birth. I am well acquainted with birth pangs and how to relieve them. Birth need not be painful if you are wise enough to accept and allow, to welcome the pain as your healing, to meditate through the waves of energies. You are in a cosmic soup pot of bubbling energies. Find the peace, the inner stillness, the healing moment within them. And claim your rebirth with grace and ease. Surround yourself in light.

I am your Grandmother Anna. I am always eager to talk with you. We have been working vary hard in the ethers. There has been much clean up and preparation. Such a large family, and so many of you are incarnated in this most pregnant now. We are sending you our love. I have made some nourishing vegetable root soup for you. I am sending the energy of this healing elixir to you so that you will be comforted. Nothing is a as lovely as hot delicious soup when one needs a moment of quiet peace and contemplation, or fellowship. We offer both to you. We of the Essene order often ate in silence, but Yeshua typically encouraged fellowship and community by changing that up into more of a celebratory time. It depended of course, on the occasion. We Essenes do know how to celebrate. Weddings were a lovely event. We all greatly anticipated them. We see the wedding of Gaia into her ascended state. We see the joining of the twin flames that have been long separated. We see the divine union of the Christ with his bride, the Sophia. We see much joy. Our eyes are shimmering with bright happy tears of joy. Our wish for you is to be happy. Do you remember how to be truly happy? Such a joy to rediscover this simple, often overlooked truth. In your society you overlook happiness, not intentionally, but because of all of the demands that you have placed upon yourselves. No more. Society is expanding for consciousness is rising. New systems, new parameters, new living situations, new communities will be formed and created. Happiness will be valued once again.

I am Grandmother Anna. I am very happy to be speaking with all you dears, today. Arise initiates of the way, of the Christed ones. Feel the Christed flame burn within you and please do enjoy the elixir of happiness that I just infused into this message. A bit more seasonings are always most welcome to a hungry soul. And see, you are looking for answers, still listening to a wise old soul. I see you. I know you. I love you. I look deep into your eyes and I see myself. For we are all one, children. Welcome home, initiates of the way. Feel this deep inner peace of your own rising of your own Christed light. Let it burn away that which no longer serves you. Let it create happier memories in the coming days. Release the past memories that create a bit of ache. You need not keep carrying those around. It is like sitting on a small hard stone and pretending to be comfortable. No. Move the rock. Thank it, release it and be comfortable. Sit on a pillow. Love yourself. Be happy and be free of the worries that have so long encumbered you!

I am your Grandmother Anna. I too had my fair share of worries when were lived (I say ‘we’ for we were such a large family!) within the Roman occupation. I have my fair share of stories to tell. But I am delighted to say that I made a difference, that I shined my light, that I radiated the Christed light most often, more often than not. We all have our moments were are not terribly proud of. But that is to be human within a matrix of twisting. Forgive. Move on. Shine your light. Be happy. Be free in the knowing that you have made a tremendous difference, and that your family is so very, very, very proud of you. You are tremendously supported, valued, treasured.

I am your Grandmother Anna. I do love you so. Be happy. That is my hope for you today, my message of encouragement and joy. Be in joy! The Christ is here, is within you. What a joyful truth! We are celebrating, we are supporting, we are uplifting, we are holding the space and light for you in your moment of rebirth. The light pulses from your sun are like birth contractions. Remember to breathe through them with the great anticipation of happier days to be created right in front of you. For if you are being reborn, all is as well. Isn’t that exciting? I am your Grandmother Anna. Now, eat your soup.

~ galaxygirl

All that you have learned and all that has happened to you brought you to where you are now. Be grateful.

February 23, 2020,

Sometimes it is just simply enough for us to be grateful for where we are at this moment in time. We seem so driven to be looking ahead, striving for the next door to open that will allow us to accomplish our future goals.

There is a part of us that really wants to know what our next step is, especially when we are in the spacious time in between what we have accomplished and our forward movement into the future.

It is often difficult to appreciate this spacious time when we don’t feel productive. However, it is exactly this space that allows us to nourish ourselves and fill our inner cups with more fun, more time in Nature, and more celebration with friends and family.

We need to have this space so we can reconnect to our inner source to rejuvenate and open to inner guidance. This inner spaciousness helps us integrate what we have learned, and is a true blessing, no matter how much we wish it were different.

Archangel Gabriel has suggested that our worrying, wanting and wishing slows down our ability to receive. There is always inspiration available from the Divine flow of Wellbeing, Wonder and Wholeness but we only have access to these gifts when we allow ourselves to receive. In this time of spaciousness, there is a creative flow that can connect us to the deep wellspring of Abundant Life within us at all times.

This level of Abundant flow is so expansive and inspiring that it can help me to remember that anything is possible. Inspiration opens my mind and heart. It also raises my vibrational frequencies so I have an expanded perspective on my life and feel much lighter. I can listen more deeply to my Higher Self, and allow the spark of creativity to open my consciousness.

When I take this sacred time regularly, honoring the spaciousness, there is clarity about when to take action in all areas of my life.

