you must feel in order to create the reality that you desire.

Humanity’s 2019 Progress Report ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very happy to give you this progress report, and we are eager to share with you our perspective on how you have changed since the beginning of 2019. Humanity, as a collective, has found an ability to look at a situation from more than one perspective, and this is not necessarily what you see on television, youtube, or in blog posts that get a lot of attention. In fact, you see the opposite. It’s more likely that someone who holds to their very extreme stance is going to be the one who gets all of the media coverage.

But then there are those of you who are in much greater numbers who have decided that there must be something about this extreme person or group’s perspective that I need to understand. There have been more and more of you recognizing that you cannot just draw a line in the sand between you and these extremist groups and individuals. But instead, you have come to the very correct conclusion that there is something to learn about yourself and about human nature by looking at those outcasts, those individuals who are very popular to some and very unpopular to most.

You even have been eager to look inside the lives of serial killers, mass murderers, those who you may have in the past just decided that they were defective humans. But the intention to understand what makes a person go so far off the rails, so far from being compassionate, loving, and empathetic, that is a powerful intention, that is what changes humanity. That’s what creates a better version of society.

And that’s what we see more of today than we did at the beginning of this calendar year of yours. What this means is that more and more individuals are waking up to the truth that you do live in a holographic universe. There is no escaping that aspect of yourself that an individual or a group represents. It is a part of you, and it’s a part of you that needs love. It’s a part of you that needs to be embraced and understood so that you can make better choices as a society, and we see you making better choices.

We know that you, as a human collective, are becoming more sensitive. And while that is ruffling a lot of feathers, it is necessary because your feelings are necessary. You must feel in order to heal. You must feel in order to change. And, here is the one that gets the most attention – you must feel in order to create the reality that you desire. More humans are awake to that now that you have traversed these past twelve months, and we want to congratulate you and welcome you to the new version of humanity that you are stepping into in the year 2020.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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The future will be grand for you and all who have decided to partake of it. -Ashtar-

Please note: This is part one. There is further clarification of this message on our website:, link below in the details.

I am Ashtar Sheran and I am here to pass a message on to all on Planet Eden.

It is now in your time, the end of the second decade of the new millenium 2000. So many are looking backwards to what was when in fact there is so much to be looked forward to if you would only turn your heads to look at the bright future that lay ahead.

When I say you are looking backwards, you are looking into your pasts to see what the future might hold for you. Release the past. As your collective vibration increases your planet’s collective past and your own individual past is being altered to a higher frequency. It is as if it never existed. Your past will seem surreal to some of you as you embrace your exciting multi-dimensional now. You will seem like a different person, and you are. The chances of you re-creating your past now, with your newly awakened DNA and your higher vibrational frequency, are quite remote.

The future will be grand for you and all who have decided to partake of it. You see our ships moving closer to your planet, embracing your world in our loving vibration more and more, while you see the buck has stopped for those thieves who sought to steal this glorious future from you all. The first indictment to be opened is that of Hillary Clinton, who once was chosen to step up for leadership in your world. That chance was whisked away in the flash of a moment by divine decree and she and her other cohorts will now stand trial for their unspeakable crimes against the people.

The people are rising. They are awakening to realize they are living in a new world. Many lie asleep still but this is of their own choosing. They have taken the slower route and this is their decision. Bless them and love them as they are, for you know that you can.

As for rumors of the end of days, I say to you, this is the beginning of a new time; the only end of days is the end for the old regime, the dark regime that sought to drive your planet into destruction for many many millenia. That is what is coming to an end. Those who see it as the end of times are unaware, they will see it as they see it but there are so many awakened who know better now. You know you will have a wonderful future as the divine beings that Terrans were meant to be – you know the future is one of love and that all fear will be cast off your planet.

