12 Steps for Empowerment in these Times:

I came to realize this lock-down program is unnecessary and is making our lives unmanageable. 

I came to believe the plan of the dark forces won’t work.

I realize it’s time to trust my own inner guidance and not to listen to the mainstream media and some of the Internet voices.

I believe the forces of light are stronger and way more powerful than the dark.

I understand there is a divine plan and I will follow it.

I believe that ascension is near and that these challenges are almost over. 

I believe in my own power of remembering who I am and why am on the earth now.

I choose to believe in love not fear.

I live in unity not separation.

I am aware of some of the hidden agendas behind the world events and I won’t allow them to ruin my life.

I believe in a power far greater than this illusion and I surrender to it.

I know we are here because we love the earth and that soon we will be living happily and freely in the golden age.

Apollo Via Valerie Donner