Being grateful for where I am now and opening to receive is such a powerful teaching for living in 5D life. This process brings in a beautiful element of the Sacred Feminine when I wait for guidance to be received before I bring action to life. My Soul’s voice within my Higher Self communicates through my heart.

When I pay attention to this voice, my heart’s intelligence speaks with greater authority, and I am able to hear its wisdom with more clarity. I allow myself the space to receive in order to experience the Divine Timing inherent in this process of letting my heart inspire me into action.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for opening my heart to the support and love that is available to me at all times. Please help me to integrate all that I have learned within my being so I can use these lessons to empower my life. I know that even when I am not actively paying attention, you are working with me, guiding my way, and I AM Grateful.

I willingly commit to listening to my Soul’s voice with greater dedication. I ask my Higher Self to inspire me to pay attention to the guidance that is being offered from Source. Help me to remember that I need to slow down and breathe to receive the wisdom within me.

I AM now creating space within me to receive in a greater way ~ receiving inner guidance, receiving more love, and receiving the support that is available to me in all areas of my life. I recognize clearly that I AM never alone. I ask to be more aware and accept the presence of my support system on Earth as it is in Heaven.

For my life, for all I have received and all that I have learned, I AM grateful. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
February 23, 2020

Putting your unique version of the shift into the collective consciousness certainly is a contribution and a valuable one…Dream big. Dream often. And know that nothing is set in stone.

Create Your Version of the Shift in Consciousness ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in the way that you all seek to experience the shift in consciousness. We are more interested in the type of shift that you want to create than we are in what your beliefs are about the completion of the shift to the fifth dimension. We know that you have heard stories about the shift, different versions of what will happen, what might happen, and what could happen, but we always seek to empower all of you. And so, we are much more interested in what we see you creating and in what we know you truly desire in regards to ascension.

Remember that you are fourth dimensional beings now. You are not there to simply live out a preordained set of circumstances. Your blueprints are gone. It is time for you all to go back to the drawing board so to speak, and create the version of the shift that you would like to see.

All that you put into the human collective consciousness will then affect what others are desiring about the shift, because you are all linked. Many of you wonder what you can do, how you can contribute to humanity and the evolution of the human collective consciousness. Putting your unique version of the shift into the collective consciousness certainly is a contribution and a valuable one.

Please do not believe for a second that you are just one person and that your energy, vibration, and intention is not enough to change what will happen. We know that you are all going to shift in one way or another. No one is doomed. No one is stuck. Those of you who are awake will find a way to become fifth dimensional because you have been desiring that shift in consciousness for long enough.

You get to decide. You get to create timelines, realities, versions of the future that appeal to you most as an individual. And the more inclusive you are of your fellow humans in your version of the shift, the more power there is behind that desire of yours. Dream big. Dream often. And know that nothing is set in stone. There is no one inevitable future. So again, tear up those blueprints, and make today the day that you start fresh with your beautiful and imaginative, creative minds.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Art Work by Mark Eden

Humanity has everything it needs to put an end to the conflicts and poverty that so many are enduring, and to the extreme suffering to which that inevitably leads.Right now many loving ones are doing wonderful work to put into effect the necessary measures that will bring this about…To awaken is to know Love, to know Yourselves as One with God

Saul Through John Smallman

We are all watching with delight from here in the spiritual realms as humanity races towards its awakening!  You are definitely moving along very rapidly towards that wonderful event, when shock and delighted amazement will fill your hearts with joy, as you realize that you have arrived!  The journey has been long, and at times extremely stressful and painful, in fact, as stuff is now arising for nearly everybody to be acknowledged and released, you cannot fail to be aware that there is an enormous amount of needless suffering still being endured by millions of people all across the planet.  This will cease.

Humanity has everything it needs to put an end to the conflicts and poverty that so many are enduring, and to the extreme suffering to which that inevitably leads.  Right now many loving ones are doing wonderful work to put into effect the necessary measures that will bring this about.  However, you do not hear about the wonderful things that are happening unless you go looking for uplifting and inspirational information about the planet-wide locally occurring efforts that are dealing daily and increasingly effectively with these major issues that affect so many.  The mainstream media looks for drama to report on.  Good works and progress to relieve human suffering are “not newsworthy,” and so are not widely promulgated.  But they should be, because news of this nature inspires and uplifts everyone. And in these times of worldwide change and confusion, inspiration and upliftment are very positive ways to encourage and strengthen the hope that has brought humanity forward to this most powerful moment of its spiritual evolution, a moment of incredible opportunity for all on Earth.

There is no way now that you can retreat from this point, to once again embrace the ignorant and egotistical attitudes and behaviors that have for eons been endemic, as disagreements between individuals and nations have led to an endless series of conflicts that no one could win.  Finally, the miracle of Love, which is Reality, has been recognized for what It is – your true and eternal nature which connects you inseparably to Source.  Yes, you and Source are not separate beings, you never have been separated because you are One.  There is only Source within which all that has ever been or will ever be created is eternally held in an infinitely loving embrace, an embrace of infinite tenderness that allows and encourages infinite freedom in which to unconditionally love all that has been created.

