10 Things to Leave at Redemptions Door!

Archangel Michael: 10 Things to Leave at Redemptions Door!

Archangel Michael: 10 Things to Leave at Redemptions Door!
We are mighty.  Together as one, we are healing our inner wounds and dissolving old programming.  On this intimate show, we will delve into the kinds of things Lightworkers are contributing to the transition by working on our own spiritual awakening and Ascension.
Archangel Michael will come to let us know how our inner achievements are contributing to the efforts on the surface of Earth, including the release of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs.  He will reveal ten things we can surely leave at Redemption’s Door!
Come for insight.  Come for support.  Come for unity.  Come for family.
We are Loved, and WE ARE LOVE!
Kathryn, Christine & Meg
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Tomorrow on the show, join Christine in the following decree…

God’s Will Prayer!
In the name of God “I Am,” I invoke the presence of beloved Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and all Ascended Masters and angels of the Blue Flame Love of God’s Will to guide and protect me daily and hourly.
Archangel Michael, come into my life.  Help me overcome all density with your sword of Blue Flame.  Cut me loose and set me free from all negativity and errors of the past.
I ask for a shaft of blue lightening of divine Love be established over my being, over my home, my family, my work and all my affairs.  I call the guidance I need to manifest God’s Will in all aspects of my life to fulfill my divine purpose here on Earth and make my Ascension in the Light.  I claim for God’s Will to manifest everywhere on Earth as it is in the realms of Light and Freedom.  I give thanks that my request is answered according to God’s Holy Will.  And so be it, beloved I Am!
(We will repeat 3x.)
Thanks and love to Aurelia Louise Jones of Telos.


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