Be strong in your knowledge as you undergo your own changes, light beings. Be strong. You know that the death of the old brings forth the birth of the new humanitarian system that your people have longed for for so long. It is decreed by the one himself that you too, will stop suffering and join your brethren out in the galaxy as superb divine beings of love, the holders of the knowledge and the guard of the Light. This was the role Terrans were to play in the galaxy so many millenia ago, that of the Edens, before your planet was overthrown and cast into darkness.

You can see when you look at the description of the end of days, that all of its distinctive traits have been fulfilled upon your planet now. There has been much suffering in this last age of darkness, much deterioration, famine, war, pestilence, disease, apathy and now ridicule of those who are the bringers of this new dawn. Your planet has known fear and this fear is to be no more. Your planet will be restored to the Eden it was in its tender beginning, and those christed ones upon your planet now are the first seeds of Eden’s future.

You are the changers. You are the ones who seek out divine guidance and who will bring the divine to Earth again. You are the ones whose hearts are full of love, for the peoples of the planet, for the world upon which you walk, and for the universe you gaze upon in your night time.

You are the blessed ones who are put upon earth, who have volunteered to endure pain and suffering like no other has experienced, in order to help those there. You are the ones, the highest of the highest of this universe and more, who came to help when Terra was in such a terrible way. You, the guardians of the galaxy, who stepped into roles that no other would enact, will have your day yet. You will see the fruits of your labors, you will bring to fruition your divine projects, you will serve as you have longed to for so long.

The time is here. It is here now. All will be revealed to those who have waited so long; the grand plan will unfold and you will begin to sow the seeds of a new world of love, the Eden you have waited for all your lives.

You are in a period of transition from the dark to the light and there will be battles, bombing, and impeachment attempts….. however remember nobody upseats the creator, nobody. He holds the strings – the timelines you are now in, are held gently in his hands with love and care, never to allow what has transpired on your planet to happen again.

It is not the end of times. It is a new dawn. You have brought it forth, all of you, and for this we celebrate you. You are our team upon the earth, you are part of the divine plan whether you are aware of this or not, and for this we salute you.

We watch you all with care. We are always with you, guiding you, helping you, holding you close while you sleep.

I am Ashtar and I stand upon our promise to you and all those upon your planet – there will be victory of the Light, and love will reign supreme again.

Your task, each of you reading this message, is to focus your attention on the positive and uplifting events that are taking place all over the planet as opposed to focusing narrowly and very intently, as many do, on the chaos, confusion, and conflict that is also occurring on the planet.

Saul via John Smallman, December 31st, 2019

Prepare yourselves for the joy to come.

Today, as you prepare to enter into a new terrestrial year, I would like to remind you that there is only and can only be L O V E!  Love is Reality, is Mother/Father/God, is The Source from which All That Is flows constantly out embracing and re-embracing Itself in every moment, creating infinite Joy for All.

Separation is an illusion, and time is a major aspect of the illusion, because there is only NOW.  There is no last year, this year, or next year, there is NOW.  All experiences occur NOW, even memories you revisit occur NOW.  That is why memories can be so intense, because when you bring them to mind you re-experience them NOW!  Painful memories need to be released and discarded because they spoil the now moment for you.  However, they do not actually do any spoiling, it is just that when you bring them to mind you are departing from NOW!  Now is always joy-filled, so joyful memories can intensify Now, whereas painful and sorrowful ones hide Now from your awareness, and replace it with dreams or nightmares that are totally lacking in Joy.

Joy is real and is available to you in every moment regardless of what may be happening in the now moment for you as humans.  Joy sees the beauty in every moment and intensifies it, and in every moment there is always beauty.  As humans you experience duality – good/bad, right/wrong, beauty/ugliness – and you thenchoose the aspect on which you wish to focus your attention.  That is why earthly events and situations bring joy to some and misery to others.