Creation is an endless expression of divine Love, forever further expressing Itself in joy and harmony, as all of creation cooperates in bringing into being ever more wonders to delight Source and all sentient life forms – life forms far more numerous than can possibly be imagined or conceived of by any being that is living a limited life in form.  The infinite abundance of joy that is your awakened state, a state thousands of magnitudes beyond your ability to conceive of, awaits you.  Therefore, celebrate magnificently and expectantly as the last few moments of pain and suffering dissolve and the veils concealing Reality from you fray, become threadbare, and disintegrate.  Pain and suffering are of the illusion and only exist as long as you choose to experience them; and that choice has been the collective choice of humanity for eons.  Now the realization is dawning on the collective that it can choose to end these traumatic experiences by allowing Love to fill all your hearts and flow through you all as you exchange these experiences for ones that will bring you endless joy.

You are all infinitely loved, and have been since the moment of your creation, and as you are all One – One with Source – when you allow and invite Love into your hearts all that has caused you suffering – judgment, condemnation, bitterness, resentment, and hatred – will be gone, because it was always unreal i.e. never present within the field of Love in which all of creation has its eternal existence.

To awaken is to know Love, to know Yourselves as One withGod; and in that knowing All is known, and nothing is hidden, unavailable, inaccessible, or locked away out of sight.  All that you could ever desire is instantly available, while you also know that you want for nothing because you have everything, it was given to you at the moment of your creation because God so loves you.  And knowing His Love for you makes it impossible for you to love yourselves in any manner or way that is in the slightest bit less loving than His eternal, unconditional, and utterly complete and fulfilling Love for you.

The accelerated spiritual evolution that humanity has been experiencing over the last three or four decades has been the essential precursor to your awakening.  Those of you reading or listening to this are well aware that there has been a great increase recently in peoples’ interest in spirituality, it is a truly global phenomenon, although as a percentage of the world population it is quite small.  However, despite this small percentage its effect has been and continues to be enormous.  The tipping point has been passed, and the numbers becoming aware that your true identity is far more than you can ever experience when limited by your human forms is growing rapidly, as awareness of your innate wisdom – your intuition – grows and as people are ever more clearly coming to understand that they are and need to be responsible for all their thoughts, words, and actions.

As a consequence they now see clearly that the majority of those in positions of authority, in whatever kind of administrative body or agency, care mainly for their own personal interests.  Some of them initially had good intentions when they found themselves placed in positions that gave them authority over others, and even thought that they could help those others have better lives by controlling and directing them.  But, for most, the power with which positions of authority seem to provide them becomes addictive and demanding, as their egos become intoxicated with it.

You now have many areas in which confusion and chaos appear to be endemic as people make their voices heard as they strive to bring to the attention of those in authority their intense concern over the incompetent and self-serving manner in which that authority is being exercised.  The old authoritarian regimes are collapsing as those who were its masters find themselves in strong disagreement with each other, and thus find themselves completely unable to reach a consensus on how to maintain these outdated systems who’s time is past.

Now, as so many in the spiritual or immaterial realms keep reminding you, essential changes are occurring worldwide that will forever change the way life is lived on Earth because, moving forward, all will be treated with the loving respect and honor due to them as the divine children of God.  You are each becoming aware of your own divine nature and of the divine nature of all others, and this awareness is what is driving humanity so rapidly and positively towards awakening.  Signs are visible everywhere if you choose to look.  So be cheerful and positive as you go about your daily lives, offer loving kindness to all with whom you interact, and take delight in receiving in abundance what you yourselves are offering so generously.

Love is your nature, and once you realize this you can offer nothing less than this to all others.  And doing simply that is what it means to be awake.

With so very much love, Saul.

You need nothing more to claim your earth angel status than to be…Your new life is about exploring your joy…Claim your joy, and all will fall into place.

Dear Ones,

Even though you read the words and watched the films, you have yet to fully believe you are capable of creating anything. That the title of earth angel applies to you for you are little different than you have always been. So you express the correct transition words hoping that doing so will convince you as well as others that you are no longer of 3D.

Perhaps such thoughts disturb you for you want to believe. You note this indicator or that thought and pronounce yourself cured of 3D fears and actions. Yet, you believe deep within you that all is a beautiful dream that will never come to fruition for you. Even though others might experience such glories as peace and joy, you are merely an observer.

You even have difficulties believing you or anyone is capable of changing the world.

Such is similar to the beliefs of your teen years. As a teen, you likely worried about dating, classes, and interactions – believing that someone was better, smarter, prettier, or more physically talented than you. Even if you achieved some of the markers you pined for in your teen years, you were never capable of achieving them all. Years later, you probably learned that those you wished to be like in your teen years had similar doubts and fears.

So it is now. You feel you are no different than you were a few years ago. You might have some new thoughts or actions, but not enough to qualify as an earth angel. So you read the information believing such MIGHT be possible for others, but not you.

And you act accordingly. Waiting for someone to wave a magic wand in your direction. Which is no different than your teen years waiting for the cutest boy or girl to look your way. And if that cute boy or girl did not, you confirmed within yourself that you were missing some vital element.

Most of you are repeating your teens, maybe even your young adult years. Fully believing you missed the golden ring because of your image, conversation, actions, clothes, money, education, religion, and on and on. There was always something you wanted and could not create. So it is now. You believe you lack something, and if you only knew what that was, you could be the earth angel superstar we label you as.

You need nothing more to claim your earth angel status than to be.

Many of you remember extremely difficult 3D times. And as you do so, you add to your belief that even though you might score a personal victory via additional income or the right mate or job title – all could disappear in a moment. You are prepared for the worst and have a limited belief in the best.

What you have not yet accepted is that you are not of 3D. No longer do you need to hope for the best, accepting what is. You are a new being in a new world. Even though your physical being might not look that different, your inner being has evolved to meet your new world.

The only way you will change your beliefs is by creating that which gives you joy without the expected pain. Such is likely a bit in the future. Not because it has to be, but because you cannot yet believe you are different in a different world.

Do not emotionally beat yourself up, as you did in 3D, for not producing, for believing you are not an earth angel. Merely accept that your life is rapidly evolving, and those little or big thoughts of how you would prefer your life to be, have hit their mark. For your frequencies have evolved to allow that life to be.

In 3D, you needed to perform for years, maybe even decades, to create that which you pined for as a young teen. A good job, a happy family, and a stable home. Perhaps in 3D, those pieces never came together for you. Such has absolutely no bearing on your current life. Your 3D life is merely a memory of what was. You no longer require a graduation ceremony to know you are qualified. Nor do you need a specific mate to create your joy.

Yet, you continue to play by 3D rules. Believing that before you can create this, that needs to happen. Or before you find your joy, others have to find it also.

This new world is a new game with new rules. It is about instant gratification instead of “wait and see.” And instead of everyone having the same dreams, each of you is unique.

Even though you might wish to learn more about a specific subject because it is interesting to do so, that learning is not required before creating that of which you dream.

You no longer have prerequisites, as was true in 3D. Many of those prerequisites were the result of the karma you collected in 3D life after 3D life. That ended when you exited 3D. You have a clean slate. So do not pine for the time when you can be joyful, as you did in 3D. You are fully capable and worthy of instant gratification.

Do you now understand your new circle of self-love? You act on your joys, which leads to more joy and on and on. It is not about, “I will paint my masterpiece after I have taken this course.” But instead, “Wouldn’t it be fun to explore various colors or to buy a canvas I might use someday?”

Your new life is about exploring your joy. Your 3D life was about completing karma and hoping that by doing so, you might find joy.

You are not who you were, and neither is your new earth playground. Remember the excitement of playing with blocks when you were a toddler? You learned as you explored that joy. Yet, that learning was not expressed by you, it was merely fun to play with blocks.

So it is now. If it’s fun or interesting, do it. When that activity or thought stops being fun, move on to something that enthralls you. Just as you did as an infant or toddler. That is until you were old enough to be forced into 3D fear and karma.

You have no rules other than discovering and interacting with your joy. No prerequisites, no karma, no parents, or teachers telling you no or that you are a bad boy or girl. You are just you. Reborn into joy and negating your fear – especially the fear that you are not an earth angel or if you are not as qualified as others. Stop it!!!! Claim your joy, and all will fall into place without worries, tests, or fear. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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Art Work by Mark Eden.

Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffaele | February 23, 2020

FEBRUARY 23, 2020

Dear readers, we hold a great deal of love and respect for you who have chosen to be on earth during these challenging times. You chose to enter this incarnation fully aware that it would be a time of energetic shifts and difficulty but you wanted to participate, knowing that your awareness could help others.

If you believe that you only recently woke up from the three dimensional dream, you are wrong. You who align with these messages are not new souls just learning about truth even if it seems that way. If you had not already attained a high level of awareness in other lifetimes, you would not be in alignment with the higher truths you are now integrating. You are wise, seasoned, and prepared to make the dimensional leap by virtue of having learned through hundreds of lifetimes–some good, some bad, and some just plain horrible.

Having already attained a high level of awareness you knew that these times of dimensional shift would offer you opportunities to bring everything full circle and into third dimensional completion, allowing you to become the whole, compete, wise, and evolved state of consciousness you always sought.

High frequency energy and assistance is available now as never before. Earth and her inhabitants are being offered the opportunity to shift into higher dimensional awareness if they choose. No one is or ever can be forced to take advantage of this for all are free will beings. This is why your Guides can assist you with your decisions, but will never tell you what to do.

It can feel unpleasant when you witness some friendships, health, or even familiar activities fade out of your life. Remember, everything old is making way for the new on all levels, in the outer scene as well as the inner which can be as ordinary as old equipment breaking down. However, the dissolution of the old is often simply the first step toward its reappearing in a new and higher form if it is meant to be in your life.

All are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually feeling the intense frequencies now pouring to earth. Old energy accumulated from hundreds of lifetimes and stored in cellular memory is surfacing for everyone in order to be recognized, released, and replaced with higher dimensional frequencies. Each person is responding to this according to their attained level of awareness.