For instance you might support a football team; when they win a match you are in joy, and the supporters of the other team are in misery; and when your team lose you are in misery and the supporters of the other team are in joy.  But to allow yourselves to make yourselves miserable because the team you support does not win is a choice you make, no one else makes it for you.  That is a simple example to demonstrate quite clearly that you do make the choice to be either joyful or miserable, because if you decide to support a different team then your perception of what makes you joyful or miserable alters.  But, as you live your lives, most of the time the choices available to you do not seem to be nearly as clear and simple as that.

In Reality choices are unnecessary because Love, Joy, and Creativity flow smoothly and constantly in every moment further revealing the amazing wonder that is Reality.  The choice to experience separation from Source was a little like a human teenager choosing to do something that was different from the life experiences that had so far occurred, a teenage expression of independence.  It lasted but an instant, BUT, because God had given you Himself when He created you, you had the same infinite power, the same divine power to create something on your own that appeared to be quite different from Source.

BUT there is nothing apart from Source, and so you became lost in a dream state, an illusory state that to you, as humans, seems totally real.  It is not!  However you chose to believe that it was real and therefore that is how it appears to you, and how it will continue to appear to you until you change your mind!

To awaken is to change your collective mind, and, because you experience yourselves as separated from one another, you each have to change every one of your individual minds.  That changing of minds is happening right now, and you can see evidence of it everywhere as Love replaces conflict and confusion in the minds of many people, so that they then change their attitudes and their behaviors.  This leads to a collective change of perception, allowing more and more loving ideas and activities to manifest in the seemingly most unlikely of places on the planet.  These ideas and activities are alive with hope, alive with enthusiasm, alive with excitement as it becomes very clear to those involved that life can and will be joyful.

There are very few now who are completely unaware that enormous changes are occurring planet-wide, and therefore many are seeking information as to what it is that is happening and why.  And what they are discovering is that humanity iswaking up, and they keep meeting and making new acquaintances who are also waking up.  This is truly a most inspiring and uplifting time in which to be incarnate as a human on Planet Earth.

Your task, each of you reading this message, is to focus your attention on the positive and uplifting events that are taking place all over the planet as opposed to focusing narrowly and very intently, as many do, on the chaos, confusion, and conflict that is also occurring on the planet.  These latter have been occurring for eons and are now in their final stages of dissolution as the Tsunami of Love washes ever more intensely across the planet and in doing so embraces all of humanity.

It does seem weird to have so much that is good and loving and so much that is causing conflict, resentment, and bitterness occurring seemingly simultaneously.  This is the moment of change, and for change to be brought forth chaos and confusion must be present.  In situations of chaos and confusion change will occur, because chaos and confusion inevitably lead to change.  Mostly in the past things only appeared to get better – wars ending and peace being established – before the cycle started again with wars of greater intensity causing greater damage and suffering than before.

This not what is happening now.  Humanity is awakening to the realization that conflict and the resultant wars are both insane and totally unnecessary.  Wars arise from a powerful egotistical need to be right and make the other wrong, and the facts of the situation are never the issues over which wars are fought.  Wars are fought over the issue of pride!  The pride of the authority figure(s) who chooseconflict in order to demonstrate how powerful they are.  But conflict always leads to further conflict as the defeated ones recover and choose to reengage to heal their injured pride.

That kind of pride, which has been present for eons, has finally been recognized for what it is – a child-like refusal to admit that it has made a mistake by totally denying it, and blaming the resultant damage on someone else.  With recognition, with awareness of this, the possibility for change arises and is wisely and enthusiastically embraced by all involved.

This global awareness or recognition is the direct result of so many choosing to be loving whatever arises, and it has now become so all-encompassing that it is empowering the peoples of the world to absolutely demand change from those who were elected to serve them, but who have misused their positions for personal gain.  The tipping point has passed, doubts are dissolving, and humanity isawakening.

Prepare yourselves for the joy to come by continuing to hold your Light on high and treating absolutely everyone with love and respect.  Doing just that is what brings into effect the changes for which you have all been hoping and praying.

With so very much love to you all at this dawning of the terrestrial year of 2020, Saul.