For some this process is bringing fears that have lain dormant through many lifetimes into conscious awareness causing them to lash out and blame some person or particular group for their emotional pain and the world’s problems. They then attempt to make things better in the only way they understand which is usually through violent actions . This is what lies behind the violence you are witnessing at this time.

Allow your personal process to unfold without comparing it to another’s. You cannot evolve incorrectly for once you have chosen to embark on a spiritual journey, the “train leaves the station” and the “human” you is no longer running things in the same way it did when you were living fully in third dimensional energy.

Everything is consciousness in vibration-energy. Consciousness expressing itself as….How each sees and experiences the world depends upon their attained level of consciousness. What you believe and hold in consciousness you are in alignment with in the outer scene and can experience. A rose may represent beauty and love to one, but thorns and allergy to another.

In reality there are no victims, because as God beings everyone is simply drawing to themselves from the collective that with which they are in alignment. Remember, there is only ONE and that ONE is always seeking to align with itself– wholeness.

Both the good and bad pictures of material sense have no law other than belief to hold them in place and will dissolve in the presence of a high resonating state of consciousness that sees them only as mind interpretations of reality. This is how the master Jesus healed. People brought themselves into his consciousness where disease simply had no reality.

This does not mean that the spiritually evolved never have problems. Never believe that you have somehow failed if your life suddenly turns upside down but rather learn to see difficulties as facets of your evolutionary journey indicating that you having attained the spiritual readiness necessary to deal with deeper issues–karmic resolution with some person, place, or thing, the clearing of some ancient experience, or simply the gaining of new insights into something you have struggled with for your whole life.

Many creations result simply by not paying attention, letting the mind wander and accept whatever comes floating by from the collective. Be aware of what you allow into your consciousness for you are creators. Learn to step back from those things that pull you into lower frequencies. Stop occasionally and ask yourself; “What am I creating in this now moment?” Do not resist what you may discover for resistance only serves to give power to something that has no power of its own.

Consciousness changes and evolves as beliefs based in duality and separation are let go and truth is integrated. Spiritual growth and evolution has often meant spending whole lifetimes or even more on learning just one thing (example-honesty) which is why it takes so many lifetimes to reach an enlightened state. Lessons learned and truths integrated become the fabric of individual consciousness which is then further built upon and expanded through each following lifetime until third dimensional lessons are no longer needed.

It is a time of worry, concern, and frustration for many hoping to see the earth restored to her natural perfection. This must eventually manifest because what you see with human eyes is the material concept of a spiritual earth. Human eyes are unable to see the spiritual realities that underlie everything just as what you see in the mirror does not reflect the real you. Try not to judge by appearances but rather hold to the truth that God alone is. Change cannot happen over night in a world of time and space. Allow the process.

Energy, vibration, and frequencies form the material. In reality the world is and always has been spiritual for God could not create anything outside of ITSelf as nothing exists outside of ITSelf. However, the world as seen and experienced by most is being interpreted through a collective consciousness conditioned by beliefs in duality and separation. This is why you must “come out and be separate”.

Everyone is born into this false sense of the world. Small children often remember the higher dimensions but soon get caught up in the lower frequencies that surround them. As increasingly more awaken, Light is added to and changing the vibrational pattern of the collective which in turn will allow human minds access to higher ideas.

Each generation enters into the collective consciousness that is in place at that time. The collective of 200 years ago was much different than it is today because evolution is an ongoing process that effects all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The evolutionary opportunities available today are extremely important because they offer an evolutionary path of infinite possibilities for shifting to higher dimensional awareness while remaining in the physical body.

Because increasingly more light is flowing into the collective, many more individuals are starting to re- think their beliefs. Laws, ideas, and some social norms previously considered acceptable are beginning to be recognized as untrue. Those who profit from the ignorance and fear of others are attempting by all means possible to keep the status quo in place. They do not understand that in spite of their efforts or temporary successes, the evolutionary train has indeed left the station.

Spiritual evolution can never be stopped. It can be delayed but never stopped because everything and everyone is Divine Consciousness whether anyone believes it or not. Those who choose to believe that people are nothing more than flesh, cannot change the reality.

Peace and harmony exist fully present now, held infinitely in place by Divine Law simply awaiting conscious recognition.

We are the Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele at

Art Work by Mark Eden.

DIVINE MOTHER GOD through Dancing Dolphin Corona Virus, RV & Humanitarian Work, Manifesting.

Preface from DD:I asked Mother God for a message for Lightworkers, stating my concerns about the Corona Virus and my grief at the loss of life.  I was feeling very angry at whomever released this contagion into the world.  
Corona Virus

This is your Mother God, I hear your concerns, upset and your anger. You and many other sensitive Lightworkers cannot stand to see people suffer. It hurts your heart and it hurts my heart too. You are all my children and I don’t want to see anyone suffer. But we must let this play out. We cannot interfere. To your question about the virus, it does serve many purposes and it was maliciously released to the public at a time when many people would be traveling around both Eastern and Western holidays—your Christmas & New Year’s and the Lunar New Year for the Chinese people. So, it was released, there are people still on Gaia that you call the cabal and they did release this virus. They will be dealt with; however, there is no punishment large enough as you say for the atrocities they have committed. They will be recycled in the central sun. They will be no more. They will not be given any more chances (to turn to the Light); they have been given many, many chances. Honestly, the ones who did this have already been taken care of.

Be Prepared

Dear daughter, you are correct, there is so much going on and the level of chaos is rising. I have struggled in telling anyone the timing when something will happen. I mentioned to you last Spring that I thought the Grand Flash would happen last year but things were delayed and it didn’t happen in your 2019. So, I hesitate to give you dates anymore, as I don’t wish to cause any upset. Time is changing constantly. Even your calibrated time is changing, it’s absolutely speeding up and most of you can feel it very readily. I would advise keeping yourselves on high alert to jump into your new lives of helping others at a moment’s notice. This means being prepared with emergency supplies—not to frighten you—but to be prepared with extra water and extra food stuffs that are not perishable. If you live in a cold climate, some type of heating apparatus that does not require electricity to run would be beneficial for your family. I do not say these things to scare you, I would just like my special Lightworkers to be prepared; whether it be from natural causes (such as a storm or blizzard) or power outages. I would like everyone to be prepared. You also may need to help others around you.

Humanitarian Plans and the RV

I know many of you have prepared Humanitarian Projects and have invested in foreign currencies so that you may be blessed with an abundance to create your desired projects. This is very admirable and I am grateful and thrilled for all of you who preparing to help others. I realize the wait has been significant. It is not any easy thing. I cannot give you timing on this either, but I bring it up so that you know that I know who you are and all the effort that you have put in to your creation and manifestation of your desired works. This is vital, this is very important. This is much needed and will be more needed in the future. So I encourage all of you who have done this work to continue to have patience—hang in there—it will not be in vain. It is coming. It is vital. Vital to the commonwealth, your communities and survival in the future when times may be rough economically and your projects will be useful and very much needed. So I encourage you all to stay the course if you’ve been guided to do this. I am with you on this. I will support you all. I am proud, proud of my children who have been called to do this work. Proud that you heard the call and jumped in with both feet. I am a proud Mother. Thank you!


Lastly I would like to commend those of you who have been working on manifesting. This is an exercise that all of you should be working on constantly. It is not just for fun and games (which of course it is!) but it is a skill that you will be using in the New Earth. You have done this before many, many times, but not in this lifetime. So, I encourage all of you to practice your manifesting! Start small, record your progress so you may witness your own results. It is fun and enjoyable and YOU, you are all Divine Creators as your Father and I are as you have our Sparks within you. You are a Spark of Father and I, you have our Divine Spark, you have our gifts, use them wisely. Enjoy this gift.
What’s going on? What can Lightworkers do to help?We love you children! Your Father and I love you greatly and I am pleased to speak with you this evening. I know things look dark right now. Your world looks dark and leveled and out of control to most of you. But these things that are happening are making way for the peace and prosperity that is coming. All things hidden must be released so they can be healed…brought up to the surface and aired out. Think of a splinter. You have a splinter (small piece of wood) that you got stuck in your finger, under your skin. It can’t heal until you get that splinter out. So, this is what is happening in your world. All the splinters are being removed so that your society and Gaia and your collective consciousness can heal and make a beautiful, beautiful New Earth. So this is all necessary. Know that it is temporary. It will pass. Focus on LOVE. Focus on COMPASSION. Use the Violet Flame to cleanse and transmute all that is being released. Assist in transmuting it! It is greatly appreciated when you do this work.
I love you all dear Children. You are loved so greatly! Call on our Angels when you need help with anything. Angels are there for you all the time. We are too, of course. Go now with my love. I AM your Mother God.   

Thank you, dear Mother God!

Please feel free to share!
Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

More and more energies are coming to Earth, and these energies will eventually are going to wake up the rest of humanity. Meantime, you can help each other and humanity to be well by not panicking about disasters or viruses that come your way, because we are here to help you and protect you from that. -Mira From The Pleiadian Council-

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council of Earth via Erena Velazquez, February 22, 2020

Pleiadians (channeled messages) I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council of Earth, I am very happy to be here. I was waiting for this channel to be ready to channel me. I have been spending a lot of time in the meetings. We keep looking to find the easiest and the most quickest ways for Humanity to move forward to their Golden Age and Ascension. We are doing a lot of heavy duty work and we don’t mind it, because we love humanity. We would love to see humanity ascend and enjoy living amazing lives on this planet Gaia. We are doing our best and we are asking you to do your best. Be diligent with your daily meditations, be loving to each other by understanding and forgiving your neighbors, friends, and your families who are still asleep. More and more energies are coming to Earth, and these energies will eventually are going to wake up the rest of humanity. Meantime, you can help each other and humanity to be well by not panicking about disasters or viruses that come your way, because we are here to help you and protect you from that. You can protect yourself too by meditating daily and raising your vibration. We love you and we are happy to assist you in this process in which for the first time ever in the Galaxy that a planet is going to ascend with humanity on it. Remember we love you, we treasure you and we will help you. I was happy to be here and I will be back. Today was uplifting message, I need to go now to attend another meeting. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council of Earth Thank you.


A Dance track featuring Mira,i produced some time ago for Punk Buddha Clown project on 432 Hz.

when you have a life challenge of any sort, be it financial, health, relationship, career, or a gazillion other things that can arise there upon your earth, think of yourself as a tiny and yet important cell in the body of God

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, February 22, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe dear ones, you are all loved beyond anything you can possibly imagine. You are supported in the heavens in ways that are beyond belief. Your only task is to surrender to your heart in each moment, to do what you know to do, and find the joy therein. In a vibration of love, joy, or peace, you allow the universe to help you. In a vibration of fear, worry, or doubt, you block the love that is ever-present and always trying to reach you.

Consider a small thing, such as a tiny cut on your finger. There are so many cells affected – skin cells, nerve cells, blood cells, immune system cells… and the list goes on. Built into your very body, and indeed into each tiny cell is an internal guidance system. “Help! We are cut!” The skin cells alert the nerve cells. The nerve cells alert the brain. Chemical processes are initiated as well. The physical vehicle, with all its miraculous systems working in miraculous harmony, alerts immune cells and cells that help the blood clot. There are nations of cells alerted, mobilized, and coordinated simply to stop the bleeding, prevent infection, and imitate the healing process.

Now, what if the skin cells were to suddenly say, “Oh no! I’ve been cut! I don’t know how to heal! I don’t know what to do! I am all alone!” They begin to attempt to stretch across the chasm and heal themselves. The body is trying to contact them! “We’re here. There are nerves, blood, brain, chemicals, all trying to help you! There is a higher intelligence in charge! Relax. Do as guided! You are not alone!” The cells relax, listen to their guidance, trust all will be well, and the body heals. If they insisted, however, on attempting to heal all by themselves, then dear ones… you would find them in the same situation that some of you encounter at times – feeling lost, confused, alone, and unclear about what to do next.

So, when you have a life challenge of any sort, be it financial, health, relationship, career, or a gazillion other things that can arise there upon your earth, think of yourself as a tiny and yet important cell in the body of God. You have a system built into your very spirit that cries out, like a child, for help. Sometimes you pray with words. Sometimes you pray with desire. Sometimes you pray with frustration by focusing on what you do not want, but beneath that very thought is the desire for what you do. Always and forever, you send out a signal to the universe, “Help!” You can count on the fact, that the universe begins to answer.

The minute you have a desire thousands of “cells” in the body of God are mobilized. Angels are brought to help you by sending you energy to uplift you, help you, heal you, and guide you. Other human beings whose creations are harmonious with yours are given urges and instincts. A solution is formed in the mind of God for every desire, every challenge, and every problem you face. You need only “get out of the way.” By this we mean, you need only rest in the knowing that help is on the way.

When you feel fearful that you don’t know how to manage something, remind yourself God does. When you feel doubt that your dreams will come true, remind yourself, if you have a sliver of faith the universe can move mountains. When you feel sad, angry, frustrated, or confused, stop, breathe. Look around and find any one small thing to notice and be grateful for in the present moment, and in that single instant of surrendering to love you open to goodness and guidance once again.

Dear ones, you are never alone. Solutions are waiting for you to relax and allow for the guidance. Dreams are waiting to be fulfilled. You need only relax into the here and now, notice the love, feel the goodness all around you, breathe deeply, and remember that the universe is, as you say, “on it!”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Art Work by Mark Eden.

Money, for sure grows under trees!

Many say ‘money does not grow under trees’ and I say ‘Money, for sure grows under trees!’
The other day ,i got guided to go touch a tree while walking through a park while needing to have small change.After connecting with the tree and do a few minutes meditation, i look down on the grass and there it was a shiny 2€ coin.
Another time later while meditating on abundance with my back on a tree, getting online and surprise surprise reading my emails ,i got a donation on my website plus surprise gifted money from family in my bank account which confirmed for a second time that my belief creates my reality and the more i say it and practice my connection with the Trees family, they show me that the formula works.
And of course, there are about at least 20 times only last year i collected small pennies from the street which i translate as a way from the Angels to confirm that I Am indeed doing my vibrational work to hold my frequency high in best of my abilities.
And so ,if one day, you find yourself needing some extra cash i invite you to connect and genuinely speak to a tree and feel your connection with it and receive in gratitude whatever it needs to be received by you.Then let the miracle happen.
Trees give us oxygen, trees allow us to connect with higher energies, trees help us to ground ourselves and trees are helping us to find solutions among so many other things.

The Presence of Everything by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

I, Archangel Raphael, in loving radiant presence,  greet you. May my healing energies awaken your belief in your own healing powers, creating a beautiful dawning of spiritual strength and the creative forces within you. Now is the time to recognise your own radiance, realising what is present for you within your inner radiance. I simply act as a mirror for you to recognise the Creator residing within your physical body; an eternal presence. Everything you see, sense and acknowledge within me, is present within yourself as well.

The Creator begins within each of us

Such a profound statement when you accept its truth, explore it deeply and live from this understanding. When you are unwilling to recognise the Creator within, you are believing that the Creator is initiated through others, whether inner plane light beings or physical people. The Creator is your origin. All openings and awakenings of any form are born from the Creator. The Creator arises from your essence and creates through you. In every form and dimension of your being, the Creator begins within you and all begins. This means you hold all that is the Creator within you. From the birth of the Creator to all creations, from the eternal nature of the Creator to the nothingness of the Creator. The entire journey of the Creator resides within you, whether you are in existence in a physical or light body. Within this realisation you seek the Creator within you rather than outside of yourself. You recognise the power, truth, and radiance you hold within you.

Allow yourself to affirm out loud a few times and then in your mind, ‘The Creator begins within me.’ Allow yourself to acknowledge how this feels for you. What emotions, thoughts or sensations arise from within you? Do you believe the statement to be true or does it feel unreal to you? Exploring this statement supports you in deepening your understanding of the presence of the Creator within you.

Creation is your truth and embodiment

Creation is the formation of energy and light into thought, emotion, physical or anything that can be experienced and embodied. Creation is the awakening of a journey of exploring the Creator’s essence. You could say it is the beginning of an expression of the Creator. If the Creator takes form within you and shapes manifestations/ creations, then the divine mind and divine plan of the Creator are present within you. As well as every journey of creation that you have ever experienced and which every soul has manifested. This is your truth, it is the vibration that pulsates throughout your being, flows through your life and intertwines into everything you create. You are an embodiment of truth and creation, whether you believe it wholeheartedly or not. In fact, you are an embodiment of all truth and creation of the entire universe of the Creator.

If you choose to, you can recognise the entire cosmos in your being

The Creator resides within nature, the universe, the world, life, and the cosmos. All of these are a creation of the Creator. Nothing is separate, everything is existing in oneness and harmony, even when chaos is present. You currently recognise yourself as separate from everything that is the Creator and yet everything resides within you.

There is first a need to recognise that everything holds the energy and essence of the Creator. You may judge something as being negative or positive, even that it is impossible for certain things or experiences to hold the energy of the Creator, however, judgment causes separation and misunderstanding. When you recognise that the energy of the Creator is in constant creation, constant motion, and manifestation, you realise that there is only movement within the energy of the Creator, so nothing stays the same. Transformation and change are a constant in the presence of the Creator.

Secondly, it is powerful to recognise that if everything holds the energy and essence of the Creator then you do too. If everything holds the energy and essence of the Creator, then everything is the Creator and resides within the Creator. Thus, the presence of everything exists within you.

As a being in existence upon the Earth, it can be challenging with the limitations of the mind to recognise the presence of everything. The Creator is eternal, and it can be demanding to contemplate everything simultaneously. It is possible to gain a sense of the presence of everything within you, connecting with the energy, vibrations, and frequency. Thus, you embody the presence of everything and are able to access all you need and require to be of service to yourself and others.

What does it mean to you to embody and align with the presence of everything?

What would it change in your reality and life experiences to embody and align with the presence of everything?

What would you consciously create and be guided to create from the space of embodying and aligning with the presence of everything?

It is important to take some time to contemplate and meditate upon the realisation and acceptance of the presence of everything residing within you. To achieve this, I, Archangel Raphael, invite you to repeat the statement, ‘I Am the Presence of Everything.’ You are stating that the Creator who resides within you and all beings is the presence of everything, all that is the Creator. As you recite the statement either out loud or silently, you allow the energy being created to direct your focus deeper and deeper within, aligning you with the energy, vibration, and frequency of the presence of everything. Thus, your entire being pulsates as the presence of everything, with infinite opportunities to create infinite possibilities.

Everything has already been created and yet it is experienced as if it is fresh and new. This is because of your willingness to be present in that moment with whatever is forming or manifesting. Each time you allow yourself to be present you transform, grow and are different. Thus, each moment is approached and experienced differently. Each moment is unique.

While it can be testing to imagine that all that is the Creator exists within you, it can be challenging to come to terms with the understanding that everything you agree with and disagree with is also present within you. It is powerful to realise your perspective creates your understanding of agreeing and disagreeing. Your thoughts and the thoughts of others can create that which you disagree with. I, Archangel Raphael, invite you to accept that everything is present within you; focus on the truth and inspirational nature of the Creator. If anything, not aligned with the inspirational nature of the Creator arises then simply let it go through your intention. You will be releasing it on behalf of the world and the entire universe of the Creator, which is an amazing service. Let the healing begin.

You may wish to take time to realise and meditate on the embodiment that you have access to everything you need and require; it is all present within you.

To be present in the moment and conscious of what is occurring is a powerful skill.

To be present with all you recognise yourself to be is inspirational.

To be present with everything is your truth.

I, Archangel Raphael, invite you to contemplate, seek and explore the power of everything within you.

In love, healing, and harmony,

Archangel Raphael